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250+ Candle Business Names

Luxury candle business names

  • Luminary Luxe
  • Scented Elegance
  • Opulent Glow
  • Divine Essence
  • Prestige Wick
  • Candle Couture
  • Regal Scents
  • Aristocrat Aromas
  • Elite Ember
  • Supreme Serenity
  • Ember & Co.
  • The Gilded Wick
  • Luminous Muse
  • Blissful Beams
  • Starlit Lace Candle Co.
  • Damask & Dusk Candle Co.

Cute candle business names

  • Cozy Candles
  • Tiny Twinkles
  • Sweet Scents
  • Lovely Lights
  • Posh Petals
  • Dainty Flickers
  • Adorable Aromas
  • Charm Glow
  • Pretty Petal Lights
  • Cute Comfort
  • Cozy Flickers
  • Wick & Whimsy
  • The Candle Jar
  • The Happy Flame
  • Sunny Wax Co.

Morden candle business names

  • Urban Wick
  • Contemporary Glow
  • Modern Flame
  • Chic Scented
  • Trendy Tapers
  • New Age Nook
  • Sleek Scent
  • Modern Maven
  • Avant-Garde Aroma
  • City Lights
  • Lumify Co.
  • FlickerBox
  • Glow & Co.
  • Neon Wick
  • Modern Muse
  • Urban Glow

Creative candle business names

  • Imaginative Illumination
  • Artful Aromas
  • Whimsical Wicks
  • Fantasy Flames
  • Visionary Scents
  • Dreamy Glow
  • Inspired Illumination
  • Spark of Genius
  • Muse Melts
  • Innovative Incandescence

Minimal candle business names

  • Pure Light
  • Simple Scents
  • Clean Glow
  • Bare Wick
  • Essence Candle
  • Subtle Flicker
  • Minimal Melt
  • Soft Scent
  • Whisper Wick
  • Elegant Essence
  • Bare Flame
  • Simple Scents
  • Quiet Ember
  • Modest Glow
  • Still Light
  • Clear Candle
  • Subtle Scents
  • Clean Light
  • Aura Glow

Organic beeswax candle business names

  • Natural Nectar
  • Pure Beeswax
  • Organic Glow
  • Bee Scented
  • Earthy Essence
  • Honey Wick
  • Sustainable Scents
  • EcoLight
  • Nature’s Glow
  • Green Flame
  • Busy Bee Lights
  • Buzzing with Goodness
  • Bumbling Wick Co.
  • The Bee's Knees Candles
  • Pure Bloom Candles
  • Honeycomb Homelight
  • Wildflower Wax Co.
  • Natural Nectar Scents

Soy wax candle business names

  • PureSoy Glow
  • Soy Serenity
  • Natural Soy Light
  • EcoSoy Scents
  • Soy Bliss Candles
  • Clean Burn Soy
  • Pure Essence Soy
  • Green Soy Wick
  • Simply Soy Candles
  • Soy Harmony
  • Sustainable Soy Candle Co.
  • Eco-Luxe Soy Candles
  • The Happy Soy Beanery
  • Wick & Soy
  • Soy Much Fun Candles
  • Scentsational Soy
  • The Soy Squad

Handmade candle business names

  • Artisan Aroma
  • Crafted Candles
  • Handmade Harmony
  • Wick & Craft
  • Creator’s Candle
  • Hand-Poured Haven
  • Custom Glow
  • Artisanal Light
  • Crafted Comfort
  • Personal Touch

Wooden wick candle business names

  • Woodsy Wick
  • Timber Glow
  • Rustic Radiance
  • Forest Flame
  • Nature’s Wick
  • Bark & Burn
  • Wooden Wonder
  • Timber Aroma
  • Pine Flicker
  • Natural Ember
  • Wickety Crackle
  • The Snappy Wick
  • The Cozy Crackler
  • The Fireplace Flicker
  • Campfire Scents
  • Ember & Oak
  • Wildfire & Wood
  • The Cozy Corner Candle Co.
  • The Rustic Refuge

Floral candle business names

  • Petal Light
  • Blossom Glow
  • Floral Essence
  • Garden Flicker
  • Bouquet Aroma
  • Blooming Candle
  • Flower Flame
  • Scented Garden
  • Flora Light
  • Blossom Wick
  • The Blooming Flame
  • The Floral Wick Co.
  • Wildflower Glow Co.
  • Garden Glow Candles
  • The Petal & Flame
  • Botanical Bliss Candles
  • The Fragrant Garden
  • Moonlight & Magnolias
  • The Jasmine Journey
  • The Honeysuckle Hearth
  • The Rosewater Reverie
  • The Apothecary Blooms
  • Lavender Luxe Candles
  • The Lily Light Co.
  • Rosebud Glow
  • The Sunflower Spark

Fruity candle business names

  • Citrus Glow
  • Fruity Flicker
  • Orchard Light
  • Berry Bliss
  • Tropical Flame
  • Sweet Scents
  • Fresh Squeeze
  • Fruit Essence
  • Juicy Glow
  • Scented Harvest
  • The Ripe & Ready Candle Co.
  • Orchard Glow Candles
  • The Juicy Wick
  • Fruity Flame Creations
  • Sunshine & Citrus Scents
  • Berry Happy Candles
  • The Scentsational Slice
  • Tropical Twinkle Co.
  • Mango Tango Candles
  • Lemon Zest Light Co.
  • The Pineapple Paradise
  • Watermelon Wonder
  • The Berry Blast

Aromatherapy candle business names

  • Tranquil Flame
  • Relaxing Radiance
  • Zen Glow
  • Calm Candle
  • Serene Scents
  • Peaceful Wick
  • Therapy Light
  • Soothe & Scent
  • Wellness Wick
  • Aromatic Aura
  • Serene Scents & Soul
  • The Apothecary Glow
  • Essential Essence Candles
  • The Whispering Willow
  • The Moonlit Meadow
  • The Lavender Labyrinth
  • The Woodland Whisper
  • Holistic Home Scents
  • Aura & Aroma Co.

Good candle company name ideas

  • Radiant Scents
  • Eternal Glow
  • Bright Essence
  • Everlight
  • Pure Wick
  • Glow & Go
  • Candle Harmony
  • Scentsational
  • Wick Wonders
  • Luminous Lifestyles

Unique candle names

  • Midnight Glow
  • Ember’s Edge
  • Mystic Melt
  • Firefly Flicker
  • Enchanted Essence
  • Celestial Light
  • Mythical Melt
  • Stardust Candle
  • Aurora Wick
  • Ethereal Glow

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Guide to Choose Perfect Candle Business Names and Sell Successfully

Step 1: Get your ideas

You can start with a list of words and concepts that resonate with your candle business. Consider the following key points:

  • Scents You Sell: Are they floral, fruity, earthy, or a mix?
  • Type of Candles: Do you specialize in luxury, handmade, or aromatherapy candles?
  • Target Audience: Who are you selling to? Young adults, luxury buyers, eco-conscious consumers?
  • Key Values to Offer (Unique Selling Points): What sets your candles apart? Are they eco-friendly,handcrafted, or luxury items?
  • SEO friendly: Do your candle business names foster uniqueness and simplicity? Do you have akeyword in your business name but not overuse it?

There are some common pitfalls to avoid when choosing candle store names, such as:

  • Overcomplicating the Name: Keep it simple and easy to remember.
  • Copying Competitors: Ensure your name is unique to stand out.
  • Ignoring Domain Availability: Check if the business name's domain is available for your website.

Step 2: Use PageFly’s candle business name generator

Leverage the power of PageFly’s Candle Business Name Generator to find creative and fitting names effortlessly. Simply enter your draft ideas and hit the button. The tool will provide you with 20 unique candle business names to choose from.

Step 3: Start selling like a pro

Once you have the perfect name, it's time to get your branding right, set up your online store, and start promoting your candles to attract customers and grow your business. Here are some professional tips for conversion rate optimization (CRO):

1. Use Hover Images with Real-World Scents: Represent the scents of your candles with hover imagesshowing real-world objects. Since it can be challenging to describe a candle's scent through a product title alone,these images help buyers quickly identify their favorite scents while browsing your collection.

2. Include a Benefits Bar: Highlight added values to address common pain points of candle buyers andtrigger purchases. For example:

  • Organic Certification: Showcase the safety of your candles.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Assure customers that your packaging is careful and eco-friendly, reducing concerns aboutbroken glass jars.
  • Burning Time: Provide information about the burning time of your candles to help buyers make informed decisions.

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