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How to come up with a catchy brand name?

The best names for a clothing brand are the ultimate way to speak out your business identities. Especially in the fashion industry, it is extremely competitive and saturated. Your clothing shop name should be memorable, unique, and resonate with your target audience. In this section, we will share valuable tips and tricks to help you create some catchy clothing brand name ideas that will leave a lasting impression, such as:
- Using your name: Many well-known clothing brands utilize the creator's name, such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger.
- Including a foreign word: Foreign words may inspire a feeling of mystery and elegance in your brand, giving it an exotic appeal and making it memorable. You can add an easy French word to your fashion shop name like Boutique, Le, Chic, or Rosé.
- Creating a pun or wordplay: These linguistic ideas provide a humorous edge and make a good first impression on your audience. Here are some examples you can use: Tee-riffic, Jeanius, or Seams Legit.
- Using acronyms: Using acronyms is a usual approach since it can be short, catchy, and memorable. There are many fashion brands using initials such as CK (Calvin Klein), D&G (Dolce & Gabbana), or YSL (Yves Saint Laurent).

30+ apparel brand name suggestions

If you're still struggling to come up with a brand name on your own, don't worry! We've curated a list of over 30 clothing brand name ideas to inspire you.
- Rogue Vogue
- Noir Edge
- Punk Posh
- Sleek Rebel
- Vandal Chic
- Grit Glam
- Urban Thorn
- Rebeluxe
- Savage Elegance
- Fierce Threads
- Elegant Aura
- Grace Guild
- Plush Vogue
- Refined Rebel
- Classique Charm
- Velvet Virtue
- Haute Harmony
- Noble Nuance
- Elite Elegance
- SophistiChic
- TrendAura
- Vogue Pulse
- Pop Pizzazz
- Zesty Zeal
- Now Nouveau
- Chic Clique
- Vibrant Vogue
- Flash Fad
- Modish Mode
- Hip Hype
- InVogue Instinct
- Style Surge
- Fashionista Flame

How to start a clothing brand online?

In today's digital age, starting a clothing brand online has never been easier. In this section, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of launching your online clothing brand. All you need to do are:
- Step 1: Pick a fashion niche that you want. Instead of selling clothes to every demographic, you should focus on something more particular and fit your hobbies.
- Step 2: Name your business. As mentioned, a good name will represent your brand identity. You can use PageFly apparel brand name generator to find out some inspos.
- Step 3: Create your website. You can use Shopify to create and launch your fashion online shop without any tech skills.
Step 4: Improve your store for high conversions. To have a clothing store with conversion rate optimization (CRO), you can use PageFly to build a homepage, product pages, and more from our free templates.

List of 100+ Creative Name Ideas Clothing Brand in 2024

Stay ahead of the fashion game with our list of creative name ideas for clothing brands in 2024. We understand the importance of staying current and relevant in the ever-changing fashion industry. Hence, here are some name ideas clothing brand you can use if you are selling one of these niches.

Gym clothing brand name ideas

- Fit Forge
- IronWill Wear
- Flex Fashions
- Grit Gear
- Vigor Vogue
- AthletiqueCore Couture
- Muscle Mode
- ZestZen
- EnerGym
- PeakPerformance Apparel
- Power Pivot
- Active Aesthetics
- Stride Style

Luxury clothing brand name ideas

- Velvet Vogue
- Majestic Threads
- Opulent Origin
- Luxe Legacy
- Elegante Essence
- Silk Sovereignty
- Elite Elegance
- Divine Drapery
- Imperial Impress
- Chic Chateau
- Aristo Attire
- Mirage Mode
- Glamour Guild

Women clothing brand name ideas

- Femina Fashions
- Chic Essence
- Bella Mode
- Elegant Enigma
- Lavish Lady
- Mystique Muse
- Divine Drape
- Glamour Grace
- Urban Utopia
- Flora Fashion

Hoodie brand name ideas

- Hoodie Haven
- Cozy Cove
- Snug Saga
- Chill Threads
- Hooded Harmony
- Comfy Canvas
- RelaxRidge
- Huddle Hoodies
- Cuddle Cloak
- Easy Echo
- Casual Cloud
- Breeze Bunker
- Nestled Knits
- Hush Hoods

Clothing brand name ideas streetwear

- Urban Pulse
- StreetBeat Threads
- Concrete Jungle Wear
- MetroVogue Collective
- AlleyCat Apparel
- Sidewalk Symphony
- UrbanEdge Outfitters
- RebelRoad Fashion
- GritGrace Gear
- CityScape Styles
- Asphalt Echo
- Graffiti Glam
- Underground Chic
- Skyline Threads
- Street Echo Couture
- Urban Mystique Wear
- Neon Nights Apparel
- City Pulse Fashions
- Rogue Street Designs
- Metro Mood Clothing

Y2K clothing brand name ideas

- Millennium Glitz
- Retro Futurist
- Cyber Chic
- Neo Nostalgia
- Pixel Pop Outfitters
- Flashback Fabrics
- Digital Dreams
- WearY2Kiss Couture
- Retro Revamp Styles
- Millennium Mood
- Groove2000 Collections
- CosmicY2K Designs
- Vintage Vortex
- Echoes of 2000
- Time Capsule Trends
- PopRetro Fashions
- BinaryBlast Fashion House

Eco-friendly clothing brand name ideas

- Green Threads
- Eco Elegance
- Nature Nest
- Earth Outfits
- SSS (Sustainable Style Studio)
- Green Glam Garments
- Eco Vogue
- Nature Hug
- Planet Pulse
- Eco Ensemble
- Pure Earth Threads
- Earth Tone Trends
- Green Grace Garb
- Bio Bloom Fashions
- Eco Essence
- Nature Nurture
- Earthy Elegance
- Green Revival
- Terra Trendz
- Eco Charm

Men's clothing brand name ideas

- Urban Maverick
- Grit Guardian
- Bold Basics
- Man Vogue
- Classic Gent
- Vanguard Valiant Garments
- Rogue Regent Styles
- Elite Edge
- Metro Monarch
- Dapper Dynasty
- Timeless Trail Blazers
- Noble Notion
- Refined Rebel
- Urban Alpha
- Gallant Gear
- Sartorial Sage
- Modern Muse Menwear
- Heritage Hawk
- Knightly Kudos
- Charisma Craft Men's Wear

Conversion Rate Optimization Pro Tips for Clothing Online Stores

For an online clothing store, implementing proven Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies can significantly enhance user experience and boost conversions. In addition, the clothing niche requires an appealing store appearance and a smooth user experience.

Based on PageFly's expertise in designing high conversion rate Shopify pages, here are some professional CRO tips tailored for an online clothing store:
- Category Images: Show appealing images for your fashion collections to visually communicate what each category is about, making it easier for customers to navigate.
- Authentic Photos: Use high-quality, authentic photos of your clothing items, showcasing them from multiple angles and, if possible, in a real-life context to boost trust and reduce uncertainty.
- Urgent Next-Day Delivery: Highlight the option for urgent next-day delivery with a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate purchases.
- Consistent Navigation and Layout: Ensure your site's navigation is intuitive and that the layout is consistent across all pages, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

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