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[Case Study] A Story of International Growth With PageFly Affiliate Program

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Is affiliate marketing still relevant? The short answer is yes, and it probably always will be. 

The idea of making money while you sleep is largely down to the ability to earn passive income by recommending products or services. And while it’s a dreamy ambition, it’s possible with the right audience.

And of course, being able to truly provide value to that audience. 

The Shopify Partner Program is a perfect example of affiliation done right. When you have faith in the quality of your product or service, you can leverage other people to spread the word and market it for you. 

Shopify created opportunities for designers, developers, and marketers thanks to the vast scope of eCommerce. It’s a marketplace that needs many skills to run successfully. 

At PageFly, we share the same confidence in our app (now the #1 rated page builder on the Shopify app store), so it only made sense to roll out our very own partner program. Designers, developers, influencers and eCommerce experts can now earn a monthly recurring commission by recommending PageFly to merchants. 

Or even better, building custom stores for them and handing them over. The result is a two way street of mutual benefit.

PageFly partner program

The merchant gets a custom-built, high-converting Shopify store. The PageFly partner gets another stream of passive income. 

But now it’s time to let one of our partners do the talking.

Anna from Brazil is a powerhouse one-woman “agency” focused on helping dropshipping merchants find success in their niche. I had the chance to chat with her over the weekend and find out how being a PageFly partner has helped her personal brand and business grow. 

Interview begins

Brendan: Anna, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, your team and the work you do in eCommerce?

Anna: Actually, I work as a freelancer, I don't have a team. My focus is on dropshipping stores and creating Landing Pages and E-Commerce Stores with my new project. It’s a very new market in Brazil and my approach is to bring a more professional character onto the scene. Those who are in this market here, are very young entrepreneurs, with little experience. Many of them start from scratch and never had experience with Digital Marketing and Ecommerce.

Brendan: Oh, nice. I noticed we have a lot of followers from Brazil, especially on our YouTube channel. It seems dropshipping is getting more popular there by the day. How do clients usually find you?

Anna: Yes, dropshipping has been popular for about two and a half years in Brazil.

I started by focusing on networking and introducing my work to people who already did dropshipping and are dedicated to teaching others how to do it.

That way they could work with me and also refer my work to their audience. I also propose to offer help and content, about design, digital marketing, CRO, and of course, about page/store creation tools like PageFly. In fact, PageFly is the best tool for that.

Brendan: That brings me nicely on to the next question. Now for the readers out there who don’t know, Anna is a PageFly affiliate, so she earns a recurring commission for every merchant she refers to our app. How has PageFly helped you find solutions for your clients?

AnnaActually, a great player in dropshipping (@joaoalbertofn) pointed me to PageFly.  Mainly because besides offering an intuitive design approach and the possibility of high-level customization; PageFly also offers full integration with Shopify, other Shopify Apps, and a high-cost benefit. You can have everything in one solution. It meets the needs of people who want to have a large store or simply only Landing Pages.

Brendan: Great to hear. Most people find there is a small learning curve that comes with using PageFly. How was your experience learning how to use PageFly? Did you have any difficulty?

Anna: I've had experience with other page creation applications, so it was easy for me. Honestly, I didn’t encounter difficulties. It’s very simple to use. Even if you have no contact with such applications it is simple to learn.

The content provided by PageFly in the help center and on YouTube helps a lot, the support team is very efficient and delivers a lot of value.

My advice to those who are starting from scratch and who have no experience is to read the guide: Crafting the perfect page with PageFly. It’s the most to the point.

There are a few rules and tricks that make page design fluidity so much easier, and understanding how page structure works is the main resource for getting your page running without any problem.

Brendan: So aside from earning a recurring monthly commission, how else has being a PageFly partner benefitted you?

Anna: PageFly does much more than let you earn a commission. It gives you access to a full affiliate account, with access to creation and all Pro and Premium features. We also have access to our list of affiliated stores in a separate area, and you can contact the support team at any time. This is amazing because at zero cost you can offer your services to others and gain knowledge in practice. But you need to be someone who is truly committed with the real intention to contribute and grow.

This definitely gave me professional growth. Without it, it would be much harder to get started.

Brendan: And what are your future plans for growth in the eCommerce sector?

Anna: I always try to learn and absorb content, in forums, YouTube, social media, courses ... It's my main resource. In addition to being in continuous contact with my clients helping to add more value to them. My plan is to create content about creating Landing Pages, helping other people create their own pages, and developing a business focused on Landing Pages creation. Please wait for the launch of my site.

A lot of people need help with this. Helping people to develop their own businesses is the best reward.

Brendan: That’s true. And what's the best way for our readers to reach you if they need your services?

Anna: Please get in touch with me via Instagram, is my new project focusing on eCommerce and landing pages. 

Brendan: Really happy that PageFly could be an integral part of the growth of your business and mission. And I can’t think of a better person to represent our product and bring it to the fresh faces of Brazil. 

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 End of interview

Anna is a great example of someone who aims to bring true value to the eCommerce community, and her focus on the regional area of Brazil is sure to reap some rewards. 

At the end of the day, despite what some might say, Shopify is unmatched in efficiency, simplicity and sheer resources for merchants. PageFly made the decision a long time ago to focus entirely on Shopify and helping merchants get more traffic and sales. 

So if you were to become a PageFly affiliate partner, how would you actually earn? 

One way is to, of course, promote it to your audience. But you would need to have or build that audience first.

Another way is to reach out to friends and peers who are looking to take their business online, build them a beautiful store, then bask in the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped them get one step closer to their dream. 

Like Anna said, there’s no better feeling. 

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