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Shopify Affiliate Program & Top 18+ Programs for 2024 [Updated]

Our operations are supported by commissions earned from affiliates. Details.

Through the years, affiliate marketing has been recognized as one of the most popular ways to earn a passive income for content creators. In a nutshell, the process is quite simple - the affiliate will promote the referral program in their content, such as video, blog posts, or ebook; and for each signup from the audience, they will receive a commission.

If you're wondering how does Shopify affiliate program work, it's similar to other affiliate programs but offers unique benefits tailored to the Shopify ecosystem.

Let’s dig through the ultimate list of Shopify affiliate programs in its ecosystem so you can pick up the best suited one for you as well as your audience. 

If you are already an affiliate marketer working in the Shopify field; you will know the potential of promoting the Shopify ecosystem with 1,700,000+ users. Alternatively, if you’re not familiar with Shopify yet, it’s the right time to learn about the massive popularity of this platform and jump in to keep not only your wallet full but also your customers happy and productive.

Shopify Affiliate Program

When mentioning Shopify, one of the most solid platforms on the market, any affiliate will know about its referral program. The Shopify affiliate program is one of the more solid programs with a nice commission offer. For each signup, an affiliate can earn from $58 to $2,000 depending on the merchant user plan.

If you’re wondering how much does Shopify pay affiliates, the commission from Shopify is a one-time bounty payment equal to 200% of the merchant's monthly subscription fee for general plans (Basic, Shopify, Advanced); and equal to $2,000 for Shopify Plus subscription.

If you’re new to Shopify, you will need to register as a Shopify Partner first. After signing up for a new account, you will be asked to fill an application form and wait for approval. Becoming a Shopify expert not only allows you to apply as a Shopify affiliate, but also offers lots of opportunities to earn massive income.  

Wondering is Shopify affiliate program free? Yes, it is free to join, and you can start promoting and earning commissions once your application is approved.

shopify signup form

If you are already a Shopify Partner, you can access the Panel and click on affiliate tools’ to apply for the affiliate program. Below is how the dashboard will look when a partner performs Shopify affiliate activities and gets trial signups. You can find all the necessary information or reports on the Shopify Partner Dashboard to get insight and support for further campaigns. 

shopify partner dashboard

Shopify affiliate programs from Theme developers


SalesHunterThemes is a leading provider of cutting-edge Shopify themes tailored to elevate online businesses. With a commitment to seamless user experiences and visually stunning designs, SalesHunterThemes empower entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts to create captivating storefronts that drive sales and customer engagement. With SalesHunterThemes, you're not just getting a theme, but a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your e-commerce journey.

saleshunterthemes affiliate

Through SalesHunterThemes Referral Program, you could seize the chance to earn a 25% Shopify affiliate commission rate based on the actual purchase price of any SalesHunterThemes theme you acquire for your clients' stores or any referred theme that results in a purchase.

Update on June 17: Unfortunately, the affiliate program of SalesHunterThemes is temporary paused to improve the tracking system. This will help the theme developer optimize the Shopify affiliate commission rate. We will update this article when the program is back. 

Pixel Union + Out Of The Sandbox 

At the moment, this Shopify affiliate program is discontinued. However, in October 2019, Out Of The Sandbox and Pixel Union, two biggest Shopify Theme Providers in the market, combined their Theme Affiliate Program. You could earn 15% commission on eligible sales of these two theme providers under a single program.

Starting out building themes for Tumblr in 2008, Pixel Union only made their move to the Shopify field three years later after seeing excessive growth in the e-commerce industry. Out of the Sandbox is an independent theme designer and developer that creates premium themes for Shopify ranging from $180 to $450. 



Debutify is #1 Free Shopify Theme 2020 specifically designed for conversion rate optimization regarding page speed and navigation. Debutify is available in 2 versions, Debut-Light and Debut-Default, which serves multiple purposes and consists of various features appealing to many e-commerce entrepreneurs. 


In the Debutify Affiliate Program, you can earn 30% to 40% of the of sale amount. The payouts are transferred through Impact to the account details that you have specified. 

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Themeforest is a part of Envato Market, the world’s largest creative marketplace, selling millions of digital assets annually. Themeforest allows you to sell and buy HTML templates, including Shopify themes.

Their Shopify template collection consists of over 1,100 templates ranging from $16 to $89, which is much lower than that of Shopify Theme Store. Envato Market Affiliate Program helps you earn 30% commission on every first purchase using your referral links. But please keep in mind that purchases need to take place on Envato Market site. 


To apply for the program, you need to create an account via Envato Market Impact channel. Once you’re approved, you can easily create tracking links. Moreover, Envato even provides you with their best performing banner in order to enhance your affiliate activity. 

Template Monster 


Since 2004, Template Monster has been providing a rich resource of high-quality templates, becoming one of the biggest template providers in the global market. They are now delivering to their customers the best themes created by numerous developers around the world.

The cost of each template is around $75 on average, and the price ranges from $55-$120 in general. Both Themeforest and Template Monster are among the world’s largest theme providers, which is great for you to do affiliate marketing and earn commissions in return. 

With the Affiliate Program of Template Monster, you are able to earn 30% commission for any user’s first purchase and 10% for returning purchases. You’ll need to fill in the sign-up form and once approved you’ll get referral links to start earning money.

Booster Theme 

Booster theme comes as an independent theme provider. Compared to other general Shopify themes out there, Booster theme has an advantage with many advanced features. I was most impressed with their themes updating process. It solves one of the most common touchpoints of Shopify merchants when they need to import a new theme file every time it updates and leads to data loss problems.

By developing Booster theme Central App, Booster theme, from version 2.0+, allows the customer to get a new updating theme feature with just 1-click while keeping all your settings at the same time.


By joining the Booster affiliate program, you can get from 20% to 30% commission. Booster Theme application form requires more detailed information but it would not be a big issue. 

Shopify affiliate programs from Apps 


To simply put, PageFly is a compelling page builder app with a drag-and-drop system designed to boost conversion rates. With a Shopify app overall score of 4.9 stars with over 10K reviews, PageFly is currently listed in the top 1-page builder apps in the app store. The app allows users to freely build their own web pages with professional design even on a free Shopify theme. Besides the app functions, one of the most outstanding points that makes customers stick with PageFly is the high-quality customer support with over 93% satisfied customers. 

pagefly affiliate

The PageFly affiliate program is similar to the Shopify system, so if you already joined and worked with Shopify referrals, there will be no difficulty becoming familiar with the flow. Besides, the PageFly team also provides up-to-date blog posts which will help affiliates walk in the right direction to achieve referral goals. For instance, check out 6 creative ways to earn money as a PageFly Affiliate

pagefly affiliate program benefits

The commission of PageFly Affiliate program is the highest among Shopify apps. You will get 50% revenue share for the first month and 30% lifetime commission from the second month onward, after the 20% Shopify app fee was taken out. This is the biggest difference between PageFly and other programs since they will pay for a single sale while PageFly pays you for recurring charges. 

The process is also simple for anyone to get started. After filling out the signup form and getting approved, you’ll receive an email to enter your Affiliate Dashboard. In the dashboard, you are provided with referral links and you can track how many merchants you have referred and which plans they use. Commissions will be calculated and transferred through your active PayPal account within the 1st week of the next month. 

BSS Commerce


The BSS Commerce Shopify affiliate program is designed to assist merchants at every stage of the process, guiding them to become eCommerce solution specialists with unique abilities that will allow them to learn faster and earn more money.

Affiliate marketers can offer almost any service on the network, from influencer marketing to content generation. Anyone, including agencies, freelancers, and professionals, can participate in an Affiliate program and recommend BSS’s app to their customers.

You will gain a discount or commission on every transaction or referral you make, especially if you are one of BSS’s Shopify partners.

What you can get when becoming a partner

The partner will receive 20% of the app cost for each purchase/referral of BSS Commerce’s Shopify apps. In addition to raising the amount of money in your bank account, Partners can benefit from free training resources and incentives such as:

  • Client Network Expansion
  • Discounts and Privileges
  • Product Portfolio Enhancement
  • Branding Possibilities
  • Prompt Assistance
  • Co-Marketing Initiatives
BSS program

Become an Affiliate Partner of BSS Commerce now:


PickyStory helps e-commerce brands to increase their revenue from every store visit by creating rich sales experiences. With the most advanced solution for product deals, discounts engine, and storefront API, PickyStory enables brands to dramatically increase their average order value (AOV) and return on investment (ROI).

By joining PickyStory's Partnership Program, you can earn from 15-25% commission depending on the number and quality of referrals. Apart from that, you can expect various other financial incentives. You can apply through this Registration Form, and once approved, you will receive an email guiding through the next steps of the process. Furthermore, PickyStory will provide you with free access to their platform for your dev store for testing purposes, and 1 on 1 initial training.

What you will get after becoming a PickyStory partner:

  1. Free access to the platform;
  2. One on one training;
  3. Chance to participate in the co-marketing opportunities;
  4. Co-sell together;
  5. Dedicated Partner Manager and CSM;
  6. Generous revenue share and other financial incentives.


ReCharge is a recurring billing app built exclusively for Shopify. It helps businesses with physical subscription products operate in a seamless revenue stream by enabling them to analyze, customize and manage repeat orders. Subscription by ReCharge is a Shopify App which receives a score of 4.7 with 2000+ reviews, listing it among the top apps in Orders and Shipping collection.



ReCharge Affiliate Program allows you to earn 10% revenue share for each store you refer to. You can apply through their registration form, and once approved, you will receive a notification email guiding you to the Dashboard. Moreover, with a view to empowering and supporting their agency partners, they also provide you with 1-on-1 training and development support and access to latest features and integrations of the product. 

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With 1,100+ 5-star ratings on the Shopify App store with powerful features, LimeSpot is the perfect option if you want to help your customer in delivering a unique Upsell, Cross-sell & personalized experience across different channels. 

By joining the LimeSpot affiliate program, you can earn from 10% to 20% commission depending on the number and quality of referrals. However, the free app policy may cause some hardship at first. With all four plans, the app offers free usage until app-attributed revenue exceeds 5x the monthly subscription fee. It, of course, will be a win-point for Shopify merchants but at the same time, it will take time for you, as an affiliate, to successfully earn your commission.


The application process is also simple. You will need to fill in the signup form from LimeSpot and wait for approval. However, the waiting time will be longer than 72 hours based on my personal experience. 


What if your visitors or customers are focusing on the Print-on-Demand niche? 

It’s not a problem since Printful for Shopify merchants offers great commission as an affiliate. In short, Printful is a printing service for POD which serves over 1 million sellers all over the world. By referring to the audience/clients to use the Printful Shopify app, merchants can easily sync their store, set up billing, shipping and start to sell their custom product online. 

The affiliate program will offer you 10% of the order value by linking new customers to Printful from the first order. However, unlike the PageFly program that gives you lifetime commission, you only receive commission from Printful for nine months. 

This program is openly applied for by Printful users so that they can easily access this area via the Dashboard after signing up.


Then, you just need to click on the ‘Become an affiliate’ button, fill in the registration form and wait for the application to be approved.


Bold Commerce

Another app affiliate program on this list is Bold Commerce, which provides a wide range of Shopify apps of different categories to help merchants power their store. This provider is trusted by 80,000+ merchants in more than 170 countries around the world. These numbers can’t lie. That means Bold Commerce is a great option that allows you to provide strong value to clients.

With their referral program, you'll get 10% of the recurring revenue of every app installed. Although the payment will be paid each month, you will need to earn $100 or more to receive it.

The signup process is speedy and easy - you only need to fill out three information fields and you can immediately access the Dashboard. 


Of course, you still need to fill in other necessary information such as Name, Referral Name, Country, and Company Name later but it’s only required when you want to get paid. In the Dashboard, you can check real-time commission as well as your history referrals list.


The interesting thing about this affiliate program is that you will have your own partner manager and can effortlessly book a meeting if you need any assistance. 


UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

UpPromote is an app that provides merchants with solutions for affiliate/ referral marketing. Using UpPromote Affiliate & Referral, you can build your professional affiliate campaign in minutes, get onboard and grow an affiliate network easily. 

The affiliate/ referral tracking process is well-built and makes sure your affiliate system will run smoothly with high accuracy. With a rating of 4.9 on the Shopify App Store and over 2225+ reviews, UpPromote Affiliate & Referral is a great choice for merchants who want to grow their traffic fast with affiliate/ referral programs.

Not only bringing solutions for affiliate merchants, UpPromote Affiliate & Referral also has its own affiliate program. Their commission is 20% lifetime of each plan that the client pays. 


UpPromote belongs to Secomapp. So don’t be surprised if you see the logo of Secomapp here. Register for the UpPromote affiliate program, it’s pretty clear. All you have to do is fill out the registration form from their website. The only thing to note is that they only pay commissions via PayPal. This requires you to have a PayPal account before getting started.


With a score of 4.8 and 5000+ reviews on the Shopify App Store, Loox is performing as a number 1 product review app. The concept of Loox is to add social proof to your store to increase conversions. They said that they want customers to see the product in action, used by real people just like them. That’s why they made their photo reviews app.

Serving more than 50,0000 Shopify Merchants, Loox offers an affiliate program with 20% commission for one year or a 20% discount for your clients. And your followers or clients get an extended trial period. 

The pricing plans for Loox are wide with 4 plans from $9.99 per month to $299.99 per month, making it easier for partners to target key merchants to fit their affiliate strategy. Fill in the form below and you can become a part of the Loox Partner Program.


After you’ve finished the form, it will show a pop-up and may take some time for them to answer your request. 


Leaddyno is an app to setup your own Affiliate Website so you can start bringing affiliates onboard. As described on the Shopify App Store, this app provides unique solutions to each partner, and contains everything that every merchants need to promote their store and products. 

This includes affiliate link sharing for Facebook, Instagram, click and commission tracking in real-time and a mobile app so that affiliates can be promote the store directly from their phones.

Like most of the Shopify affiliate programs, Leaddyno prefers a 20% commission on all sales when affiliate marketers refer to them, for the lifetime of the customer. That’s really a big deal because the pricing plan is wide, ranging from $49 per month to $749 per month with four different options.

To join Leaddyno Affiliate Program, all you have to do is register for an account like the form below.


After filling out all the information and Signing Up, you have to read Terms of Service.

If you agree with all the Terms of Service, they’ll immediately show you the dashboard with the affiliate link and all the stats to track your affiliate progress.



Printify is a platform that connects more than 90 print providers to Shopify merchants, serving Print-on-demand businesses. With more than 350 thousand merchants active per day, Printify is one of the best Print-on-demand services, allowing you to create products with your own designs, handling printing, and shipping directly to the customers. 

Printify only has 2 pricing plans. Free Plan and Premium Plan, which costs $24.99 per month. That’s why the Printify Affiliate Program is a little bit different from others. They will pay 5% commission directly on every order that your customer makes, straight for 12 months.


To apply for their affiliate program only takes 5 minutes. First, you have to fill in a form like every other affiliate program.


When everything is finished, they’ll send you a confirmation email including the affiliate link. You can update your portfolio with the link they have provided you.



VITALS is a special app on Shopify App Store.This app includes more than 40 apps integrated inside. The main mission of Vitals is to boost sales by increasing conversion rates and decreasing page load time. There are some functions of the 40 integrated applications in Vitals that are notable such as Product Reviews, Currency Converter, Product Bundle, Volume Discount, Pre-Order, Recent Sales Notification and many, many more.

But we are here today to talk about Shopify affiliate programs, so let’s take a look at VITALS Affiliate Program. The special thing about this affiliate program is that it’s divided into 3 levels, meaning 3 commission rates. 

The first one is Friend & Family which allows you to refer 1-10 customer(s) per month and you’ll get a 10% customer life-time commission. 

The second one is Influencer, 11-29 customers per month is the target to get 20% of customer life-time commission. 

And the last one is Evangelist, with the traffic of more than 30 customers per month, you can earn 25% life-time commission.

The number of referred merchants will be reset in every beginning of the month. That’s quite fair for everyone. To register for the VITALS Affiliate program, it only takes a few minutes. Just like the other affiliate programs, you have to fill in your information to create an account. 


When everything is going well, the dashboard will show up, giving you all the necessary information and resources to start.

Expert Village Media

Expert Village Media is an app provider, working on 11 apps listed on the Shopify App Store. With an average rating score of 4.8, we can define Expert Village Media as a trust-worthy app provider among hundreds of others. Expert Village Media focuses on offering professional web design, web development, eCommerce Design Trends solutions, search engine optimization, mobile apps and CMS solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Like most of the Shopify Affiliate Programs, it’s very easy to sign up Expert Village Media's program. They offer to pay 20% commission for each sale you’ve made. Here is how you can sign up for the Expert Village Media Affiliate Program.


After the register is finished, a notification will appear. Verify your email and everything will be ready for you to get started.


Weglot has only one app on Shopify, which is Translate Your Store - Weglot. The solution Weglot brings is to optimize merchants' websites into different languages. The main purpose is to increase sales by acquiring new customers and improving conversion by speaking the customers’ language. Everything when translated will keep SEO working well.

Weglot Affiliate Program is very interesting, based on their pricing plan. They commit to pay a 20% commission on every sale generated and keep paying 20% for every renewal.

To begin with the Weglot Affiliate Program, like every other time, you have to fill in the necessary information. 


A message will appear like this. Just wait for them to review it and they’ll get back to you via your email.


Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping helps merchants find fast shipping and hot selling products from suppliers in US, Europe, Canada, Asia, and easily add them to their Shopify store. The solution that they bring to merchants are Shipping - guaranteed to be fast. 

With the Spocket Affiliate Program as they state on their website, you may earn a commission up to $1080 for each customer you bring to Spocket and up to 30% commission as long as the customers use Spocket. Even though this number is quite attractive, it might take time for you to climb to the highest peak of commission. But if it’s worthwhile, why not give it a try?

To sign up for the Spocket Affiliate Program, it’s super easy. You have to register for a new account or you can sign up directly with Google Account.


After everything is done, a dashboard will be set up for you with all the necessary resources to start getting sign ups.

Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is a Shopify App which allows you to create an affiliate network within your e-commerce business. Remarkably, with 4.9-star rating on Shopify App Store, this app makes the affiliate program of a business much easier by providing pre-designed referral templates, tracking income and engagement tools and so much more. 

ReferralCandy also has a very interesting Affiliate Program for those who set their beliefs in this app. Basically, you’ll get $50 whenever you refer an e-commerce store to Referral Candy. And of course, all store referrals are being manually reviewed and approved. 

The procedure is also simpler from any other affiliate programs, by filling in your email address, you’ll receive a personalized invite link, related information and you are ready to go!


Sufio helps you get paid faster by allowing your customers to pay their invoices online. This app scores 4.8 on Shopify App Store and is highly appreciated regarding taxes and invoices configuration for e-commerce business.

Their Affiliate Program is also a highlight when it generously offers you 2 kinds of commission options. The first one is earning 20% of the monthly fee for each new customer you refer for as long as they use Sufio. Second option is commission per purchase, which means that you’ll get 200% of the monthly price as a one-time payment for every customer you refer. This commission is based on the pricing plan that your referred customers apply. 


Once you are approved as a Sufio affiliate, you will be provided with referral links with a tracking dashboard. Moreover, Sufio will make sure you have no troubles along the way by offering various marketing materials and technical support from their team.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a realtime usability and support tool for website owners that has a score of 4.7 star on Shopify App Store. This tool configures solutions regarding real time analytics, website heatmaps, visitor recordings, sales chat, polls, etc. 

Their Affiliate Program allows affiliates earn commission based on pricing plans starting from $10/month. For each referred customer, you’ll earn 50% commission for the 1st month of any monthly subscription and 20% annually. Once signing up and getting approval, you’ll receive a referral link with a 30-day cookie so that you can get started right away!

Shopify affiliate programs from Service providers


Dckap affiliate program

To provide the value for your Shopify clients, of course, it would be great if you can give full-scale service whenever the merchant wants to custom their store. In this case, Dckap will be a great option since they are a full-service digital commerce agency which provides solutions for designing, developing, integrating, implementing, and marketing.

However, the Dckap partner program focuses more on building partnerships with other companies and agencies to make the ecosystem more accessible, healthier and prosperous. The commission is also not mentioned publicly on the partner page. 

Hey Carson

Hey Carson affiliate program

While Dckap general works with projects, Hey Carson is a service agency which focuses on helping Shopify merchants with small tasks without the overhead and cost of large or medium-sized projects. Their task catalog covers a large number of small jobs with an average price of $99.

The commission is different level. including: 

  • Level 1: up to $15k in referral volume, you earn 10% of every first purchase.
  • Level 2: up to $25k in referral volume, you earn 12.5% of every first purchase.
  • Level 3: up to $50k referral volume, you earn 15% of every first purchase.
  • Level 4: above $50k referral volume, you earn 18% of every first purchase, and 5% of every repeat purchase.

However, one of the disadvantages of this affiliate program is the high churn and refund rate. That means even if you can refer the clients/customers to purchase Carson task, if they ask for a refund after, the purchase won’t be counted as a ‘conversion.’ Also, if you successfully got a ‘conversion,’ if it’s for the monthly or quarterly plan, it will take a month or even longer for an affiliate to receive their payment

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Last words

As an affiliate and content creator, it’s not just about earning a significant amount of commission, but you also need to provide knowledge, experience, and tools which bring long-term value to customers and help their business grow. Understanding how does Shopify affiliate program work can help you make the most of the platform and maximize your earnings.

Each affiliate program has its own perks of how you can benefit from; for example, PageFly offers lifetime commission for affiliates but another may directly give cash on sales. Therefore, it is essential for you to thoroughly consider which programs suit you best in the long run. And don’t forget to use the product first to know the function and the key features to provide them to the customer.

It’s also critical to understand the audience first so they can trust you and so that you will know the most suitable and potential product to promote to them.

If you know any affiliate programs in the Shopify ecosystem, feel free to drop us a line. We’ll check it out and consider including it in this blog post. 


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