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Pagefly 2.6.0: Drastic improvements in elements with better UI

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Updated on 19 April, 2020. 

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Just a few weeks ago, Pagefly happily announced the coming of Pagefly version 2.5.0 with UI improvements and ultramodern settings. We come back stronger every time, and it’s no exception this time for Pagefly 2.6.0 with super informative UI copy and a lot of drastic improvements in some specific elements.

You won’t want to miss out on these new changes. It’s sure to help you a bunch in building your super cool, high-converting Shopify store with our new updates.


New User Interface

The first thing you’ll notice when using Pagefly’s latest version is the improvement in user interface copy. Regarding this, every time you make a wrong action when using elements, you will be notified with text in the page editor. This clearly helps you to adjust your action without the confusion of not knowing what’s happening.

In this case, the user can see the caution text: A section cannot be nested within a section.

pagefly 2.6.0 UI

One of the most important changes in UI is the Export/Import page. Previously, this function caused chaos due to the lack of knowledge about image source and users were for the most part not aware of this problem. Therefore, with the new UI copy, Pagefly will announce new users about the changes so they can secure all the images and import the page perfectly with the same images.

pagefly 2.6.0 import export UI

Another example of a smart UI for this version is in the feature sample copy. In this case, you can see the difference between Google Analytics version 2.5.0 and 2.6.0 in UI copy.

pagefly GA copy 1

Pagefly old version

Pagefly 2.6.0 GA copy 2Pagefly 2.6.0

We believe with this resolution, users can config features smoothly and quicker on our application, especially for new users.

Elements Revolution

By researching new demands and in order to bring the best outcome for store owners, Pagefly developers are working hard day and night to make a huge improvement in these following elements:


Upgraded Accordion element allows you to access the element easier with larger padding and a new structure contains Accordion Heading and Accordion Content.

pagefly 2.6.0 accordion

You can easily beautify the heading and content of accordion with the General and Styling board as an element. Other elements can be added into Accordion Content as it is a full section. UX of this element has also been improved. For instance, click action of an accordion will jump to its heading instead of staying in the same position without the content of that accordion. 

pagefly 2.6.0 accordion

Countdown Timer

This element is considered the most overhauled element in the newest version of Pagefly. In Pagefly 2.6.0, even though the element cut down to only 1 variant, the configuration in the General board is much more powerful than the previous edition with these following updates:

Countdown trigger

In the General board, users can set the Countdown Start with 3 options: At specific time; On the first visit; On every visit. With this new update, you can trigger the countdown for a visitor every time they land on your page. 

With Countdown End, 2 options are available: At specific time; After a specific period.

Redirect URL

After the countdown ends, you can choose to let visitors stay on the same page or redirect them to another URL by inserting link into the Redirect URL box.

Hide if inactive

Hiding the countdown after an inactive period is also available in this version.

pagefly 2.6.0 countdown timer


In this version, the Paragraph element reduces the variants from 4 to 2 and the Dropcap inside paragraph can now turn on and be edited as an individual element. With this new setting, you can customize the dropcap more in depth and make it look much more attractive.

pagefly 2.6.0 paragraph dropcap


Specially customized for Image element, visitors can now have one more choice for image Click Action, which is LightBox.

pagefly 2.6.0 image light box

This action allows users to click on an image and see a full-size image pop-up from the original. See below to know how it displays in Live View.

pagefly 2.6.0 image light box 1

Custom HTML/Liquid

With an update in Custom HTML/Liquid, you can now add both HTML and Liquid code into the editor. The custom Liquid can become handy especially in case you want to integrate other applications into Pagefly. The process is also quicker, more precise with auto format snippet code and results in a lower rate of error code.

pagefly 2.6.0 custom html liquid


The upcoming events of Christmas and New Year are probably the best chance to bring in more sales for your online store. With that in mind, the Pagefly team really believes that these improvements of such elements in Pagefly 2.6.0 will help you make your store looks spectacular and convert like it should. We are always here 24/7 to support and grow big with you.

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