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Coconut Bowls Shopify Plus Store Review by PageFly

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In 2019, sustainability is much more than a trend. It’s in and of itself an eCommerce niche, and a way to monetize your values while giving back to the earth. 

This week we’ll be reviewing a unique concept born out of a fleeting moment of inspiration. Coconut Bowls are a self-proclaimed global movement for sustainability. They also just happen to sell wildly popular bowls carved from the shells of fallen brown coconuts. 

Acai smoothie bowl anyone?

Coconut Bowls sparked my interest when I found out they operate out of Vietnam - 1 of only 2 Shopify Plus stores in the country to do so. 

Lets quickly dive into some of the design elements and content to see where they excel and where they can improve to maximize conversions and build true brand credibility. After all, it’s not often you come across a Shopify Plus store with an agenda other than rinsing the populous of their hard-earned cash.

Watch the video review here.


Coconut Bowls Shopify Plus Store Review

Homepage impressions

Coconut Bowls

Where they excel: 

  • Eye-catching announcement bar with interactive link 
  • Call to action contrasts nicely from the hero image 
  • Custom graphics stating brand values and unique guarantees

Areas for improvement:

  • Heading text could contrast better over the hero image

Product page impressions

We all know the magic of the sale happens right here on the product page. Coconut Bowls’ most popular product comes in the form of a set. 

 Coconut Bowls

Immediately you’ll notice crisp product images and two bright orange calls to action. 

Where they excel:

  • Choice of payment installments with AfterPay
  • Calls to action are eyecatching
  • Testimonials on the product page
  • Stunning Instagram gallery embedded to showcase the product in use
  • Product reviews in abundance

Areas for improvement:

It would be nice to see a more dense, benefit-driven product description. Something to inform and engage the audience on the importance of recycling and using natural materials. 

There is more information to be found in an accordion element that expands, but the formatting is a little off and appears stuck to the very edge of the screen.

Coconut Bowls

A bit of extra padding on the left side would make it more accessible. 

I also believe that purchase pop-ups like the one you see in the bottom left aren’t as credible as they once were. Consumers are smarter than ever, and constant proof of recent purchases like this can be perceived as untruthful. 

But of course, it’s up to personal preference whether you use it in your store or not. 

About Us Page impressions

Coconut Bowls

The About Us page is vital to help visitors connect with your brand. This one’s looking a bit on the skimpy side. A few photos, faces and personal words can be a powerhouse for creating meaningful connections and increasing conversions. 

There are many great informative sections in the footer that dive into more details about the brands vision and mission. 


Coconut Bowls are doing a lot of things right. Store design is simplistic and clearly converts well.

But above all, it’s their commitment to sustainability that draws buyers to them like needles to a magnet. A simple set of values combined with a unique selling proposition, and you too can reap the fresh coconut center of the eCommerce game that’s notoriosuly so hard to crack. 


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