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Best Shopify About Us Page Template Examples and Templates That Increase Conversion Rate

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Online shoppers experience a lot of friction and that friction prevents the customer from buying from your site, as well as decreases your Shopify conversion rate.

The biggest friction is the fear of being deceived, such as paying money but not receiving anything, or the thing you receive is not the same as what you see on the internet.

That said, brand trust is one of the most important factors that affect eCommerce sales and Shopify conversion rates. The first and most important thing to build brand trust is to tell the customer who you really are, with unique and trustful identity. That is the reason why Shopify ecommerce about us page templates become one of the most important elements that help increase Shopify conversion rate.

In this article, let's have a look at how e-Commerce about us page examples help you create your own Shopify about us page & increase Shopify conversion rates.

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The best example of Shopify Ecommerce About Us page template

The best way to learn something is learning from the best! In this article, I will analyse the most outstanding eCommerce About Us page examples to help you learn the lesson behind: How Shopify About Us pages really increase eCommerce conversion rates.

Ecommerce About us page example #1: Make it simple and effective like Airbnb

The mistake that almost all merchants make is over thinking the about us page. They write about their mission, their philosophy, what their business is born to be... but they forget the most simple and necessary thing is to focus on describing who they really are.

You don't have to outline 10 company's values or make a pitch to get funds for your company or save the world. You are just simply telling your customer who you are and what you do. Be simple and effective just as what Airbnb's about us page is doing. It is how Airbnb engage people and make conversion rates increase:

air bnb about us page


Ecommerce About us page example #2: Apptopia story - Connect customers with humans, not machines

Humans are creatures of community, so the easiest way to connect with the customers is to show the people you are working with. Don't hesitate to show off the people who make the item, pack the boxes and answers customer's email. It makes everything you do seem more human and more relatable.

Humans are easier to connect with than a machine. Give your staff the glory they deserve and make sure they are part of your company story. Let's see how Apptopia connects the people to increase conversion rates.

apptopia about us page


Ecommerce About us page example #3: An incredible power of storytelling. The story behind

The nature of humans is discovery. The human side of your customer may love to hear the story behind your store. An interesting and attractive store may have a storyline, a past, a present, and a future.

A company who has all these 3 stages will be a strong, on-going and trustful company. did a very great job of telling their story to engage people and increase their eCommerce conversion rate. They review what the founders did before they started the company and what paths led them to where they are now.

Then, what is currently happening with the company - that the customers certainly want to know. Ugmonk also tells the customer about the products they sell and how others have responded to them. Finally, customers will be given some hints as to where the company is headed.

ugmonk about us page


Ecommerce About us page example #4: The surprising fact of

Jon Loomer is a famous Facebook marketing blogger but above all, he is a father, a family guy. These surprising facts may make his website visitors more engaged and increase his eCommerce conversion rate. The About us page template of Jon Lommer is made up of his life facts.

Jonloomer about me page


People love to share little facts about the products they use. Your 'about us' page should give them something to talk about. Simple "facts" throughout make your story less boring and can help put what you do into easily shareable chunks. Your company knows the facts that make it special. Don't be afraid to share a few of them.

ECommerce About us page example #5: - Images and video are always more trustful than text.

Although it's possible to make an amazing 'about us' page that uses nothing but text, it certainly isn't ideal. You should use all of the resources at your disposal when telling your story.

Photos, videos, illustrations, quotes, and links can all enhance your 'about us' page, make it more interesting, more visual and easier for the customer to go through. made an outstanding about us page for more customer engagement and increasing eCommerce conversion rates. about us page


If your product is one that is very visual, you could use product or workplace images to tell a richer story. If you make a B2B product, then testimonials might be an effective addition to your 'about' page.

When working to integrate these elements, remember to include only that which actually adds value to your story. Do not simply throw in a photo gallery because you can, do it because it makes sense in the narrative you are drafting.

Bonus Guidelines: We builds a Shopify About Us Page Based On Design (Step-By-Step-Tutorial)

e-Commerce About us page example #6: Nike - If you have a truly inspiring company vision and mission statement - Tell it

The reason customers stay loyal to brands is because of your company values. And the About Us page is a perfect place for showing that.

Let’s see Nike About Page, Founded in 1964 in Oregon, USA. Nike “does everything possible to expand human potential” and they believe that “If you have a body, you are an athlete". Bringing inspiration to everyone is one of the components of Nike’s mission statement. The company’s widely known slogan “Just Do It” means to inspire, reassure and motivate people.

The takeaway for marketers? When your brand successfully creates a connection with customers and employees, many of them stay loyal to you for life.

Nike about us page


Ecommerce About us page example #7: Yellow Leaf Hammocks - Just tell your story

In a study by Stanford University, it was found that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. Moreover, combining stories with statistics can increase retention rates to 65-70%. This shows that customers relate more to real-life stories behind brands. For example, Yellow Leaf Hammocks shares how their products empower weavers and their families, creating a strong connection with their audience through storytelling. So, no matter what stories you have, share them – your customers will remember!

Every brand has a story to tell. What's yours?

yellowleaf hammocks about us page
yellowleaf hammocks about us page


Ecommerce About us page example #8: Explain why you do what you do with Sweet Loren's

Beyond showing your customer high-quality and perfect products’ images you sell, people need to know clearly about your core beliefs which guide your decision for what you sell. As you scroll, you'll move through some of Sweet Loren's impressive values, including bringing people together to laugh, celebrate, connect, and refusing to compromise.

Sweet Loren's about us page

Once you write About Page, keep in mind some points to consider including:

  • How do our values and mission contribute to better product quality?
  • Figure out the “why” behind your “what”. Instead of talking about selling products only, talk about the solutions those products solve.

Create your own Shopify About Us page template

With these few examples, hopefully, you can figure out the best way to make your Shopify about us page awesome and gain more sales. It is very easy to create an amazing Shopify about us page with PageFly - Shopify advanced page builder. Just drag-n-drop, I will show you how:

PageFly has several Shopify "about us" templates that help you complete your eCommerce store:

Shopify About Us page template #1: Logan

View demo

logan theme

Shopify About Us page template #2: Lukage

View demo

Shopify about us page template

Shopify About Us template page #3: Citilize

View demo

citilize theme

Shopify About Us page template #4: Centic

View demo

centic theme

Shopify About Us page template #5: Mumento

View demo

Shopify about us page template


Shopify About Us page template #6: Wokiee

View demo

Shopify about us page template

Shopify About Us page template #7: Porto

View demo

Shopify about us page template

Shopify About Us page template #8: Lezada

View demo

Shopify about us page template

Shopify about us page template #9: Boom

View demo

Shopify about us page template

All that, you have to do is come up with an idea that is most suitable for your company and strong enough to engage with your customers. The building work is just choosing a suitable about us template then drag-n-drop.

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