Shopify Landing Page: How-to Tutorials and Best Practices To Boost Your Conversion Rate

I. What is A Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page, in the simplest definition, is a landing page for your Shopify store - specially designed for products or services that you want to highlight or promote in marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of these Shopify landing pages is to urge users to perform a specific conversion action, like filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for a service, right on the landing pages.

In simple terms, it converts visitors into leads or buyers. It's like a trap that you set when your target audience enters a landing page on your Shopify store. The primary purpose of the trap is to get customers to "set foot" on the Call To Action button.

But how is it different from other pages like the homepage?

The homepage on your Shopify store can be is used for many purposes, for such as brand introduction, product introduction, etc, while landing pages are used with a single focus - to drive up conversion rates of your online store, even though they are interchangeable most of the time. 

Let's take a look at some examples of landing pages before we get down to the tutorial! 

II. Types of Shopify Landing Pages

At this point, it's a piece of common knowledge that landing pages can be pivotal to an online store's conversion rate. However, keep in mind the conversion goals varies depending on your business types, your business goals and your marketing funnels.

For example, if you're selling high-quality supplements that require a longer and more meandering buying process, your first conversion goal can be Email Submissions That Are Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), not Add To Cart Event and the corresponding landing page should be an email capture page.

Similarly, if you have a store selling dog toys - which are of low value and able to convert a visitor into a customer quickly, the Shopify landing pages should be built on Product Pages, or Collection pages, with conversion goals are either Add To Cart event, or Buy Now event. 

01. Splash Landing Pages

Splash pages are the pages users land on after clicking ads - commonly used to make an announcement, or verify their age. Splash landing page for Shopify is usually a Coming Soon page - or a Password page.

A Splash landing page includes minimal copy, strong visual and catchy messaging to instantly plant a strong impression on users. Splash pages often precede a web page so they can be used at any stage of your marketing funnel, however, however, we'd advise that you use it at the top of your funnel to give your brand awareness a boost, given it's often designed for wow-factor. Let's take a look at how Zara used Splash page to verify locations. 

splash landing page

02. Lead Generation Landing Pages

Back to our marketing funnel, Lead Generation landing pages are usually in the middle of the funnel - used for lead capturing. To create strong lead generation landing pages, you need to find the right balance, the equilibrium between the "asking" part , and the "reward" part. Basically, if you "ask" a visitor to leave their email or contact info, you have to "reward" them with an offer - which can be a Downloadable resource or a discount code.

To help you easily create this type of Landing page, Shopify has built-in Contact Form and Customer form which can easily be added to your Coming soon page, Password page, or a Lead Capture page. In this example, Nauto used Lead Generation page to collection contact information and capture leads. 

Lead generation landing page

03. Sales Landing Page

Sales pages are often used at the bottom of the funnel - when you need to convert a regular shopper into a buying customer - hence these landing pages are harder to design and structure. To build sales landing pages, Shopify has Product pages and collection pages at your disposal - however, most of the theme templates consist of only Product Details sections, and a Products Recommendation sections so you'd need to customize the product page if you want to make it a sales landing page - which we'll cover the how-to right below.

A sales page can be long or short depending on your product and the amount of information you need to convince someone to pay or to click your precious Call-to-action Buttons. Generally, the more expensive or complicated your product or service is, the more questions your prospects will have about them, hence, the longer the page design, since the goal is to make your prospective buyers feel reassured enough to make a confident purchase right on the landing page.

Unsure which information you should include in your landing page, check out: The Anatomy of A Perfect eCommerce Landing Page.

In this example, Rent The Runway built their product page into a killing Landing page with all necessary information to persuade online buyers. 

04. Thank You Page

Thank you pages are where someone is redirected to after they’ve made a purchase, entered in their information, or fill in the information. Thank you pages are often under-appreciated, designed with only a boring "Thank You" line, while your thank you page has the power to either move a lead further down the funnel, or set you up for increased Average Order Value with repeating customers.

In this example, Digital Marketer used Thank you page to up-sell another product. 

Thank you page

III. How To Make A Landing Page On Shopify?

There are 03 ways to make a landing page on Shopify:

01. Make a landing page by customizing Shopify pages - It can be Shopify Product Page, Shopify Collection Page or Even Coming Soon page.

02. Make a custom template using Shopify liquid - if you have a basic grasp on liquid, this approach would give you maximum flexibility.

03. Use Shopify Landing page builder - most page builder apps allow you to intuitively drag and drop elements to build your page. 

In this article, we'll dive in each approach and show you the basics how-to

IV. How To Create A Shopify Landing Page With Product Page

To create a Shopify Landing page by customizing the product page, you can Use the theme's default settings, or Edit the theme codes. Check out the detailed how-to here:
This approach also works well with Collection Page type. To customize other Shopify Pages and make it a killer Landing Page, check out our tutorials right here:

shopify product pge

"But What if I want to make a Shopiy landing page out of Shopify Password page, or Shopify About Us Page" - asked you.
No worry, we got you covered. Check out our series on Shopify pages customization and best practices right here. 

Shopify about us page
Shopify password page
Shopify about us page
Shopify about us page

V. Create A Custom Template For Your Shopify Landing Page

To create a custom template for your Shopify Landing page, you'd need basic knowledge about Liquid - which is Liquid is an open-source template language created by Shopify and written in Ruby. It is the backbone of Shopify themes and is used to load dynamic content on storefronts.

So if you are a newcomer and not really into getting right down to the technicalities, skip this part and go straight to the 3rd approach. However, if you are a seasoned developer who can quickly grasp the handle of Shopify liquid customization, check out this tutorial: How to Use Liquid to Create Custom Landing Page Templates

VI. Build A Landing Page That Convert With Shopify Landing Page Builder

01. Top Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps For Your Consideration


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02. How To Build Shopify Landing Page with Page Builder App

Now, to see how it’s effortless to build landing pages with Shopify let’s do some practice with the PageFly page builder app.
The PageFly app comes with free and paid plans. The free plan is quite enough to replace the Shopify landing page

VII. Shopify Landing Page Optimization Checklist

There is no advanced trick here - the first rule of landing page optimization is to be customer-oriented.

By taking a customer-first approach to your Shopify landing page optimization strategy, you will do more than create impactful landing pages that guide your traffic in the precise direction you want them to go. You will simultaneously unlock incremental value from each of those individuals, driving higher returns for your business as a result. Check out the shortlist right below: 

  • Big and Catchy Headline - Make sure it’s big, bold and easy to read. Think of your title as the cover of a book. It should precise enough to tell customers what landing page is about and also interesting to grab people's attention and draw them in.
  • Powerful Imagery - A compelling headline combined with stunning imagery taps into the emotional side of your customer in ways that will light a burning desire for them to take action.  
  • Write Concise and Consistent Copy - Use short sentences, bullet points, and mention customer's benefits or value over features.
  • Mobile First Landing Page - Make sure your eCommerce landing page mobile version is simplified
  • Precise, Outstanding Call to action - Avoid generic language such as “click here.” Use power words in your CTA button copy. Choose “my” instead of “your.” CTA is also useful for creating urgency, so add words like “now” or “don’t miss.”
  • Make Your Landing Page Easy To Follow - The more information added, the harder for s to follow so it’s your job to put short and essential information on the landing page.
  • Utilize Urgency - Use countdown clock, timer, limited seasonal products, out-of-stock announcements to urge your users to take action. 
  • Highlight Credibility - Show that you are trustworthy using Reviews, Star rating, Social proof on your landing page.

Optimizing your Shopify landing page with conversion focus is not easy - it demands you to put a magnifier over every tiny detail and perfect them. It's a step-by-step process, to help you overcome any hiccups along the way, check out our Shopify Landing Page resources right below.

Shopify landing page checklist
landing page examples
Shopify SEO
conversion rate

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