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10+ Best Shopify Sites Built With PageFly That Increase Your Brand Trust

10+ Best Shopify Sites Built With PageFly That Increase Your Brand Trust
"For eCommerce, the most important thing is trust"
- Jack Ma, Billionaire & Co-Founder of Alibaba


A hurtful truth about running an eCommerce store is that most are subject to high cart abandonment rates.

In fact, across 41 different studies over the years, the number of customers dropping off before checkout averaged at 70%.

One of the most important steps for improving this rate lies in your store’s design. A poorly built site that is navigationally as perplexing as the origins of the Egyptian Pyramids, naturally, will leave your customers confused and distrustful.

Confused meme

This lack of brand trust caused by site design makes you part of an ever-growing statistic of merchants with high cart abandonment rates.

And while there are many ways to become a more trusted, credible merchant, first impressions matter. A lot.

We’re proud to provide the best solution for business owners to build sleek, high converting Shopify web pages that customers trust. Therefore, we created a list of some of the best Shopify websites built with PageFly.

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Best Shopify Sites Built With PageFly

1. WealthTube

WealthTube is a Media Consultant Agency with expertise in Youtube growth. They built their entire landing page with PageFly. 

With consistent color schemes, good layout and copy, the landing page has established a good sense of trustworthiness.

2. House of Vapes

House of Vapes Shopify Website example

House of Vapes London have a total of 19 pages created and published with PageFly. From collections to blogs to information pages, all bases are covered.

House of Vapes Blog

House of Vapes use PageFly for a number of different web pages on site. Their blog page in particular matches their regal site design, with easy navigation on the top and right-hand side.

Consistent design increases brand trust. Couple it with a solid product, value through blog posts like so and you’re on to a winner.

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3. Office Furniture 4 Sale

Office Furnitere 4 Sale homepage

This office equipment retailer uses PageFly for 12 different pages on their site. But I was most happy to see them using it for the ‘About Us’ page. After all, words tell, stories sell.

Office furniture 4 sale contact us

Office Furniture 4 Sale’s ‘Contact Us’ page built with PageFly, complete with fully functional Google map.

4. Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost website

PageFly has helped Lulu Frost create a whopping 28 Shopify pages using simple drag and drop technology.

Lulu Frost Shopify Blog Pages

A unique advantage of PageFly - you can create blog pages like this or use pre-optimized templates that link directly to your store. WordPress and other third-party blogging platforms don’t gel well with Shopify.

Here’s why you should be blogging on Shopify

Lulu Frost Press Pages

A perfect example of this integration can be seen in Lulu Frost’s ‘In The Press’ page, which features ‘Shop Now’ buttons for products that featured in the media. Talk about credibility. 

Lulu Frost About Us

The ‘Brand History’ page tells the story of Lulu Frost with a video and rich images of origins. The understated design of the entire website falls perfectly in line with the sophistication they capture in their jewelry.

5. Stonemen

Stonemen eCommerce website

Stonemen is all about coming from humble roots. The ‘About Us’ section made with PageFly tells their story through text and embedded video. 

Stonemen Blog page

Stonemen have a lot of interesting blog pages on site, one of which revolves around Callum The Horse Whisperer. It’s a brand oozing with poetry and opportunities for readers to get inspired. And maybe even make a cheeky purchase.

Blog integration to your store like this is made easy with PageFly.

6. Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease About Us

Also, check out the Elbow Grease collaboration page.

7. PADI Gear

PADI Gear Website

The PADI Loves section of this site built with PageFly features 3 pages that are a combination or products and short blog entries. Each product starts by addressing issues surrounding ocean pollution, followed by products. Proceeds from the sale of these ‘PADI Loves’ items go towards ocean conservation efforts.

Check them out below.

PADI Loves National Geographic

PADI Loves National Geographic 

PADI Loves Glacial

PADI Loves Glacial

PADI Loves Fourth Element

PADI Loves Fourth Element

Interesting to note is that PADI Gear is a Shopify Plus company. These lingerie store names collectively process 10,149 orders globally per minute. We’re glad to be a part of PADI Gear’s and environmental success.

8. BullBird Gear

BullBird Gear Product Page

Bullbird’s product page built with PageFly is a perfect example of incorporating sales page elements. The layout, hero images, testimonials, and reviews are reminiscent of an effective landing page.

And because it’s fully customizable, they’re able to design it in accordance with the rest of their site.

If you fancy building high converting product pages that increase brand trust like this, hit the button below to start your free trial. No strings attached.

9. Excel

EXCELHW About Us Page

Excel has created and published 95 web pages for their store with PageFly! Their ‘About Us’ is just one of many that are designed to convert readers into buyers.

10. Iksplor

Iksplor has built its entire site using PageFly. As a company that hasn’t launched yet, these pages are vital to keep potential customers informed about their brand. They’re building an audience before their actual product drops, to maximize sales upon release.

Iksplor Shopify website example

Iksplors ‘Our Story’ page tells their history and the design represents the adventurous spirit of children and the brand.

11. Enzo Custom

Hats off to Enzo Custom suits for one of the most innovative uses of PageFly we’ve seen. With 47 pages created using our solution, they’ve integrated video, scrolling text over images and interactive collection pages.

12. Volantaroma 

Volant Landing Page

  • Almost all pages are built with PageFly from the home page, collection, product page, about us, etc.
  • Sell: Aroma Diffuser & Essential Oil
  • Loved by 100.000+ customers

13. Pawsome Coffee

They sell coffee with the aim to donate to save Cats that are in distress, abandoned and in need!

They are focusing on Cat Lovers in San Francisco and California to create a community “Pawsome Coffee and rescue some cats!”

Pawsome Coffee

14. Just Argan by Saha

  • They sell 100% natural pure argan oil from Morocco, it moisturizes your skin and replenishes your hair.
  • All of their bottles, labels, packaging, and other materials are sourced from local companies based in Washington.
  • They bottle and package every box by hand in a sterile, safe environment. Professional-grade material and techniques ensure that their product remains completely free of impurities at all times.
  • A low-volume, high-detail approach guarantees that every bottle of Argan oil sent to customers is of the best quality, free of defects and packaged with care.

Just Argan by Saha

15. The Brick Business Fleet

The Brick Business Fleet specializes in transport solutions for the toughest trades.

With years of experience, they offer an unparalleled trade solution in dedicated local manufacturing facilities utilizing the latest in 3d design, laser cutting, and advanced fabrication techniques.

the brick business fleet pagefly

They've brought local manufacturing and design from people who understand your trade to bring towing & fleet solutions to your business.

the brick business store

16. Vivalabonita

Vivalabonita has a showcase of a collection of love letters and advice from fearless women. Vivalabonita uses a regular page to build this page to improve the store credibility with many quotes and high-quality images. Using animation for images also makes the image more lively and makes the page more attractive.


vivalabonita store

Using a slideshow to show the content with logical and smooth transitions so that customers can easily navigate through slides to read all. 

The last section highlights some featured collections with fomo words, this encourages customers to take action. 


17. Veborsa

Veborsa is about designing luxury hand-crafted bags made of vegan and non-plastic leather from orange peels and cactus leaves, creating a sustainable alternative with zero animal-cruelty.


Verbosa is using PageFly to build many pages of their store such as home page with the impressive parallax background images, creative hover images for the collection page so customers can view other images of the products and high-converting product pages and other page types.


With a lot of these Shopify website examples, they may not use PageFly for their entire site (although some do).

Rather, they use it for specific pages that they can’t create with other apps or themes.

For example, a high number of our users need PageFly specifically for ‘About Us’ and Landing Pages. These are arguably two of the most important elements for any site, for different reasons. Check out this article on the significance of the ‘About Us’ page, and this post covering all aspects of Landing Pages to boost sales.

But when you choose PageFly, you’re getting more than a page builder.

You also get optimized sales boosting page templates. You get around the clock customer care. And you get the chance to grab the bull by the horns and be in complete control of your business. Just as all the successful brands in this list have done.

The journey of building a Shopify store is filled with joys and challenges, successes and failures, and affluence and lacking. But  what happens when it’s time to part ways? Here you can know what you need to prepare your business for sale, and how to sell your Shopify store

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Mobile First Mentality

One quick glance around you in a public place, at any time of day, will teach you the importance of mobile. We spend an absurd amount of time on our phones, and as a result, it’s changed the way we shop.

On Black Friday 2018, mobile accounted for 66% of all sales on Shopify.

If your store isn’t optimized for mobile, it really should be. In this day and age, you might as well be flushing cash down the toilet.

Building with PageFly, all designed pages will be optimized and responsive on mobile and tablet devices. Just as the sites featured in this list have done.

House of Vapes#10 House of Vapes#9 Office Furniture 4 Sale
Lulu Frost Mobile#8 Lulu FrostStonemen#7 Stonemen
Elbow grease mobile#6 Elbow GreasePADI Gear mobile#5 PADI Gear
Bullbird Gear mobile#4 Bullbird GearExcel#3 Excel
Iksplor#2 IksplorEnzo Custom#Enzo Custom

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A chance to create confidence & certainty

At the end of the day, the goal is to turn over more revenue year after year. But this goes beyond building sleek, high converting Shopify pages.

You need people to trust your brand.

By downloading PageFly, you have the chance to earn that trust and build credibility. We support you every step of the way to make sure your site has the type of professional feel that exudes confidence and certainty.

The Shopify website examples above have done it with PageFly.

Will you?

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