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30 Catchy Lingerie Store Names For Your Business With Tips & Examples

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Are you planning to open a lingerie store and looking for more inspiration and guide on brainstorming your lingerie store names? First, let’s look at the lingerie industry statistics.

The size of the world's lingerie market was estimated at USD 85.96 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030. Some of the key factors anticipated to propel the market over the forecast period include rising millennial population, rising spending power of women, and growing awareness of products' best fits. The expansion of the industry has also been fueled by the increase in the accessibility of a broad range of goods in a variety of designs for various uses, including daily wear, sportswear, and bridal wear. Lingerie is becoming more and more popular all over the world as a result of men and women turning to these products to enhance their natural beauty.

US Lingerie market

Lingerie, which is synonymous with intimacy, is typically one of the most sought-after luxury items. Covetable underwear is created by cultivating allure, so a company's success may depend as much on the caliber of its branding as it may on the caliber of its merchandise. Additionally, customers are more likely to return for every new collection or update if they feel seen by the designer, forging lifelong bonds with the brand. The first step in conveying the comfort, elegance, and innovation that set must-have lingerie apart—and the key to any long-lasting connection—is a great name.

However, lingerie continues to be some of the most popular undergarments, whether it be for wearing while running errands or donning while drinking morning tea. Women's lingerie has long been a seductive and mysterious industry, which adds to its intrigue.

Starting with shop name ideas is crucial if you want to dip your gartered toes into the lingerie industry. To help you get inventive and a little bit steamy, read on for our top suggestions on how to create a memorable lingerie brand name using our lingerie business name generator!

We've compiled a list of the top lingerie business concepts, given you a step-by-step guide on how to name your lingerie business, and provided actual examples of how other founders came up with their company names.

In order to assist you in coming up with a unique name for your lingerie business, we also give you access to a free business name generator.

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Why is your business name important?

Your business name is one of the single most important pieces to starting a business because your business name has power.

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It represents what people (and customers) are looking for and reflects your reputation, mission, and values.

It affects how people recall you, recommend you to others, and think of your company.

It's crucial to take your time when selecting your company name because there are many factors to take into consideration in order to get it right.

Let's look at everything you need to take into account before choosing a business name:

Most Successful Lingerie Store Names

Victoria’s Secret

We love the name Victoria's Secret because it refers to the intimacy of underwear and is named after Queen Victoria and the refinement of the Victorian era. It implies that the lingerie is a tightly kept secret, almost exclusive.

Victorias Secret

The name of this brand is derived from history, as Victorian gowns used to have undergarments hidden beneath, making them secretive. As a result, Victoria's Secret was born!

Victoria's Secret is a successful lingerie business name because the concept of a lingerie-based "secret" is a great marketing move, and the exclusivity of shopping with such a private brand appeals to customers all over the world.

Atelier Bordelle

Atelier lingerie

Founded in 2007 by Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez, this specialized English designer lingerie company offers opulent and cutting-edge styles. Here, the brand name was generated from German language with the inspiration coming from the word “brothels.”  Not for everyone, slinky and seductive. Bordelle frequently appears in magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Glamour. Rihanna, Monica Bellucci, and Lady Gaga are a few of the stars who have been spotted wearing Bordelle. The price range for the brand's iconic bandage dresses is $500 to $1400.


For the majority of women worldwide, clothing is a daily necessity, but sometimes it seems impossible to find a design that is both attractive and comfortable. Abby Morgan had this mindset when she and her two co-founders came up with the simple, chic CUUP bra line, which comes in sizes 30A to 38G. The New York-based company aims to revolutionize the lingerie market by providing four bra styles in two bottoms colorways, all in an ultra-soft breathable fabric.

This bra business name is fantastic. The use of two "U"s refers to a woman's body, and the word "cup" refers to a portion of the bra.

cuup lingerie

Your brand name will be memorable and intriguing thanks to this clever wordplay.

Agent Provocateur

Joseph Corré and Serena Rees founded this British lingerie store in 1994. The top luxury lingerie brand creates chic, pricey, and sexy undergarments that give women a powerful feeling. Bodysuits and kimonos that are luxurious and expensive can cost up to $800 and $900, respectively.

Agent Provocateur lingerie

The founders chose to channel French language elegance with a name that refers to a type of daring espionage in an effort to embrace a more seductive and sensual side of lingerie.

A great lingerie business name that is more likely to be remembered by customers is Agent Provocateur because it is unexpected, new, and pleasant to say. These qualities are all characteristics of a great company name.

La Senza

Although it originated in North America, this lingerie line interpreted the Italian word for "without" as referring to both wearing lingerie without hesitation and being bare. The "la" prefix merely lends the name a touch of femininity.

La Senza lingerie

La Senza, another name in a foreign language, carries on the allure of the exotic and is a popular lingerie brand name. It's a common theme in lingerie names, especially when the words allude to an intimate or bare subject, as they do in this instance.


Kim Kardashian's shapewear and underwear line was eventually named after her own name and the appropriate implication of "skin" in the title, despite not being the original company name.

Skims lingerie

Since it is a memorable and catchy one-word brand, Skims is a popular lingerie company name. Furthermore, the direct association with the word "skin" helps a lingerie company keep customers in the right frame of mind.

This brand's underwear is meant to be so light that it resembles skin. This name appeals to us because it conveys the idea that the undergarments are barely there, as if they skim over your body.

In the lingerie industry, mentioning the lightness and quality of your underwear is a great idea. Women want to know that the lingerie they purchase is comfortable and made of high-quality materials.

How to Create Absolutely Superb Lingerie Business Names

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Consider making a list of all the various words you want people to associate with your lingerie business. So who are you? Why are you unique? What makes your company unique?

Start coming up with original company names by using all these words. To get some assistance and fantastic inspiration, enter these words into our lingerie store name generator!

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2. Define Your Lingerie Niche

It's a good idea to determine how your lingerie business fits into the larger industry, as with most businesses and especially those in the clothing and fashion sector. For instance, a lingerie shop that specializes in pink, silky chemises has a very different target market than one that carries burlesque bustiers.

While selling a variety of lingerie styles and types is perfectly acceptable, finding your niche will help you not only with initial inventory but also narrowing down your best lingerie business name ideas.

Here’s an example of a lingerie brand’s story on how they came up with their lingerie brand name:

3. Make Your Lingerie Business Name Simple

Keeping it short will make it easier for people to remember your business name, which you want to be memorable! Making it shorter and more concise will help your customers remember your business name.

The secret to a memorable business name is to keep it simple. It can be made to be a well-remembered name by using simple-to-remember phrases, distinctive and memorable words, and short, snappy names.

4. Use Your Lingerie Brand Name To Evoke Luxury

Lingerie by definition evokes romance and physical intimacy, and customers frequently buy it as a treat for themselves or a partner. Pick a lingerie brand name that conveys this idea to your target audience in light of this.

Choose a name that captures the essence of lingerie, playing up the indulgence of it all in particular, to entice your customer. Focusing on a particular luxurious element, such as lace or silk, will help you achieve this. This not only alludes to a key component of your designs, but it also provides a creative replacement for the word "lingerie"—for example, "Hera Lingerie" becomes "Hera Silk."

5. Use PageFly’s Lingerie Business Name Ideas Generator

Finally, we believe that our lingerie store name generator is a really useful tool you can use to choose a lingerie company name. Enter words from the list you created earlier, and then marvel at all the amazing names it suggests!

Business Name Ideas Generator

Throughout your process, keep returning to the lingerie business name generator to stay motivated.

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What To Avoid When Naming Your Lingerie Business?

1. Generic lingerie business names

Choosing a name that reflects your company's distinctive offering, mission, or history is one of the most fundamental pieces of advice for lingerie business owners learning how to name a company. A more generic name will prevent you from giving your lingerie business a distinctive identity.

2. Lingerie business names that are too hard to spell, say, or read

A brand name that is difficult to pronounce, spell, or read is also challenging to remember and spread. As soon as your small business launches, you'll need to do as much word-of-mouth advertising and customer retention as you can. You want to keep returning customers because they have a 60–70% chance of making another purchase.

3. Misleading lingerie company names

A misleading name will attract the incorrect clientele to your company. Customers will be perplexed as to exactly what your business does and what advantages you can provide.

What if the name of an art studio was Apron? Aprons are used by artists while they are at work, but most people associate them with cooking, not art. When the studio wants to draw in artists, aspiring chefs will inquire about their services.

It can be difficult to predict what other people will associate with a name when you're preoccupied with coming up with a name for your lingerie business. Use a tool like Related Words to find the obvious synonyms and concepts that relate to your potential name. It will help you understand what the general public will think after reading it.

4. Lingerie names with double meanings

Be careful not to choose lingerie business names that have a hidden meaning. This rule is particularly important if the content could be perceived as raunchy or offensive by viewers abroad. You'll ultimately convey a completely different impression than what you intended.

Here is an actual case in point: Coca-Cola’s name originally failed in China. Not the most refreshing name to hear, the characters sounded like "Coca-Cola" but actually stood for nonsense like "wax-flattened mare."

5. Business name too similar to competitors

Make sure your brand doesn't share a concept or sound too much with one of your competitors. At most, it'll get more difficult to differentiate yourself from them. In the worst case, you run the risk of having your reputation ruined by people calling you a "rip-off."

What if an American family restaurant had the name Chile's? You can't help but wonder if it's a deliberate copy since it would be simple for someone to confuse it with Chili's. Even though it doesn't sound similar, a restaurant called Poblano's would receive a similar response because it utilizes the chili concept.

Conduct a thorough competitor analysis and domain availability check before settling on a company name. Your competitors' performance in your industry as well as their primary brand ideas will be identified through this process. Utilize this information to distinguish yourself from the competition.

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30 Best Lingerie Brand Name Ideas

We tried to come up with a few key words I came up with while considering all facets of lingerie, underwear, and intimate clothing and also used our lingerie business name generator for more ideas. Use these lingerie business name suggestions as inspiration as you set out to launch your new lingerie company.

  1. Silky Boutique
  2. Majestic Silks
  3. Dream Luxury
  4. Divine Luxury
  5. Lucent Lingerie
  6. Harmony Silks
  7. Juliet Lingerie
  8. Flutter Lingerie
  9. The Lovely Boutique
  10. Heartless
  11. Best Behavior
  12. Faire la Fête
  13. Refine
  14. Tempest
  15. Undermine
  16. Lonesome
  17. Sugar + Spice
  18. Heroine
  19. Lacehut
  20. Bralettology
  21. Intimateistic
  22. Silkomatic
  23. Sensomatic
  24. Silkry
  25. Lingeraria
  26. Lacella
  27. Braporium
  28. Pleasing strings
  29. Whispers
  30. Monfleur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to make sure the brand name is not already taken?

The filing of business entities is handled by the secretary of state or another state agency in every state. An online entity name check tool is available on most states' state business filing agencies' websites. The online tool can be used to search business names and determine whether the name you have selected is already being used by another company.

If you come across a company with a name that sounds similar to yours, it's a good idea to check your state's regulations on business names to see if the similarity will prevent you from using the name you prefer.

Is the lingerie business names generator free?

Yes. All businesses and entrepreneurs are welcome to use PageFLy's tool for generating lingerie business names. To find the ideal name for your store, you can conduct as many searches as you'd like.

How To Come Up With Great Lingerie Business Names

It's always a good idea to draw on the obvious associations that come with undergarments, such as sensuality, sleekness, softness, and other similar descriptors, when naming a lingerie business or a clothing line.

How does the lingerie business name generator work?

In three easy steps, the lingerie shop name generator offers immediate suggestions:

  1. Pick the industry of your business
  2. Pick the sub-industry field
  3. Click on the “Generate shop name” button

Business Name Ideas Generator

So there you have it! There are several options available for you to choose from or draw inspiration from.

Business Name Ideas Generator

How do I find catchy lingerie shop names?

Innovative, new, and memorable brand name concepts for lingerie are available. Take into account using these techniques to add some fun as you come up with names:

  • Alliterate (e.g. Beautiful Bra Boutique)
  • Use acronyms (e.g. X.O Lingerie)
  • Rhyme (e.g. Grace & Lace)
  • Abbreviate (e.g. The Lingerie Co.)


The goal of naming your lingerie business is to create lingerie business name ideas that will appeal to your customers. Understanding your target audience will help you choose a name that will appeal to them. Make a memorable and distinctive business name using words you are confident they will comprehend. To help you come up with the best name for your new lingerie business, use our lingerie brand names generator for lingerie.

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