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PageFly 3.27.0: Product Media Improvement, App Integration & Analytics Feature Updates For 2023

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Howdy folks, Christmas passed a few days ago, and soon New Year 2023. We hope you enjoy great moments with your family and beloved friends. 2022 was a challenging year for the eCommerce industry, and the world economy is recovering after the pandemic. At PageFly, we work hard every day to deliver the best product with customer support for the money you invest in PageFly and your business. Today is Dec 29, and we have just shipped the latest version 3.27 of PageFly in 2022.

TrackingMore Shopify app integration

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The tracking order is an essential part of eCommerce and is highly important in your store's conversion rate. With the right tracking solution, you'll reduce the requests of refund and return. The TrackingMore Shopify app can help you track over 1,000 carriers worldwide. With this integration, we have added over 80+ Shopify integrations to fulfill our customers' different needs. The best of it is that the app has both free and paid plans based on the total number of orders you process, so rest assured you can try the solution before investing in it.

A quick video intro about TrackingMore app.

How to enable this element?

As usual all integration elements are located in the “Add third party elements” menu icon on the left sidebar inside the PageFly editor. You need to enable it first then it’ll appear in the “Order Tracking” list.

Product Media element improvement

The whole product media element will be divided into the Main media & Media list. This improvement aims to give you more customization capabilities with this element. To understand better about this, imagine you have the product, and we give more options with customization-specific details like pricing, product variant, ATC button. Something like that.

You’ll be able to customize a specific part of “Main Media” or “Media List” element through its settings on the Right Column.

Image Slider of Main Media improvement

With this release we bring the new slider code logic of Main Media as well. Better flexibility, improved performance to showcase your product images which significantly affect a positive conversion rate.

Analytics feature maintenance in Jan 2023

Product performance has always been our priority, and it’s time for the infrastructure improvement of the Analytics feature. Many of PageFly customers use this great feature to understand the value of pages built with PageFly. With the increasing demand for measurement and analytics, we’ll be upgrading the technical part of the system, so we’ll need to put the Analytics feature under maintenance. 

You don’t need to do anything because we’ll take care of it. The maintenance process will take a few hours to complete, and then we’ll inform you when it’s done. Please be aware that during the maintenance time, pages built with the PageFly app won’t be able to collect data for Analytics reports.

All features of PageFly will function normally and won’t affect your page-building and editing experience with the PageFly app. That's the end for now with this blog update. We wish you the best in 2023 and more sales.

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Some highlights from past versions.

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