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PageFly 3.26.0 Releases: Element Variants Improvement, New Option for Slideshow & More Third-Party Apps Integrations

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The latest version of PageFly is here and ready to make your Shopify stores flourish. With the anticipated options for slideshow, element variants improvement and third-party apps integrations, PageFly 3.26.0 will kick your online store up a notch and to end this year in style! Read on to see what’s new.

I. Improve standard element variants

In this version, we have made a slight change on the order of elements in each category. The basic 5 categories are still there but the position between elements have been switched. 

Previous version

PageFly 3.26.0

Moreover, some of the elements' thumbnails will have a new look. This will help you have a better visualization of those elements. We also add hover tooltips for some elements aiming to help users understand more about its application. 

Lastly, you will now have more variant options than ever. With PageFly 3.26.0, there are more element variants to use, so that you can accelerate your page building time.

II. New option for slideshow elements

Many users have asked for this option and ta-da—it’s already here!

In this version, when you use the Slideshow element, there would be a brand new option in the General tab which is Display partial items. This option will help you make the previous & next item(s) partially visible. Head over here to find out more about the slideshow element. 

III. Converting page program

In the past version, when you click on Edit with PageFly while editing your pages in the Shopify admin dashboard, it will redirect you to our converting page program website—this seems to create confusion for all of the users.

In this newest version, the button will direct you to the PageFly page editor if you’ve created that page with PageFly. On another hand, if the page isn't created in PageFly, you will direct the PageFly dashboard and a modal will pop up to introduce you to register for our converting page program. 

For more information, the converting page program will assist you build 01 page (that has 3-8 sections) with PageFly without using any code, based on a sample page you provide for Free. Our experts also record 01 tutorial on how we rebuild the page to show you the process of building a page in PageFly from scratch. 

IV. Third-app party Integrations

01. Integrate with Socialwidget ‑ Instagram Feed

The highly-rated Shopify app Socialwidget -‑ Instagram Feed allows merchants to improve conversions and store trust by adding stunning shoppable Instagram Gallery and TikTok videos on their online stores. Freely customize & tag products on the feed. You can head over here to learn how to set up. 

02. Integrate with All In One Automatic Discount

Merchants can find various types of discount offers in All In One Automatic. The app helps merchants to display discounts on cart pages using automatic offers to increase conversion rate & average order value. Visit here to learn how to set it up with PageFly. 

03. Integrate with Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

Bundler app allows merchants to offer discounts on their chosen products when their customer purchases them together in a bundle. Product bundles will help merchants increase average order value, boost sales and promote popular products together. You can visit here to know how to set it up with PageFly. 


We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. If you have any questions about this version update or anything about PageFly, please feel free to contact us through our Live Chat Support 24/7.

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