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PageFly 3.25.0 Releases: Publish Process and Image Improvement, Unify Form Fields, New App Integration

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New PageFly version has just been released, with new improvements, styling configuration options, and integration. Not only bringing new features to the run but PageFly 3.25 is also enhanced to prepare your store for the Upcoming Holiday Sale season. 


I. Publish/Unpublish Process Improvement

In previous versions, the situation that happened when publishing/unpublishing a Regular page or Blog Post was that its data is renewed/deleted automatically. PageFly 3.25 is now optimized for page list management.

Publish A New Page 

Once a new page is published, in Shopify Admin, Page setting will update the information below from PageFly Editor:

  • Page Title 
  • Theme Template
  • Visibility Status 

PageFly release

Unpublish A Page 

Previously, when a Regular Page or Blog Post was unpublished, it would be deleted on Pages List and Blog Post List on Shopify Admin. 

But in PageFly 3.25, the page stays on Page List on Shopify even when you unpublish it:

  • Same Page Title
  • Theme Template switches from PageFly template to Default Template 
  • Visibility Status switches to “Hidden”

PageFly release

However, you can definitely delete this page completely in Shopify Admin while keeping it unpublished on the PageFly editor. And in this case, when you republish this page, the system will create a new one on Shopify.

With Homepage, Product Page, and Collection Page, only Theme Template switches to the Default page when you unpublish on PageFly editor.

II. Image Improvement

In past versions, image width was affected by containing row configuration. Let’s say you had a well-defined 3-column section with 3 custom-size images in each column. But when you add a new column in this section, image ratios would change.

PageFly release

This situation won’t happen on PageFly 3.25. image ratio will always be how you format them in the first place, no matter how many columns you add to 1 row.

PageFly release

III. Unify Mailchimp and Shopify Search Form Fields

The fields on all Form elements are now able to be configured separately. This new version unifies the Styling configuration of Mailchimp Form and Shopify Search Form.

In version 3.24 and earlier, You can set styling for Form, Input, and Button in Form Search Form element Styling.

PageFly release

From PageFly 3.25, these stylings will be divided into different fields Styling Configuration, the same as other Form elements. 

PageFly release

Especially, the latest version of PageFly will update more MailChimp Variants to serve better uses for merchants. 

PageFly release

IV. Integrates with Inkybay

In this version, PageFly joins hands with Inkybay - Product Personalizer. Inkybay empowers print shops to offer outstanding customization experiences, whether you sell Custom T-shirts/Apparel, promotional items, mats, business cards, shoes, phone cases, caps/hats, promotional bags, or bicycles.

PageFly release

This must be the best update for merchants that want their customers to customize and configure purchases with live preview options

V. Conclusion 

We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. If you have any questions about this version update or PageFly, please contact us through our Live Chat Support 24/7.

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