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PageFly Blog
PageFly 3.20.0 Release: New Styling Configurations, Third-party App Integration, And UX/ UI Improvements
PageFly 3.18.0 and 3.19.0 Releases: Brand-new Pricing Plan, Global Sections, 3D Product Media , And More
PageFly New Pricing Model Announced: Everything You Need To Know
[Exclusive] Shopify Employee Discount - 50% OFF PageFly Shopify app plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum.
PageFly 3.17.0 Release: Exciting New Features, New Third-party Apps Integration, and lots of Improvements
PageFly 3.16.0 Release: New Element, New Third-party Apps Integration, and UX/UI Improvement
PageFly Year In Review 2021 + Top 3 Shopify Key Highlights
PageFly 3.15.0 Release: All-new Spacing Features, More Themes And Third-party App Integrations
PageFly 3.14.0 Release: New Holiday Campaign, Universal Search and New Third-party App Integrations

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