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200+ Superb Ideas For Your Pet Store Names

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Pet ownership has been steadily rising on a national and international scale. According to the National Pet Owners Survey from 2021–2022, 90.5 million American families own pets. Despite the fact that the pandemic was a major factor, the rise was also caused by residents' isolation from one another for extended periods of time inside their homes. The current market size of the pet sector is $261 billion.

Therefore, choosing pet store names that will attract customers and generate sales is the first step if you intend to take the plunge and open a pet store. But fear not, for I've compiled a thorough list of more than 200+ adorable pet store name ideas that are certain to make tails wag.

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Top Pet Store Names Per Category

We have compiled a list of pet store names for different categories in this Google Sheet as well.

Adorable Pet Store Names

The first thing customers will see is the name of your store. It is essential to your business success. Choosing clever pet store names can help you stand out from the crowd, but be careful!

Here, we'll provide you with a ton of cute pet store name ideas that won't infringe on anyone else's intellectual property. You can choose a name from this list that best describes your personality, goods, and services.

  • Cute Creatures Pet Store
  • Wet Nose & Wiggly Butts
  • Wiggle Wiggle Pet Store
  • The Wiggly Butts Pet Store
  • The Pet President Pet Shop
  • Tails & Wiggles Pet Store
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • The World of Pets
  • All For The Furbabies
  • Amazing Animal Love
  • The Love For Furbabies
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • The Jungle Ferry
  • Tails And Barks
  • Paws & Wet Noses
  • Bark For Love
  • Wagging Tails Love
  • The Pet Jungle
  • Pet & Co
  • My Dogs World
  • Kitty Love Shop
  • Paws & Feathers
  • The Dog House

Funny Pet Store Names

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to think of funny pet store names that would resonate with your customers, we’ve got a list of some really funny pet store name ideas for you.

  • 2 Dollar Pet Shop
  • Dollars & Puppies Pet Shop
  • The Wagging Project
  • Unclaimed Pet Paradise
  • Curious Tails
  • Sniffy Noses
  • Funny Fluffy Family
  • Dog Smooches
  • Tricking Treats
  • Fluffy Stuff
  • Scoop In Style
  • Pick A Pet
  • Pawing Goodness
  • Bark At Yah
  • Smart Heads Pet Store
  • Wagging & Clawing
  • Barking Bears
  • Meowing Missies
  • Chirping Buddies
  • Treats For Tricks
  • Treats First Pet Store
  • Dazzling Gold Pet Shop
  • Cats In The Roof Shop
  • Dirty Claws Home
  • Curious Cats
  • Pets A Fortune
  • Fortunate Pets
  • Leash Untangled
  • Happy Pet Pill
  • Suds & Studs
  • The Fare Mare
  • Fishing For Details
  • Wag In A Wink
  • Clicking Claws
  • Bits & Beaks
  • Dog Dynasty
  • Cat Constellations
  • The Circle Of Cats
  • Days Of Dogs

Catchy Dog Store Names

Starting a dog store requires you to give it a catchy name. Dog business names are very important for dog supplies shop owners and dog related product makers.

We have come up with a list of creative store names for dogs and puppies. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration and a wide range of options.

  • Barking Mad
  • Dog Shoppe
  • Woof and Away
  • Puppy Hugs
  • Paw & Order
  • Puppy Love
  • Kick & Sniff
  • Fido Squared
  • Pooch Appeal
  • Furball Designs
  • Wonder Pooch Dog
  • ProDog
  • Paw-Paw’s Emporium
  • DogHouse Café
  • Unlimited Dog Store
  • Paw Pals
  • Woof Doggie
  • Stick and Pup
  • Chasing Tail
  • Sniffing You
  • BowWOW
  • Pawfectly Correct
  • Barking Mad
  • Puppy Love
  • Pawfection
  • On the Pups
  • Doggy Duds
  • Puppies & Paws
  • Whoozadog

Check out more Dog Business Names with PageFly's tool. 

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    Cat Shop Name Ideas

    Look no further for some awesome cat store name ideas!

    • The Kitty Club
    • Cat Homes
    • Cat Central
    • The Cozy Cat Shop
    • Kitty Lovers
    • The Feline Kingdom
    • Cats For Hugs
    • Cats On Patrol
    • The Kitty Corner
    • Tiny Creature Cats
    • The Meow Academy
    • Furry Feline Friends
    • All About Cats
    • The Furry Litter
    • The 9 Lives Shop
    • Kitten For Life
    • The Pussycat Friends
    • Kitties and More
    • Cute As Cats
    • All The Nine Lives
    • Crying Kittens
    • The Feline Kingdom
    • The Kitty House
    • The Feline Games
    • Cats Of The World
    • To Kitty And Beyond
    • Kitty Meters
    • Cat Valley Store
    • Your Pampered Cat
    • The Little Lion
    • Feline Friendly World
    • Meowing Beauties
    • Meowing World Of Cats
    • Cat Cuties
    • Wondrous Whiskers
    • Paw & Meow
    • Treats For Whiskers
    • Kittens & Mittens
    • Cuddly Whiskers
    • Wink & Whiskers
    • Universe Of Cats
    • Cat Galaxy
    • Stars & Cats
    • Cats In Fashion
    • Cats On The Go
    • Meowing Madness
    • Milk & Meows
    • Meowing Mansion
    • Vision For Cats
    • Cats Madness
    • Whiskers Cat Store
    • Fluff and Tuff
    • Pawfection
    • Purrfectly Cute
    • Kitty Couture
    • Catmosphere Inc.
    • Cat Palace
    • Meow Town
    • Purrfect Treasures
    • Kitty Kingdom
    • Puff the Magic
    • The Cat Store
    • Scrawny Catz

    Aquatic Pet Store Names

    Finding the right balance between marketing your pet store business and keeping it personal is key when naming an aquatic pet store.

    • Fishy Pets
    • Artificial Ocean
    • Aquatic Zone
    • Aqua-Nauti
    • Big Fish Small Pond
    • Little Fish House
    • Fish Mart
    • Fish Town
    • Aquarium World
    • Fish Tank Collection
    • Fishy Enjoyment
    • A Window to the Ocean
    • Brilliance Reef
    • Tropical fish
    • Fish Emporium
    • Pocket Octopus
    • Dreamy Cornus
    • Great White Tank
    • Aquatic Pet Store
    • Aquarist Supply
    • Fish Encounters
    • Aquatic Universe
    • Saltwater Pet Shop
    • Shellfish Supplies

    Bird Shop Names

    bird shop names


    These names of bird pet stores are inspiring:

    • The Bird Paradise
    • Beyond Birds
    • Flying Creatures
    • All You Need Is Birds
    • One Birds At A Time
    • The Tweeting Nest
    • Fun With Beaks
    • Bird Zooming
    • Network Of Birds
    • Bird Shop Nation
    • The Bird Depot
    • Birds Are Us
    • Saving Birds
    • Bird Mission
    • Flying Claws
    • Flying Feathers
    • The Merry Chirp
    • Tweeting Satisfaction
    • Birds & Beyond
    • The Bossy Bird
    • Tweet & Chirp
    • Nesting Buddies
    • Loving Nest
    • Soar High Shop
    • Tweeting Goodness
    • Chirping Delight
    • Nesting Beauties
    • Blue Beaks
    • Sharp Claws
    • The Perching Branch
    • Entangled Chirpiness
    • Winged To The Max
    • Winged Goodness
    • Winged Enchantment
    • Happiness In Wings
    • Happy Wings

    High-End Pet Shop Names

    Here is the list of cool and high-class pet company names:

    • Luxury Pets 101
    • The VIP Pets
    • The Shepherd’s Pets
    • Pets in Practice
    • Life Of The Puppies
    • Barks & Wags
    • The Avenue Of Pets’ Supply
    • The Luxury In Pet Care
    • Pets’ Luxurious Living
    • Dog-Run Palace
    • Bejeweled Pet Haven
    • Paws In Luxury
    • Trendy Paws & Claws
    • Beaks In Gilded Cages
    • Golden Leashes
    • Your Highness Pet Shop
    • The Boulevard Of Pet Supplies
    • Tiny Dots’ Pet Store
    • Caring With Style
    • Stylish Pet Needs
    • Fashion For Pets
    • Pet Boulevard
    • Extravagant Pet Studio
    • Pet Couture Outlet
    • All-Season Pet Couture
    • Pet Luggage Carousel
    • Pets’ Fashion Unlimited
    • Glam & Glowing Tails
    • Pet Boutique Of The Stars
    • Walk In Style With Your Pets
    • Dogs With Glam

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      Unique Pet Store Names

      These pet-related names could also be used for ecommerce websites that sell pet apparel, pet food, bedding, toys, treats, grooming products, and other items.

      • The Pooch Squad
      • The Pooch Games
      • Pet Supplies & More
      • Pets For Life
      • Paws & Tails
      • Sniff And Paws
      • Sniff For Fun
      • Pick & Paws
      • Trendy Tails
      • Blessed Barks
      • Busy Birdies
      • Fetch A-Penny
      • Funny Paws
      • Cuddle Hut
      • Pooch Palace
      • Doggy Dive
      • Touch N Pets
      • Pet Connection
      • Barking Boutique
      • Chirp Chirp
      • Just For Puppies!
      • Barking Boulevard
      • Chew & Meow
      • Happy Kitty Cafe
      • Precious Pets Inc.
      • Kitty Tailor
      • Furry Paws

      Pet Grooming Business Names

      These are the cool pet grooming store names for you:

      • Off-Leash Grooming
      • Groom Your Pet
      • The Best At Grooming
      • Groomed To Pawfection
      • City’s Best Pet Grooming
      • Pet Snuggles Grooming
      • Certified Pet Groomer
      • Bark & Bite Pet Grooming
      • Pet Grooming Solutions
      • Pet Bath & Dry
      • The Pet Grooming World
      • For Your Pampered Pooch
      • Pamper Your Pets
      • Barks For Grooming
      • The Pampered Feline
      • The Stinky Paws
      • Master Groomer
      • The Dog Spa
      • The Hygienic Pet Salon
      • Brush & Clip Pet Boutique
      • Sweet & Smooth Pet Salon
      • Be In The Best Pet Salon
      • Pet Bliss
      • Pet Haven
      • Posh Claws & Paws
      • Princess’ Salon
      • Claws And All
      • Spoiled Pets’ Posh Salon
      • Buddy’s Polished Nails
      • Pets A-Glow

      Shopify Pet Store Names

      Have a look at these best pet online business names:

      • Pooch And Love
      • Tails For Life
      • Wagging Tails Co.
      • My Beloved Pet Store Inc.
      • Creature Keeper Inc.
      • The Puppy Dog Eyes
      • Sit And Wiggle Inc.
      • Sit And Stay Co.
      • Pink Ribbon Pet Store
      • Cages & Ribbons
      • Blown Up Love
      • Puppy Dreams Pet Store
      • The Master Of Wiggles
      • Swag & Wiggles
      • The Animal Crew
      • Pets In The House
      • Pets Galore
      • Puppy Time
      • The Pet Project For Life
      • Playful Puppies
      • Potty & Pets
      • Barking For Life
      • Barking & Love
      • The Bark Paws
      • Chubs & Hubs Pet Store
      • The Divine Pet Store
      • Limitless Pet Love
      • Cardinal Puppy Store
      • Pets & Life
      • Fancy Furry House
      • Bark It Happen
      • The Puppy Deluxe

      You can also check how to start a pet business in 2022 with Shopify and several success stories.

      Pet Store Name Generator

      Do you require more fantastic name suggestions for your pet shop? No issue! Check out these creative pet store names that a pet store name generator came up with. Look over these and choose the one that best fits your pet business.

      These ideas have been manually picked from pet store name generator:

      • Seek Dogs
      • Pup Quantum
      • Pup Inspiration
      • Dogs Disciplines
      • Mutt Babble
      • Brindle Balance
      • Pet Powerful
      • Animals Posit
      • Retrievers Translator
      • Huddle Kittens
      • Mandarin Mutt
      • Tuition Mutt
      • Pup Expansion
      • Coed Canine
      • Mutt Courage
      • Kitten Skids
      • Animals Spindle
      • Dogs Squat
      • Mutts Dias
      • Pup Stable
      • Pet Zoo LLC
      • Curate Mutts
      • Mutts Lux
      • Kittens Buff
      • Animal Cuff
      • Animals Dentals
      • Retrievers Fliers
      Pet Store Name Generator

      You can also use Shopify’s tool as an alternative way to generate more incredible pet business names.

      Shopify Pet Store Name Generator

      Tips On How To Choose Your Pet Store Names

      When coming up with names for pet stores, try to keep these suggestions in mind if you want to prevent situations like the one above:

      • Use pet-related words: This makes it easier for customers to understand what kind of business you run up front. For instance, you could call your company "Puppy World" if you plan to look after dogs.
      • Make it catchy: Rhymes are easier for people to remember like “Posh Claws & Paws”. Make it a name they won't be able to forget! Add repetitions or word endings with suffixes like -z or -s.
      • Tell what type of pet store it is: Clearly state in your business name whether you sell exotic animals or puppies and kittens.
      • Use your name: Be proud and make your name known if you run a pet store!
      • Easy to pronounce: Make sure the name is simple for your customer to recall and pronounce.
      • Simple and short: Choose a name that is short, sweet, and memorable
      • Add adjectives: It's not at all a bad idea to use adjectives in the name of your animal care company. Words like "budget," "happy," and "quality," for instance, would enhance the name's value.
      • Check out the domain availability: Nowadays, almost every industry has an online presence. You might also be considering using the internet to draw in customers. We would require a domain name for this.

      Examples of Successful Ecommerce Pet Stores

      1. Gunner Kennels

      Named after founder Addison Edmonds’ very own canine, heavy-duty dog crate brand Gunner began its journey towards making “Man’s Best Kennel” in 2015. Gunner needed a website that was as durable as the products they were selling because every aspect of their crates was created and put through real-world testing to guarantee the safety of their four-legged customers.

      Gunner Kennels

      2. PrettyLitter

      PrettyLitter is a health-monitoring litter that changes color when it detects urinary abnormalities. It was created by a cat lover named Daniel Rotman after his feline friend Gingi became ill. This special litter is made with lightweight silica gel that helps detect early illness in cats. Hence, the brand name is called Pretty Litter as their litter box magic is designed with technology and best in class odor control.

      PrettyLitter landing page

      3. Fable

      Fable offers stylish dog accessories designed with both people and their four-legged friends in mind. They are very proud of the high caliber, distinctive design, and outstanding design of their products. Fable here means a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral where Fable designs gear that solves problems, so you can get back to writing your story together.

      Fable landing page

      4. Petlab Co.

      "Designed for pet parents, by pet parents," says Petlab Co. Everything from grooming products to vitamin supplements can be purchased from this Shopify store. The pet supplement industry is being revolutionized by this relatively new but rapidly growing London-based company.

      Petlab Co landing page

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How does the pet store name generator work?

      In three easy steps, the pet shop name generator offers immediate suggestions:

      1. Pick the industry of your business
      2. Pick the sub-industry field
      3. Click on the “Generate shop name” button

      How do I come up with pet company name ideas?

      When your strategy is ready, come up with some words that best describe your chosen business. then look into what other pet-related businesses are doing.

      One of the most important things is to verify the business name isn’t taken. Remember, PageFly’s free brand name generator is here to help inspire a creative and unique name for your business.

      How do I find catchy pet business names?

      Pet-related company names that are memorable, entertaining, and creative. To make your pet business name more memorable, take into account the following strategies:

      • Use alliteration, ie. "Furry Fiesta"
      • Try a rhyme, ie. "Slugs, Snails, and Puppydog Tails"
      • Turn it into a pun, ie. "Heads-to-Tails Pet Shop"

      Is the pet shop name generator free?

      Yes, all businesses can use PageFly's pet shop name generator tool for free. Run as many searches as necessary.


      That concludes our list of creative pet store names. We discussed a ton of potential names for pet stores and covered a lot of ground. With so many options available, choosing the ideal name for your pet store should be much simpler now.

      You can come up with a killer name for your pet store by paying close attention to your target pet market.

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