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300+ Art Business Names That Will Capture Your Customers’ Attention

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Like any other business, starting an art business isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. 

Whether you manage a Shopify art store or an art gallery, you have your work cut out for you.

One of the first huddles you have to navigate in order to launch your business is deciding what art business names you should consider for your company. The importance of a good name to the success of your business should not be under-emphasized.

  • 46% of customers tend to buy from brands they are familiar with. (source:
  • 82% of investors say name recognition is an important factor guiding them in their investment decisions. (source:

If you feel stuck in the naming process, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with over 200 of the best art business names you should consider for your newest adventure. But before we get started, let’s find out why a business name is that important.

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Importance of a good art business name

art business name

Source: Pexels

They say a good name is worth more than gold. That's probably true in the art business world more than any other sector. But one thing is sure, with a good name, your chances of hitting gold (making your business work) are greater.

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Below, you will find three reasons why you should settle on a cool art business name before you launch your art business.

1. An ideal art business name helps you nail your first impression

One of the first things your customers notice when they come in contact with your brand is your name. They want to know who they are about to deal with. And your choice of name will often tell them whether or not to trust your brand in the first 7 seconds.

If your name makes a good first impression, you make it easy for customers to recall your brand.

2. An ideal art business name should capture the essence of your brand

 A perfect art business name is the summary of everything your brand is about. It should embody your business values, beliefs, personality, credibility and characteristics you want your business to be known for.

Think of a good art company name as a bridge between your brand and your customers. It should facilitate an emotional connection with your audience.

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3. An ideal art business name differentiates your services from competitors

Your art business name can also be a major differentiating factor. In a crowded industry like art, your name can be how you separate yourself from competitors fighting for the same customers.

This doesn’t mean that your name should be the cornerstone of your differentiation strategy. But it can set the stage for helping your customers recognize you in a sea of competitors.

Below, you’ll find some of the best art company names you can use for your business.

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Art business names you should consider for your contemporary gallery

Art business names

Source: Pexels

The following art business names will work for you if you plan on going the gallery route for your company.

Art EdifyRectangle ArtMuseumizGraffixxGalleriXGalleryIt
ExhibitHubAtelier VueArtsModeGalleriumFramelinkVisualista
ArtEssenceArtHitsFineCraftsArtCircleMozaic ArtsSculpzor
XibbySculptistEartzionCrafts DeckThe Crafts ClubGallery Sense
CraftsianGallery RiseGallery SenseCraftsicaMake GalleryZen Gallery
EngalleryGalleyCorpCraftslyGaller ScapeCraftsiveCraftslier
Zen ArtArt DropThe Art ClubArt SenseArt Lab Goart

Art business names you should consider for your art studio

Art business names

Source: Pexels

If you’re looking for art business names for your art store, consider the following names.

Artistry WarmArtoozeArt BrushesArt KitArtgenixArt Cave
GrixiaExavidaArtoxelCrito OpusoArtwork Atlas
ArtcueArtoontShop SpotArt ClanCrafts BaseCrafts Guru
Crafts PlayCrafts SkillSolid CraftsArt SenseArt DropArt Post
Art SyncArt BarnArt VibeArticianArt ShipMeta Art
CreativelyCreative BayCreative BayCreative SpaceCreative HouseBritecolor
Magic DesignArtflowPiece of ArtCartCanvasZoo KraftVibrant Splash
ArtaffectionArtwooArtmapperArtCapeArtDeusThe Art Authority
CraftityEncraftCraft SparkCraft LoopCraftusZen Craft
Craft Lab The Craft StudioPaint TiltPaintfulPaint VergePaintal
Pallette WorkArtscapeColoricaUpcolorsColorpassHyper Colors
True ColorsArt SpotDIY StormCanvasityDIY DeckBrush Blend
Brush FuelCraft LayerCraft FeedThe Paint ProjectColor SyncClay Snap
Art GearCanvas FitStudio CapsuleTheatre Glow DIY PrimeColor Scale

Digital art business names you should consider

Digital art business names

Source: Pexels

Check out these art business names if you plan on launching a digital art business.

Digital StructureDigitryDigital DoodleArtsyArt EnchantDigital Cutter
Art AllyDigital Native Artwork GeekArtverseArt BeaconDigita
CreativaiArtiforDesign LoopDesignishIntuitive ArtsMint blast
RareversalDigital Art HQMercury ArtArt DialModerninaPixarity
Clever MetaAnimationlyArtlineEvorveSpectravyRewize
PixarelDraw VirtualDigitalzonedComposiDigitanoVisano
ImaginaryCollagegoDigital AdaptDigital PrismArt FlairDigital Ease
DecryptoVisualaCreative SpaceCore  StudioPixelgelArtdemy
AinaryDigitalboostAble PixelDigipurpleDiginalsDigoals
Digital Engine Art SignalArt SparkDablaGraphicaPrele
PicaVaqaiAivunTruly PixelRuraiNFTcert
PhozisFlaivorArtsyncArt BarnDigitalardDigital Trade
Art StormArt ClickArt VillageVisitekCliparteShor
SignoWorkNFTsixleDigitstartTrue StudioVirtualific
NFTcounterPhotoboltFun CollageFantasy FrogWishflixPixel Harmony

Wood art business names you should consider

Wood art business names

Source: Pexels

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Is your upcoming art business centered around wood? These names could work for you.

WoodqueWood TribeArtistry WhipWood RoseWoodlyWood Trove
Timber MysticArt EvokeArtvioTreetuWodgalaEbona
ScorewoodArtfully CarvedVenyrCoastPineOakArtisanFanSnag
BirchStarPine CrewTune ForestBarkableLucky BarkBluntry
PoleMartGumaxaBeautyBirchNoble SparrowJournalfyOaktab
Wood LabsEboniLogicaTimberousForestalBrowsi
Timber ComboTimber CompassArt CogWood GuildWood PosseTimber Direction

String art business names you should consider

String art business names

Source: Pexels

Is your upcoming art business centered around strings? These names could work for you.

String BoxArt TuneString SonicStarnorStringiChordix
StringeraScheloJoy WeaveBrass WireTruly WiredLoopiq
Thread RaveWovloBold RibbonQuest SpringSit StrongBold Reflection
Robot StringSmashzillaString HubStringicianKineticyStringo
StringsyStraboFineartaStrangoCanvaxa Strumo

Creative art business names you should consider

KerakartThe Vision LabCreative StudioFlying CircusFiddle and FiddleThe Modal Maker
Artrock CollectiveSketchgapOasis City ArtistsOnimageryArtsetsArgallery
AstistsMaxBlush VisionArtistologyArtifyerArt CircusImagix


How to come up with art business names

If you still couldn’t find a suitable art company name in the tables above, you can always come up with your own names.

The following steps will show you how.

1. Outline your brand goals and identity

Customers will pay up to 50% more for your product or service if they know that you’re making a positive impact in the world.

These are the same set of customers who stay loyal to companies that manage to create a long term emotional connection with them. 

So if you want to build a business that stands the test of time and appeals to these people, you have to ask yourself what your brand stands for.

What are your values? 

Why should customers choose you over your competitors?

These questions help you define your differentiating factor. With this, you know how to position your brand and choose a name that embodies that positioning.

To start, get a sheet of paper and a pen and jot down words that can be used to describe the value you provide the market.

2. Consider your competitors and customers

You may wonder why you need to worry about your competitors when naming your brand. It’s not like they can choose a name for you.

But while that might be true, your competitors (and the niche you operate in) should influence the 

Analyze the art industry to discover what naming norms art businesses adhere to. 

What emotions do your competitors try to portray with their choices of names? 

Once you figure this out, decide whether to stick with that norm or use another convention based on your unique brand positioning.

Your target audience should also be considered when choosing a name for your art company.

Make sure that your name speaks the same language as your customers. You can start by organizing surveys and customer calls to find out what your customers think of working with you or your team.

You should also dissect the challenges faced by your customers and dissect how it is solved after they use your product or service.

3. Brainstorm and discover new business names

This is the time to turn off every filter and pour out all art business name ideas you have based on your goals and the problem your business solves. 

It doesn’t matter how unrealistic they sound, you can always refine them later. 

The most important thing is to fill your computer (or paper or whiteboard) with whatever ideas come to mind. If you feel stuck, try Shopify’s art business name generator for inspiration. All you need to do is feed it a seed keyword and it will churn out business name ideas to consider.

4. Refine your art company name ideas

At this point, you should have a long list of art business name ideas written down if you write without restrictions. However, most of them won’t be usable. 

Filter your list by asking the following questions:

  • Has it already been trademarked?
  • Does it connect to your brand story?
  • Is your desired domain name available?
  • Are the social media handles available?
  • Does the name look good on screen and paper?
  • Is it easy to write and pronounce in the language of every country you plan to target?
  • Does it fit your brand personality?

You need at least 3-5 solid art business names to move on to the next stage.

5. Get feedback from your team or peers

After you narrow your list of names, seek external feedback.

It’s easy to skip this step because you think you already know what the best name is. And that’s good if you don’t plan on advertising to customers. 

But if you do, this step will help you determine whether to go back to the drawing board or move on with your naming plans.

Seek external feedback by inviting people to a presentation where you introduce them to your brand. Let them know what the brand is about, who your target audience is and what you plan to do for that audience.

You’ll get their opinions and quickly find out if a name rubs off people the wrong way.

You can also use surveys to test your names among your target audience. When you have a name that’s been endorsed externally, you can now move on to other stages of your business launch.

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What to avoid when naming your art company

art company naming

Source: Pexels

You’ll find some of the mistakes you should avoid when naming your art business.

1. Choosing a difficult name

If your business name is difficult to write or hard to pronounce, it’s best to live it alone and move on to the next. Catchy art business names are preferred. But rather than being too smart with your name choices, stick to one that is easy to remember.

2. Choosing an unavailable name

Don’t forget to crosscheck your desired name for trademark infringements. You shouldn’t leave this till the end of your name discovery process unless you’re okay with starting the process all over.

To be on the safe side, you should consider hiring an attorney to do a comprehensive trademark search.

3. Not getting feedback

Getting feedback is one of the most crucial stages of a business name naming process.

Even if you feel very strongly about a name’s suitability for your cause, do not overlook surveying customers, peers, or your team to see what they think.

You can also share the name on your social media timelines and go through everybody’s comments.

More tips for creating unique art business name ideas

Other tips you should take note of when brainstorming art name ideas include:

1. Think big from the start

Focusing on your local market might be a good idea when you’re just starting out. But limiting your business geographically name-wise might haunt you in the future.

Ideally your market expands as your business grows. So it is best to only consider art business name ideas that will accommodate your future growth plans.

Make sure your brand name also translates to a strong visual identity

Even if your desired name is easily pronounced and memorable, make sure that you can create a strong visual identity with it 

Bring the names to life visually and see how well they look on paper and screen.

3. Check for URL availability

In this age, you don’t have many reasons to not give your business an online presence. 81% of shoppers research a business online before making a purchase. (source: 

With this in mind, it makes sense to check for your URL availability before you finalize your naming plans. If you plan to launch an online art store, you can use a service like Shopify’s Domain Name Checker to confirm that your preferred domain is available (and to purchase it too).


There it is! We hope this list of art name ideas gave you enough inspiration for naming your brand. 

To make your task easier, we’ve created a checklist to guide you when vetting your business name. You can access it here.

Remember to choose a brand name that captures the goals and personality you want your business to portray. But it shouldn’t be too rigid that it doesn’t grow with your business.

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