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Best Shopify Blog Design Examples: What Are Their Secrets? (+Examples)

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Running an eCommerce business isn’t always as simple as many would think, especially if you are just starting. Improving conversion rates and monthly traffic are some of the main challenges experienced when running a Shopify store. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

So how can you get more than 10,000 potential customers every month – for free?

Simple, start a Shopify blog to compliment your Shopify store.

Enveloped within the content marketing umbrella, blogging stands out as one of the cheapest yet most effective methods for building a strong online presence.

Don’t take my word for it?

Well, 20% of marketing leaders confirmed that blogs essentially help companies achieve their targets. It is a cost-effective method that can help you save up to 62% of the cost relatively used in contemporary marketing.

What’s more?

Integrating your eCommerce blogging strategy with best practices in SEO can potentially increase conversion rates by 14.6%. Besides, blogging generally generates a positive ROI (mainly from inbound marketing) for at least 82% of marketers who use it.

Now that I have your attention, we’ll be exploring the top 20 Shopify blog examples to inspire your store’s blog design. In the discussion, we’ve included specific data pulled from Ahrefs to help put things into perspective.

Are you ready to get more than 10,000+ ready-to-buy customers per month? Here are our top blog design inspirations from some of the best Shopify blogs on the internet.

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1. Ledger’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 509,434

Topping our list of the best Shopify blogs is Ledger - an eCommerce shop that mainly sells hardware wallets for crypto assets. Their blog purely talks about topics relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Unlike most Shopify blogs, the Ledger blog page is specifically meant for discussing crypto news and highlighting important software updates. 

Ledger’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • It’s an excellent design for those trading in news-related niches or products that need regular updates.

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2. Huel’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 336,152

The Huel website focuses on selling nutritionally complete meals that contain all relevant dietary requirements. Unlike what you would expect, Huel doesn’t have a blog section. Instead, they have a compiled list of more than 60 valuable articles under a page named “Guides and Articles”. Their kind of page-based blog design uniquely allows users to concentrate more on producing highly informative content and link building for their store and products. 

Huel’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • This Shopify blog example uses a freestyle type of blog design that puts more power on the main site, and won’t pressure you for new regular blog posts.

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3. Spirit Animal’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 261,267

Spirit Animal store is the place to go if you want to shop for spirit animal totems and jewelry. Unlike most Shopify blogs, the Spirit Animal blog design prioritizes blog posts rather than product marketing. You might want to use a similar design if the layout of your eCommerce website has a similarly strong content-first outlook. 

Spirit Animal’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • It’s the best Shopify blog example for targeting the whole niche, instead of creating content that revolves around your products.

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4. ThirdLove’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 241,685

The ThirdLove store mainly sells bras, meaning that their blog page mostly consists of anything you would like to know about bras. It’s a product-oriented type of blogging style, and it’s more useful if your business focuses on a single product. Of course, this design allows users to curate informative DIY guides such as buyer’s guides.

ThirdLove’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • Like most Shopify blog examples, this blog design requires regular production of helpful articles, and can easily help you highlight the main differences (and pro tips) between product varieties.

5. Bulletproof’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 224,913

Bulletproof specializes in selling branded caffeinated products, alongside other products such as supplements and protein shakes. Built on the foundation of best-selling book content, The Bulletproof Diet, this store has an excellent reputation for content production. Their neat blog design manly supports the regular creation of high-quality educational content that links back to your products. 

Bulletproof’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • It’s one of the best Shopify blog examples that work well with target keywords, meaning that you could easily rank among the top pages with it.

6. Perfect Keto’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 160,882

Perfect Keto is a food-based online marketplace for diet-friendly meals, and their blog is an excellent example of how content marketing can be a powerful tool for your business. The Perfect Keto blog is content-intensive, and it includes a huge variety of content categories that mainly relates to the Keto diet and healthy living. Apart from highlighting a huge set of blog resources for you to quickly jump in, their blog design offers the perfect sales funnel that converts prospects to buyers. 

Perfect Keto’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • For maximum impact when using this blog example, ensure to interweave your quality content with relevant products on your eCommerce shelves.

7. Gaiam’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 160,165

Gaiam is another niche-specific store that mainly deals with Yoga clothing and equipment. Their blog design is simple, and the blog page generally comprises blog posts that provide readers with advice on Yoga techniques, meditation, mindfulness, and wellness. It’s the perfect design if you are looking to inspire your audience.

Gaiam’s Blog Design 

Key Takeaway

  • Choosing to use a similar design for your Shopify store is a great way to start drawing prospective buyers from Google, especially if you specifically target the right keywords in your niche.

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8. Beardbrand’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 153,529

Touted as one of the best Shopify blog examples today, Beardbrand specifically targets buyer persona in all of their content. An outstanding feature from their blog includes their special efforts to foster engagement from prospects. Their strategy involves a keen focus on revenue-oriented keywords that links back to specific beard products available in their store. The good news is that you can easily replicate their blog design with any of the available Shopify blog templates. 

Beardbrand’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • This blog design is a great example that can quickly help you make a purchase, but only if you consistently produce high-quality content with links to your products.
  • Adding a special category to your Shopify blog will help to increase reader’s time and engagement.

9. Goulet’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 128,828

As the name implies, Goulet Pens is a basic eCom shop that primarily sells varieties of fountain pens and ink. Their blog includes all kinds of article categories ranging from simple fountain pen reviews to Q&A content commonly known as The Goulet Pencast. Their blog design is quite basic and doesn’t have any crazy features. 

Goulet’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • This blog design is excellent for creating product-specific but educative content that promotes conversions and general SEO. 
  • It also makes it easy to spot interesting content angles and create active communities within your niche.

10. MVMT Watches’ Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 116,958

MVMT Watches is another exciting online store that mainly sells premium, fashionable, and affordable watches, eyewear, and other accessories. The fact that the MVMT Lifestyle blog mainly shows the routines and looks of some of their most popular customers, makes their design unique. 

MVMT Watches’ Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • This design is most compatible with influencer marketing - all you have to do is to feature a known celebrity wearing or using your products in your blog.

11. PrettyLitter’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 115,715

PrettyLitter is a litter-selling eCommerce store that aims at making the life of your cat more comfortable. As expected, their blog content mainly revolves around cat ownership and simple guides on how to take care of your cat. Their blog design is pretty simple, and you can easily navigate the numerous blog resource using the categorized sections near the top bar. 

PrettyLitter’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • Using a similar design can be a great way to spice up brand awareness for your online store, and quickly rank top for niche-related keywords. 
  • It’s perfect for highlighting quick informative guides for problem-solving products on your shelves.

12. The Farmer’s Dog Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 99,182

Owning a pet can be both fulfilling and challenging at the same time, especially when things start to go wrong. That’s one of the main reasons why we often turn to pet blogs in the first place. Still, in the pet niche, The Farmer’s Dog is a well-known pet-food online retailer. Their blog section is titled ‘Digest’ and primarily comprises authoritative blog content that adds to the store’s credibility. Their blog design generally consists of a fresh supply of top stories and featured articles with lots of adorable dog pictures meant to break up the text.

The Farmer’s Dog Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • Consider using the extra white space for discount promotions and a call to sign up for free trials, if you choose to use this design.

13. Ridge Wallet’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 95,098

The Ridge Wallet is an eCommerce platform that specifically sells everyday essentials that also doubles as perfect gifts for men. Their products widely include wallets, bags, phone cases, and other accessories. Most of the articles in their blog relate to wallet topics, meaning that the design specifically highlights the most educative content for readers to determine whether the discussed product is right for them. 

Ridge Wallet’s Blog Design homepage

Key Takeaway

  • This design presents one of the most effective ways to showcase the effectiveness of your products in people’s lives.

14. Made in Cookware’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 94,577

Searching for the right cookware that fits your budget can be a very daunting process, especially if you don’t have access to a pro cook. In such cases, we naturally tend to search for answers online and end up with huge chunks of search results. Among the first ranking pages usually is content from Made in Cookware, an online retailer for pots and pans. Unlike most cooking blogs, their blog (commonly known as Beyond the Burner) has a design that uniquely features some of their products and highlights the most recent blog articles. 

Made in Cookware’s Blog Design

Kay Takeaway

  • It allows for content categorization and is great for building customer relationships.

15. Brooklinen’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 83,084

As the name suggests, Brooklinen is an eCommerce store for affordable beddings and linens. As expected, their blog page mainly comprises content that relates to sleeping advice, general home living tips, and wellness guides that link back to the bedroom. Their blog layout generally provides a quick outline of both the latest and trending articles, presenting you with an effective option for attracting potential clients straight from any search engine. 

Brooklinen’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • The design includes a slot for building your email list and allows users to categorize their content highlight appropriately.

16. The Wandering RV’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 76,726

The Wandering RV is a good example of eCommerce stores that specialize in outdoor products. This online vendor major in selling RV and other travel-related products. The site started as a blog before evolving to being an authority figure in the RV world. Most of their blog content mainly covers RV and travel topics coupled with detailed product reviews and camping guides. 

The Wandering RV’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • This blog design will simply provide a clear and organized overview of some of your latest content with a call-to-action button meant to entice your target audiences to read more.

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17. Breazy’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 50,760

Featuring a huge selection of vape products and brands, Breazy typically comes out as one of the top online vape shops. With barely 5 years of existence, this online store is consistently recording an organic traffic record of more than 50,000 site visits per month – thanks to content marketing. Their blog design resembles a typical magazine format, allowing them to provide their target audience with a unique blend of content types ranging from fun seasonal pieces to random news updates. 

Breazy’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • It’s a great pick for those dealing with high-tech goods or interested in creating tutorial-style content.

18. Rhone’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 46,448

Rhone is an online store that sells premium workout clothes for men. Dubbed as The Pursuit, their blog features a long list of high-quality articles that mainly cover men’s endurance and wellness topics. Their blog design resembles a magazine outlook and style, as it also allows for both interview and news features. 

Rhone’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • It’s a good blog design for Shopify blogs that are looking for ways to enhance brand awareness

19. The Kettle and Fire  Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 31,961

The Kettle and Fire specialize in selling premium broth from 100% grass-fed bones that are prepared by renowned chefs. Their blog covers nearly all types of content types including news features, how-to guides, health articles, and recipes. Each article is highly educational, and the design includes an opt-in sidebar to help drive traffic to the main site. 

The Kettle and Fire Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • This Shopify blog example is more effective with pop-up features and a good strategy for building internal links.

20. MistHub’s Blog Design

Average Monthly Traffic: 31,143

MistHub is another online vape store that focuses on selling vape devices and vape juices. Their blog mostly includes tutorial features and guide articles, which are great for search engine ranking if properly optimized. The MistHub blog design is basic and easy to navigate, meaning that you won’t have a hard time setting it up. Once ready, the design automatically lists your latest blog content first. 

MistHub’s Blog Design

Key Takeaway

  • This Shopify blog example features a grid layout and is the perfect choice for showcasing product photos alongside your blog posts.


Blogging is potentially one of the best ways to build your eCommerce brand, reach out to more potential customers, and increase product sales. Besides creating high-quality blog content, your content marketing success heavily relies on your Shopify blog design. From the article, the best Shopify blogs use a basic combination of a good blog design and a consistent blogging strategy tied with a call-to-action to garner an average of 10,000 + monthly organic traffic.

Lucky for you, all Shopify merchants can easily custom-make your blog in a few minutes, using the easy-to-use and completely customizable PageFly blog templates. Add a blog to your main site, create content, and watch your Shopify blog turn into the best sales pitch for your business today.

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