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Dropified vs Oberlo: Which One Is Better For Your Dropshipping Store

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Announcement: On June 15, 2022, the Oberlo app was retired and handed over to DSers. Previously Oberlo users will not be able to access the app after this date, and the app will be removed from their Shopify store.

Every Dropshipping course has it - the part where you get to choose a Dropshipping app for your store.

The right dropshipping supplier can help you quickly import products, automate fulfillment, customize products and scale up your dropshipping business quickly. However, choosing the right app is like taking a dive into a sea of questions: How many import product does it allow, does it have sale and profit reports, can you customize your products, etc.

With that in mind, let us consider two dropshipping options and give you an insight into how they operate and what you should consider before choosing either. They are Dropified and Oberlo

Before we look at the pros and cons of either of these dropshipping providers, let us consider them individually and access their primary offering. 

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I. What Does Dropified Do?

If you asked that same question, you will find a simple answer on their website that explains what they do and how they do it. If you asked me, the answer is simple enough and perfectly captures the reality of their service. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that Dropified is a software application. The second thing that matters is how it simplifies the process of importing products into your preferred ecommerce platform, shipping those products to your customers no matter where they live, all without ever touching or seeing the product physically. 

Dropified app listing

That’s the simple explanation of what this service does. If you visit their homepage, you will find testimonials from customers who have used and are satisfied with the service. The over 44,000 users of this service cannot be all wrong and if the service was defective, someone would have said something. Yep. However, that does not mean that the service is perfect, which is why there are cons. 

But we will get to that eventually.

II. What Does Oberlo do?

Oberlo is considered one of the oldest dropshipping platforms to launch. 

With Oberlo, individuals can find products they want to sell, list them on their shopify store and start selling. And since they were founded, Oberlo has helped its merchants sell over 85 million products online across cities the world over. 

If you pay attention to the description of this service, you will find similarities with the service that Dropified offers as well. They help merchants find suppliers with products that they customers need and ship those products to the consumers directly. 

Oberlo App listing

This is the summary of what dropshipping is. And that is the summary of what Oberlo does. With this service, you can reduce the delay time between order and distribution of goods to your customers by eliminating the process of receiving the goods on your own. 

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III. Dropified vs Oberlo: A Quick Comparison

Before you decide which to go for, you should consider this comparison between these two providers. This will help you better understand what you are getting into and make it easier for you to make the decision to choose either.

Here, I will review some facts about Dropified vs Oberlo and present you with the relevant  information to help you make better decisions. For this section, I will consider the pricing differences between the two, key features, the number of products you can list per month, the ecommerce platforms they support and the length of their free trials. These will give you an idea of what you should be expecting.

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1. Pricing

When it comes to the pricing for either providers, pricing is different and can be a deal breaker for many users. 

Dropified has two plans; Dropified Builder which is the cheapest plan and costs $47 monthly, and Dropified Premium which costs $127 monthly. 

If you’d rather pay annually, then Dropified allows you to enjoy the benefit of an annual discount. This means you get to pay $468 annually for the Dropified Builder plan and $1164 for the Dropified Premium plan. 

Dropified pricing

Oberlo, on the other hand, has a Basic package that costs $29.90 monthly, and Oberlo Pro which is priced at $79.90 per month. However, this service provider does not offer its customers the option to enjoy discount benefits by paying for a whole year ahead. 

Oberlo pricing

2. Number of products to list 

If you’re using the Dropified Builder, you can list up to 15,000 monthly or 50,000 monthly if you’re using the Dropified Premium package. 

Oberlo, on the other hand, allows you a maximum of 10,000 products listed for the Basic package, and 30,000 products listed for the Oberlo Pro version. 

3. Supported Platforms

If you have a Shopify store and none other, then Oberlo Basic or Pro will work just fine.

However, if you have other ecommerce stores like GrooveKart, Woocommerce, and CommerceHQ, then the ideal provider to pitch your tent with is Dropified Builder or Premium.

Dropified support network

4. Free trial 

Every new user to Oberlo gets a free “Starter” package that allows them to upload and sell a maximum of 500 products. On the other hand, Dropified plans offer you a 14-day free trial that allows you to try their service without payment for a period to help you make a decision to join them or not. 

5. Key Features

What Oberlo and Dropified both have: 

  • Google Extension to let you quickly add product from ecommerce marketplace like Aliexpress or Amazon to your dropshipping store
  • Automated Order Fulfilment. 
  • Analytics Dashboard 
  • Order tracking and management dashboard 
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Advanced Product Editing and Customization

The Difference 

  • Oberlo is available in 06 major languages - English, French, Italian, German, Portugese, whereas Dropified only supports English
  • Dropified support CBD Dropshipping, as well as a wider range of products - including, but not limited to: CBD and Hemp products, Pet Supplement, Fitness Supplements, etc
  • Obelo supports real-time order tracking and Product Data (which help you find high-potential products) - whereas these features are not available at the moment with Oberlo. 
  • Dropified boasts its Branded Dropshipping feature - which allows merchants to add custom order notes or custom labeling. 

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

IV. Pros of Dropified

As a service, there are many reasons why you should use Dropified. From functionality to customer service, this product allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits that make it ideal for the ecommerce store owner. We will highlight and explain how some of these help make your business better. 

  • Google Product Feeds: with this feature, your customers can easily access your feed of offered products on sale to help them make faster buying decisions. This feed can be accessed on Google and makes the process of buying easier for your customer, giving you more sales. 
  • Multiple Stores: With Dropified Premium, you can enjoy multiple stores on your ecommerce account, allowing you to sell varying niche products in different stores and to different audiences. This kind of diversified audience targeting will not only help streamline your sources of inflow, but also help you focus your efforts on the different customer audiences. 
  • AliExtractor: This product research tool from AliExpress makes it easy for you to discover and learn more about new products that you want to feature on your store to get more sales. This helps you get better insights into the products you are planning to list on your store and make decisions between suppliers to decide on the best product for your consumers.
  • Import Product Reviews from Suppliers: with both the basic and premium packages of Dropified, sellers can easily find and auto-import product reviews from their suppliers directly onto the product page of their own store. This reduces the stress of having to copy and paste from one to the other. Product reviews also give your customers an idea of what people who have used the products think about them before they make the purchase decisions. 
  • Customer Service: If you are on the premium plan for Dropified, you get to enjoy an incredible amount of customer service attention from the provider. Your requests are responded to immediately and you get full support where necessary. 

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V. Cons of Dropified

  • While this provider offers an extensive and dependable customer service support structure for their premium users, basic users have to make do with the little attention they can manage to wring out of them. Yes, if you use the Basic plan, you may need to struggle some more with customer support services as their representatives are, more often than not, occupied with premium users. 
  • As much as this product allows you a lot of options, it also features some actions that are effectively redundant, clustering the interface in most cases and making the user experience difficult for most people. These are minimal in many cases, however, they are enough to frustrate a user and this is something you should consider before settling for their service.
  • The lack of a discount for monthly payments make it difficult for some users to enjoy the benefits of a discounted service. Unless you are paying annually, you cannot enjoy the payment discounts available on this service. This makes it difficult for some people to really enjoy the service. 
  • Unfriendly User Interface: There is a considerable amount of cluster on the website resulting from the presence of elements and content that should not be there. While they make it easier for sellers to identify and relate with businesses similar to theirs who use the platform, there is an inordinate amount of content on their website that can overload a visitor and cloud them from relevant information. This may not have a direct effect on the user, but it does impact comprehension in some cases. 
Dropified UI

    VI. Pros of Oberlo

    • Unlimited number of orders: With Oberlo, you can coordinate an unlimited number of orders per time due to the organization of the user interface. The platform helps make the process of coordinating orders simpler and eases the stress off your shoulders. 
    • Product inventory and pricing alerts: with Oberlo, you can enjoy a product inventory that shows the amount of goods you’re getting from a supplier and also receive the pricing alerts with them to help give you an idea of what you are buying before you do.
    • Clean User Interface: the website of this provider carries a clean user interface that makes it super easy for you to navigate their offerings, connect to your store, and organize your sales without burdening yourself with too much information. This clean user interface is what makes it a preferable service compared to Dropified. 

    oberlo ui

    • Product description templates: with Oberlo, you enjoy product description templates which make it easier for you to provide descriptions of the products you are selling to your consumers to enable them make buying decisions faster. 
    • Intuitive and user-friendly Onboarding: To get new users familiar quickly with its extensive features library, Onboarding dashboard is nicely designed with step-by-step instruction of what to do next, making it effortless for new users. 

    Oberlo onboarding

    VII. Cons of Oberlo

    • The lack of an annual discount structure makes it a tough choice for many users. With the Dropified structure, users can pay annually with the sense that they are getting a discount. With Oberlo, this is not the case. Users have to pay monthly and do not enjoy the discount.
    • Limited customer service structure for users of the free and basic plans results in users getting frustrated with the surface when there is downtime in many instances. This impacts the customer experience overall, and makes many people prefer the premium version. 
    • Less automation tools compared to Dropified make it difficult for sellers to choose Oberlo. With this provider, you get to do a lot of actions manually whereas on Dropified they are automated. 

    IX. Which Should You Use?

    If you're building your dropshipping store on Shopify, Oberlo might be a better choice due to its seamless integration with Shopify - however, if you're dropshipping Supplement Products, or using another ecommerce Platform like Woocommerce, Dropified might deserve the title. 

    When choosing between Oberlo and Dropified, consider all the options between both. Everything from the pros to the cons is an important factor to consider as they can make or mar your experience. Don’t rush into any decision when choosing on. Instead, take your time to understand the services they both offer to better understand what works best.

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