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With dropshipping buzzing around the globe, many newcomers have found it as a fantastic opportunity to earn some bucks easily.

But this isn’t the truth. The hype dropshipping has created is limited to social media ads and posts. In reality, dropshipping is a complex process involving many technicalities which Gen Z entrepreneurs somehow ignore.

Breaking the stereotype, is a hype-free reality of the dropshipping business. It’s a hub for novice and pro dropshippers to learn, start, and grow a successful dropshipping business from scratch.

In this article, we will walk you through, how you can use the platform, and what people have to say about the platform. Let’s dive in.


I. What is is an online platform specially designed to mentor anyone who wants to start dropshipping or even a pro dropshipper. It's an all-in-one resource center that provides step-by-step guidance and all the vital resources for starting a dropshipping business from scratch.

But that’s not just it, there’s more.

With, you get access to thousands of dropshipping lessons, tons of apps and all the tools you’d need dropshipping, step-by-step mentorship, and a community of business-minded people supporting you to learn, start, and grow your dropshipping business in less than a week.

So, typically, in a week, you learn how to - pick a niche, find suppliers, set up your store, and get customers. You can find comprehensive lessons and extensive directories for each step.

For example, the platform offers you a section filled with handpicked niches and industry trends to pick the most promising niche for your dropshipping business.

Niches in

Here’s what you can find in the Niche & Trend Gallery:

  • Audience statistics
  • Keywords data
  • Trends and profitability
  • Advertising options
  • Influencers
  • Content recommendations

And much more…

Likewise, it has large directories of dropshipping suppliers, products, eCommerce tools, and more resources to support the cause. 

Apart from the novice lessons, its post-store launch branding and marketing lessons delight dropshippers.

Branding lessons

Through its simplified learning modules and resourceful aura, has successfully launched 1238 online stores, surpassing the million-dollar mark in profits.

Let’s now look at what the platform has to offer in detail:

01. Premium Resources acts as a resource center for beginner and pro dropshippers. It offers an extensive range of premium resources to help you launch your dropshipping business in no time. 

The resources include:

  • Articles and EBooks: 200+ step-by-step articles and tons of E-Books segmented for beginner and pro dropshippers
  • Editable Templates: Get access to a range of editable templates for landing pages, email sequences, order bumps, Facebook Ads, and more
  • Premium Guides and Checklists: Library of premium guides and checklists related to E-commerce software reviews, store launches, cheatsheets, product pages, content promotion, and more
  • Interview and Success Stories: Learn from the experience and success stories of the top 1% dropshippers

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02. Daily Winning Products

Let's ask you something.

What do you feel is the most vital component of dropshipping? 

For any dropshipper out there, the most vital aspect of dropshipping services is the Product they dropship. The demand, quality, trends, and profit earned per product are some must-know things for anyone in this business.

And thus, the product hunt is the most exciting yet challenging part.

However, at, you don't need to research products or pick winners manually.

Instead, the platform spoon-feeds you with thousands of winning products in multiple niches. Moreover, every product listed has all the essential information, analytics, and related resources.

For example, in the below image, the Edge Rule product from the Home & Garden category has all the information related to: 

  • Profits
  • Analytics
  • Targeting
  • Facebook ad copies
  • Videos
  • Engagement
Daily winning products

But if trending products are not something you are looking to dropship, the platform has an extensive directory of 100k+ products to choose from.

100k+ products directory in

Every product includes pre-calculated profit to ease your product hunt. Moreover, you can drill down your product search with advanced filtering based on product category, shipping cost, product price and profit margins.

Pre-calculated profit for every product

03. An Extensive Directory of Suppliers

How unfortunate would it be if you got faked before your first sale?

Note: Every supplier shouting "We got supplies" isn't trustworthy.

Being picky in choosing your supplier is excellent. The reason is that as a dropshipper, you expect three basic etiquettes from them:

  • Timely Delivery
  • Co-operation
  • Honest in finances has a directory of 2000+ manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers who have earned their goodwill in the industry.

List of manufacturers

You can filter down suppliers based on shipping cost, product cost, or shipping locations.

04. Library of Ecommerce Apps and Tools

Assuming your drop shipping business as weight, and your left-hand (suppliers, E-books, and resources) holding the weight.

Wouldn't it be great if your right hand could join the chase and raise the weight higher? - eCommerce apps and tools act as the right hand for your store.

With, you can access 1000+ eCommerce apps popular among Shopify stores. The platform has a cluster of apps for every need, from store optimization to design and marketing to customer service.

1000+ ecommerce apps

Along with the bunch of apps, you can access eCommerce tools such as product evaluation, store review, traffic calculator, and more of the exact nature.

Ecommerce tools

These apps and tools make your dropshipping journey easier than expected and highly contribute to the store's performance and growth over time.

05. Heavy Discount on Tools

Starting your own business makes you a hell of an entrepreneur. All the calculated risks you take and the capital you invest are under your control.

Being the owner of a newly established business, you would love to save a couple of bucks in purchasing additional tools for your online store. assists you in accessing big discounts on tools that help kickstart your dropshipping store. It helps you save anything more than $5000 via group discounts on email automation, video creation, predictive analysis tools, and many others.

For example, 👇🏻

Heavy discount on tools

06. Spy on Successful Competitors

The best way to learn is to look for people who have excelled in your field or industry.

Following a similar approach, assists you in spying on over 125K+ successful dropshipping stores (no matter if it's Shopify, WooCommerce, or ebay store). It has calculated monthly sales and platform rank under every store name, allowing you to pick your dream store easily.

07. Dropshipping 2.0 University

Dropshipping 2.0 university is a yet-to-be-launched program for dropshippers. It's not a course but more of a community of skilled dropshippers who will enlighten you with their journey and experiences and how to stay put during uncertain times.

With 2.0, you become part of the official dropshipping discord community. This online community offers the following to fellow dropshippers:

  • Highly experienced dropshippers teaching you everything - step-by-step
  • An active community where you can interact and get answers
  • Ecosystem to earn rewards
  • Exclusive daily updates and news on the dropshipping market
  • Support groups
  • Live AMAs with millionaire dropshippers

FREE to source millions of best priced products and automatically fulfill your store orders
25% cash back for the 1st month of paid plans. Trusted by 200,000 sellers worldwide.

08. Pricing offers two pricing plans, namely: 

  • Lifetime Access: $997/one-time payment
  • Lifetime Access + Dropshipping 2.0 University: $1997/one time payment

Here's what you get with both plans.

Lifetime Access($997)Lifetime Access + Dropshipping 2.0 ($1997)
Daily Winning ProductsAll things that lifetime access plans has 
Dropshipping Suppliers DirectoryAccess to 2.0 university
Downloadable Guides & TemplatesAccess to private community with pro dropshippers who’ve had huge success
Spy on Dropshipping StoresEarn rewards and work together with real dropshippers
Ecommerce tools 
Handpicked winning niches 
Grab discount coupons 
Interviews and success stories 
Dropshipping app and mindmap 

Note: offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of its plans.

Now, since you know what does and how it's a cost-effective solution to your dropshipping problems, let's walk you through some of the reviews that hooked our attention.

II. Reviews 

Firstly, people love the platform's comprehensive approach to product directories. They get everything from winning product recommendations to trends and analytics in one place.

Plus, the editable templates add bliss to their expectations.'s reviews

Apart from the tools and assets in general, the Shopify store spy features are the sought-after features for many dropshippers.'s reviews

Eventually, we came across enough positive vibes to boast as an all-in-one affordable eCommerce solution for every dropshippier out there.

III. Why Should You Use It? 

Lastly, let's walk you through the importance of using as a dropshipper:

  • The platform is a once and for all deal; you pay once and get lifetime access to everything
  • Escape the lengthy process of product hunt and simply use its product directory to find winning products quickly and easily
  • Access to 2000+ suppliers allows you to pick and import products that’re reliable and good quality
  • You can optimize your storefront via 1000+ apps and tools; avail heavy discounts worth $5000 via coupons
  • Easily spy on your competitors (no matter on what ecommerce platforms they have their store) and figure out what and how they are doing better without leaving the platform and opening 10+ tabs for research
  • Learn from step-by-step lessons, interviews, and case studies, and become a part of an evergreen community of top 1% dropshippers

IV. Wrapping Up 

Until now, it’s pretty evident why is the reliable shipping and ultimate integrated system for anyone in the dropshipping industry. 

It has tons of resources and the right mentors to easily guide you through the learning process. However, in a glimpse, you might find it costly, but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that the platform has a lifetime value offer - you just need to pay once and for all, which is a reasonable price to learn dropshipping.

The key benefit lies in the fact that despite the abundance of resources, the platform is regularly updated with new and more prominent resources. Thereby letting you stay on track even in the worst market trends.

So buy the subscription to and start your business today.

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