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Holiday Landing Pages: 7 Halloween Page Examples For Your Ecommerce Store in 2024

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October is about to come. It's the time one of the most vibrant occasions happens: Halloween. 

Trick or Treat may not be the thing you want to care about this Halloween but to make the best sales for your eCommerce store on this occasion, you will need a little "trick" to hit the psychology of your customers. So this strategic "trick" that we want to talk about here is: Halloween landing page.

Buckle up with PageFly and “ride” through this post to find out the easiest and fastest way to make the most of this holiday season with the great ideas we've prepared for your online store. Let's go!

Halloween conversion


I. How A Halloween Landing Page Benefits Your Store

  • Boost sales by creating urgency: Taking advantage of the short duration of the holiday, you can create a sense of urgency for your customers. "Buy now or you won't have another chance", "only...days left to buy these Halloween products" kind of message will encourage your customers to buy the "special products" on this occasion. 
  • Deliver tight messaging match: The main goal of a holiday landing page is to provide a focused area for you to display your products as a “solution” for customers’ needs or problems. It will be used to sell what customers want to buy on this occasion so that they won’t be distracted by other products. Special offers that suit the occasion will keep your customers to your products and are good for your store SEO due to higher SERF rankings.
  • Define the set of customers who care about this kind of offer: You can collect their information through this landing page and analyze their purchase behaviors like why they want to buy your products, who they are, and what they need,... This will help your business a lot in tracking and improving for further promotion campaigns.
  • Create a special feeling, and increase brand trust and awareness: Why though? The customers will tend to believe and make purchase decisions on the brand that are big with aesthetic design, and exclusive offers. The promotion campaign is just like the face of your store, if you invest in it, the result it will bring is unmeasurable. 

II. What Should Be Included In A Halloween Landing Page

Before jumping to creating one, there are some things you must know and pay attention to.

  • Fonts: Visitors sure will have to read your product information, CTAs,... So we can’t miss on a chance to put a Halloween vibe to the fonts of your landing page. Luckily some Google Fonts have been created for Halloween. You can find more about it here: Google Halloween Fonts
Halloween Google Fonts
  • Animation: How can we not mention the factors that will give vibrant air most clearly for your landing page? PageFly has some in-app animations that can be used for to create Halloween feeling: 
pagefly animation
  • Flash
  • Rubber
  • Shake

Watch this 2-minutes easy tutorial video on how to add animation for elements in PageFly:

  • Color palette: Obviously the most used colors for Halloween are purple, orange, red, black, and yellow. But how to put those together correctly? We suggest you some mixes that you can try:
    • Dark tone: Black-Dark gray-Light gray
    • Neutral tone: Gray (or Red)-Orange-Yellow
    • Light tone: Purple-Orange (or Red)-Light Yellow

>And here are some more palettes that you can refer to: ColorHunt Halloween Palettes

  • Attributes: Don’t forget to insert some traditional-iconic Halloween attributes. Some Halloween attributes that you may use for your landing page:
    • Carved Pumpkins
    • Black cat
    • Ghosts and zombies
    • Haunted houses
    • Evil bats
    • Spooky trees
    • Cobwebs and spiders
    • Skulls
    • Witch hat
    • Broomsticks etc.
  • Content: Make some effort to generate matching content for your Halloween landing page! Try using puns and wordplays to mix your products’ names with Halloween signatures like Boo-tiful home, Spook-tacular,... Or you can just add some “Halloween adjectives” to describe your products and it will be a great match!
  • Halloween images: High-quality but free images for Halloween can be found at 

They are great for adding to your pages as image backgrounds to create a Halloween atmosphere.

Small tips to maximize your store’s sales during Holiday promotion campaigns

  • Well-informed customers with a coming soon page: You can give them vague ideas of your offers and set a countdown clock. This will raise customers' curiosity and make them well-aware as well as stay tuned to your promotion campaigns.
Halloween Coming Soon

>How to build a coming soon page with PageFly

  • Personalize customers’ FOMO: It will hit their Fear of missing out on psychology. Just put some lines below your products like “Only 3 left in stocks”, “333 people have viewed this product”, “333 people have bought this product”,... Something like that with a specific number will give them the urge to purchase before it’s too late.
  • Mobile-friendly: Most people spend their time scrolling the internet on their phones so the ads of your campaigns may be aware somewhere on the net. Making the landing page mobile-friendly is a must if you want people to find out more about the campaign.
Halloween postable
  • Make it simple-looking, clear and compelling CTAs: No need for many elements because the purpose of the landing page is to make your customers make quick purchases and you don’t want them to go through things that distract their attention from the products. And make sure the CTAs stand out on your landing page. 
Halloween signup form
  • Make sure your landing page loads real fast: Imagine when you are about to look at something to buy and the image or the web can't load. It’s really annoying just thinking about it, ain’t it?
  • Cut out on the check-out process: Skip the cart and lead them directly to the check-out page. The main goal is to make a quick payment so if it has to go through many steps, it is nothing different from the main website.
  • Make it festive: No need to discuss further about this. What’s the fun with a festival lacking a festive atmosphere?

    III. 7 Halloween Page Examples in 2024

    Square Halloween

    pagefly square template
    • What’s great about this landing page: 
    • Lots of Halloween images
    • Halloween color palette: Black, White and Orange
    • Eye-catching custom animation for heading
    • Have product categories with specific theme


    pagefly candice template
    • What’s great about this landing page: 
    • Colorful Halloween color palette
    • Specialize products’ names with Halloween keywords: Ghost baby boy, witch poison, Frankenstein craves,...
    • Eye-catching look and easy to focus on targeted products with few options

    Eden Halloween

    pagefly eden halloween template

    What’s great about this landing page: 

    • Halloween-inspired copy: Scare wrinkles away
    • Many product’s sections by categories
    • It creates a sense of urgency with Countdown timer for targeted product offer
    • Encourage shoppers to stay in touch via community
    • Real feedbacks from celebrities

    Luz Halloween

    pagefly luz halloween template
    • What’s great about this landing page: 
    • Elegant color palette: Black, white, dark red
    • Focus on campaign’s products with details
    • Inspire customers with practical products application 
    • Countdown timer at the top of the page to catch customer’s attention
    • Space for customers’ testimonials

    >Check out PageFly Holiday Templates Collection for more

    Disney Shop

    disney shop halloween
    What’s great about this landing page: 
      • FOMO effect: ‘Limited time only’
      • Halloween-inspired copy: Ghoulish From Head-to-Toe, Home Is Where the Haunt Is, Bring on the BOO!, etc
      • There are various CTAs across the page to invite shoppers to click


      hallmark halloween

      We found the design of Hallmark home page last year with the promotion of Halloween goods.

      What’s great about this page: 

      • Halloween-inspired copy: Scare up some fun together
      • A featured list of product categories for Halloween

      The Body Shop

      the bodyshop halloween

      The Body Shop once gave the spotlight to Halloween with great copy and image:

      the body shop halloween
      What’s great about this page: 
        • Halloween-inspired copy: Scare makeup away
        • Slideshow: Provide extra information about Halloween promo
        • High-quality image and subtle use of Halloween attributes


        We hope this article has helped you somewhat in finding ideas for your eCommerce business for the upcoming Halloween. You can also check out some of our other blogs on effective marketing strategies and building pages for holidays below. Have a fun and successful holiday!

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