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Halloween Marketing Slogans: 10 Examples From Famous Brands [+Bonus Tips!]

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Halloween is here, and it’s time to spread fear. These Halloween marketing slogans – will send chills down to your organs.

Looking for slogans to amp up the Halloween fun? You came to the right place! 

In this article we will look back at successful Halloween advertising slogans in the past and we will analyze why they are well executed.

At the end of the article, we will teach you a neat trick that will generate you countless Halloween marketing slogans for your ecommerce store. 


Impact Of Halloween On Retail Businesses

Halloween is a major holiday celebrated all around the United States with a popularity rating of 65%

Since it is amongst the most popular holidays in the country, big brands make sure that they don’t miss the chance to stand out during the season.

Let’s look at the numbers to see how Halloween generally impacts businesses:

 Impact Of Halloween On Retail Businesses

Halloween-related spendings in 2020 posted the lowest in the past seven years because of the world health crisis. A year after, as restrictions started to ease up, the projected spending jumped to an all-time high $10.1 billion.

In 2022, the survey projected yet another record breaking Halloween consumer spending set at $10.6 billion. 

 Halloween consumer spending set at $10.6 billion.

In the same survey, here are the top 3 store choices of the participants:

  • Discount store - 40%
  • Specialty Halloween or Costume Store - 36%
  • Online - 31%

* Market insights by: National Retail Foundation

What Do These Numbers Tell?

Looking at these statistics, we can conclude that the majority of Americans are serious when it comes to celebrating the Halloween season. 

With people’s minds set to spend a decent amount of money, large companies do their best to have some decent brand exposure during the holiday because it offers a huge opportunity for them to see a spike in their sales.

So whether you are just starting out on your ecommerce business or you have been in the business for a considerable amount of time, Halloween is one holiday in your retail calendar that you should never let pass without doing some marketing campaigns. 

With 31% of research respondents considering online stores as their platform of choice in purchasing Halloween goods, your Shopify store must be ready to take a piece of the Halloween sales pie.

You can do that by formulating some marketing campaigns, social media competitions, giveaways, Halloween Sale, and more. But one thing that should not be missing in your website and social media accounts are your Halloween marketing slogans. They are a cost effective way to promote brand awareness as well as to be witty and creative with your brand. 

Halloween Marketing Slogans: 10 Examples From Famous Brands

If there's one thing companies like to do during holidays, it's highlighting their unique brand images along with some slogans that knock it out of the park.

One thing you should remember when creating slogans is that it should be short, simple, and sweet. 

creating slogans 


According to MailChimp, “A great slogan makes thinking about a brand automatic.” That’s why whenever businesses, especially big ones, release slogans, they make sure that their branding identity is used.

As such, creating a relevant slogan this Halloween is an opportunity to brag about your brand and awe people with your slick marketing. Mix it with some playful imagery that will pique your audience's interest and you will be one step closer to racking up sales this Halloween season.

To make our point clearer, here are some of the more creative and kick-ass Halloween advertising slogans of brands from yesteryears. You'll surely learn a thing or two from them.

01. Burger King: 3AM Apparitions

01. Burger King: 3AM Apparitions 


Burger King's 3AM Apparitions campaign makes it very relatable because of the horrific connotation of waking up at exactly 3 am.

This occurring on Halloween night just makes it more chilling.

Burger King makes sure that they are the first thing that comes to their customers' mind when they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. 

A four-cheese whopper meal at 3 am? Sounds like a good deal!

02. McDonald’s: Fangs Fries

02. McDonald’s: Fangs Fries 


Sometimes, no words are better than talking at all. 

From their world-renowned three-word tagline, “I'm lovin' it”, to their wordless Halloween poster, they surely know how to send the message across.

McDonald's execution of their “Fangs Fries” slogan really takes creativity up a notch!

They inverted their iconic fries upside down, pulled down those pointy fries, et voila! The fangs fries! 

As simple as it looks, it takes a creative mind to come up with that idea. And boy doesn't it hit a home run?

03. Crest: Bring On The Candy

03. Crest: Bring On The Candy 


To children, Halloween equals chocolates. And binging on chocolates equals tooth decay. 

The best way to prevent tooth decay caused by sweets is by brushing your teeth.

Crest did a spectacular job in their slogan. Who would have thought that a toothpaste brand can steal the highlight from the pumpkins, candies, and chocolates? 

Their Halloween slogan highlights Crest toothpaste's teeth protection benefits and they did it in the most creative way. 

Kids can fully enjoy the Halloween fun and parents' minds can be at ease knowing that their kids can enjoy Halloween without worrying about a toothache.

What a way to brag about your brand!

04. Pepsi: Scary Halloween Costume

04. Pepsi: Scary Halloween Costume 


America's largest soda brands, Pepsi and Coca Cola, are some of the most creative companies when it comes to marketing.

But in this list, only Pepsi made the cut. For one good reason – making the soda war way more interesting.

In Pepsi's Halloween marketing slogan, it made fun of its competitor without putting it in a bad light. 

For Pepsi lovers, the thought of drinking any other brand is the last thing they want to happen. Although the ad won't actually send chills down the spine, it's an absolute conversation starter.

For Coca Cola, who's on the receiving end of the harmless joke, it's still free press – which contributes to brand awareness. 

So there's no harm done. In fact, Coca Cola lovers avenged their favorite soda brand by turning things around with some impeccable copy. 

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Looks like this one backfired on Pepsi.

05. Guinness: True Brew Of Halloween

05. Guinness: True Brew Of Halloween 


This slogan reminds us of the Stranger Things' Upside Down.

Guinness is famous for their black lager. Putting it in a dystopian world with a reddish atmosphere, and roots slowly creeping in, that glass of beer almost looks like a glass of blood.

It gets creepier the more you look at it.

For avid drinkers, a holiday without a bottle of beer is an unsettling thought. Enough to give them something to worry about.

Guinness' Halloween marketing slogan is terrifying mainly because of the design and color temperature. 

Well done!

06. Mini: Boo.

06. Mini: Boo. 


Rather than fear, this slogan by Mini will make you chuckle.

Mini cars are known for their chic design targeted towards sophisticated young professionals and those who love quirky looking cars.

That's why instead of not-so-exciting Halloween safety slogans (like other automotive brands do), Mini went the opposite way.

Mini knows so well that their design language is not intimidating at all. So instead of attempting to be scary, they took advantage of their cuteness to create this delightful ad.

Just like the ghost cartoon character, Boo, who is cute rather than scary, a Mini Cooper covered with a white cloth with holes over the headlights and front grille makes the iconic shape Halloween worthy.

07. Suzuki: Run Over The Fear

07. Suzuki: Run Over The Fear 


In the automotive world, Suzuki is known for practical and economical vehicles, especially in Asia.

But in the world of motorcycles, it's a brand put on a pedestal because of its high performance and durable sports bike engines that won't back down against top-spec western brands like Ducati and BMW.

So this Halloween, if you ever looked at your side mirror and a killer clown is running after you, you better be riding a Suzuki.

This Halloween marketing slogan speaks a lot about Suzuki's sporty performance prowess.


08. Harley-Davidson: Some People Like Costumes. We Prefer Customs.

08. Harley-Davidson: Some People Like Costumes. We Prefer Customs. 


From iconic sportbikes of Suzuki, we now jump to a true, blue, American brand – Harley Davidson.

The brand name speaks volumes about its popularity and impact in American culture to the point that the word Harley-Davidson is almost synonymous to American patriotism.

Harley-Davidsons are famous for their bare looks that are ready for customization.

Backyard builders love these motorcycles because they look good out of the factory and they will look even better with customizations.

For lovers of classic motorcycles, the slogan, "Some people prefer costumes. We prefer customs" will surely strike a chord in their hearts. 

09. Ikea: The Scary Chair

09. Ikea: The Scary Chair 


Run, there's a ghost at the door!

Wait… what?

Is that a chair?

Ikea's Halloween Marketing slogan is, in our opinion, the simplest one in this list.

They played with light and shadow to come up with an image of a ghost silhouette. In truth, it is just a shadow of their Bolmen Step Stool.

They even went as far as advertising their product (with the price tag) in the middle of their slogan. But it did not come across as distasteful, instead, a really remarkable piece of print ad.

10. L'Émouleur: Monsters Trust Their Knives

 10. L'Émouleur: Monsters Trust Their Knives


You might have noticed that L'Émouleur isn't as big as these international brands. But we won't pass up on an opportunity to show what out-of-this-world creativity can do.

They might be a small boutique in Canada, but that doesn't mean that they aren't capable of competing with the big dogs when it comes to spreading Halloween scare. 

Their knives are so sharp that the most horrific and brutal characters in thriller movies buy from them before they spread evilness.

But we're pretty sure L'Émouleur knives aren't made for that stuff.

They're for chefs and cooking enthusiasts who appreciate a fine product of metallurgy.

It's as creepy as it can be. If this halloween print ad did not scare you, we don't know what would.

Where To Find Halloween Marketing Templates?

You don’t have to start from scratch when creating your Halloween marketing slogans and other related assets. 

There is a wide selection of design tools online (free and paid) that offer templates for your slogans depending on which platform you are going to use them.

Below are our top sources of templates and themes for your Halloween campaign.

01. PageFly

01. PageFly

If you are hosting your ecommerce website on Shopify and you want it to look the part, your best bet is to use a page builder so you can create your own Halloween landing page. 

Aside from Halloween, PageFly has more than 100 templates for different use cases that you can use for your online store. 

Since it is a pagebuilder built around simplicity and ease of use, you can design your ecommerce store using the drag and drop elements that you want to add.

02. Adobe Express

02. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the place to go if you are looking for editable digital flyers this Halloween. They have more than 60 different template designs.

Simply click the template that you like and you will be redirected to its editing platform so you can make adjustments on images, backgrounds, and of course, so you can include your Halloween slogan.

03. Stripo

03. Stripo

Either you want to greet your loyal customers a Happy Halloween or you want to spread awareness of your special discounts, sending them via email to your mailing list is a marketing strategy you don’t want to miss. 

But of course, you want your emails to be relevant to the holiday. That is why templates like this by Stripo will come in very handy in your email campaigns.

They have more than 1300 templates for different industries, occasions, and purposes.

04. Vista Create

04. Vista Create

Whether you like photos, videos, or vectors this Halloween, you won’t run out of choices with Vista Create.

And if photo templates are too boring for you, then we suggest paying their site a visit. You will find a treasure trove of hundreds of animated Halloween templates that you can use as gifs, social media stories, reels, and more.

05. Canva

05. Canva

Canva is a very popular graphic design tool particularly because of its ease of use. With a little practice, even individuals with no design experience can create awe-inspiring assets in just a few minutes. 

Be it for your website, social media pages, newsletter, and more, Canva has a rich selection of templates for you. It has a free version that offers great editable templates for any type of business. Additionally, you can use templates generated by other users (paid version).

That’s why if you are looking for designs this Halloween, or on any occasion for that matter, Canva should be on your list.

[BONUS TIPS] Neat Trick To Generate Halloween Marketing Slogans

Do you need help generating some catchy Halloween marketing slogans? We have a neat trick for you that you can use on all your marketing campaigns. 

We will be harnessing the power of generative AI, ChatGPT to write us some sick one-liners. Check out the example prompts below to see how it works.

In generating catchy Halloween slogans, we will be using different kinds of tones for different kinds of businesses.

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01. Scary and Thrilling

The first ones that we will create are scary and thrilling Halloween slogans. Let's see the results.

Type of business: Cosmetics


Write a one-line halloween slogan for my cosmetics company. Give 5 examples in bullet list and be as scary as possible.


halloween slogan for my cosmetics company

02. Cute and Funny

Do you want to celebrate the season without being scary? Cute and funny Halloween slogans are for you.

Type of business: Pet store


Write me a one-line halloween slogan for my pet store that sells animal costumes. I want the slogan to be cute and funny for pet owners. Give me 5 examples in list form and use as few words as possible in the slogan.


Cute and funny Halloween slogans

03. Witty

How about witty Halloween slogans? ChatGPT can do that too!

Type of business: Pet store


Give me 5 Halloween marketing slogans for my online store that sells gardening tools. I want the slogans to be witty and creative. Mention some gardening tools in writing and only provide one liners.


witty Halloween slogans

04. Rhyming Words

Rhyming words roll off the tongue smoothly, that's why rhyming Halloween slogans might be a great idea.

Type of business: Baby products


I have an online store that sells baby products like bibs and sleeping slacks. I need 5 Halloween marketing slogans for my business and I want these one-line slogans to have rhyming words in them.


Rhyming words

05. Extremely Horrifying

The good thing about ChatGPT is that it can remember previous prompts and responses. Thus, you can reference these in giving follow up prompts to improve the copy that you want to generate. 

Let us apply this in our final example. This time, we will dial up the horror factor in our Halloween slogans.

Type of business: Vintage and antique products

First prompt: 

I have a store that sells vintage and antique products. Give me 5 scary words that I can use for my Halloween slogan.

First response

I have a store that sells vintage and antique products. Give me 5 scary words that I can use for my Halloween slogan.

Now we will ask ChatGPT to use these words in writing a one-line slogan.

Follow-up prompt 1: 

Awesome. Now, give me 5 one-line Halloween marketing slogans using each one of these words.

Response to follow-up prompt 1:

Response to follow-up prompt 1

We will give the AI one final prompt to improve the copy and dial up the horror of the slogan.

Follow-up prompt 2: 

That’s great. But I need the slogan to be more horrifying than this. Can you dial it up?

Response to follow-up prompt 2:

Response to follow-up prompt 2

The Takeaway With ChatGPT

As exhibited in the Halloween slogans above, ChatGPT can generate very creative marketing lines. It has the ability to identify what you need as long as it is made clear in your prompts and it can improve the results it gives as you demand more from it.

ChatGPT isn't just good at writing Halloween party slogans. With this free tool, you can generate any marketing copy that you want and you can acquire results in an instant. 

It might not match real human creativity when thinking of slogans, but we must admit, some of the Halloween marketing slogans it provided above are pretty sick. 

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Bottom Line

Halloween is among the most anticipated US holidays every year. As such, your business should be ready with some explosive ideas to spook your customers.

If scary designs are not your jam, you can add some quirk to your halloween campaigns that would still grab attention and relate to Halloween – in a less frightening way. Just like what Crest and Mini did.

You see, Halloween marketing slogans are a cost-effective way to highlight your brand in the upcoming holiday.

The tricks we taught you using generative AI will surely treat (pun intended) you to some exciting and catchy Halloween phrases that will get your creative juices flowing. 

Of course, if you want to go all-in this Halloween night, make sure that your website dresses the part. Implement a seasonal Halloween theme in your Shopify store and dial it up a notch using a page builder.

Happy Halloween!

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