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Pet Food Ads and Marketing Ideas for World Animal Day 2024

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October 4th, World Animal Day 2024, is quickly approaching. Time to honor our closest friends! We have many pet food advertising ideas for your World Animal Day promotion, regardless of whether you run an animal charity, a pet brand, or simply have customers who love the natural world.

In 2022, pet owners spent a record $136.8 billion, according to American Pet Products. The market for pets and pet-related items is booming.

In 2023, a total of $143.6 billion in sales is projected in the U.S.

There are many ways to run pet food ads for your pet store, so it's important to decide which marketing strategies are most effective for your sector.

So, if you own a pet shop or sell items for cats, dogs, fish, geckos, birds, hamsters, or any other kind of pet, you should be aware of this. You'll learn how to connect with your customers online and how to use social media to market your products more effectively.

This article will discuss tried-and-true pet product ads marketing techniques that can help your business stand out from the competition and grow.


What You Need To Know About World Animal Day

To increase public awareness of animal welfare, World Animal Day was established. Numerous animals coexist with people, providing assistance, labor, resources, love, and company. Sadly, they do not always receive favorable treatment in return. On October 4th, use the occasion to show your appreciation for your furry friends, acknowledge how much they improve your life, and promote animal welfare.

How To Run Pet Food Ads (Including Cat Food Advertisement and Dog Food Advertisement)


Facebook offers a fantastic platform for connecting with a variety of target markets. Nowadays, the majority of people use Facebook as their primary social media platform. It offers a fantastic platform for connecting with families, kids, and even seniors.

You can use the following strategies to increase your Facebook content marketing:

“Caption this” images – The most recognizable and popular images online are those of cats and dogs. Use this in your social tactics. Use images in ‘Caption this!’ type posts.

Embed Short Videos – Share videos to your Facebook followers. Sharing content on Facebook through videos is growing in popularity.

You could distribute instructional videos or videos showcasing your goods. You could publish videos as with advice on how to feed a gecko or how to walk your dog, for instance.

Post Images of Your Products from your customers – Share the images of their pets and your products that they have given you permission to use.

Hashtags – By using hashtags, you can increase the number of people who see your posts when they search for the keywords you've used.

If you use the hashtag #dogfood in a post for dog food advertising, it will show up in a Facebook search, for instance.

dog food

In this illustration of a Facebook advertisement, a pet product company promotes products that aid in digestion for your pet.

pet food ads


With discount codes and free shipping for the products that are featured, these advertisements present an alluring offer. Additionally, the ad's language is positive, which is evident visually thanks to the use of emojis in the copy.

Next, we’ll look at a dog food advertisement example that features this pet company’s natural pet food.

pet food ads

Who doesn't adore adorable pet photos? These dog food ads have visually appealing featured images by using pet pictures like these. The advertisement also appeals to consumers who are interested in the ingredients of the dog food they are purchasing.

pet food ads

Similar to our previous example, these ads make use of pet images and videos to make them visually appealing. The use of a customer's testimonial in one advertisement is another benefit that attracts customers by demonstrating how well-liked this product is.

Successful Dog Food Advertisement: Our Key Takeaways

In crafting your "dog food advertisement," focus on portraying the unique benefits your product offers to dogs of various breeds, sizes, and dietary needs. Highlight the high-quality ingredients, nutritional value, and the positive impact on the dog's health and energy levels. Through engaging visuals and compelling narratives, demonstrate why your dog food stands out in a crowded market. Position this message where it seamlessly integrates with broader digital marketing strategies, ensuring it resonates with dedicated dog owners seeking the best for their pets.


A Google Ad is frequently to blame when a business's sponsored ads efforts cause potential customers to convert.

How do pet food and product companies use Google Ads to their advantage?

A customer who is looking for pet food or other products is shown an appealing Google Ad when they are most in need of those products or services.

In the section below, we examine several instances of Google product and pet food advertisements and discuss their effectiveness.

pet food ads

There are several reasons why this advertisement is effective. More customers want to know about what's in their pet's food as well as where it came from, so the copy begins by stating that it is "100% ethically sourced." The appealing offer of free shipping on orders over a certain amount is also made in this advertisement.

pet food ads

Site links are included in the pet food advertising copy. Customers can easily navigate from this Google advertisement to a page on this company's website thanks to the site links that are provided below the ad.

pet food ads

This advertisement includes links to the website and uses language that appeals to the customer, just like our earlier examples. Additionally, the copy engages shoppers by mentioning that it offers t-shirts that are independently and locally printed.

How Much Do Pet Food & Product Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

Here is a list of the top ten keywords for pet food advertisements, along with an estimate of their Google ad cost per click:

  • pet food – $6.00 / click
  • speciality pet products – $2.00 / click
  • pet food delivered – $9.00 / click
  • healthy pet products – $1.70 / click
  • pet products – $3.00 / click
  • wellness pet products – $9.00 / click
  • pet supplies – $2.50 / click
  • best dry dog food – $2.50 / click
  • pet food prescription diet – $15.00 / click
  • pet food for cats – $15.00 / click

While some pet food ads can target keywords that cost as little as $2, others can cost up to $30. As a result, you’ll end up paying Google that keyword’s price every time someone clicks your ad.



Twitter offers you a fantastic way to quickly and personally connect with your customers.

Here are some tips to add to your pet store Twitter marketing:

Hashtags – A key component of connecting on Twitter is using hashtags. They originally started as a way to organize "tweettalks" and give like-minded individuals a way to participate in public discussions on Twitter.

Depending on your goals, hashtag usage can be done in a variety of ways. Here are the top two uses for hashtags:

pet food ads
  • Use hashtags that your niche customers are looking for, such as #dogfood, #catclothes or #birdcages
  • Use campaign specific hashtags. Use an original tag, for instance, if you are running a contest or other marketing campaign so that all of your participants can connect via Twitter. Take the hashtags #bestpetcontest, #petsmartwin, or #ilovemyfishwin, for instance.

@Mention Your Customers – Send direct tweets with @mentions to your customers to establish a connection. Use Twitter to publicly thank a good customer who did something you want to recognize them for.

Offer Exclusive Deals to Your Twitter Followers – Like on Facebook, give your Twitter Followers exclusive deals.

Tweet Tips about Care of Pets – Tweet short tips on pet care. You can even link these back to your blog – to further elaborate on the tips.

For example, you could tweet tips about:

  • best fish food
  • how to calm a barking dog
  • how to cut your cat’s nails
  • and much more

Retweet Pet Related Articles – Add a few retweets in your Twitter tactics.

You can, for example, retweet:

  • Customers who mention you
  • Leaders in your community
  • Articles related to pets and pet care

This Pet Smart retweet is a smart move. With suggestions for recipes, kid-friendly costumes, and other items, they do, however, appeal to the mother market. After all, children also enjoy pets.

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Tweet News about Pets – News of all kinds, including breaking news, can be found on Twitter. Include a few animal-related news stories in your list of headlines.


What are the benefits that your pet product businesses might experience from a search engine optimization (SEO)-based advertising campaign? The three C's, also known as clicks, costs, and conversions, are the three main advantages that an SEO campaign can provide.

77. 53% of all web traffic comes from organic search. Only 15% comes from paid search.

You may be wondering why there is such a big difference between paid and organic traffic.

The majority of people typically trust organic results over sponsored results, is the answer.

How Google displays particular results is an intriguing additional factor that can affect search traffic.

When I type in "pet food near me," sponsored advertisements are not among the top results. Instead, a list of places connected to my search for pet food nearby appears as my first result:

pet food ads

In conclusion, Google and regular users alike trust organic search results. Your cat  advertising expenses may be impacted by this preference for natural results.

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Top 7 World Animal Day Marketing Ideas

Social Media Giveaway

You should start by checking your social media accounts. Consider your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter audience carefully. All of these platforms are incredibly popular with giveaways. You can hold a brief competition and use it as an additional opportunity to boost product promotion by promoting the winning entry with images and videos.

Here is an illustration of a giveaway you could set up to honor World Animal Day on Instagram. Snacks, color portraits, and other freebies were offered as part of a prize package that four local brands collaborated to raffle off for pet parents. Users who participated liked the giveaway post, tagged a friend who would have loved to win, and followed all of the organizers' accounts.

Giveaway contest on Instagram


Imagine a heartwarming scene in our latest dog food advertisement, where a playful golden retriever bounds through a sunlit field, its coat shining with health. The scene shifts to a cozy kitchen where this joyful canine eagerly awaits its meal. A loving owner serves a bowl of our premium dog food, brimming with nutritious ingredients, as a gentle voiceover emphasizes the benefits of our all-natural, high-protein formula.

The commercial captures the essence of a healthy, happy dog – a direct result of our commitment to quality and nutrition. This advertisement not only showcases our product but also resonates with dog owners who seek the best for their furry companions, emphasizing that choosing our dog food is a direct investment in their pet's health and happiness.

Another giveaway that wasn't specifically planned for World Animal Day but exemplifies everything that World Animal Day giveaways ought to contain is this one. Check out this clever and entertaining image that alerts users to the giveaway. The first step in participating is for a user to become interested in the image's title, colors, dog, and prizes. In this instance, Zesty Paws requested that participants like the giveaway post, follow the organizing accounts, and tag two friends.

national pet week giveaway example from Zesty Paws. Idea for World Animal Day giveaway


Finally, but certainly not least, here is another ad campaign of a giveaway that any brands can arrange in time for World Animal Day. You don't necessarily need to be associated with pets or animal products because we can almost certainly find pet parents and lovers among your followers and customers. Simply put together a basket full of accessories and treats for canines or felines, and run an Instagram giveaway in honor of World Animal Day.

social media ads for cats and dogs


We always suggest a giveaway based on comments because it's the most effective way to boost engagement, even though each social network has its own rules. Invite your followers to share experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints with you.

User-generated Content with Photo and Video Contests

World Animal Day Photo Contests

A photo contest is a popular way to gather user-generated content. You can post all the adorable submissions in a gallery for the general public to view and then ask your followers to vote for their favorite images. Voting frequently increases the level of engagement with your World Animal Day promotion.

Here is a great ad campaign from the Ottawa County government. They wished to honor animals while also keeping them secure. Therefore, the county held a dog photo contest for residents. Only registered dogs, though, were allowed to compete. The app urged users to check the status of their pets' licenses and, if necessary, renew them right away when they clicked on the contest.

pet food ads


The county provided more than $500 in gift cards as an inducement. They distributed the prizes in a number of different ways, including voting, jury selection, and a grand prize drawing at the end. Offering a variety of prizes is very well-liked by online users, especially versatile prizes like gift cards.

World Animal Day Video Contest

The rules for video contests are the same as for photo contests. Users enter to win by submitting their entries. Or, as in the instance below, make their dogs famous! User-generated content is a big part of the TV shows on DOGTV. They encourage their audience to make videos of their closest friends every few months so they can be featured on the TV channel.

pet food ads



Example of user-generated content campaign by dogtv for world animal day


Users seek votes from friends and family after submitting their entries. This causes the promotion to spread like wildfire and raises brand recognition. Also, the audience develops a stronger attachment to the host and strengthens their commitment to the brand.

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Host Short-Term Puppy Classes

This immediately brings in new dog owners. If you gain a new, dependable client for the ensuing 10–15 years, hosting a weekly class for a few months will be worthwhile. Meanwhile, each week you get to socialize with a pack of puppies.

Pet Store Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns for your pet store can increase client loyalty and boost sales. These email marketing campaigns for pet stores can include newsletters, birthday cards, sales emails, and new products tailored specifically for cat owners, among other styles and target demographics.

Pet Store Event Marketing

The modern pet store should host a number of significant events each year and work to establish a solid presence in the neighborhood if they haven't already. Because the modern pet parent can purchase anything online, these events are intended to draw customers in for purposes other than retail.

Personalize The Pet Store Shopping Experience

Promote fresh, healthy goods and provide breed- or age-specific bundles. Affirm your concern for your customers and your knowledge of the subject. A fantastic example of bundled promotions is provided by Canadian pet supply retailer Homes Alive Pets:

bundle promotions



You must create a distinctive brand identity for your pet shop. Give potential customers a good reason to purchase pets from your shop. Your store should have a distinguishing feature that will draw in new customers.

Your company's brand identity will be shaped by its products, clients, website, and business cards.


You must create a website that will strengthen your online presence. The website ought to be simple to use.

Add pictures of the animals you sell online to your store. Give specific details about the animals, such as their name, age, physical make-up, and other traits.

Shoppers will be able to order pet accessories that are available in your store online through the website. Also, shoppers should be able to leave reviews and feedback in a designated area of the website.

For ecommerce pet brands that offer products or services that need little configuration, Shopify is the best webstore platform. Selling a single item or several items at once is very simple on Shopify. Shopify can be used by companies that sell both physical and digital products. Shopify is a great choice if your store sells items in a limited number of colors, materials, or sizes. Shopify is a great option that provides a wide range of tools and themes regardless of how many products you are selling.

pet shopify online store example: #1 PetCulture



PetCulture, based in Australia's New South Wales, not only specializes in pet food, litter, toys, and other accessories but also offers members personalized guidance with pet insurance and professional veterinarian advice. Their website serves as a one-stop shop for pet owners online and offers a thorough, individualized experience, complete with auto-delivery functionality and a reward points system.

The website has a headless architecture, with Shopify Plus serving as the backend for online sales.

“We landed on Shopify Plus as it is a mature platform, simple to use, and there are lots of native integrations already built out. It was quite easy for us to get speed to market and connect all the different pieces we have. Knowing we have big aspirations for the future, we needed a stable and mature platform that can scale with the business.”


We might be partial, but we'd probably want to invest in SEO if we ran a business selling pet products.

Nevertheless, we think that one of the best ways to generate real and long-lasting business growth is through search engine optimization.

This is true, especially for small businesses operating in cutthroat markets. In order to compete with household-name businesses, it is advantageous to have a growth strategy you can rely on.

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