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Selling Flowers Online: Unlock The Potential of The Blooming Business

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PageWe continue to observe a change in the floral industry as online shopping and delivery services gain popularity. Traditional florists are having a harder time selling flowers and attracting new consumers, which has led to the misconception that the industry is in decline. Increasing convenience and accessibility of shopping, rather than a decline in interest in floral arrangements, may have a significant impact on these emerging challenges.

According to floral business statistics & trends, online flower shops have grown 11.8% from 2014-2019. The truth is that online floral shops and conventional ones are very similar. The e-commerce flower industry is merely the traditional commerce model with contemporary customer interaction, transaction, and delivery methods added.

These improvements make it possible to get more money from each sale by significantly reducing the costs, workload, time, and energy associated with renting out properties.

Find out how to switch to selling flowers online without having to close your physical store by reading on. You can also add this option.


Why You Should Start Selling Flowers Online?

Online Floral Shops Offer an Opportunity to Stand Out from the Rest

flower shop

Offering local flower delivery services is a wonderful way to meet a demand. Many people find it difficult to send their loved ones flowers on special occasions or just to show them some affection because of work or distance. Many people are willing to pay to have the option of having someone else deliver their loved one's gift right to their doorstep.

Without access to a website with images, descriptions, and videos, a customer in Texas, for instance, would not be able to learn what kinds of flowers are offered by a neighborhood florist in Florida, where their loved one resides. This is why selling flowers online is important, even if you are a flower farmer with a physical location.

Think about placing an order over the phone with someone who is unfamiliar with the appearance of the flowers you mention.

Having a website and converting your flower shop to an online delivery one are currently regarded as wise business decisions in addition to being a necessity. This is primarily due to the fact that there aren't as many farmer florists offering these kinds of experiences and services in the online flower market yet. As a result, now is an excellent time to launch an online flower shop.

  • Unsaturated market: Great chance for local florists to distinguish themselves from the competition
  • Less cost for business: No need to pay for rent
  • Makes shopping easier: Eliminates the need to leave your home to go shopping
  • Greater chance of attracting prospective consumers: Greater likelihood of being discovered by many

For this reason, more people are starting their flower-selling businesses online.

7 Most Important Steps On How To Sell Flowers Online

With so much ecommerce technology available today, learning how to sell flowers online is a simple task. It helps if you already have a physical flower shop, flower farmers on staff, are knowledgeable about the best flower-growing methods, and a greenhouse filled with lush vegetation.

If you're starting from scratch, you can still participate in the game. All you need is a keen eye for flowers, a steady hand, and a love of gardening. To get your local businesses moving in the right direction if you're starting from scratch, you'll need to put a lot of effort into planning. Here are some pointers for selling flowers online.

1. Market Research

Market research is the first step in effectively marketing your store. Ask your clients why they choose you over other florists and what they like best about your flowers. This will assist you in determining how your clients perceive you, allowing you to direct your marketing initiatives in a way that appeals to them.

Understand the current market, including your potential customers and rivals, before you begin making decisions about how to build your own bouquets brand.

There are many ways to do this:

  • Search for your product or service category on Google, then look at the direct and indirect competitors that appear.
  • Investigate relevant Reddit subreddits and listen in on discussions and product advice from your target market.
  • Ask those who make up your target market what brands they favor when shopping in your industry.
  • Look at the social media accounts or pages that your target audience is interested in and follows.
  • Take an online or physical shopping journey to get a sense of how your target market would browse and purchase flowers.

The majority of people only buy flowers for special occasions, though many people also give flowers to others on non-event-related occasions. However, customers with a lot of discretionary income have more money to spend on flowers than customers with less discretionary income. As a result, flower farming shops can typically charge more for their flowers and bouquets and sell to more affluent shoppers.

2. Define your Brand

Choose your business name

More than just a name, a brand is much more. What gives your brand identity's name real market meaning are its character, deeds, and reputation.

However, one of the first significant commitments you must make as a small business owner is likely the name of your enterprise.

The ideal store name is one that's challenging to copy and even more challenging to associate with other competitors.

To come up with some names, you can either use our free business name generator or try a combination of the following methods):

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Design your brand logo

One of the first things that probably comes to mind when you consider creating a new brand is a brand logo design. And with good reason—after all, it represents your flower shop and may be present everywhere your brand is.

The ideal logo for your brand should be distinct, recognizable, and scalable to work at all sizes.

Invest in a logo that can appear anywhere around the web and in physical print. 

The "floral cap" icon and wordmark, which can be used together or separately, are both present in the Flower Hat  logo.

the flower hat

Find a unique way to set your company apart from the other local florists by using your creativity. For instance, if you're a professional florist trying to start a new business in a small town, consider joining community groups, holding events, or knocking on doors to spread the word about yourself.

Make your business stand out

When you're attempting to market your flower shop, it can be helpful to have a compelling argument for why customers should choose you. Perhaps you provide better customer service or a greater selection of goods. Maybe you have lower prices than other places in town. Whatever it is, be sure to understand what makes your florist shop unique from others in the area so that when customers start comparing you to rival companies, they will consider your advantages and come to your shop first.

3. Build a Legal Entity

  • Register your business
  • Register for taxes
  • Open a business bank account & credit card
  • Set up business accounting
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  • Get business insurance

4. Create an Online Storefront

Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t delay building your website:

  • All reputable companies have websites: When it comes to putting your business online, it makes no difference what size it is or what industry it is in
  • Social media profiles for businesses on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn are not a substitute. Having a website for your flower farm is essential for success.
  • Building a simple website is now incredibly easy thanks to platforms for website builders like Shopify. To build a website you're proud of, you don't need to hire a web developer or designer.

Shopify landing page

5. Purchase Necessary Equipment

You'll need to first get your hands a little grubby. What supplies are required to start a flourishing flower business? If you don't already have a physical location, you might want to rent a warehouse or another storage space. You'll also require a lot of pots, seeds, spades, soil, pruners, sheers, and other gardening tools. As part of learning how to cut flowers and sell online correctly, make sure you have a direct supply to a water source for your flower farm.

6. Partner with a Good Delivery Service Provider

This will enable you to quickly deliver your bouquets. Join organizations and memberships to expand your network. Additionally, add your company name and information to online directories.

You can share its link on a variety of social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace, and others. Additionally, social bookmarking websites offer access to it.

If you want to, you can go above and beyond. Consider creating and publishing articles about all the flowers, flower farming journey, flower farmers and more on article directories. Make sure to include a link to your website in all of your articles. You can also use word-of-mouth advertising. Inform your friends about your flower shop and enlist their assistance in spreading the word.

7. Marketing

Search engine optimization is nothing new, right? Local businesses all over the world are implementing it to increase their visibility on search engines, and it's an essential step in building your brand. You have the option of hiring an external firm or adding an internal employee. Without having much flower farming knowledge, you might even be able to modify some of your SEO strategy if you're using the right shopping cart solution.

8. Wholesale Online Flowers: Secrets to Success

Besides just selling flowers online, diving into "wholesale online flowers" offers a golden opportunity to revolutionize your floral business.

Here’s a bouquet of tips to help you thrive:

First, establish relationships with reputable growers to ensure a consistent supply of fresh blooms. Understand the seasons to anticipate trends and demands.

Offer customizable options for various clients, including event planners and home decorators. Emphasize the freshness, variety, and value of your offerings in your marketing.

Lastly, streamline your online ordering process to make it as seamless as possible for your customers. This approach not only broadens your market reach but also plants the seeds for lasting business growth.

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Top 6 Successful Flower Shop Examples

1 . Twig & Arrow

Twig & Arrow homepage

This is a lovely illustration of a sidebar-navigated florist store. Twig and Arrow has a simple aesthetic with an emphasis on the product photography. The menu bar and social media icons are in a very light grey color against a white background. This makes it possible for the attention to be on the excellent photos and their polished appearance. Each photo occupies nearly the entire screen and is arranged in a grid format.

2 . Tonic Blooms

Tonic Blooms homepage

An online storefont for a flower shop that is well designed is Tonics Blooms. The website has an appealing layout, clear menus, and is simple to navigate. Additionally, the use of color is cleverly done, with a calming color scheme that makes the website appealing to the eye.

3 . Blue Mountains Florist

Blue Mountains Florist homepage

An Australian shop called Floralink provides a variety of fresh flower arrangements. Customers can browse the different categories on the website to find the ideal product because it is simple to use. The website also features a blog with advice on how to take care of flowers as well as details on the various varieties that are offered.

4 . Flower and Thorn

Flower and Thorn homepage

The goal of Flower and Thorn is to deliver gorgeous, fresh bouquets to their clients every month using only regionally and seasonally sourced flowers. Although every bouquet is unique, customers can anticipate receiving a variety of blooms with every delivery. Flower and Thorn provides one-time purchases, custom orders, and a monthly subscription in addition to these other options.

5 . Stackwood

Stackwood homepage

If you enjoy plants and flowers, you should visit the Stackwood website. They have a wide selection of beautiful flowers, all of which were grown by Australian farmers. Flowers can be ordered online and delivered to any location in Australia. They also have a blog where they regularly post helpful gardening guidance.

6. Bloom and Plum

Bloom and Plum homepage

Maurice was already a successful floral designer prior to founding Bloom & Plume, making elaborate, high-end flower arrangements for well-known companies like Louis Vuitton and Vogue.

There are blog post pictures showing artwork story behind it.

blog post pictures showing artwork story

What to Avoid When Start To Sell Flowers Online

1. Having No Experience In Flower Farming, Arranging and Selling Bouquets

Designing and arranging flowers is a specialty that does call for some level of experience. It is erroneous to believe that your company can survive without having a basic understanding of design. You're off to a good start if you've ever worked in floral design or even just enjoyed it as a hobby.

2. Not Having a Niche

It is a mistake to not consider what sets your company apart from all the other floral design businesses. You need to have a niche, whether it is centerpieces for corporate events or sell cut flowers for wedding parties.

It's possible that all of your designs feature a unique handmade card or are made entirely of blue cobalt glass. Give it your personal touch so customers will remember you, whatever you decide to do to make yourself stand out.

3. Having No Business Plan

A business that is started impulsively will probably fail. Your chances of success increase if you write a strong business plan. A business plan will increase your chances of receiving financial aid.

Your growth projection and a financial overview should be part of a strong business plan. Your company's name, location, and organizational structure should be included. Your federal tax ID number ought to be mentioned as well.

Prior to starting, you must submit applications for your business license, business name registration, and other necessary permits.

4. Finances Mixing

Combining personal and business finances is one of the biggest errors made by new business owners. It's critical to establish a business bank account in order to separate your finances. Confusion during tax season will be avoided by taking this crucial action.

5. Lack of Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials


It is a mistake to put off developing a personal brand for your business as you get started. A logo, if desired, business cards, flyers, letterhead, and an online presence should all be part of this.

There are numerous websites that can help you build your own company website. It is not expensive or difficult, but it is essential if you want to achieve success. Making your own attractive and useful business cards is also a simple process.

6. Not Advertising Your Business

You must begin marketing your company whenever you can if you want to be successful. When you open a business bank account, leave business cards at the bank. Give business cards to the lunch patrons at the restaurant. Request the help of friends to distribute literature. Utilize online social networking sites.

Your likelihood of success increases with the amount of work you put into your floral design business. Keeping away from these errors will also help to guarantee your success. Above all, remember to have fun and make the most of your creative abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell floral arrangements online?

To sell floral arrangements online, start by taking high-quality photos of your arrangements and upload them to your website or an online marketplace. Include detailed descriptions of each arrangement, focusing on the types of flowers used and care instructions. Utilize social media platforms for marketing and engagement. Implement SEO strategies by using relevant floral keywords to improve your online visibility. Lastly, ensure you provide excellent customer service, including efficient delivery options and responsive online support.

Is this Business Right For You?

Opening a flower shop is a good business venture for those who appreciate beauty and love flowers. A combination of quiet hours, lone flower preparation, and customer interaction time are all part of the job. It's challenging to step foots into the online flower industry while holding down another day job because customers can enter at any time of the day.

What happens during a typical day at a flower shop?

Ordering, preparing, and arranging flowers, assisting customers in choosing flowers, and completing customer orders are all daily tasks of a flower shop business. Flowers must be delivered to customers if delivery is offered.

What knowledge and expertise will you need to create a profitable flower shop?

A good flower farmer is an expert in flowers in the flower farm, knowing the various varieties, their lifespans, and the best methods for maintaining them. They are also talented flower growers, able to make lovely arrangements that can both stand alone and blend in with the decor around them.

A flower farmer doesn't necessarily need formal training; they just need to know flowers and be able to arrange them. Louisiana used to require flower farmers to have licenses, but the state's laws have since changed. No state currently mandates that florists obtain a license.

Flower farmers should also be comfortable talking to people no matter what they’re going through. Florists regularly see customers who are planning weddings or celebrating major accomplishments, as well as customers who have loved ones who are seriously ill or recently passed away.

What is the growth potential for a floral shop?

You can run a flower shop as a small, one-person operation or as a large, multi-state chain with hundreds of locations. Some of the biggest national businesses sell flowers exclusively online and have no physical stores.


The reality is that joining the online flower industry is simpler than opening a physical one, despite the fact that the ecommerce flower industry may sound like it requires a lot of work and technical expertise.

With the help of a platform like Shopify, you can have a store up and running in an hour or less, with secure payments, checkout, and design all taken care of. We hope that through this article, you'll understand the hidden knots of how to sell flowers online. We'd be happy to support your beginning. We welcome your questions via

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