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7 Independence Day Creative Ads: Unleash Your Patriotic Side!

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The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is celebrated as the birth of American Independence. With festivities, parades, and family gatherings, Independence Day is celebrated with joy and pride by every American. As this day approaches, brands and businesses get ready to grab the attention of consumers with unique and inspiring Independence Day creative ads

A federal holiday like Independence Day is a massive entry point for eCommerce businesses to bring their A-game in advertising and marketing, as it plays a critical role in creating a lasting and unique impression on the audience. And most of the time, these connections go on a deeper level by emotionally connecting with their customers with heart-tugging videos and print ads. 

In this blog, we will dive into the world of outstanding Independence Day creative ads that inspire patriotism and leave a positive impact on viewers. 


7 Independence Day Creative Ads You Need to See

Here are seven of the most patriotic Independence Day creative ads worth watching!

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Ancestry’s Remake of the Declaration of Independence


    Image Credits

    How much impact can a one-minute-long video ad make? This Independence Day can answer that for you. 

    Ancestry is an American-based genealogy company that helps users discover and learn more about their ancestors, living relatives, their locations, and history beyond their knowledge. They are among the most popular genealogy companies with the largest online family history records collection. Ancestry outdid many popular brands’ Independence Day ads in 2017 with its powerful and engaging one-minute ad. 

    Based on the signing of the Declaration of American Independence, this simple Independence Day ad recreates the iconic painting “Declaration of Independence” by John Trumball with real-life descendants of the original signers. It represents the nation's diversity today and establishes a bold connection between the brand and patriotic consumers.

    The creative dialogues in the ad support the visuals to draw the picture of a strong and powerful country and even highlight the growth and progress.

    Here’s what we loved about Ancestry’s ad:

    • The iconic recreation of John Trumbull's famous painting, "Declaration of Independence," with the signers' real-life descendants, adds an exciting historical dimension to the ad.
    • Including the diverse group of descendants in the ad campaign helps reflect the inclusive nature of modern-day America while highlighting the nation's evolution and diversity over time.
    • The use of real people who are descendants of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence helps establish a personal and relatable connection with the audience, making it even more genuine and easy to resonate.
    • The connection with the theme of Independence Day is clearly defined and easily understood by the audience. At the same time, this urges viewers to use the Ancestry’s platform to discover more about their family history and heritage. 
    • The video reflects the past with the present and invites viewers to consider the journey and growth of the country throughout history.

    Check out the full video here:

    Old Navy - Independence Day With the New Citizens

      Old Navy

      Image Credits

      Most brands take advantage of the Fourth of July to focus on sales and discounts. While on the other hand, a few brands utilize this time to capture the attention of their audience in their own distinctive manner. 

      Old Navy is a popular American fashion brand that is known for its trendy and casual clothing styles. The Independence Day ad by Old Navy is a powerful short video that taps into the nostalgic and patriotic sentiment of the audience instead of the generic sale and discount announcement ads you see on Independence Day. 

      Sharing patriotism in the video are the newly turned citizens of the nation. Showcasing their perspective brings out the unique twist in this Independence Day ad, which we are sure you will all enjoy watching. The ad features new immigrants' genuine and real-life experiences as they share personal stories and unique perspectives on what it means to be "As American As." 

      What brings out the brand part in this ad is that each individual proudly wears an Old Navy American Tradition t-shirt. This symbolizes the new citizen’s deep connection to their new home. 

      Moreover, this clever and thoughtful ad was effectively promoted across various social media platforms and was a successful Independence Day campaign by Old Navy. 

      Here are a few things we loved about this Independence Day ad:

      • The focus of the ad is on authentic and real-life stories of immigrants who are new citizens of the country. This aided in creating a genuine connection with the audience through empathy by capturing the essence of what it means to be "As American As."
      • America is known for its cultural diversity, and the video ad showcases this in the most genuine manner, and that too from the immigrant's perspective. This helps send a message of inclusivity and acceptance.
      • The Old Navy American Tradition t-shirts visually reinforce the theme and add a tangible element to the stories. 
      • The personal experiences and stores in the "quote format" foster a deeper connection with the audience and evoke a sense of shared experiences. 
      • The use of social media platforms to promote the ad amplified and drove the message of the ad to larger audiences. This strategic promotion method also ensures the ad's impact extends beyond traditional advertising platforms.

      Check out the full video ad by Old Navy here:

      Budweiser Reprising the Iconic Independence Day Movie


        Pop culture references are always a thing in commercial ads and make it easy for viewers to resonate with them, especially with the fans of the consuming media. And this is not the first time you might have seen a pop culture reference in an ad, but Budweiser nailed it with this concept. This particular ad by Budweiser for the Fourth of July commercial will leave you in awe. 

        The ad features the renowned actor Bill Pullman, who played the role of President in the beloved 1996 movie Independence Day. The character was given life by reprising the role in the ad, leaving the audience with a nostalgic nod. Bill Pullman delivers a stirring and uplifting speech behind a podium adorned with the Presidential seal, reprising the role he played in the movie.

        And for those of you who think that fighting aliens is relevant here, it's not. The speech is all about Americans uniting to combat the pandemic. 

        Relevant to the current day? Absolutely. Easy to connect with? Check. Inspiring? On point. This Independence Day balances lighthearted humor and determination to fight evil. We would say it hit all the notes perfectly!

        What makes this ad different from other Independence Day creative ads is its remarkable partnership with the White House, with a single motive - to promote vaccination. This drove the idea and need for all Americans to unite and fight the pandemic. And Budweiser did not just leave it at that.

        They went a level up and offered a bold incentive. You can imagine what the incentive from a popular beer brand could be - a beer, of course! If most of the population got vaccinated by the target date of the Fourth of July, the brand pledged to buy a round of beer for every American aged 21 and over. Now, that definitely makes it all the more exciting.

        What stood out for us in this ad:

        • The nostalgic connection with the 1996 film, Independence Day, featuring actor Bill Pullman grabs viewers' attention by inculcating a sense of familiarity and fond memories.
        • While the actual movie talked about alien invasion, the ad took the alternative approach to need, which is fighting the pandemic, and urged all Americans to fight the enemy in unity by getting vaccinated. 
        • The joint effort between Budweiser's manufacturer Anheuser-Busch and the White House enhanced the ad's credibility, as it focused on more than simply sharing a positive message on Independence Day.
        • The exciting incentive of pledging to buy a round of beer for every American aged 21 adds an element of reward.

        Check out the full video by Budweiser here.

        WWE’s “We Are America”


        Image Credits

        If you are looking for an extraordinary Independence Day ad that combines patriotism with a compelling message, then WWE's "We Are America" is the one. This heartfelt ad campaign was developed in collaboration with the Ad Council and R/GA as an extension of the esteemed Love Has No Labels program. 

        The core message of this ad is unambiguous - appreciate diversity, as it lies at the very core of the nation’s growth and progress. And taking the lead to spread this message in the ad is WWE Superstar John Cena, who talks about the need to accept and understand all communities and how to fearlessly confront implicit biases. 

        This heartwarming long-form video shows John Cena taking a stroll through a vibrant neighborhood where the viewers can witness the diversity of the nation in the background.

        The ad campaign went viral through television and online mediums, extending its reach through captivating out-of-home and print advertising. 

        To make it all the more engaging, the campaign invited the audience to participate in the "We Are America" campaign by sharing their photos to showcase the diversity of the country. This ad reminds the audience that love indeed has no labels, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

        Here’s what’s unique about WWE’s ad campaign:

        • The collaboration of WWE with the Ad Council and R/GA makes the ad campaign a resounding success. The core message was conveyed clearly, and effectively, sparking the spirit of Independence in people.  
        • It is always lovely to see a famous actor or sports person in an ad. And John Cena is an all-time loved wrestler and character that can best represent this ad campaign by WWE. His bold speech about embracing the nation's diversity, coupled with the video's representation of diversity, creates a strong sense of pride amongst the audience. 
        • The action point of engagement in this ad campaign encourages users to share their photos to showcase the nation's vibrant diversity. This made the campaign truly interactive and marketing success.

        Check out the full video by WWE here.

        United Airlines’s One-Way Ticket to Freedom

          United Airlines

          Image Credits

          You must be wondering why a print ad like this is on our list because of its simplicity. We sure agree with the fact that video ads make the most impact, but print ads are not behind, especially back in the day. This Independence Day ad by United Airlines debuted in 1999; that's over 23 years ago! And yet, the impact it made is unforgettable. 

          The print ad stands out for utmost creativity with just three simple things - the American flag, the copywriting, and of course, the airplane trail. The message conveyed is on-point and open for interpretation, which is about America's one-way ticket to freedom, the Declaration of Independence, on July 4, 1776.

          The simplicity of the ad, conveyed effectively through creative graphics, made it one of the best Independence Day ads we have seen. This is an example of how much can be conveyed minimally. 

          A few things that we loved about this ad:

          • As we mentioned above, the clear and concise messaging in this ad campaign is something for modern-day brands to take inspiration from. The powerful message of the freedom of the nation was conveyed by relating to the "ticket," something that easily relates to airplanes, and hence United Airlines.  
          • The ad is open for interpretation, giving the viewers the freedom to connect with the message on a personal level. It also paves the pathway for an imaginative interpretation of the meaning of freedom and independence. 

          Lowe’s Vine Loop


            Image Credits

            Anyone thinking of home improvement will think of Lowe's. Lowe's is an American-retail company primarily catering to home improvement needs. So, what better way to celebrate Independence Day other than to use its biggest power tools of home improvement?

            Shifting away from the common video and print ads, Lowe's decided to take a unique approach to celebrate the Fourth of July with a short Vine loop. And back in 2013, this was a creative trend to showcase creativity. Like the print ad by United Airlines, this, too, is simple, unique, and definitely a quick watch. 

            Fourth of July celebrations come with fireworks, and to present this simple idea on screen, Lowe's used everyday home-improvement tools such as nails, scissors, etc., with stop-motion animation. Pairing this Vine with the simple message of "Happy 4th of July" made the ad a delight to watch and share. Hats off to Lowe's for this one-of-a-kind ad for Independence Day!

            What we loved the most about Lowe’s ad:

            • The unique and creative concept of this ad is the #1 stand-out feature for us. Moving away from the traditional videos and print ads, this Vine captured the attention of viewers in just a few seconds!
            • Though the Vine loop is short and recurring, it conveys the message of simplicity through the use of everyday objects, connecting with the audience in the most effective and innovative manner. 
            • The brand association made through this ad is clever and outstanding. It captured the essence of Independence Day while reminding the audience of what Lowe’s is all about, reinforcing the brand identity. 

            Don’t forget to check out the Vine loop here

            Reasor’s Speaking the Language of the Audience


              Image Credits

              Last on our list is an Oklahoma-based grocery store chain that spoke patriotism in volume in their 4th of July ad in 2020. Celebrating Independence Day with close and loved ones is a timeless tradition that won't fade away.

              This commercial ad by Reasor speaks for the brand as well as encourages viewers to burst fireworks, organize an outdoor meal, maybe even a BBQ lunch, and sit together and celebrate the day of Independence. 

              The narration is concise and easy to understand, with fun-spirited videography of family and kids. As Reasor's is a regional brand, the messaging of the ad resonates with the local audience effortlessly. The ad also encourages the audience to purchase from Reasor to make their Fourth of July meal, adding the brand element to the ad. 

              We liked this ad because:

              • The ad successfully stood out by evoking the traditional sentiments of the viewers, encouraging them to gather and celebrate Independence Day in unity.
              • The regional brand tailored its messaging to its customers and local audience, encouraging them to make a purchase from the grocery chain to complete the celebration meal. This localized approach maximized the approach of the commercial, creating a meaningful and emotional connection with the viewers. 

              Here’s the full video for you to check out:


              Independence Day is a day to celebrate the freedom that our ancestors fought to win for its people. With creative storytelling and remarkable presentation, brands have constantly reminded us of the need to commemorate this day.

              Be it historical recreations through video ads to spark the patriotic side in us or purely celebratory content through print ads and Vine loops, these seven ads are truly inspiring and a definite must-watch! So, take notes to create something quirky to ignite the patriotic spirit to market your brand for the upcoming holiday season. 

              Happy Birthday, America!

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