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Release PageFly 3.10.0: Global Styling, Integration With Ryviu and Wishlist Plus

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We are excited to roll out what we believe is one of the biggest PageFly updates, and we want to keep you in the loop. 

Let's unfold what we've shipped to you in this 3.10.0 version. 

I. Global Styling: Design Once, Use Forever

Imagine this: You spent hours repeatedly poring over every brand element: From the iconography to the typography, from button color to text styling; meticulously crafting every interaction with the hope that your eCom brand would leave an indelible impression on every visitor.

Your efforts paid off handsomely. Your business, as you expected, blew up and now you have to design 50 product pages.  

The thing is, now you also have to manually edit each button, each paragraph on each product page to get the branding right. That's just terribly catastrophic.  

Understanding this pain point, we created Global Styling, to solve this problem head-on. 

What is Global Styling exactly? 

Simply put, Global Styling allows you to set up default styling options for various elements such as Heading, Buttons, Paragraph, Image, helping you easily achieve design consistency across all pages. 

To use Global Styling in PageFly, first go to PageFly Dashboard -> Settings -> Global Styling. 

use global styles

Here you can set the default style for all essential elements including: 

  • Color Palette 
  • Icon 
  • Image 
  • Button 
  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Divider

Here you can define up to 06 styles for an element. Once you’re satisfied with your design, simply hit Publish to bring these new global styles to life. 

set up global styles

Kindly note once you publish the changes, the new styles will be automatically applied to any element that is using Global Style in all PageFly pages or sections in your store

publish changes

This is another forte of Global Styling - helping you make style changes across your site without coding and saving tons of your precious time. 

Any publish changes to Global Styles will be applied to all elements using PageFly Global Styles on your store. So what's about elements that don't have Global Styles? 

Easy, you just need to hop on your Page Editor, select the element you want to edit, go to Styling Tab -> Under Elements Global Styles, select the Style you just design. 

Set up Global Styles

Global Styles in Pagefly

In the bad ol' days, you'd have to select the button -> edit Button Color, Button Text for the normal state, then edit Button Color Button Text for the hover state, now it can be done in 03 clicks, giving you the turbo boost you need! 

II. More Integration: Ryviu Product Reviews & Wishlist Plus by Swym

01. Establish Trust and Earn Credibility With Ryviu Product Reviews App & QA 

About Ryviu: Ryviu Product Reviews App & QA is one of the leading Shopify marketing apps that helps you generate social proof and customer support interactions by allowing you to provide product evaluations and answer product questions.

Ryviu App Listing

To use Ryviu with PageFly, simply open our 3-rd party element library -> Select “Ryviu Product Reviews App & QA" -> select the Ryviu element you want to use -> then simply drag n drop it onto your Product pages. 

Ryviu app

02. Bring Your Shoppers Back With Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation

About Wishlist Plus: Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation enables your shoppers to bookmark their favorite products and pick up where they left off when they return, without having to log in. You can easily drive sales and traffic with personalized email and campaigns, or integrate your store with CRM tools like Salesforce, Zaius to bring forth a streamlined and frictionless experience for your almost-buyers.

Swym App Listing


To use Wishlist Plus with PageFly, simply open our 3-rd party element library -> Under Upsell & Cross-sell Section, Select “Swym - Add To Wishlist" -> then simply drag n drop it onto your Product pages. 

Wishlist Plus

That's all for this release. If you need anything, kindly contact us via our 24/07 Live Chat Support. We always listen, wholeheartedly!

In case we don't see you, good morning, good evening and goodnight.

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