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Top 3 Main Shopify Services and Trusted Providers for your Store

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Hi there, fellow fans of online shopping! 🚀 Having a strong online presence is like having a superhero cape for success in the ever changing world of online business. And what do you know? Shopify is our digital adventure's super hero!

We understand that applying all of Shopify's features can feel similar to enrolling in a superhero training course. But don't worry! Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started in online retail, knowing these services and the fantastic providers behind them will help you supercharge your online store.

Our article is your reliable sidekick, here to walk you through the top Shopify services and trusted providers for your online store. So grab a seat and let's explore the strategies for maximizing your Shopify experience and transforming your online business idea into a profitable enterprise! 🌟✨


What are Shopify Services and Why Do You Need Them?

Shopify Website Design Services

the services that merchants can hire or services that Shopify offers

There is a vast network of skilled, Shopify-certified professionals and knowledgeable UX/UI designers that you can hire to create custom Shopify web designs and theme personalizations to boost revenue, encourage repeat business, and establish your brand.

Design a Shopify Theme

Shopify theme landing page

Source: Shopify

With Shopify, you are able to customize the appearance and feel of your website to your exact preference.

Since Shopify is designer-friendly, you can edit all template files and assets with any text editor. You can test your new design and sync your changes to your live store at any time.

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All you need to start creating your website is a rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS.

A more customized, expertly designed Shopify website outperforms many of the theme designs available on Shopify, despite the latter being an excellent eCommerce platform. An eCommerce-focused design and development company's expertly created Shopify website will look and function far better than a premade template.

Designed For Speed

Measure your Shopify store speed with service store

Source: Shopify

High page load speed is essential to providing a high-quality user experience. Aside from using compressed images, optimizing use of Shopify third party apps, implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages, or using a single hero image, you can consider using professional help too.

There are a couple of issues that are best left to seasoned Shopify developers to increase Shopify site speed. A couple of these issues are:

  • Eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS: In JavaScript/CSS heavy websites, certain batches of JS and CSS code can increase page load times, as well as block the rendering of the page. A browser has to load the JS scripts and CSS before loading the rest of the HTML on the web page. Consequently, users with slower internet have to wait longer for the page to load. Hence, these scripts and stylesheets are called render-blocking JavaScript and CSS. In order to fix this, the page has to load scripts according to priority.
  • Minifying HTML and JavaScript: Every website loads multiple files with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Most of these files include space, comments, Block delimiters, and the like. Naturally, this leads to the page needing extra time to load properly. Compact the HTML code as well as any inline JavaScript and CSS. This saves data and speeds up page loading. Generally, this is best done with professional personnel.

You can check the video below to know how to improve your store speed:

    Source: Shopify

    Custom Shopify Theme Design

    Creating a custom Shopify theme is the best option if you want total control over the appearance and feel of your Shopify store. After spending time in an immersion session to fully grasp your brand and vision, the design team will map out the important user journeys, develop a design language, and then create your incredibly powerful, entirely unique Shopify theme.

    With your distinct custom build, you'll have greater freedom to completely customize the site to your exact specifications, ensuring that it flawlessly and uncompromisingly embodies your brand vision. A custom Shopify store offers greater control and flexibility, but it also requires more time to design and develop.

    Top Recommended Shopify Service Providers for Online Store

    Shopify Experts is a list of seasoned programmers, designers, and marketers with knowledge of the Shopify ecommerce platform. Please check them out if you would like to outsource some or all of the development of your website.

    Find a designer near you and hand over your website design requirements to an expert!

    Learn more about how our Shopify website design services can assist your company in creating a fantastic online store. With our no-obligation proposal, you will be aware of what to expect at every turn.

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    1. Underground Media

    Underground Media homepage

    Source: Underground Media

    Underground Media is a web agency that offers Shopify design and development services. It was founded in 2008. Custom websites, apps, and responsive Shopify themes are created in collaboration with clients by Underground Media. The business offers international retail brands, artists, and start-ups e-commerce website design services. More than 20,000 online stores across more than 100 countries are powered by premium Shopify themes from Underground Media. And Underground Media works with global brands, such as Cypress Hill, the LA Lakers, and Fossil.

    • How to reach out: you can submit an inquiry ticket on their contact page from Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST (excluding holidays)
    • How much does it cost: $99.99 to make minor edits to your store with extended support tasks that are completed within 1-2 business days.
    • What services do they provide: Shopify User Experience (UX) Design, Shopify User Interface (UI) Design, Custom Shopify Theme Design, E-commerce Functionality Optimization,...

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      2. Eastside Co

      Eastside Co Homepage

      Source: Eastside Co

      Founded in Westbury, New York, Eastside Co. provides digital marketing and Shopify store creation services to companies worldwide. The company designs and develops multi-channel digital marketing solutions in addition to stunning, highly functional websites. And to help them take on industry titans, they collaborate with fresh brands. With over 300 Shopify stores under their belt, Eastside Co. is an expert at setting up e-commerce sites to generate leads and increase clients' online income. The agency's goal is to assist customers in creating successful online enterprises.

      • How to reach out:
      • How much does it cost: depends on the project
      • What services do they provide: Branding, creative direction, digital strategy, email design, icon design, illustration, usability, UX/UI web design, app design…

      3. Sleepless Media

      Sleepless Media homepage

      Source: Sleepless Media

      Sleepless Media, a Soquel, California-based agency with over 14 years of experience in designing and developing e-commerce sites, is the only e-commerce solution provider in the Bay Area using Shopify Plus. Sleepless Media implements Shopify website solutions for a range of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises and high-volume retailers. To help you reach more customers and increase your online revenue, the Sleepless Media team creates custom themes that are tailored to your business and the products you sell.

      • How to reach out: (831) 427-1969
      • How much does it cost: $150 - $199 / hr
      • What services do they provide: Design store's frontend, build Shopify theme, UI/UX design for Shopify Apps…

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        Shopify Marketing Services

        You should launch and manage your store on the Shopify platform if you want to increase your online sales. Yet that tells only part of the story.

        A first-rate Shopify marketing company is also required to give you a digital marketing plan that will increase visitors and revenue. So where are these experts located? And how can an eCommerce marketer be hired?

        Shopify marketing agency service

        Source: Shopify
        • Shopify agencies offer a broad range of marketing services, including data-driven strategy development and execution.
        • They create effective marketing campaigns, leveraging various marketing tools and channels to reach potential customers.
        • Expert marketing specialists may handle social media advertising, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing services to boost your online success.

        A Shopify Marketing Services expert provider's hiring can have a big impact on your online store's growth and success. The following are some major points that emphasize how crucial it is to work with such experts:

        In conclusion, for businesses looking to succeed in the cutthroat world of e-commerce, hiring a Shopify Marketing Services expert provider is a wise strategic investment. An online marketing presence that is more successful and effective is a result of their knowledge, customized strategies, and dedication to staying up to date with emerging trends.

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        Top Recommended Shopify Service Providers

        1. The Charles

        The Charles homepage

        Source: The Charles

        The Charles Group is a leading eCommerce marketing company that focuses on assisting customers in maximizing Shopify's potential.

        This full-service marketing firm provides all the tools you need to give customers an easy-to-use, enjoyable shopping experience. Media, Technology, Campaigns and Content, Branding and Visual Design, and Strategy and Consulting are additional services.

        Shopify recognizes exceptional partners who "demonstrate a level of product quality, service, performance, privacy, and support that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants" as Shopify Plus Expert Partners, an honor given upon The Charles Group.

        They are best known for their work with luxury brands, creating a refined, lavish experience for online shoppers.

        • How to reach out: (Chicago), (London)
        • How much does it cost: $150 - $199/hr
        • What services do they provide: Strategy, media, branding, design, content, production, UX, e-commerce and website development

        2. Cake Agency

        Cake Agency homepage

        Source: Cake Agency

        Cake Agency was established with decades of experience "by retailers for retailers."

        They provide customers with the entire package; get in touch with them for performance marketing, app development, brand consulting, and Shopify site design and development. They have also assisted businesses with rebranding.

        Given their innovative Gross Demand PlanTM, a retail management tool created to support the expansion of eCommerce businesses, we like this growth agency.

        The Gross Demand PlanTM lays the way with a 52-week growth roadmap for both your finance and marketing strategy, according to their website. Consequently, this instrument will accompany you in business decision-making.

        • How to reach out:
        • How much does it cost: $100-$150 per hour
        • What services do they provide: Mobile app development, brand strategy and identity, business strategy, eCommerce strategy, website management, paid social media, website audit and optimization strategy, website UX design and development

        3. Top Growth Marketing

        Top Growth Marketing homepage

        Source: Top Growth Marketing

        Top Growth Marketing is a Shopify partner committed to achieving notable expansion for its clients in the eCommerce space.

        Owner Jack Paxton has been scaling eCommerce brands for more than ten years. He has gained so much experience that he is now a Shopify Partner and hosts webinars and live lectures on how to market Shopify stores.

        Everything from social media advertising to brand strategy and conversion rate optimization is assisted by Top Growth. They are a Shopify-only agency, so it's difficult to find an agency with a deeper understanding of the platform.

        • How to reach out: You can visit their contact page here (source:
        • How much does it cost: $150 - $199/hr
        • What services do they provide: Social ads, search ads, email marketing, Shopify marketing, fashion marketing, beauty marketing, eCommerce

        Shopify Ecommerce Development Services

        These days, the benefits of using Shopify to create an online store are drawing in an increasing number of customers.

        Shopify eCommerce development services provided on a Shopify website are referred to as Shopify development. A seasoned eCommerce web development and website design company can help enhance Shopify, an excellent eCommerce platform, by adding custom functionality, integrations, and design tweaks that increase organic visibility and conversion rates across all marketing channels.

        Top Recommended Shopify Service Providers

        Selecting the best Shopify agency for your needs can be challenging given the abundance of options available. To make your decision a little bit simpler, we have put together an extensive list of the finest Shopify development services from reputable companies.

        Coding knowledge and technical expertise are necessary for creating a Shopify website. As a result, not every retailer has the skills or even a development team with enough tools to handle it alone. For this reason, web developers and businesses provide store setup and customization services, making it simple for retailers to get past these challenges.

        The best choice if you need to make coding changes to your website is to work with a Shopify agency. You can create an aesthetically pleasing layout that will entice customers by adding updates and alterations, such as on product pages, blog pages, the bottom of the page, or its navigational menu. Additionally, improving specific features and functionalities guarantees that customers will enjoy their shopping experience.

        1. Liquify

        Liquify homepage

        Source: Liquify

        Liquify has been a longstanding partner of Shopify for more than a decade. They are widely acknowledged as Shopify Experts, offering premium web design and development services to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, including major brands like Kerry Group and Izabel London. Custom Shopify theme development, branding and logo creation, Shopify audits and consulting, and Shopify Plus support and services are a few of their best offerings.

        Liquify shopify developer

        Source: Liquify

        • How to reach out: You can fill out your inquiry at their contact page (source:
        • How much does it cost: $180/hour
        • What services do they provide: custom templates, sections, product builders or VAT solutions…

        2. Brainvire

        Brainvire homepage

        Source: Brainvire

        One of the best Shopify development services is Brainvire. With the aid of their knowledgeable and experienced Shopify developers and experts, they can assist clients in figuring out what they require from a store and how to build one that either meets or surpasses their expectations.

        Brainvire's Shopify experts not only set up and customize store elements for you, but they also seamlessly integrate sophisticated features like payment and marketing tools. While they handle all the exhausting duties involved in keeping a Shopify store working at all times, you can kick back and unwind.

        • How to reach out: +1-631-897-7276
        • How much does it cost:  $30-70/hour
        • What services do they provide: Custom Shopify eCommerce development, Shopify design services, Shopify theme development & customization, Shopify migration services, Shopify integration, Shopify QA & testing, Shopify maintenance & support

        3. Magenest

        Magenest homepage

        Source: Magenest

        With years of experience, Magenest is currently the world's top Shopify development service. Magenest's Shopify development services can assist you whether you are new to Shopify, moving from another platform, or need help making improvements to your current site. They have the best Shopify website developers who can take care of everything for you so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business. They have years of experience and have already developed some very complex stores.

        • How to reach out:
        • How much does it cost: $50 – $350/hour
        • What services do they provide: Custom store development, error-free platform migration, mobile app development, third party system integration, audit, optimization and maintenance…


        Shopify is an excellent tool for companies looking to start their online presence quickly and simply. Establishing the fundamentals is simple, but Shopify development services can help turn your vision of an eCommerce experience that is as distinctive as your brand into a reality.

        Online merchants are aware of the value of developing captivating websites that draw visitors and motivate them to make purchases. Popular ecommerce platform Shopify (source: makes it easy for businesses to sell products online and on social media. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to ensure that your Shopify website is created with the newest online trends and technologies in mind.

        To make sure that your Shopify website looks and functions as good as it can, choose a web design partner who is familiar with your business and can assist you in optimizing your site to attract more visitors.

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