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Sup Dropshipping Review 2024: Is It A Good Dropshipping Platform?

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Looking for the latest Sup Dropshipping review? You’re right where you should be.

Good news! Dropshipping is going to be more popular this 2024. That means more business solutions, more products to sell, and more wholesale suppliers to choose from.

The dropshipping industry back in 2023 was an enormous $243 billion. And according to Statista, the industry size is expected to grow up to $301 billion this 2024. And that’s why the best time to start your dropshipping business is NOW.

But of course, before you hop into this type of online business, it is important that you do a thorough research as regards existing dropshipping suppliers to find the one that suits you best. After all, your supplier of choice will play a crucial part in your business success.

That’s why without further ado, we’d like to talk about one of the rising stars of dropshipping suppliers – Sup Dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping And How Does It Work?

Dropshipping is a unique business model that capitalizes on today’s advanced ecommerce technologies. In fact, the dropshipping business model has created a lot of success stories in the United States alone.

However, this does not mean that success is guaranteed in this type of business. According to Printify, while there are no official figures, industry experts estimate that around 10-20% of dropshipping businesses succeed.

Interestingly, 27% of retailers on the web have transitioned to drop shipping as their primary method of order fulfillment (ECommerce Platforms).

This means that 1 in every 4 online stores that you find on the internet has already adopted a dropshipping business model. And this speaks volumes about its massive potential.

So if you are not that familiar with the concept, allow us to briefly talk about dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping?

What Is Dropshipping?

Source: Hellotax

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where an online store does not keep the products it sells in stock. This means that there is no actual inventory that is kept within your warehouse.

Instead, when you sell a product, you purchase the item form a third party and the latter ships the item directly to your customer.

As a result, merchants like you no longer have to take physical possession of the product and you no longer have to do the order fulfillment yourself. It’s also more efficient as shipping times are cut short because the trail of product is cut short as well.

Thus, it's a low-risk business model because you don't need to invest in inventory upfront, but rather purchase items as needed, reducing financial risk. However, it also comes with challenges like relying on suppliers for stock and quality control.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Source: Hero Fincorp

There are three main parties in a classic dropshipping business model:

Online Store or Retailer (You)

This party operates the ecommerce platform, showcasing a variety of products for sale. As a retailer, you will handle customer orders and payments. Additionally, you are responsible for the marketing of personalized content and ads to capture your target audience.

Moreover, you are also responsible for providing excellent customer service to satisfy your new and existing customers.

But since we’re talking about dropshipping, you don’t stock inventory. In a way, you act like a middle man.


In any type of business model, the customers take the center stage as they are the ones who could help you flourish. The customers are the ones who browse your online store, place orders, and pay for the same.

Dropshipping Supplier

Dropshipping suppliers could be product distributors or direct factories. They collaborate with retailers like you to fulfill customer orders directly – eliminating the need for you to purchase and store products in bulk, thereby reducing your operational expenses.

This process sounds complicated, however, there are dropshipping platforms that make the process simpler, as you’ll find out later on in this Sup Dropshipping review.

Here’s a 3-minute video that explains the dropshipping model:

Source: Youtube Shopify Success

Sup Dropshipping Review

Using a Shopify store for your dropshipping business gives a lot of flexibility. You are not limited to only one supplier. Instead, you can integrate multiple product suppliers on a single store so you can have a wide variety of offerings. This means that aside from Sup Dropshipping, you can integrate other dropshipping platforms on your store.

That is, if you’ll need other platforms after seeing what Sup Dropshipping has to offer. So without further ado, let’s find out what makes this platform a very unique one.

What Is Sup Dropshipping

Sup Dropshipping started its journey as a dropshipping agent in 2010. Back then it assisted small to medium-sized businesses.

As ecommerce technologies and trends began to grow in 2013, they adapted to these changes in order to keep up with the continuously shifting business landscape.

Today, Sup Dropshipping offers hundreds of thousands of products from pre-vetted suppliers so that retailers like you could only connect with reliable suppliers.

Furthermore, Sup Dropshipping now has existing warehouses in the US, Europe, and Japan to make order fulfillments much faster.


  • Basic - Free
  • Pro - $19.90 per month
  • Premium - $29.90
Sup Dropshipping Pricing

Sup Dropshipping is one of the more affordable dropshipping platforms that you’ll find on the internet. For context, its direct competitor, Spocket, starts at $39.99 per month all the way to $299 per month for their top-tier plan.

On the other hand, Sup Dropshipping’s premium plan is only at $29.90 per month.

What’s more interesting with Sup Dropshipping is that the Basic Plan, which you can avail for FREE, already offers most functions that can be found in its paid plans.

Therefore, the Basic Plan alone could meet the needs of 95% of online sellers – making it risk free to get started using the platform.

Here’s what you get under each plan:

Subscription plan comparison


Sup Dropshipping has quite a list of ecommerce platforms that it integrates with. From international platforms like Shopify, social media ecommerce sites like Tik Tok Shop, and localized ones like Shopee and Lazada.

Here’s a complete list of them:

Supported platforms on Sup Dropshipping
  • Shopify
  • Lazada
  • Ecwid
  • Shopee
  • Woocommerce
  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Prestashop
  • Tiktok Shop, and
  • Order Desk


Sup Dropshipping Solutions

One thing that you should pay close attention to when looking for a dropshipping platform is the list of solutions that you get from them.

After all, dropshipping is very demanding when it comes to technology because of all the processes and moving parts involved in it.

Sup Dropshipping offers an impressive list of solutions to online entrepreneurs:

  • Winning Product Center
Winning Product Center

The winning product center offers a wide range of tools to help you find the best products for your target niche. It offers weekly recommendations of best sellers, helps you find the best prices, keyword and image search, a Google Chrome extension for web scraping, and more.

Source for best-priced products from millions of qualified suppliers at Sup Dropshipping
Automatic fulfillment and fast shipping guaranteed

  • Order Fulfillment Center
Order Fulfillment Center

The order fulfillment center has 16 specialized tools to help you manage your dropshipping business with ease. It has its own order management system that supports multiple platforms, auto fulfillment, multiple shipping methods, customized packaging, and access to a personal agent to assist you in every aspect of the business.

What stands out from their list of solutions is Quality and Inspection. Not all dropshipping platforms offer quality and inspection to retailers. However, this is a huge deal because it protects your customers as well as it protects you – minimizing returned orders and negative reviews from unsatisfied customers.

  • Print-On-Demand

You’d be happy to know that Sup Dropshipping supports Print-On-Demand or POD business models. Thus, if you plan to launch your clothing line or sell other products that include your own designs, Sup Dropshipping is a great platform to use. You can also request custom packaging for a more complete brand experience.

  • Brand Building
Brand Building

Branding is an important aspect of any business – even in dropshipping. You can find white label products from suppliers within the Sup Dropshipping platform and imprint your branded designs or logo in every product that you sell.

User reviews

User reviews

As of this writing, Sup Dropshipping gets a stellar 4.9/5 stars review on Shopify. Most of these reviews sing praises to their customer service. There are also those that are very satisfied with the ease of doing business using the platform.

And of course, customers also love that dropshipping has a quality inspection before shipping products to the customers.

Overall, the app looks very promising.

How Is It Like Using Sup Dropshipping?

How Is It Like Using Sup Dropshipping?

Now that we’ve discussed the important features of Sup Dropshipping, we’re going to use the platform on our demo store to see if it is actually competitive in real-world use.

First off, let’s install Sup Dropshipping to our Shopify store.

To do that, simply search the Shopify app store and click “Install”.

Source for best-priced products from millions of qualified suppliers at Sup Dropshipping
Automatic fulfillment and fast shipping guaranteed


Once it’s installed, you can find Sup Dropshipping from your apps in your Shopify admin. When you click it, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard.


The dashboard is very modern looking and everything is segmented using different colors. More importantly, every crucial data on your dropshipping store can be accessed here.

If you look at the left portion of your dashboard, you’ll find several menu items for different functions.

Dashboard menu items

Under the Find Product menu, you can access different sourcing functions to find the best products to sell.

The Orders menu has several functionalities that sellers will find very useful. You can track the fulfillment status of every order that comes to your store. This is also where you can find the disputes, such as returns and refunds, that you filed to your suppliers

The Store Orders sub menu is for sellers who integrated Sup with their online store. Purchase Orders is where you can order samples before you sell items in your store. Lastly, Imported Orders is for sellers who are using a platform that isn’t integrated with the app.

Furthermore, you can find your saved and listed items under the Products menu. It offers product-related and seller-focused features that help merchants in their day to day operations as well as analytics for more data-backed decisions.

Print On Demand is for all your POD dropshipping needs such as templates, designs, and more. And under Pro Services, this is where you can request for custom product photography, packaging, and invoices.

Since Sup Dropshipping has a multi-platform support, you can list your items not just on your Shopify store but also on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and more. You’ll find these under the Stores menu.

Your dashboard also has other menus such as Invite (for influencers to make affiliate links for their followers), Help Center, and Tutorial so you can easily learn how to use the platform.

Sup Dropshipping B2B Shop

Now, let’s try looking for some products via the Sup Dropshipping B2B Shop. To do that, click the Sup icon on top of your dashboard menus and you’ll be redirected to Sup Dropshipping’s ecommerce platform.

Click on the Sup icon to go to the B2B Shop

The Sup Dropshipping B2B Shop is your main access to hundreds of thousands of products from China that are ready to ship from warehouses located in key countries.

Product Categories

There are 15 main product categories on the B2B Shop:

Product Categories

  • Home & Garden
  • Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Cellphones & Accessories
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Luggage & Bags
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Mother & Baby
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories
  • Machinery

Under these main categories, you’ll find more subcategories that further sort out the products so they are very easy to find within the platform

Product Listings

With a lot of product categories, it’s safe to say that Sup Dropshipping is a great platform to find unique products to sell to your customers.

We tried looking at a random product listing to see if it is described in detail.

Product Listings

The one we found is this wooden bookshelf. Although the written product copy is not detailed, there is more supporting information if you scroll down.

This information shows the shipping origin of the product, shipping location, estimated costs and delivery date, and weight of the product.

Detailed information in the product listing

Additionally, more details about the product and its supplier are listed right below the listing. This includes description, supplier rating, reviews, product specification, and other important information.

You need to pay close attention to these simple details because these are the information that your customers would like to know before they decide to purchase the product from you.

Product Origin

Sup Dropshipping sources its products from China. However, what sets it apart from AliExpress and the likes is that the products and suppliers listed in their B2B shop are pre-vetted. Meaning that the chances of you getting a poor experience from your suppliers is very low.

Moreover, a common problem with dropshipping is the long waiting period before the customers receive their products – leading to frustrated customers.

Sup Dropshipping solved that problem by setting up warehouses on key locations in addition to their Chinese warehouses. These can be found on:

  • Japan
  • EU
  • United States

Thus, if you are dropshipping from the US and your product is available in their local warehouse, the products are guaranteed to arrive in a few days, not weeks – not to mention the shipping cost savings that lower down the retail prices of your products.

For context, importing products from China and shipping them to the US takes a few weeks.


Print On Demand

Their POD platform offers a lot of products so you can dropship branded items from your online store.

Print On Demand

These include a wide variety of clothing items, personal accessories, electronic accessories, home products, and pet supplies.

You can design your POD products on the dashboard

Sup Dropshipping will let you design your products using their own platform. You can choose from their stock images or you can upload your own designs.

Sup Dropshipping Google Extension For Product Sourcing

Sup Dropshipping Google Extension For Product Sourcing

Sup Dropshipping has its own Google Chrome extension to help entrepreneurs find similar products from direct suppliers – at a better price.

So if you have the extension installed on your browser, every time you look at a product from an ecommerce platform, you’ll see this floating Sup icon on your tab.

Find suppliers with better prices using SupScraper

Click on it and choose Find Better Price. Choose the similar image that you want to search and click the Find Better Price Button in the pop up window.

You’ll then be redirected to the Sup B2B shop where it will show a list of similar products with wholesale prices.

List of similar products with wholesale prices

It’s a very simple tool, yet it can yield great results especially if you want better profit margins on all your products.

Here’s a more detailed video on how you can use SupScraper:

Importing Products From Sup Dropshipping To Your Shopify Store

Importing Products From Sup Dropshipping To Your Shopify Store

Importing products from the B2B Shop to your Shopify store is extremely easy.

In the product page, click the “List to your store” button and a pop up window will appear, input your target retail price, check the images, specify your product collection, and edit your description. Afterwards, you can click “List It Now” to  import it to your store.

After a few seconds, it’s ready.

The imported product can be further edited vid the Shopify admin

As you can see, descriptions and HD images are automatically imported to your product admin page on  Shopify. You can then further edit the listing via this page before clicking the Save button.

After clicking Save, your product is live on your online store

And there you go, your product is ready for sale on your Shopify store.

Key Takeaways

After researching and using Sup dropshipping, we have arrived on some important takeaways about the platform:

  • Sup Dropshipping is extremely cheap when you consider the tools that it offers for all your dropshipping business needs. Its free Basic Plan alone already offers so many features that you can operate a dropshipping business just by using it. And if you want the best of what Sup Dropshipping could offer, the $29.90 subscription per month for the Premium Plan is definitely a steal.
  • The platform is beginner friendly. Unlike other dropshipping platforms that bombard new users with a lot of information at once, Sup Dropshipping has a gentler user interface that makes it easier to digest and it’s non-overwhelming.
  • You’ll find a lot of high quality products within the platform. We tried looking for products that we’re interested in and we found each one of them. Thus, if your niche falls within their product offerings, you’ll find a catalog of products to populate your store.
  • SUP Dropshipping is not only for the US market. If you plan to dropship using this platform but you are not in the United States, you’ll still find it very useful. Since it still sources its products from China, you can choose to ship from the China warehouse to virtually any part of the world.
  • Their multi-platform support is impressive. Shopee and Lazada are ecommerce giants in the APAC region. And Sup Dropshipping can be integrated with these platforms so that entrepreneurs from this region can take advantage of its offerings.


According to AppScenic, 84% of ecommerce retailers cite supplier selection as the top dropshipping obstacle. It’s true that in the past years, finding the right dropshipping partner has been a hit or miss. Ask any dropshipper and he’ll likely have a story about when a supplier left him hanging.

But as you know, times are changing and ecommerce solutions are evolving in a good way. With dropshipping agents like Sup Dropshipping that offer pre-vetted suppliers, new players in the industry would assume lesser risks and they will enjoy higher chances to succeed.

Honestly, we’re very impressed with what we saw in Sup Dropshipping – the affordable prices, the great user interface, the ease of use, and quite frankly, almost everything about it.

So if you’re still searching for a dropshipping platform, take a look at Sup Dropshipping. It’ll be worth your time.

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