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Baby Business Ideas: 12 Best Products & Services To Sell

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Who doesn’t love babies? They are adorable, carefree, and so innocent without much care in the world. All they do is be cute and that’s enough to melt our hearts.

If you are here looking for baby business ideas, chances are you want to turn your penchant for these little bundles of joy into a thriving business.

Why not? There are about 10,000 newborns every day in the United States.

This only means one thing: you will have new customers born everyday. But before you get too excited, thriving in the baby business starts with the right products and services that people are actually searching for.

We’re all for supporting you in establishing a successful brand. That’s why we did our research so you can find the best baby business idea for your online store. We used Google Keyword Planner to validate our claims. Keep reading below.


Is Baby Business A Thriving Industry?

The first question you should ask yourself before entering any business is, “Is the industry alive?”

Let’s look at the numbers to answer that question.

  • The market size (measured by revenue) of baby products industry in the United States in 2023 is valued at $12.9 billion
  • On average, the online baby products industry in the US has grown 13.8% every year between 2018 and 2023.
  • Compared to other industries, the baby products business performed better. The industry increased faster than the overall US economy.

* Market insights by IBISWorld

Summarizing all the numbers, it shows that industry is a thriving one and will continue to do so in the future.

This means that it is not too late to think of business ideas aimed at babies and kids. Sell the right products and hit the marketing nail on the head, and you will be in for a profitable business.

Few Things To Keep In Mind

As you may know, babies require utmost diligence when caring for them. With that, there are a few things that you need to remember when looking for baby business ideas for your Shopify store.

Safety & Quality

Babies have little to no idea regarding safety. Thus, it is a moral responsibility for businesses to introduce products that are 100% safe. If you want to sell baby products such as toys, make sure that these are durable and made of quality materials.

Age Appropriateness & Practicality

What might be useful for infants might no longer be applicable for toddlers. As such, it is important that you sell products that are appropriate to your target customers. However, offering a range of products gives you a higher chance of attracting a wider customer base.

Speaking of practicality, more and more customers are now supporting eco-friendly and sustainable materials. So, these are products that you should also consider sourcing.


If you want your business to stand out, consider offering unique or specialized baby products or solutions. In sourcing these, partner with reputable suppliers with proven track records of creating quality products.

The problem attached to introducing new products is that people are not (yet) looking for them. Thus, it can be difficult to spread the word.

The safe way is to sell products with proven search records (more about this in the next section).

Proper Selling Platform

The key to achieving ecommerce success is by making yourself accessible to your target customers. Branding is the name of the game. And if you want to execute real branding efforts, having your own ecommerce platform like Shopify is your best bet. That way, you have absolute freedom in your store design. Your creativity is the limit.

Profit Margin

As you noticed, profitability came last. Not to say that it is least important. However, this should be the last thing in your mind. Focus on selling safe, practical, and unique products, give emphasis on branding and marketing, and profitability will come.

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Using Google Keyword Planner For Product Research

In compiling our list of baby and kid business ideas, we used Google Keyword Planner to validate if these products are constantly being looked at by potential customers.

While its primary purpose is to help digital marketers in their campaigns, Google Keyword Planner is an effective tool in finding profitable small business ideas and conducting market research because it provides numerical figures regarding the Google searches of phrases, terms, or keywords in your target market.

Note: If you find Google Keyword Planner difficult to use, we suggest using its alternative, WordStream Free Keyword Tool.

If a certain keyword yields a high search result for a specific amount of time, it means that people are looking for that product.

There are also other results along with monthly search terms. But for the purposes of research, we will only be using the most relevant column – Average Monthly Searches

google keyword planner screenshot 2

In conducting our research, we will use the following parameters:

  • Location is set to United States
  • Time range is set at the last 12 months
  • We will only include search terms that got more than 10 thousand average monthly searches

In your ecommerce journey, you will encounter terms such as search engine optimization or SEO. Google Keyword Planner is a tool made for that – finding relevant keywords in your business to make your website searchable and to rank higher in the Google search results page.

But for now, let’s stick to using it as a market research tool. To learn how to use Google Keyword Planner…

    Baby Business Ideas: Best Products to Sell

    Now, the reason why we’re all here. In this list, we will provide you with a collection of business ideas aimed at babies and kids and we will give you an example of a successful baby store under each product.

    01. Dresser


    Source: Babyletto

    Keyword: baby dresser

    Average Monthly Searches: 10k - 100k

    Baby dressers are a crucial furniture in keeping your baby’s clothes fresh and away from dirt and allergens. With average monthly searches reaching 100k, we can say that there is an ample demand for these furniture. If you plan to sell dressers, one way to make your products unique is by designing them in a minimalist way (like the one above) so it can blend in with any kind of room.


    Source: Babyletto

    Babyletto is an expert at selling minimalist-inspired baby furniture such as dressers and cribs. They also have hypoallergenic mattresses to make sure that the baby’s skin remains free from irritations when they are sleeping.

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    02. Decorations


    Source: The Natural Baby Company

    Keyword: nursery decorations

    Average monthly searches: 10k - 100k

    You might think that nursery decorations are merely just for aesthetics. The truth is, the decorations in baby rooms aid babies’ brain development. These educational toys can help them gain an early understanding of the world and the environment that surrounds them.

    Thus, parents who are conscious of the nursery room’s effect on babies’ development will be very discerning when it comes to design. This can be a huge opportunity for you to introduce unique nursery decorations.

    The Natural Baby Company

    Source: The Natural Baby Company

    The Natural Baby Company has a collection of unique nursery decorations in the cartoon shape of animals, toys, and celestial objects. Additionally, they have a wide selection of toys made out of wood to minimize the baby’s exposure to harmful toxins from plastic toys. It also has a toy store that toddlers will enjoy.

    03. Carrying Bags

    Carrying Bags

    Source: 7AM Enfant

    Keyword: diaper bag

    Average monthly searches: 100k - 1M

    Parents who travel a lot with their babies need a separate bag for their baby and personal stuff. After all, they don’t want to mix their dirty office stuff with diapers, milk, and toys, among other things.

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    Carrying bags are also an added layer of protection to keep the baby stuff away from bacteria.

    7AM Enfant

    Source: 7AM Enfant

    7AM Enfant has a selection of well-designed diaper bags for moms and dads so that the baby is always on the go and ready to tag along for an exciting trip.

    Winter season? No problem. 7AM Enfant makes jumpsuits, car seat cocoons, and other protective clothes specifically made to keep the babies warm during winter season. They also have strollers, bassinets, and scooters for kids.

    04. Hip Carriers

    Hip Carriers

    Source: MiaMily

    Keyword: baby carriers

    Average monthly searches: 10k - 100k

    In looking for business ideas aimed at babies, you can also consider focusing on solutions for parents, not just for babies. Hip carriers are a great modern solution for parents who like walking with their babies.

    Carriers lessen the muscle strain of carrying the babies with the arms. With hip carriers, parents and babies can now spend more time walking in the park together so they can develop a nurturing bond.


    Source: MiaMily

    Looking for out-of-the-box travel solutions? MiaMily is the ecommerce store to consider. They have rugged luggage strollers with built-in seats – and they look well crafted.

    For leisure-loving parents and babies, they have three kinds of hip carriers that will suit every need.

    05. Sleeping Sacks

    Sleeping Sacks

    Source: Dreamland Baby

    Keyword: sleep sacks

    Average monthly searches: 10k - 100k

    Sleep sacks are weighted blankets designed for babies to reduce stress and promote quality sleep. Some parents use sleep sacks up until the babies are 2 years old.

    As an essential piece of baby clothing, selling sleep sacks in your ecommerce store might be a good choice.

    Dreamland Baby Co

    Source: Dreamland Baby

    Dreamland Baby Co. is an expert in selling weighted sleeping solutions so babies feel secure and comfortable which helps them sleep soundly.

    Aside from sleeping bags, they have pajamas for toddlers as well. Dreamland Baby Co. is very serious about their product quality. With more than 5,600 reviews from meticulous parents, they were able to get 4.9/5 – excellent!

    Now, the question is… do they have sleeping bags for adults? Because we might just get one for ourselves!

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    06. Organic Baby Clothes

    Organic Baby Clothes

    Source: Bums & Roses

    Keyword: bamboo baby clothes

    Average monthly searches: 10k - 100k

    Eco-warrior parents would love this. Organically made products have a certain appeal to them because it gives people that sense of nature preservation. Not to mention, organic materials are way better than synthetic ones in terms of comfort. And since these are all-natural, they are also non-toxic.

    Take a look at this tiger print pajama. Colorful isn’t it? It makes that little girl look like she’s ready to pounce at a glass of milk at any moment.

    Bums & Roses

    Source: Bums & Roses

    Safety and sustainability is Bums & Roses mantra. It is a baby boutique that specializes in organic baby clothing made of all-natural bamboo fabric. Their website claims that clothes made of this material are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and provides relief to eczema.

    07. Fashionable Boots

    Fashionable Boots

    Source: Zutano

    Keyword: baby shoes

    Average monthly searches: 100k - 1M

    Just because babies spend most of their time asleep and carried around does it mean that they don’t need shoes. The keyword “baby shoes” gets up to one million searches per month. This means American parents love putting shoes on their babies.

    When the shoes are as cute and colorful as the example above, parents will be more excited to buy. Thus, creative shoes must be in your list of baby business ideas.


    Source: Zutano

    Zutano takes baby shoe design to the next level. Not just ordinary shoes, they have baby booties made of organic cotton. Parents looking for environment-friendly products will surely love these.

    Customers can choose from more than 100 design prints of these cotton boots and they will definitely find one for their bundle of joy. They also have real shoes for toddlers who are starting to explore the world on their two feet.

    08. Cribs


    Source: Incy Rooms

    Keyword: baby crib

    Average monthly searches: 100K to 1M

    Newborns will spend most of their time in the crib for the first 18 months of their lives. That’s why having a sturdy crib (among other baby furniture) is essential. One that is aesthetically pleasing is a huge plus.

    Selling stylish and minimalist baby cribs in your Shopify store could be a great idea. Just look at the monthly searches they get.

    Incy Rooms

    Source: Incy Rooms

    Incy Rooms is an expert at providing stylish baby cribs that will blend nicely with any type of room. They also have dressers, mattresses, beddings, and all other stuff needed to make the babies warm and comfortable throughout the day.

    They have a diversified portfolio with lots of products to choose from. Take a look at their website and you’ll surely draw inspiration from them.

    09. Organic Snacks

    Organic Snacks

    Source: Ready Set Food

    Keyword: baby food

    Average monthly searches: 10K - 100K

    Parents want the best nutrition for their babies. That’s why every baby food that they intake must be guaranteed to be safe and good for their health. If you are an expert nutritionist or have a strong passion in creating nutritious baby foods, this is the business for you.

    Ready Set Food

    Source: Ready Set Food

    Ready Set Food is a revolutionary baby foods company because they take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to allergens.

    Introducing common allergy foods before babies reach one year old reduces their chances of developing allergies. Ready Set Food is the brand to go when babies are ready for their solid foods. Their snacks include allergens just at the right amount so babies can develop an immunity against them.

    Their idea is proven to be brilliant that Walmart and Target, among other retailers, are convinced their products should be on their shelves.

    10. Stroller Wagons

    Stroller Wagons

    Source: Wonderfold Wagon

    Keyword: baby stroller

    Average monthly searches: 10K - 100K

    Baby strollers are the solutions for parents who want to travel with their babies without putting much stress on their (parents) bodies.

    The problem with most strollers is that they are only good for one baby. But what if you are traveling with your pack? Bringing multiple strollers is just not possible.

    The solution is a baby stroller that can fit four kids. Isn’t this interesting or what? It’s the first time we’ve seen this and it sure looks cool.

    Wonderfold Wagon

    Source: Wonderfold Wagon

    Wonderfold Wagon is behind these baby wagons. They are like mini horse carriages that kids will surely enjoy. Not to mention the positive attention you’ll get when people see you lugging your kids around on a mini wagon. Wonderfold Wagons have strollers that can fit two kids or four kids.

    Baby Services

    Other than selling actual products, conducting a service-oriented business for babies might also be a good idea. Here are some of the baby services idea that you should look into:

    11. Childcare Services

    Childcare Services

    Source: sittercity

    Keyword: daycare

    Average monthly searches: 100K - 1M

    Babysitters or child care centers are a huge help for American parents – especially those who are working a day job.

    According to a 2020 study that analyzed 25 states across the nation, 8.4 million children under the age of five needed child care. However, only about 5.9 million child care slots were available. Thus, roughly 2.7 million children, or 31.7%, could not access quality child care due to a limited number of child care slots (Zippia).

    With the scarcity of child care services in the US and the high demand for it, doing it as a business could be profitable for you.

    12. Baby Photography

    Baby Photography

    Source: Instagram

    Keyword: newborn photography

    Average monthly searches: 10K - 100K

    Babies grow fast. And to every new parent, they want to cherish every moment of their newborn’s life. One way to do that is through newborn photography.

    If you have a passion for photography and are willing to learn editing skills (in case you still don’t know how), this is a business idea that will let you prosper, see cute babies everyday, and meet amazing families everyday.

    Bottom Line

    Having these business ideas are just half the story if you want to establish a thriving online business, you need to deepen your knowledge of e commerce and internet marketing because these will be the primary platforms that you will use.

    When it comes to choosing the right ecommerce platform, Shopify is on top of our list because it empowers businesses, both big and small, with the necessary ecommerce tools that will help them go further.

    As you witnessed from the Shopify baby stores above, website design can't be neglected as well. Even though Shopify gives you freedom to design your ecommerce store, considering the use of a page builder will give you more choices for your store’s aesthetic.

    Did these baby business ideas inspire your entrepreneurial spirit? If yes, make sure that you do thorough research before you jump the gun.

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