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14 Best Small Business Ideas for 2024: Including Food Truck Ideas

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Do you know the two factors you should consider when starting a food business? It’s market saturation and demand.

From a baby food business to a coffee store, the food business has a lot of profit margin and will never die. Let's face it, everyone in the world needs food. And not just healthy food but junk as well. This might be why you're considering stepping into the food industry.

In this article, you will discover unique small food business ideas and how to start and grow your own food business. So let’s look at some profitable food business ideas that are best for small business owners.


I. 14 Best Food Business Ideas

01. Coffee Shop

Coffee is the Kickstarter of the day for millions around the globe. With the market being expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% (Source: Statista) annually, it’s high time to hop into this industry.

Selling coffee online can be rewarding as it's less risky and quickly scalable.

People are getting more specific about their coffee needs, which has given rise to the success of various eCommerce stores.

You can take inspiration from the likes of KoffeKult - a premium coffee beans selling store, and start a region-specific store of your own.

Coffee shop


  • You can start small
  • You can reach out to people via social media platforms


    • Must maintain a robust supply chain to meet the demand when scaling your business

02. Ice Cream Parlor

Everyone loves ice cream. The global ice cream market is projected to reach a valuation of $122 bn by 2031 (source: alliedmarketresearch), making it one of the favorite desserts in the world.

So, if you love to play with crazy flavors and can serve delicious ice cream, you have a million-dollar business idea in your hands.

With limitless styles like gelato, frozen custard, and snow cream, there is always room for innovative menus.

Unique brands like Jeni’s have changed the game by serving delicious and healthy ice creams worldwide.

Ice cream parlor


  • The ice cream market sector has an ever-increasing demand
  • Can add a lot of SKUs to your menu when scaling your business


  • Can turn out to be a seasonal business

03. Food Truck Idea

If you’re a food lover with an entrepreneurial bug, food trucks are a great way to begin your journey.

With benefits like mobility and relatively lower investment, the food truck business has become increasingly popular in recent times and continues to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2021 to 2028.

In addition to that, food trucks are a popular destination among millennials as they provide creative foods with a fun social experience.

Pro Tip: When setting up a food truck, try selling vegan/organic food. The Gen Z are more inclined to eating healthy food rather than junk food to avoid health issues.


  • Ability to reach customers wherever they are
  • Chefs have the creative freedom to prepare the dishes


  • You will need multiple parking permits from the government

Food truck ideas from Pinterest

The core idea behind food trucks is to offer a mobile culinary experience that combines convenience with creativity. Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks have the unique advantage of mobility, allowing them to reach a wider range of customers in various locations. This mobility also enables food truck owners to experiment with diverse and often niche culinary concepts, from fusion cuisines to specialized diets like vegan or gluten-free options. The essence of a successful food truck lies in its ability to offer something distinctive and appealing, whether it's through innovative recipes, themed decorations, or a specific type of cuisine that isn't readily available in the area.

The benefits of running a food truck are manifold. Firstly, compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, the initial investment and ongoing operational costs are generally lower, making it a more accessible venture for many budding entrepreneurs. Additionally, the flexibility in location allows food truck owners to tap into different markets and customer bases, attending events, parks, and urban streets where their specific offerings are most in demand. This mobility also provides a platform for testing new food concepts with minimal risk. Furthermore, food trucks often cultivate a unique brand identity and community presence, creating a loyal customer base through personal interactions and a distinctive dining experience that can't be replicated in a conventional restaurant setting.

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Source Images: Pinterest

04. Cooking Classes

If you’re a culinary wizard who wants to pass on the baton, then teaching how to cook can be a lucrative profession to explore.

Cooking has been on the rise since Covid-19. Especially when millennials are looking to hone their cooking skills.

Did you know that the global cooking class market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.9% from 2021-2029? That's huge!

You can hold virtual classes at home like Sur La Table and have a worldwide target audience.

Cooking classes


  • An opportunity to pass on the learning and inspire people who are excited to improve their cooking skills
  • Need very few resources to begin; making the business risk-free


  • The online calls can be tough sometimes to explain what you're exactly trying to say/show

05. Food Delivery Business

When it comes to eating habits, the world’s constantly evolving.

Social distancing norms and lockdown have given an enormous boost to the food delivery ecosystem, making them a preferred choice over restaurants.

Further, the food delivery business has become a booming market worth more than $150 billion (source: mckinsey).

Moving forward, you can also pick a niche food segment and start delivering like Papa Johns - a world-famous pizza joint.

Food delivery business


  • Don't need to set up a restaurant; you can just open a cloud-kitchen and get on with selling food online


  • Need extraordinary management skills to handle deliveries with excellent efficiency
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    06. Bakery

    Do you want your whisking adventures to satiate the hunger of people around? If yes, this is the right time to begin as a baking enthusiast and reach out to the world.

    It has various options, including cookies, fresh bread, and low-fat pastry.

    Food Tech startups like Milk Bar have satiated people's sweet tooth cravings, showing how you can run a successful bakery business.



    • There is a high demand for baked products with dietary restrictions, and if you can cash on that, you can build a brand over time


    • Inventory management is a widely known issue in this business
    • Managing multiple orders at a time can be challenging

    07. Jams & Jellies

    Jams and jellies are among the most beloved condiments eaten worldwide for breakfast. And if you can make raving jams in unique flavors, there is a huge market open for you.

    It’s an evergreen market predicted to reach around $9 billion by 2027 (source: globenewswire). You can also make jams with added health benefits to build your unique brand image and attract new customers.

    Mr. Miller’s Homemade Jam is a store that makes finger-licking Jam and earns a fortune.

    Jam & Jellies


    • Low investment business as you can start from your house
    • You can also start this as side hustle


    • Supply chain management is no joke in this business

    08. Snacks

    A great evening is incomplete without crunchy and tasty snacks.

    Snack items go with everything, from coffee to beer; you need a side with everything. Unsurprisingly, the snack industry was valued at $1450bn in 2021 (source: grandviewresearch).

    Nowadays, there's a growing demand for tasty and healthy snacks, and if you can provide both, you can make a lot of money.

    Snack markets have been saturated for a long time, but brands like Thrive Market have dominated the market with some unique and amazing snack delivery across the globe.



    • Start small by making homemade fresh snack items and try selling them to local retailers
    • There is a lack of innovation in this market; if you can capitalize on that, the game is yours.


    • Comparatively low margin from other food businesses

    09. Catering

    Catering is a service of providing food at a venue like hotels, ships, wedding functions, and more.

    The food is delivered at the site or cooked at the live counter. There are various types of catering businesses like corporate caterers, wedding catering services, and independent caterers.

    You have the flexibility to choose among these and then expand as you climb up the ladder. Yummy Corp is an Indonesia-based catering business delivering exceptional catering services.



    • You don't need to be a Michelin star restaurants chef to open a catering business (you can hire a team)

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    • It can be overwhelming at times as there will be so much to manage apart from cooking

    10. Personal Chef

    If you organize a small house party but don’t want the hassles of cooking, you can go onto Google searching personal chefs near me.

    Sites like TakeAChef lets you hire a pro to cook you meals anytime you want.

    Personal chef

    Many small-scale event organizers prefer personal chefs as they are less expensive than large catering companies and provide more personalized experiences in cooking.


    • Can be a highly profitable business when you cook for like a pro
    • Gives you control over time; thus, you can decide when and where to work


    • Need to constantly learn and evolve as customer needs new and innovative things regularly

    11. Cookies

    People continuously crave a variety of delicious and crispy cookies, making it one of the most cost-effective businesses to start.

    If you can satisfy people’s sugary obsession with your little baked secrets, you can create a very lucrative business in no time.

    To begin with, you can choose a niche cookie segment like chocolate chip cookies, cookies with dietary restrictions, or coffee specials and specialize in any one of them.

    Once you have started, you can easily promote your product on social media and gain potential customers. Maxine’s Heavenly is one cookie business to take inspiration from.



    • Cookies are an evergreen market meaning there will be ample demand any time of the year
    • Pretty good margins


    • In a cookie business, packaging should be top-notch

    12. On-The-Go Meals

    Home-cooked tiffin services have been in great demand since the pandemic began. Students living alone in a city or small offices which do not have a big budget to hire a catering service might opt for homemade meals regularly.

    They are constantly searching for nutritious meals at a reasonable price, and if you can deliver it at their doorsteps, you are on the verge of building something that can be profitable.

    With minimum resources and no need for retail shops, it’s a perfect match for budding food-preneurs.

    Startups like Order On the Go have disrupted this market by providing healthy and tasty food to your home.

    On-the-go meals


    • No fancy cooking is required; you can start with basic culinary skills


    • Managing orders and delivery can be stressful at times

    13. Cloud kitchen

    With the pandemic outbreak, people began to prefer doorstep delivered food rather than having fine dining in a social setting.

    A cloud kitchen is the only delivery store with no dine-in facility. Food can be ordered through apps and websites and gets delivered to your home.


    • Low operating costs
    • No need to rent space


    • Due to its complete online visibility, brand building can be a challenging task

    14. Food Blogger

    If you can take on an enlightening gastronomic tour with your cooking skills, you should try food blogging.

    With the advent of new free blogging platforms, you can design your blog for free and start creating content for your audience today.

    Blogging can be a full-time job, or you can work as a freelancer with complete control of your time. So, whether you want to share your eating experiences or you have discovered a new food outlet, starting a food blog can set you apart.

    Pro chefs like Brandon Matzek run a food blog which earns them a fortune.

    Food blogger


    • Blogs are a passive source of income that you can start almost free
    • The power to reach a wide audience will give you popularity and respect


    • It takes a lot of patience to be a successful food blogger

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    II. How To Start A Small Food Business

    Starting a new business can be a daunting task for many. It requires incredible effort and planning combined with:

    • Preparing a robust business plan
    • Finding the product-market fit
    • Exploring ways of marketing
    • Developing brands and many more

    So, to help you get started, here's a step-by-step guide you can follow:

    Step 1: Finding the Right Product

    Deciding your first product can be a little intimidating. There are many interesting food options out there people crave, but you can't do everything.

    Firstly, you must choose what to sell. Ask yourself these questions to know what product to sell:

    • Do I love what I’m about to offer?
    • Who’s my target market?
    • Do I have a proven record in what I sell?

    Once you are ready with the idea, evaluation follows.

    Step 2: Evaluation

    Since you're going to invest a lot of time and energy into your venture, it's important to check the idea's potential.

    And the best way to do that is feedback. But don’t make the mistake of running to everybody to get their suggestions.

    Feedback from the right source is important. You can meet with potential customers and try taste testing. It can help to improve your product and understand the market better.

    Step 3: Business Plan

    Moving forward, it’s time to craft a detailed business plan.

    A business plan is a written document that describes your objectives, finance channels, hiring, logistics, and other essential details.

    It’s helpful to have your goals written somewhere. It provides clarity in thinking and strength in action.

    Step 4: Building brand

    Building a brand creates customer loyalty. It’s the story you tell about yourself to your customers. It involves an array of factors, but one of the first things that reaches your customers will be the brand’s name.

    The more authentic you sound, the more you attract customers.

    It's important to note that consumers are more attracted to brands sharing their beliefs. It's like the cover of your book, and it must depict something of value.

    Step 5: Build An Online Store

    Once you have built your brand, it’s time to open an eCommerce store.

    You can create a Shopify account and list your products there. It’s easy and you can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

    Add your products, shoppable videos, social feed design your virtual shop with beautiful colors resonating with your brand, and boom, you are all set to sail.

    Build an online store for your food business

    Step 6: Let's Sell

    Once you have set up your shop, it’s time to bring in customers.

    There are two ways to do that:

    1. Organically: It can use blog posts, Facebook updates, or Instagram posts to engage your audience
    2. Ads: Run PPC campaigns with a set target audience

    Pro Tip: Apart from these two conventional methods, you can also bet on social media influencers to bring you, customers, by promoting your brand.

    III. Wrapping Up

    It’s always good to earn money while doing what you love to do. For enthusiastic food-preneurs and chefs, there is a lot to be explored.

    The myths of brick and mortar have been shattered and replaced by customized eCommerce stores.

    Now is the time to turn your dreams into vegan sandwiches, ice creams, or a fast food restaurant online. The world is wide open for you to try and test new things.

    You can begin today no matter wherever you are with whatever you have and build your unique identity with what you serve on the plate.

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