Top 12+ Eco-friendly Dropshippers for your Dropshipping Business

Top 12+ Eco-friendly Dropshippers for your Dropshipping Business

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It goes without saying that with the current environmental state the Earth is in, everyone should do their best to live sustainably and create eco-friendly businesses. 

Unfortunately, establishing an eco-friendly online store is no easy task, and dropshipping is not known for being the most eco-friendly business out there. After all, the goods are shipped or flown in from factories all over the world.

Luckily, there are ways Shopify store owners can make their dropshipping business more sustainable. Besides minimizing product returns, using less packaging, and outlining product recycling instructions, you can also start dropshipping eco-friendly products.  

Most of the time, eco-friendly products are already made from easy-to-recycle materials and come in minimal packaging. All you have to do is find wholesalers who could supply those eco-friendly products for your store. 

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Why Offer Eco-friendly Products?

Authentic Eco-friendly products were difficult to get twenty years ago. However, with global challenges such as pollution and global warming becoming more widely discussed, now manufacturers are more concerned than ever before about the environmental impact of their products.

Nowadays, many consumers consider not just quality and price, but also sustainability and environmental friendliness.

According to an estimate, 48% of customers in the United States stated they are changing their purchasing habits to decrease the purchase of products that place negative effects on the environment.

Moreover, most of today's consumers prioritize environmentally friendly items so much that they are willing to pay a higher price for them. Now around 90% of millennials are willing to spend more on products containing eco-friendly or sustainable components.

So, what does the market value of eco-friendly items look like?

In the United States, sales of environmentally friendly products increased by 20% from 2014 to 2018. Consumers in the United States spent $128.5 billion on sustainable products in 2018, and researchers predict that the market will exceed $150 billion in 2021.

Furthermore, customers prefer eco-friendly items since they provide various advantages over other products, including:

  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Acceptable to the environment
  • Reusable 
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Lower Maintenance 
  • Recyclable
  • Lower Cost

To summarise, the sustainable product market is expanding. Consumers are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly items, and they are becoming more aware of them.

These are all excellent indicators of a potentially successful niche to launch a dropshipping business!

In this article, we’ll pick the top 12+ best eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers for your green e-commerce store.

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Top 12+ Green Dropshipping Suppliers You Can Get Your Eco-friendly Products From

01. Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture wholesalers may not have an abundance of eco-friendly products to offer, but those that they do have leave almost no footprint on Earth. It’s an ethical green supplier that gets its products from farmers, small factories, and independent artists worldwide. Jungle Culture is a totally zero waste and plastic-free product supplier. 


What can you dropship?

They sell coconut cutlery and bowls, coconut shell candles, shaving soap bars, safety razors, and reusable straws. You can also ask them to make those products branded with your logo. 

Countries covered:

Eco-friendly e-commerce shops in the UK, EU, US, and more.

2. Green Bear UK

Green Bear UK or Groene Beer is an e-shop as well as a wholesaler originally established in the Netherlands. The company was created in 1993 with a goal to distribute natural, organic, and biodegradable cleaning products. The company was so successful that they opened another e-shop in the UK.  

GreenBear UK

What can you dropship?

Green cleaning products such as floor and window cleaners, microfiber cloths, as well as eco-friendly beauty and healthcare products, and bamboo clothes for men, women, and kids. 

Countries Covered: Europe

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03. Honest Green eSolutions by UNFI

If you’re into online food selling business - this one’s for you. Honest Green eSolutions is a distributor of organic grocery and wellness products. As with most of the wholesalers, Honest Green eSolutions can deliver the goods to you or directly to the customer. They don’t ask for minimum order size or frequency. 

UNFI green dropshipping

What can you dropship?

Honest Green offers non-perishable, shelf-stable items, such as gourmet, conventional, ethnic and natural foods, vitamins and supplements for sports nutrition

Countries covered:

Honest Green is based in the US and has 4 distribution centers across the country. 

04. Bangalla

Bangalla is one of the biggest natural and organic food wholesalers in North America. They offer Silver, Platinium, and Gold memberships for dropshippers which provide access to more than 700 brands and 125 product categories. They don’t ask for monthly minimum orders or charge administration fees for each order. They offer FBA order fulfillment and integrations with your online store. 


What can you dropship?

Bangalla offers eco-friendly products in these categories: baking supplies, home, groceries, health and beauty, vitamins and supplements, and many more.

Countries Covered: 

Mostly the US, but some items can be also shipped internationally. 

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05. Oberlo

Oberlo is an app you can add to your store on Shopify and connect it with tons of wholesalers. What’s cool about Oberlo is that it offers inventory and pricing automation, scalability if your business suddenly booms, the ability to change suppliers whenever and so many other features. Oberlo is available in 6 languages and offers 24/7 customer support. With Oberlo it is easy to find eco-friendly suppliers all over the world.


What can I dropship?

Once you become a member and integrate the app with your Shopify store, you’ll have access to suppliers offering products from all sorts of categories.

Countries Covered:


06. WorldWide Brands

WordlWide Brands is rather a wholesalers’ network than a wholesaler. With over 20 years of experience, this wholesalers’ directory can offer hundreds of small and big eco-friendly wholesalers that certainly would add value to your green dropshipping business. All wholesalers that belong to this network are certified and approved, so you don’t have to worry about any scams. The platform is perfect for Shopify stores, as well as businesses on Amazon and eBay.

Worldwide brands

What can you dropship?

When you become a member of the network, you’ll have access to products in any category imaginable. From sports accessories to computer goods and arts. 

Country Covered

Members from all over the world are accepted and receive access to wholesalers worldwide.

07. Wholesale 2B

Now if you want to sell eco-friendly products across a few different categories, look no further. Wholesale 2B is an integration that will give you access to products from various different suppliers. It integrates seamlessly with stores on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and many other platforms. So with Wholesale 2B, you don’t need to sign up with different distributors, once you have their account, you’re presented with tons of eco-friendly products worldwide. They handle all orders and returns with the suppliers. 


What can you dropship?

Wholesale 2B offers to dropship products from categories, such as clothing, electronics, pet supplies, handbags, art supplies, etc. Among those categories, great green suppliers can be found.

Countries Covered:

USA and Canada.

08. AliExpress

Although most of you probably have heard of AliExpress as a retailer, it is also a network of suppliers for dropshipping businesses. Dropshipping through AliExpress is relatively easy and you can start in minutes. AliExpress takes care of your orders and shipments so all you have to worry about is having a wide selection of eco-friendly products in your store. AliExpress has a wide variety of wholesalers, a big chunk of which are environmentally friendly and could be a great fit for your store. Find out more about Aliexpress Dropshipping Center!


What can you dropship?

Much like other wholesaler networks, AliExpress also offers a range of eco-friendly wholesalers with products in a multitude of categories. 

Countries Covered:


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EPROLO is a free dropshipping platform that supports multiple ecommerce stores, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. Being a reliable dropshipping supplier, EPROLO has more than 300 thousand dropshipping products which cover 107 categories. Further, it’s also a sourcing agent. EPROLO has developed a Chrome extension to import AliExpress products. The platform meets the demand of building brands. It is available to customize packing and POD products.

What can you dropship?

EPROLO includes product categories, such as clothing, electronics, pet supplies, bags, beauty, home decor, sports, etc. Simply go to Find Products section on Eprolo's dashboard and you can easily filter out sustainable and eco-friendly products. 


Countries Covered: Worldwide.

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10. Inkthreadable

Inkthreadable is a dropshipping supplier from the UK that offers eco-friendly clothing. A minimum delivery time of even just a single day is possible as all the products here are printed as well as shipped from the UK.

They strictly follow eco-friendly dropshipping procedures as along with their products, the packaging is environmentally friendly as well. The Inkthreadable app allows you to integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Etsy for order processing.


What can you dropship?

Inkthreadable can be said as one of the best eco-friendly clothing suppliers as it offers environmentally friendly clothing, plastic-free packaging with multiple vegan-friendly printing options. 

Countries Covered:

They ship any order worldwide. International orders are delivered either through P2P or DPD, Royal Mail, USPS depending on the shipping destination/method.

11. Nature’s Cure-All

Nature's Cure-All is a US-based dropshipping supplier that ranks in the list of top eco-friendly dropshippers in terms of providing essential oils. Their aim is to take your health to the next level by improving your natural beauty with the best natural essential oils on the market.

Nature's Cure-All products can help with things like managing sensitive skin, hydrating and soothing your skin, minimizing signs of aging, and so on. All of their essential oil products are natural as well as environmentally friendly, wildcrafted, or certified organic with ZERO chemicals, preservatives, additives, or parabens.

Nature Cure All

What can you dropship?

Nature's Cure-All only sells eco-friendly essential oils.

Countries Covered: 

Some states in the U.S.A.

12. Drop Shipping By Natural Artist

It’s a dropshipping program organized by Natural Artist, a US-based dropshipping supplier and retailer offering eco-friendly, handmade, and fair trade products from Latin America, the US, and beyond.

Natural Artist

The company is based in Arizona, the USA thus here all products are shipped out from a US warehouse. While offering other products as well, their main product includes handmade jewelry.

natural artist

What can you dropship?

Natural Artist focuses on eco-friendly and natural jewelry, art, handmade bags, and home accessories. 

Countries Covered: 


13. AppScenic

AppScenic, one of the newest dropshipping and wholesale platforms on the market, has over 500,000 products available. Among them, you can find a unique range of eco-friendly products that can help you build an environmentally responsible online store too. 

All their high-quality dropshipping and wholesale sustainable products come from fast and reliable suppliers able to ship directly from the USA, EU, UK, CA, or AUS.

On top of everything, once you connect your store to AppScenic, everything is done for you automatically – from importing to syncing products, orders, payments, or tracking numbers, to name a few.

What can you dropship?

You can find eco-friendly products from home decor, home office, headphones and accessories, fashion or jewelry categories, among others. 

Countries covered:

AppScenic products come from suppliers located all over the world, from the USA, EU or UK to CAN and AUS.

Top Environmentally Safe Products For Eco-friendly Dropshipping

Let’s give you an idea of what kind of eco-friendly products you can dropship:f

01. Clothing Made From Recycled Materials

Did you know that each year, 85 percent of textiles end up in landfills? It makes us think about how quickly we waste our clothing in order to create room for new ones. Fast fashion may make garments more accessible and allow us to keep up with the latest trends, but it is not good for the environment. 

Many of our clothes have undoubtedly ended up in landfills. Consider dropshipping fabrics manufactured from natural materials such as Tencel, which is derived from tree pulp, silk, which is derived from silkworms, and linen, which is derived from flax. 

Organic cotton, hemp from the cannabis Sativa plant, and bamboo plant fibers are effective for wicking away moisture. Fabrics made from recycled resources, such as polyester or rPET (recycled plastic water bottles), are another example of eco-fashion.

02. Eco-Friendly Baby Products 

You can assist moms in reducing waste by providing environmentally friendly products for the most commonly used baby essentials, such as reusable cloth diapers. Don't stop there. Provide them with alternatives such as biodegradable baby wipes and biodegradable disposable bamboo diapers.

As babies outgrow their clothes very quickly, you might also want to go into that. Start dropshipping dresses, rompers, bodysuits, shirts, and pajamas made of eco-friendly elements. 

travel baby products

03. Reusable Shopping And Produce Bags

You can start taking your own shopping bags to the market if you want to be more environmentally conscientious. Simply put things into your bag and pull them out when it's time to go grocery shopping. There's no need for those plastic bags any longer. 

Reusable bags

Reusable shopping bags have become so common that they have recently established their own category. There are a variety of options available. The foldable bag is by far the most common, and it's usually waterproof and strong enough to hold even your bulky stuff. 

Produce bags that may be reused to transport your vegetables and fruits have a huge influence (and are popular for it). These are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including mesh and muslin, so you can avoid using plastic.

04. Travel Utensils

When you've to travel, your environmental stewardship does not end! A reusable cutlery set can be used wherever you go to avoid having to use and dispose of plastic utensils.

Aside from a spoon or fork, eco-friendly properties now also come with knives and chopsticks, indicating that the makers of sustainable tools keep your eating habits in mind. From these environmentally friendly things, you have the right utensils to enjoy whatever food you're consuming. 

In addition, this set also includes a reusable straw, so your drinks are covered as well. No toxic chemicals are used in their creation! They're lightweight, made from wood, easy to recycle and compost.

05. Eco-friendly home decor 

A number of businesses have now started to create environmentally friendly and all-natural home decor decorations. Some of the high demanded environmentally friendly home decor products include:

  • Clocks
  • Silverware
  • Shower Curtains
  • Cooking Essentials
  • Towels
  • Dishware
  • Rugs
  • Cup ware
  • Blinds
  • Bedding

06. Eco-Friendly Technology

Electronics now manage a big part of our life. Our lives revolve around technology, from televisions to smartphones. 

However, these gadgets require either charging or direct current, which consumes a lot of electricity and might increase your electric bill. These progressive products are bad for the environment and for your cash as well.

Instead, choose environmentally-friendly equipment like low-light laptops and televisions, which are less bright but still give excellent picture and color quality. Another alternative is to replace light bulbs with lower wattage bulbs or to switch to environmentally friendly bulbs in general. Everything is good for the family as well as the environment!

07. Kitchen And Cleaning Products

In the past, when we needed cleaning items, chemical-laden scrubs were available. However, you no longer need to use those harsh, dangerous materials to keep your home clean. Now cleaning products created with natural ingredients can perform better than those with harmful materials.

Kitchen friendly products

In addition to cleaning items, you can also go for environmentally friendly kitchen items for accomplishing your kitchen needs. Wooden spatulas manufactured from coconut shells can be used for dropshipping. They have a lower environmental effect, both in terms of materials and manufacturing.

08. Solar Portable Lamp

Renewable energy sources play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and ensuring a healthy environment. Furthermore, thanks to modern technologies, the range of solar products is rapidly expanding. 

Solar Portable lamp

As a result, a variety of solar products are now available in the market at reasonable price tags. You must include this eco-friendly product in your store if you're thinking about doing green dropshipping. 

09. Shower Flow Reducer 

Eco-friendly products aren’t just non-plastic, reusable things, but also those that help us live a more sustainable life. Shower flow controllers and water-saving tap faucets are great for green dropshipping as they can decrease the daily waste of water, protecting Earth’s natural resources. 

10. Reusable food wrap 

These are sheets of cotton or hemp dipped in a layer of soy wax. Reusable food wraps can be said as one of the best ways to reduce the waste at home that may contain numerous long-lasting wraps. As eco-friendly equipment for the kitchen, reusable food wraps can be used to seal some containers and wrap directly around food. 

11. Smart Temperature Controller 

Smart temperature controller is a programmable wireless temperature controller that saves money and energy at the same time. The WIFI smart temperature controllers are also available that can enable people to be more creative and productive. They support both Android & IOS and can monitor temperature at any time.


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