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Waving Pandas Review: The Go-to App for Video Ads

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Getting traffic to your website or online store might be one of the most difficult tasks. You must develop a strategy to grab a potential customer's interest, which will lead to them visiting your store and maybe purchasing your stuff.

Using video advertising to market your dropshipping products is a guaranteed way to generate traffic, sales, and consumers to your store. It's also a powerful technique to differentiate yourself from the competition and establish a trustworthy brand.

In fact, video advertising has been shown to increase conversions by up to 80%. After watching a demo video, online customers are 1.8x more likely to purchase a product.

Here you will get to know one of the best providers of high-quality dropshipping video ads. Their service is the most popular and competitively priced on the market.

So here's an honest review of their work which will help you decide whether you want to work with them. Let's get started.


I. What Is Waving Pandas?

Waving Pandas is an online video creation platform that creates captivating video ads that will help you sell your products better. The platform has direct response video creatives who will custom-make your ad in a way that makes it go viral, directing more traffic to your store.

With hundreds of positive reviews, Waving Pandas is among the top providers of unique and high-quality dropshipping video ads delivered in 4 days or less.

Their video advertisement service is curated mainly for dropshippers, is easy to use, and has top-notch services and fast delivery. They have a specialized and dedicated team with members for every duty, ensuring you get the best end-product possible.

Simply complete a short questionnaire about your product and Waving Pandas will handle the rest including writing the script, producing, compiling and editing the video. You can then use the video to promote your dropshipping product on virtually any channel including Facebook and Instagram.

This advertising company has a proven track record for delivering viral video ads that boost conversions and increase sales, You can view a growing collection of ad examples on their website. The in-house design team can create a unique video for almost any type of product.

01. Key features

  • Leading provider of professional dropshipping video ads
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from genuine customers
  • Fast turnaround with your video delivered in 2-4 days
  • Low-cost with thumbnail and expert ad copy included
  • Perfect for selling products on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and more
  • Recommended by top influences and YouTubers

02. Pricing

This advertising company has multiple pricing plans ranging from 1-4 variants for any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. They offer huge discounts when buying 3 or more videos.

It costs $55 for a single video ad delivered in 2-4 business days with a thumbnail and professional video copywriting Including 2 free revisions in any language that you want. Most of the videos are between 30-60 seconds long and include your own branding/watermark. Alternatively, you can purchase an insider club membership package for $65.

Waving Pandas pricing plans

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II. Waving Pandas App Review

How does each feature work and how to use it?

Easy Sign-Up Process

  • Create an account: This is easily done by clicking sign up on their page, where you will see all of the available packages.
  • Choose a package: You can choose one of the multiple packages that they offer. Find the one that suits your needs best.
Choose a package
  • Fill out the questionnaire: Typically, when using a dropshipping video ad service, you will need to complete a short questionnaire or provide details on the product you want to promote.
Fill out the questionnaire
  • The team gets to work: They will handle everything else from writing the script to editing, compiling and publishing the video then sending it to you via email.
Waving Pandas team gets to work

Finally got their email after 3 business days to view my video ads via dropbox link.

Video ads sent via dropbox link

You should be able to view examples of completed video ads on their website so you know what to expect. The good news is that you won’t need to purchase or send the product to the provider.


They offer both email, helpdesk support and other communication channels like Instagram.

While you're on their website, you can easily write them a message if you have any inquiry via Helpdesk.

Waving Pandas support

What Happens When You Are A Member Of Our Dropshipping Insider Club?

If you're looking for the fastest, simplest and easiest way to build a profitable and bullet-proof dropshipping store that will produce consistent profits for yourself.

You won't have to pay hundreds of dollars for creating video ads, product pages, product research, dropshipping courses, masterminds. You'll have everything you need to build an ultra profitable dropshipping store all in one place.

Waving Pandas Dropshipping Insider Club

This package includes:

  • 3 Video variations and 3 thumbnails for any product
  • 12 Winning product ideas
  • Dropshipping insider academy
  • 7-figure dropshipping interviews
  • Private FB group

Can you believe that it only costs $65 per month to be a member of their dropshipping insider club and enjoy those benefits?

They have been helping some of the most famous guys in dropshipping scale their stores to multiple 7 figures in sales by creating profitable video ads for them such as Steve Tan, John Verum, Peter Pru, Mordechai Arba, Nick Peroni, etc.

Beside those legends, they've created 12.500 video ads for our clients that generated over $15.000.000 in sales.

Here's a result of how their client Marco scaled his store from $600 to $11k a day in 90 days!

Waving Pandas' ads effect on store performance

My Experience with Waving Pandas

I had a very pleasant experience with this company. One of the things I loved the most was their content video. And I had no idea how they can get such awesome videos of my product and compile them together in just a few days! They offer 2 free revisions if you don’t like the result or have a few corrections.

Another feature I loved about the service is that they compose the script and source the video clips for you, but they are also open to suggestions. You can send them videos of what you want, and they will do their best to recreate it.

I used the Insider Club package, which enabled me to choose from three videos and thumbnails. All the videos were high quality, and I really liked that I did not have to pay extra for the other additions. All in all, my experience with Waving Pandas was a good one, and I recommend anyone to use them to create their video ads.

You can see some of their reviews from Trust Pilot:

"These guys are absolutely amazing

These guys are absolutely amazing. Doing their job even faster that it is written on their website. Video ads are made professionally with high quality content love it 100% and would recommend them to you without doubt!"

Waving Pandas review on Trustpilot

"Great work that is delivered here! Have even received compliments from our customers, completely random just because they have seen the ads we run with the videos of waving pandas!"

Waving Pandas reviews on Trustpilot

"The interaction of the advertised people is significantly increased to our own produced videos. The waving pandas simply know what they are doing!"

"It was a colleague who first told me about WAVING PANDAs, and I said ok, I'll try it once to see, and frankly, it's love at first sight, the quality of the videos is extraordinary, the customer service is great, the speed of the service and the respect of the deadlines too, I'm really happy to discover you, you save me a lot of time, and the prices are really affordable compared to the quality of the service"

III. Why Should You Use It?

01. Pros

1. The process is simple: 

You only need to place an order. After that, you'll fill out a questionnaire with all of the relevant details, and they'll email it back to you as soon as the ad is finished.

2. This advertising company can deliver a high number of requests per month: 

They also work with big clients, those are marketing agencies or just people who are testing a lot of different products every single month.

They have a team of 40 and plus in-house people so they can cover huge quantities on a monthly basis.

3. Flexible use:

You can buy as many ads as you want now and use them whenever you want, there is no limit!

4. They offer revisions:

For every order, you get 2 revisions and all revisions are done in less than 24h. If it takes more than 24h, you get a 50% discount for your next order. If you need more than 2 revisions, every new request is $5 per request.

5. Easy to reach the team directly:

They have a dedicated support team available for all your questions and needs. If you need anything, simply contact our support team via chat or at: or IG @wavingpandas

6. Customizable: 

These packages start at $800.

7. They offer refunds:

Their refund policy is simple and straightforward. After you submit your order, you will receive an ad with their watermark. If you want a full refund at that point, just ask for it and they'll give you all of your money back. If you like an ad, let them know and they'll send it to you without their watermark right away.

8. Social platforms permits

They are well informed about what social platforms permits and what doesn’t so they create video ads in accordance with their policies.

9. Fast delivery:

They have very good systems in place which allows them to almost always send all the orders on time. However, if this occurs, they will provide you with one additional ad at no cost.

10. Universal language:

They transfer the script to be translated into the desired language, and the translated version is used to generate the final output.

02. Cons

1. Their work schedule:

They only work from Monday to Friday and are closed on weekends. But, if you need something done real quick, you can always choose 24h delivery time. Even though it’s a little bit more expensive, this package covers the weekends also.

IV. The bottom line 

There’s no denying that Waving Pandas is a great solution for all your advertising needs. They create great video ads that help you convert your regular viewers to clients with excellent results. You can acquire custom-made video advertising at low pricing, which will help you advertise your business in a larger network.

If you’re looking for a truly advanced video creation solution, then definitely give this advertising company a go. 

Using video advertisements to market your dropshipping products will raise click-throughs, traffic, and conversion rates significantly. You can also promote your Facebook products on Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites.

Furthermore, using dropshipping video advertisements will give you a competitive advantage over other sellers and allow you to establish a unique brand. You will not be competing with thousands of other vendors who are utilizing the same video ad or ad language.

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