7 creative Christmas promotion ideas for Shopify store

7 creative Christmas promotion ideas for Shopify store

Leaving Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind, we are heading to the second and final biggest sales event of the year: Christmas promotion, which usually emerges in search trends from the beginning of November, and reaches its peak at around the end of December.

Christmas promotion ideas for Shopify store

To win during this Christmas promotion event, it is not a good idea for any eCommerce store to just lower prices, add more products and wait for the sales to grow. It is important that we are well prepared for it. Christmas is all about giving, sharing and caring. The following Christmas promotion video by Harvey Nichols may inspire you.

Christmas promotion idea #1: Gift set and combo that any Shopify store can apply.

In nature, humans on a very basic instinctive level are a little bit, let's say, greedy. The more they have, the better! That's the reason why gift sets and combos are always good Christmas promotion ideas that any Shopify store can use.

On the other hand, let's consider the shopping behavior of women: they are willing to buy accessories or shoes simply because they just bought a set of clothing and they see another item that goes well with it! Thus, gift set and combo sales promotion ideas can be best applied to Fashion Shopify stores.

Christmas promotion idea #1 for Shopify store

The idea of gift sets and sales promotion is that you put two or more items that go well together into one set - aptly named Christmas gift set. If the customer buys one gift set, they will be discounted on the total price. Make sure you tell them it is not applied if they buy an individual single item.

Christmas promotion idea #2: Secret promotion for your current Shopify customers

Christmas is not only a battle for sellers but also for buyers, which is even worse than Black Friday. They are not only afraid of all eCommerce stores running out of stock, but they also have to spend time looking for quality products from quality brands.

So why not come up with a Christmas promotion idea that focuses on people who already know you? They have purchased something from your store and deserved to be treated better in this promotion event.

Christmas promotion idea #2 for Shopify store

You can prepare a secret promotion code for your current customers, who have already purchased from your eCommerce store, send the code to them via email, and tell them that this code is exclusive! When someone knows that something is made for them only, they are more likely to respond.

Christmas promotion idea #3: Discount for the second item - a good idea to upsell

Getting new customers is not the only way that you can sell more product - You can sell to the old customer, in a better way.

Let's imagine, after you buy a product at a discounted price and you are offered another discount when buying a second one. Now that's what I call smart marketing. This is the concept of successful upsell and cross-sell.

The idea is, for example, when a customer buys a pair of shoes from your site for 20% discount, a pop-up appears and offers them special shoelaces at 50% discount. In reality its actually not much value, but it makes the customers feel that they will get more benefit, and so they are more likely to buy. There is something we should keep in mind about this Christmas promotion idea: First, the second item must be relevant, or a part of the first item (for example, shoelaces for shoes). Secondly, it should be much cheaper than the first item.

Christmas promotion idea #3 for Shopify store

There are some apps that help you to do it, for example, Upsales Popup by Beeketing team or Discounted upsales app by the Booster team. It helps you quickly and easily set up different discount upsells and start making more sales.

Christmas promotion idea #4: Gift card for any purchasing on your Shopify store

Sometimes, percentage promotion in holiday sales is not really interesting. People love receiving money and gifts. Here I mean, real money for the next purchase, or you can give them a gift in physical form.

I really recommend that you help your customer, who buys from your Shopify store, have a chance to give a special gift to their family during the holiday. It's more meaningful to send a gift to your customers, rather than discount, in some special events. The gift is not necessarily from your Shopify store, but from other ones also.

I really love the idea of co-operating with other eCommerce stores who share the same targeted audience but don't compete with products in terms of partnership. You can send your customer a gift card that they can exchange to receive a gift from your partner or buy them at a lower price.

On the other hand, you may also give them a gift card equal to an amount of money that can be used for their next purchase. To make this Christmas promotion idea successful, keep in mind that it is not a coupon, it is cash. People may not respond to coupons, which are generally considered “sales and advertising". But money and gift cards - that's a different story. You can search on Pinterest for more idea about gift card designs.

Christmas promotion idea #4 for Shopify store

The next element is deciding on the value of the gift certificate. Make it something significant, something worth driving or taking action for. If you’re a restaurant, consider $25; if you’re a gift shop, consider $50. Don’t forget to add a deadline on it so people may not delay and forget that your gift cards ever exist. That's really a lost sales opportunity.

Christmas promotion idea #5: Free shipping is not a bad idea

Normally, additional shipping costs are a real turn off for the customer when shopping at any eCommerce store. If your customer accepts additional costs for shipping, that’s great. It can be greater if you include a freeship policy during holiday sales events.

But keep in mind that free shipping should only be added value to your existing customer. I mean, you should still have a small promotion, then add free shipping. Otherwise, you really cannot compete with other eCommerce stores in this holiday sales battle. Let's have a look at Balsam Hill as an example, they really make this Christmas promotion idea work.

Christmas promotion idea #5 for Shopify store

Christmas promotion idea #6: Referral - no advertising is better than user to user

Humans are social creatures, that’s the reason why people are so defensive about advertising but will be moved by the opinion of someone they know.

Nothing can help you gain a new customer better your customers themselves. It’s not that you display your eCommerce store in front of your targeted audience one by one, but multiply your visitors when one refers to one. Christmas is a joyous and meaningful time, so helping a customer to refer a friend with a personalized written gift card is a beautiful promotion idea

However, the customers also need some incentive to recommend your product to someone who is close to them. The idea is that when a customer buys an item from your Shopify store, he gets the first discount percentage. But when he refers to one friend, he gets a gift card or a second discount for the next purchase. The friend he refers also gets a special discount.

Christmas promotion idea #6 for Shopify store

There are some apps that help you set up that Christmas promotion idea. Swell Reward, for example, helps you to create rewards and promotions for people who refer your product to a friend.

Besides, Swell not only cares about the referral but also the customers themselves. When they buy a product or refer a friend, they get points. These points can turn into discounts or rewards for the customers. As a marketing principle, 20% of your old customers can make 80% of your profit. Swell helps you keep that 20% of loyal customers.

Christmas promotion idea #7: Don’t under-estimate traditional percentage discount

Percentage discount is the core of all promotion ideas. Even when you send a gift to the customer instead of a direct discount, what you are doing is reducing the amount of profit and transferring it to the customer. It is the customer’s common perception that high price goes together with high quality.

Offering discounts on price make them believe that they will receive a high-quality product at a lower price. This Christmas promotion idea is always effective. But keep in mind that your promotion message must be clear with the percentage number of discount, and also be relevant to your ad copy, content and landing page.

Christmas promotion idea #7 for Shopify store

One more thing to consider is the number of discounts. Let’s consider the common components of an item’s price on online’s store: There will be 40% for making the product or keep the store running (for the retailer), another 30% for marketing cost, the last 30% for the profit. Discounted promotion is transferring a part of the profit to your customer, so 30% may be a perfect amount of discount.


In fact, there are a lot of creative Christmas promotion ideas for Shopify stores. The mentioned above are just a few. You better keep researching and testing to find the most suitable type of promotion for each targeted market and targeted customers.

It’s also a good idea that you create a landing page with PageFly Page Builder and combine 2 - 3 Christmas promotion ideas together. The more surprise and value they receive, the more likely they will engage and buy on your eCommerce store.

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