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Spread The Love with Heartfelt Mother's Day Email Ideas

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Mother's Day is a special occasion for families and a prime opportunity for Shopify merchants to boost sales. With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to consider how to make the most of this special occasion for your Shopify business. It’s the third-largest retail holiday in the US and you know it will be a big loss to miss this chance to boost sales. One of the most effective ways proven to reach customers and increase sales is through email marketing. There are statistics that show the importance of email marketing for Mother's Day. 

That's why in this blog post, we will guide you on how to take advantage of this day with lucrative Mother's Day email campaign ideas, tips to run a successful email campaign and showcase real store examples to inspire your Shopify store. Let's dive in!

happy mother's day

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Why Email Marketing Is Important On This Holiday

Email marketing is a crucial tool for driving sales during holidays like Mother's Day because it allows businesses to get close to customers in a personalized way.

You can build a strong relationship with your target audience and encourage them to shop with you by sharing exclusive promotions, gift ideas, and heartfelt messages exclusively via email.

Additionally, this holiday marketing strategy can be a cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers, making it an ideal choice for small businesses looking to maximize their marketing budget.

mother's day marketing

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Here are some recent statistics about Mother's Day email marketing that prove this channel is effective and important:

  • According to Statista, 43% of consumers say they plan to purchase a gift after receiving a promotional email. 
  • Omnisend shows that the average open rate for Mother's Day email campaigns is 23.3%, while the click-through rate is 2.7%.
  • From the information of Campaign Monitor, personalized Mother's Day email campaigns have a 29% higher open rate and a 41% higher click-through rate than generic campaigns.
  • According to Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform, the best time to send Mother's Day emails is one to two weeks before the holiday, with a peak in engagement two days before. Mother's Day emails sent on the Monday before the holiday have the highest open rate (28.4%), while emails sent on the day of the holiday have the highest click-through rate (3.2%). 
  • A survey of the National Retail Federation points out that 68.5% of retailers plan to use email as part of their marketing strategy. 

8 Mother’s Day Email Campaign Ideas That Rock Sales

Here are 8 lucrative ideas that you can refer to for your mother's day email marketing campaign:

Mother's Day recipe ideas

    Offer delicious and easy-to-follow Mother's Day recipes and email subscribers with a list of recipe ideas for a special Mother's Day brunch or dinner. 

    Include recipes that are visually appealing, and incorporate popular Mother's Day flavors like lavender, rose, or chocolate. This provides value beyond your products and helps you build a relationship with your audience. 

    A small tip, add a discount code for the ingredients needed to prepare the meal and link to the store website to encourage customers to make a purchase immediately.

    Mail Bakery email idea

    Source: Mail Bakery

    Williams-Sonoma, for instance, shared an email campaign with a curated list of brunch recipes for Mother's Day.

    Email Tuna email idea

    Source: Email Tuna

    Guide gift ideas for different types of moms

      Categorize your gift suggestions based on various interests or hobbies of moms, such as fitness enthusiasts, book lovers, or foodies, then send an email showcasing a gift guide featuring a variety of gifts appropriate for different types of moms. This way, you can target specific segments of your audience with relevant gift ideas. 

      Ensure to include product images, descriptions, and any promotions or discounts. Use personalized messages to show that you care about your customers and their mothers.

      The Iconic guide gift idea

      Mother's Day DIY ideas

        Share creative and budget-friendly DIY gift ideas that customers can make at home. Then create an email that features DIY projects that customers can do to celebrate their moms. Offer easy-to-follow instructions, images of the finished products and include a list of materials needed and where customers can find them. 

        To make this appealing to customers who are looking for unique and personalized gifts, add a coupon code for any materials they may need to purchase from your store. 

        mother's day DIY ideas

        Offer Mother's Day-related free gift for each purchase

          Offer a free gift with any purchase made for Mother's Day. This can be a small item that fits the theme of the holiday, such as a scented candle or a personalized card. Make sure to highlight the gift in the email and mention the promotion's end date.

          Mother's Day-related free gift for each purchase

          Collect Mother's Day memories

            Encourage your customers to share their favorite Mother's Day memories with you by creating a social media campaign and featuring them in your email campaign.

            After you have collected their sharing, feature the best stories in an email and on social media. This makes a sense of community and can help build brand loyalty. Your Shopify store can also make it into a challenge or a giveaway with rewards like discount codes or gifts.

            For example, Hallmark encouraged customers to share their favorite Mother's Day memories and showcased them in their email campaign.

            These ideas are practical because they provide customers with value and encourage them to make a purchase. Additionally, they provide a way for businesses to connect with their customers personally, which can help build brand loyalty.

            mother's day memories

            Send emotional and heartwarming messages

              Share emotional and heartwarming messages to remind customers of the importance of celebrating and appreciating their mothers. This will evoke positive emotions and create a connection between your brand and your customers on a deeper level. 

              For instance, Dove's "Calls for Mom" campaign shared emotional stories of people calling their mothers, accompanied by a heartfelt message about the importance of showing love and appreciation.

              emotional and heartwarming messages

               Source: Girl Banat

              Offer Mother's Day promotions and discounts

                Offer exclusive Mother's Day promotions and discounts to encourage customers to purchase gifts from your store. This could include free shipping, bundle deals, or limited-time discounts. Make this more exclusive by encouraging website visitors or customers to subscribe to your store email channel to receive the deal. 

                mother's day promotions and discounts

                Personalized email templates

                  Create personalized email templates that address your customers by their first name and offer curated gift suggestions based on their previous purchases or browsing history. 

                  For example, Etsy's Mother's Day email campaign featured personalized product recommendations tailored to individual customers. 

                  Amazon uses personalized email templates to offer gift suggestions based on a customer's browsing and purchasing habits.

                  personalized email template

                  Tips And Strategies To Run A Successful Email Campaign This Mother’s Day

                  Only a good idea isn't enough to unlock the potential of this holiday email marketing campaign. To make the most out of it, you need to know some tips and tactics to apply more effectively to your Shopify business. Here are a few tips and strategies you can refer to:

                  Timing is key

                  Timing is crucial for any email campaign, especially when it comes to sending out Mother's Day email campaigns. To ensure that your email stands out and doesn't get lost in the shuffle, start planning your campaign at least a month in advance and aim to send it early enough to give customers time to shop for gifts, around at least a week before the holiday. 

                  According to a study by Omnisend, the best time to send Mother's Day emails is 1-2 weeks before the holiday, with open and click-through rates peaking during this period. This gives your customers enough time to make a purchase and receive their gifts before Mother's Day. 

                  Also, consider sending a follow-up email a few days before the holiday to remind customers of the impending deadline.

                  mother's day last chance

                  Source: sender

                  Segment your email list

                  Segmenting your email list can help you deliver more targeted and personalized messages to your targeted group of customers, which will give your Shopify store a higher chance to increase engagement and conversion rates. Consider segmenting your list based on factors such as past purchase history, demographics, relationship to the recipient, and interests. This will help you create more relevant and effective Mother's Day email campaigns that resonate with your audience.

                  segment your email list

                  Source: Getvero

                  For instance, a Shopify store selling beauty products could create segments for customers who have previously purchased skincare, makeup, or fragrance products, and then tailor their Mother's Day emails to each segment with relevant gift suggestions.

                  mother's day campaign

                  Source: Beauty Business Journal

                  Use social media to implement your email campaigns

                  In addition to email campaigns, consider using social media to boost promotions and discounts to expand the reach of your mother's day campaign. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share photos of your products with related-theme designs, highlight customer reviews of these products, and promote Mother's Day deals and create buzz around your brand.

                  A good and essential strategy for every marketing campaign is to make sure to use mother's day related hashtags like #MothersDay, #MothersDayGiveAway, #Momisthebest, etc. to reach a wider audience and also to highlight your marketing campaign. 

                  Instagram campaign

                  Source: Social Insider

                  Make it easy to purchase

                  Make it easy for customers to make a purchase by including a clear call-to-action in your email. This could be a button that links directly to the product page or a coupon code that customers can enter at checkout. Additionally, consider offering free shipping or gift wrapping to sweeten the deal and make the purchase process even more seamless.

                  checkout page

                  Source: Livechat

                  Create catchy and Mother’s Day-related subject lines

                  An enticing subject line is critical for increasing open rates. Make sure your subject line is short, clear, and relevant to Mother's Day. Include words that evoke emotions or urgency, such as "Last chance," "Don't miss out," or "Surprise mom." 

                  mother’s day-related subject lines

                  For example, FTD Florist used the subject line "Make Mom's Day Extra Special – Order Early & Save" to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to order their flowers early.

                  Focus on the overall design and layout

                  Design plays a significant role in the success of your email campaign. Create visually appealing emails that showcase your products and promotions. Use high-quality images, choose a clean and easy-to-read font, and ensure your call-to-action (CTA) buttons stand out. 

                  mother's day email campaign

                  Source: Mail design 365

                  For example, Anthropologie's Mother's Day email campaign used a clean and elegant design, with beautiful product images and a clear CTA button that encouraged customers to "Shop Gifts for Mom."

                  Anthropologie's mother's day email campaign

                  Follow up after the holiday

                  After Mother's Day, follow up with your customers to thank them for their purchase and ask for feedback. This can help you gauge the success of your campaign and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, consider offering a post-Mother's Day promotion or discount to keep customers engaged and encourage repeat business.

                  follow up idea

                  Source: Stripo

                  By following these tips and strategies, businesses can create effective Mother's Day email campaigns that drive sales and connect with their customers in a more meaningful way. Pay attention to timing campaigns properly, segmenting your email list, using social media, and making it easy to buy and follow up after the holiday, so your business can build strong relationships with customers and make a lasting impression.

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                  6 Real Store Examples Of Effective Mother’s Day Email Marketing

                  Paper Source

                    In 2019, Paper Source, a stationery and gift retailer, ran successful Mother's Day email campaigns. Their Mother's Day email campaign provided customers with a discount code to use at the checkout as well as a variety of gift recommendations, including cards, stationery, and customized guides for different kinds of mothers.

                    Customers could share their Mother's Day stories for a chance to win prizes in the campaign's social media contest. A message to "Celebrate Mom in Style" was included in the email with a cheerful, vibrant design. 

                    mother's day email campaigns of Paper Source

                    Source: Pinterest


                      Mejuri's Mother's Day email campaign featured a collection of fine jewelry pieces that customers could purchase for their moms. The email had a clean and minimalist design with beautiful product photography, and included a message to "Make Mom Shine". The email also included a call-to-action to shop for Mother's Day gifts on their website.

                      Mejuri's mother's day email campaign

                      Artifact Uprising

                        A Mother's Day email campaign from Artifact Uprising in 2019 highlighted user-generated content from actual mothers and their personal storylines.

                        The emotional and sincere approach to the campaign demonstrated the brand's dedication to capturing priceless memories. Because it connected with customers and built a sense of community around the business, this campaign was successful.

                        Their Mother's Day email campaign highlights a discount offer for customized photo gifts like photo books and prints. The email featured beautiful photos in a minimalist design and emphasized the value of keeping memories with mom. A link to their website's gift store was also included in the email.

                        mother's day email campaign of Artifact Uprising in 2019

                        mother's day email campaign of Artifact Uprising in 2019

                        Source: Milled

                        Blue Apron

                          Blue Apron, a meal kit delivery service, created a Mother's Day email campaign offering a special promotion for new subscribers. The email included mouth-watering images of their meal options and a prominent CTA button that encouraged customers to "Give the Gift of Blue Apron."

                          mother's day email campaign of Blue Apron

                          Crate & Barrel

                            Crate & Barrel created a Mother's Day email campaign that highlighted their curated gift guide. The email had a clean and minimalist design, with high-quality images of their products and a clear CTA button that encouraged customers to "Shop the Gift Guide."

                            These examples show that successful Mother's Day email campaigns for Shopify stores often feature personalized messages and gift ideas, as well as promotions or discounts to encourage customers to make a purchase. The emails also have a clear call-to-action and a visually appealing design that showcases the product offerings.

                            mother's day email campaign of Crate & Barrel


                              Casetify, a Hong Kong-based company that designs and produces user-customized phone cases and electronic accessories, created a great Mother’s Day email campaign in 2017. They offered exclusive discounts and promotions for customers who purchased phone cases as gifts.

                              The campaign also included a social media contest where customers could share their Mother's Day stories for a chance to win a prize. This campaign successfully created a sense of urgency with the limited-time offer and encouraged engagement with the social media contest.

                              mother’s day email campaign of Casetify


                              With the right strategy and implementation, a Mother's Day email campaign can dramatically increase sales for your Shopify store. By following these ideas, tips, and learning from real-world store success examples, you can create a powerful and effective Mother's Day email marketing campaign that resonates with customers and delivers results.

                              We hope this article will be of some help to your business in implementing a mother's day marketing campaign and achieving the set goals. Read more useful articles related to Shopify and eCommerce here.

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