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Make The Most Of Your Sales With These Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

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Mother's Day is a day to celebrate Mom and all she does. 

The pandemic emphasized how much mothers do and how moms have recently stepped up to take on additional tasks. Your relationship with your mother may appear more significant and meaningful now, especially if you haven't seen her in a year.

Mother's Day has long been a well-known shopping event. The most popular gifting categories were greeting cards, special outings, and flowers.

In their Mother's Day marketing campaigns this year, businesses embraced the times. They generated educational content with realistic visuals highlighting Mom's various roles and duties. Social media posts, TV advertisements, films, gift guides, and other forms of marketing were used.

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Gifts for mum

Source: Ebay

Looking for inspiration for your brand? Then, take a look at 9 of the year's best Mother's Day marketing campaigns!

Mother's Day campaigns are all about showing love, appreciation, and pampering mom with the things she values the most.

We cherish the mothers in our life. People are purchasing gifts not only for moms, but also for all types of mothers in their life:

  • Mother or Stepmother – 63%
  • Wife – 23%
  • Daughter – 10%
  • Sister – 9%
  • Other relatives – 9%
  • Grandmother – 7%
  • Friend – 6%
  • Godmother – 2%

Find below some of the best Mothers Day marketing campaigns, tips, ideas and examples even for small businesses. Check out some famous brands' Mother's Day marketing strategies, such as email campaigns, social media, advertisements, and contests.


I. Marketing Ideas For Mother’s Day

In digital marketing, we're at a point where phones and tablets account for shopping decisions, and 68% of smartphone users who shop on their phones said they used their phones to browse or look for products.

That means that being visible, searchable, and connected is now the only way to get on anyone's shopping list. As a result, we've compiled a list of social media and marketing strategies to assist businesses in creating Mother's Day marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to increase traffic to your website.

There are lots of ways brands can use video in their digital marketing strategies.

01. Create a Page Dedicated to Mother’s Day Shopping

First and foremost, take a close look at your products. Even if it isn't directly tied to the occasion, there may be something you can position as a Mother's Day gift. Creating a separate page dedicated solely to Mother's Day online shopping is a great way to help people navigate your online store.

Anthropologie, an American fashion and accessories retailer, has gathered a collection of items that any mothers love. Anthropologie's main product categories were included in the collection, which includes clothes, home decor, beauty, and wellness items.

Anthropologie's mother's day collection page

Having a dedicated page simplifies things for visitors coming to the website specifically looking for Mother's Day gifts. It can also be useful when attempting to convert repeat visitors into Mother's Day consumers.

Consider innovative ways to organize your gifts page and highlight key products. The Body Shop has handpicked gift ideas for the selfless mom, the new mom, and the hardworking mom. Alternatively, you may categorize your gift ideas based on price.

The body shop's mother's day page

James Avery, a jewelry retailer, is another perfect example. Instead of a dedicated page, the brand built a custom-made catalog filled with Mother's Day gift ideas.

James Avery's catalog for mother's day

02. Create an Ultimate Gift Guide

Gift giving is a rewarding experience. Those countless hours spent browsing the web pay off when you see that special someone’s face light up.

With Mother's Day approaching, your last-minute shoppers are most likely seeking for Mother's Day gifts. Help them out with a custom gift guide to save them a few hours on their gift hunt! Gift guides can help your consumers choose the perfect products.

You can also publish an engaging blog post in which you present your ideas and link to your items. That's exactly what 100% Pure , an organic skincare and beauty brand, accomplished.

Ultimate gift guide for mother's day

If blog writing isn't your thing, make a gift guide infographic instead; they're visually appealing and easy to promote.

You can also design a gift guide that resembles a mood board while still representing the Mother's Day theme. That's exactly what Aiishwarya did for their Mother's Day campaign in 2021.

Children's Day Magic Made Easy
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Mother's day gift guide

Having a gift shop is ideal, but sometimes you need to help last-minute shoppers by providing them ideas based on the type of mom they're shopping for. If mom enjoys yoga, she will choose certain gifts over others. If your mother is an author, she would like receiving books or a Kindle as a gift.

A gift guide should focus on several Mom personas (for example, yoga enthusiast, teacher, cook, lawyer, entrepreneur, and speaker) and include gift ideas for each.

When you sit down to write your blog post or design an infographic, keep in mind that every mother is different, so try to cater to as many moms as possible.

Once you've created your gift guide, make sure to share it with your target audience. Publish it on social media or send it directly to their inboxes.

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03. Offer Product Customization

Personalization is one of the year's biggest trends, and it's here to stay. According to statistics, more buyers are turning away from store-bought items in favor of one-of-a-kind stuff.

Even though personalized gifts are popular all year, they are best suited for special events and holidays such as Mother's Day.

Product customization for mothers day

There are two approaches you may use to introduce product customization to your store:

  • Make a brand new, limited edition product personalized and add it to your collection.
  • Alternatively, if you already sell Mother's Day items, make the most popular one customizable.

04. Create a Themed Board on Pinterest

Pinterest has 431 million active users, and more than 77% of weekly pinners have discovered a new brand or product on this platform.

Consider Pinterest to be a visual search engine. People use it to find ideas for DIY projects, house makeovers, and gift purchasing for occasions such as Mother's Day.

Pinterest users rank search results based on how interesting each pin appears. Prioritize uploading aesthetically appealing content, and your visitors will pay more attention to your products. This entails just pinning high-quality pictures and organizing them not only by topic, but also by color scheme. The more visually appealing your boards are, the more pins you'll receive.

Mother's day pin board on Pinterest

Source: Pinterest J.Crew

Customers will search the web for things that would make excellent gifts for moms. Make your brand visible on Pinterest in order to be noticed by customers who prefer to find inspiration through visual media.

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05. Host A Giveaway

Hosting giveaways is another great way to boost Mother's Day sales while also increasing brand exposure.

A giveaway is a limited-time promotion in which you give away a reward to one or more lucky participants based on a set of guidelines.

Make your prize truly valuable if you want your consumers to join and create excitement around your company immediately before Mother's Day. Consider offering your most popular product or a set of products that would make the perfect gift for any mother.

Also, your giveaway should be extremely simple to participate. In other words, don't make customers fill out a 10-question survey in order to receive a 10% discount voucher.

Caudalie, a French skincare brand, is a good example of how to organize a Mother's Day giveaway. Prizes from the brand included gift packs, a round trip to Paris, a cooking class, and other items. To enter, all you had to do was provide your email address.

Mother's day giveaway

It's important to remember that hosting a successful giveaway isn't as simple as it sounds. You should promote your giveaway as much as possible, so go above and beyond by encouraging client participation via emails or social media channels.

If you're going to hold a giveaway on a certain page on your website, make sure you arrange some content around it. For example, Forever 21 created a series of Instagram stories on their Mother's Day giveaway, highlighting the prizes and how to win. Additionally, the brand published an Instagram post directing followers to where they could sign up.

Mother's day giveaway

Here are some approaches to promote your Mother's Day giveaway:

  • Create a newsletter series for your email marketing list.
  • Include a pop-up on your homepage encouraging visitors to participate in the giveaway.
  • Make a banner that links to the giveaway's landing page.

06. Run Special Promotions To Celebrate Mother's Day

Businesses have encouraged customers to expect special deals with each incoming holiday over the years. Mother's Day is no different. These are the two most common types of Mother's Day special deals that clients will expect from you this year.

Promo codes are a great way to encourage people to buy. They also benefit both the customer and the business: the customer gets to buy things they like at a lesser price, while the business generates more income.

Here are some examples of discounts you might provide in your store:

  • percentage-based discount
  • dollar value discount
  • free or upgraded shipping
  • free gift

Promo code strategies that are successful have clear objectives, whether it's increasing brand awareness, introducing new products, or lowering cart abandonment. So consider what you can provide on Mother's Day and how running this promotion will help your company.

07. Promote Your Special Mother’s Day Deals

Now that your Mother's Day campaigns are set, it's time to promote them!

Deliver push notifications

Push notifications are an excellent marketing tool for staying in touch with your customers. This brief message is sent to subscribers' desktops or mobile devices in order to promote your special offer. It's pretty similar to SMS.

Promote mother's day deals through push notification

Source: MaxTraffic

According to statistics, regular push notifications have a 2x greater click-through rate than emails. They'll send relevant notifications or updates to your customers and encourage them to return to your app or website.

Use push notifications to inform your customers about special discounts. Just be mindful of the frequency with which you send notifications, the more notifications you send in a day, the less engagement you'll receive over time.

There are numerous push notification tools available. Creating an engagement plan will be considerably easier once you've decided on the best one for you.

Be visible on social media to celebrate mother's day

If you want to make an impression with a themed campaign, keep your social media accounts active.

Display eye-catching visuals promoting your Mother's Day gift ideas and special discounts. Engage your audience by inquiring about their Mother's Day plans, as watchmaker Swatch brand did.

Celebrate mother's day on social media

Concentrate solely on social media platforms that will help you reach your target audience and grow your customer base. Also, focus on producing high-quality content on mother that is both enjoyable to consume and easy to share.

You will not be the only store advertising special Mother's Day deals. To differentiate yourself from the competition, consider taking a unique approach to presenting your ideas in an engaging way.

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08. Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Involving influencers in your Mother's Day marketing campaign is a great marketing idea to consider. Contact influencers to promote your brand or specific products on your landing page. Begin by selecting what type of collaboration you're willing to engage in and what products you'll promote.

Next, a clothing and home accessories brand, launched an influencer marketing campaign to promote its next-day delivery subscription a while back. The brand opted to market this service again in their Mother's Day campaign.

Influencer marketing campaign for mother's day

Think about Mother's Day influencer marketing campaigns as more than just a way to promote products related to the holiday. Think beyond the box to maximize the visibility that influencers can provide.

Collaboration with an influencer for Mother's Day deals, promo codes, or affiliate links will drive traffic to your site. Affiliate links help you track sales more easily, however discount codes apply whether or not the customer uses the affiliate link.

09. Create a Mother’s Day Email Series

Email marketing remains one of the most common strategies to keep current and potential customers informed about your ecommerce businesses. That's why sending out promotional Mother's Day emails should be on your content calendar weeks before the special day.

Personalized content for your email target groups can yield a transaction rate that is 6 times higher than non-targeted marketing newsletters. In fact, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your company.

Mother's day email marketing


Here are some email marketing ideas for this upcoming Mother’s Day:

  • Mother’s Day reminder or countdown
  • Special Mother’s Day deals
  • Last-minute deals
  • Order deadlines
  • Ongoing offers not specific to Mother’s Day
  • Best-selling products
  • Abandoned cart reminders

Keep in mind that your consumers' inboxes will be flooded with similar emails from other brands as you plan your Mother's Day email marketing. So choose your subject lines wisely and create an eye-catching email design. Above all, segment your email list to maximize user engagement.

Send mobile-friendly emails

Only 27% of all marketing emails were opened on mobile devices in 2014. Today, the figure has risen to 61 percent! What exactly does this mean? Don't skip on mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns, and your consumers will be able to engage with your special offers more effectively.

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II. Platforms To Promote Mother's Day Marketing Campaigns

01. Your Website

Make sure to promote your "Mother's Day" offer on your website's most popular pages.

Your online website should allow shoppers to browse by price and highlight key products and categories with mother's day promotions and mother's day messaging. Don’t forget to also include mother's day video, social proof, and beautiful lifestyle images showing actual mothers using the products to increase engagement.

02. Email

You can offer a special "Mother's Day" deal, discount, special, or promotion.

Email will be really useful in promoting your Mother's Day marketing campaign.

  • Send an email announcing the start of your gift shop, along with a special coupon if necessary.
  • Send out an email emphasizing your gift guide.
  • Send an email with a list of best-sellers or most popular products.

03. Social Media Organic Posts

You may use social media to schedule interesting Mother's Day content posts. Creating engaging and interesting pictures for people to share on social media is a creative way to raise brand awareness for this occasion.

social media organic post

Source: Lush

You can use Canva or Picmonkey to make Mother's Day quotes, popular sayings, jokes, or even share popular celebrity moms who inspire people all around the world.

Social media organic post

Source: Etsy

04. Social Media Paid/Boosted Posts

While launching a social media campaign, you can promote your Mother's Day promotions by running an ad or boosting a post.

Social media paid post

Source: Travelocity

05. Display Banner Ads

You can apply the Google Display Network or another display network to post "Mother's Day" display advertising on famous websites, increasing your website visitors.

06. SMS Marketing

You can send Text messages to your consumers with a Mother's Day gift guide and a special offer.

07. Special Event on Mother’s Day

You can host a physical or virtual Mother's Day event for your customers.

08. Google My Business Listing

If you have extended hours on Mother's Day, please update your listing.

09. Influencer Marketing

You can hire well-known industry influencers to advertise your "Mother's Day" deal.

10. Pinterest Boards

Another great way to boost your Mother's Day marketing efforts is to provide customers with great DIYs for mom. Making Pinterest boards and pinning ideas to them is one way to accomplish this.

You may then embed these boards on your website and link to them in your email marketing campaigns.

11. Affiliate Program

If you already have an affiliate program, you can send an exclusive "Mother's Day" offer to your affiliates.

12. Youtube

Using a video campaign to target Generation Z and Millennial consumers is smart because Gen Zers rely on YouTube for product reviews and to guide them make final purchasing decisions. Their preferred content includes short, exciting, and entertaining product unboxings, hauls, tutorials, and educational content.

III. Mother's Day Marketing Campaign Examples

01. Coca-Cola: Mother vs. Daughter Perspective

Here's a great example of video marketing. Mothers and daughters have a complicated bond. This universal theme is brilliantly presented in a Mother’s Day video by Coca-Cola, which shows a woman's coming of age from the perspective of the mother, and then from the daughter's perspective. The famous Coke bottle silhouettes in the top right corner of the screen show which side of the tale is being told. This is video storytelling at its best: smart, interactive, and engaging.

You can look for a marketing agency to carry out this ad project.

Coca Cola's marketing campaign

02. Discovery Channel: Expressing Gratitude For Mothers

Discovery, the world's most popular nature channel, decided to commemorate Mother's Day with a lovely video depicting moms of other species doing what mothers do best: caring for their offspring. It's a wonderful thank you "to all the mothers on the planet" in our life, as their in-house team wrote on social media. After all, who doesn't enjoy observing animals in their natural habitat? It's a perfectly heartfelt campaign for the celebration.

Discovery Channel's mother's day channel

03. Unique in the Creek: Which TV Mom Are You?

You don't have to be a global brand to be creative with Mother's Day marketing. Unique in the CreekTM is an e-commerce manufacturer and sells DIY wreath-making boards and supplies. They made their own kind of "board" for a fun Mother's Day Twitter post, featuring photographs of famous moms from TV shows and the simple question, "Which TV Mom Are You (or which is your Mom most like)?"

Unique in the creek's mother's day campaign

04. Walmart: Turned Mother’s Day Into a Month Long Event 

Walmart felt that one day wasn't enough to honor the "leading mothers in our lives," so it turned the occasion into a month-long celebration called Mother's May. The Mother's May marketing campaign included in-store and online events, as well as social media content.

Mother's May Markets were held at Walmart, when certain of its Supercenter stores were transformed into outdoor markets featuring crafts, goodie bags, family pictures, and other family activities. Online was included in the same way that brick-and-mortar stores were. Online consumers could design their own greeting cards, get instructions for making handmade gifts, and browse curated gift lists. To promote the service, Walmart also gave a $10 discount to first-time pickup and delivery customers.

Walmart produced a film starring real moms, including some of its own employees, in real-life parenting settings with their children for its Mother's Day social media posts. The video was shared across Walmart's social channels because the firm understands the value of genuine user-generated content.

05. RITZ: Celebrated The Role of Foster Parents

For its Mother's Day campaign, cracker RITZ honored the foster parents who open their homes and care for the nation's 424,000 foster children. The marketing campaign was created in collaboration with the National Foster Parent Association and will be included in the brand's Father's Day promotions.

RITZ has published a heartwarming two-minute video named "Foster Welcome" that will make you cry. It depicts a family's first meeting with their foster child, as well as the nervousness and happiness that everyone involved feels.

RITZ's Mother's Day campaign also includes a set of Instagram stickers that allow foster parents to share family photos while maintaining their foster children's confidentiality.

06. “No Kids Allowed” Mother's Day Marketing Campaign asked Moms to recharge their batteries and find some calmness in honor of Mother's Day. They established a landing website with a variety of health spa resorts endorsed by thousands of travelers from around the world. Moms chose their favorite and treated themselves to a much-needed spa day. mother's day campaign

07. Kogan: Mother's Day Gift Guide

The online retailer Kogan enjoys creating "Mother's Day" themed guides, sections, and landing pages on their website.

Kogan mother's day gift guide

08. Redballon: Mother's Day Offer 20% Off Sitewide


09. KyleandCourt: Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day Haul

Another approach for hauls is to sponsor a branded haul. Go Team Fam! is a family YouTube vlog channel from Kyle and Court Hale and their kids.

From their end-of-summer clearance discounts to their free holiday gifts, to those break-apart cards that come in direct mail offering different time-sensitive specials for 30- and 60-day intervals... Bath & Body Works knows how to increase foot traffic.


Try various Mother's Day marketing ideas and measure your results for your next campaign to determine which Mother's Day marketing strategies perform best for your business. Redesign your homepage with themed themes, make eye-catching gift suggestions for moms, or concentrate on successful promotional efforts.

For some ecommerce businesses, "Mother's Day" is such a huge sales bump that it's a no-brainer to include it in their marketing strategy.

Most importantly, consider this special day an opportunity to expand your online store. Mother's Day may be a great occasion for any ecommerce businesses.

The more time you have to plan, the better your mother's day marketing ideas will be and the outcomes will be. But, while not everyone has the opportunity to implement a complete "Mother's Day" marketing strategy months or even weeks before Mother's Day, that doesn't mean you can't achieve success at the last minute.

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