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PageFly New Pricing Model Announced: Everything You Need To Know

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1. So What's New?

New Pricing Model

This pricing model is designed to better adapt to our users' needs, depending on the number of pages each user needs for their online store. You'll no longer have to be reliable on each plan's page count and you'll have the flexibility to add more pages to your current store. PageFly's pricing will depend on the number of “slots" (also known as the number of pages and sections published on PageFly).
  • We will only charge the number of pages you published on your online store and this pricing will still be in the form of subscription, which will be recurring.
  • A free plan is available with 1 publishable slots
  • More slot options to choose from than our previous 4 plans.
PageFly pricing plans

New Add-on options for blogs

If you want to focus on content creation rather than selling, this is definitely good news for you. With an unlimited amount of blog pages for $49/ month, your published blog post pages will be excluded from the total published slots.
  • For example if you have 20 normal pages and 100 blog post pages, you'll only need to get the “20 slots" plan plus the Unlimited blog pages option $49 + $29 = $78 instead of “120 slots" for $104.


PageFly Analytics will now have a refill option. You'll have a maximum number of 50,000 sessions per month. Each time a session occurs (you will be able to set the session’s timeout from 1 minute to 4 hours), it will be deducted from that month's session balance. When there are only 5,000 sessions or less, there will be an option for users to top it back up to 50,000 sessions at the cost of $5. This will be a one-time payment (not recurring).
If users run out of sessions, PageFly Analytics will stop tracking. They will need to purchase more sessions to resume the analytics. 

Referral program

PageFly users can now earn Bearie coins through our Referral Program. Bearie coin is a cumulative currency you can earn by inviting your friends to join PageFly. 1 Bearie coin will be the equivalent of $1 app credit, and you can use it for your Billing's discount.

The Referral Program will now be exclusively reserved for users who convert to the new pricing model. If you have existing Bearie coins from your past earnings, they will only be usable in the new pricing model as the old pricing plan does not have access to Referral program anymore. In short, the coins will become useless if you're in the old pricing plan.


Previously in the old pricing model, for different plans there will be an amount of Saved Sections you can have (basically to save time editing by letting you use it for different pages).

New Sections policy

From now on, your saved sections will be counted as a slot page. You can read more about this HERE.

2. Enterprise Package

PageFly Enterprise

The pricing for the Enterprise package is $199 monthly or pays 10 months only for the yearly plan with $165.8 per month .

The PageFly Enterprise package will include:

  • Unlimited publishable slots
  • Unlimited tracking sessions
  • Priority 24/7 live chat support
  • Exclusive call support line
  • Speed optimization service (You can contact our Support Team for more information)

3. Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to users who are still using the old pricing plan?

For those who stay at the old pricing plan, nothing will change except that you will no longer have access to PageFly's Referral Program anymore.

Is there a different price for certain page types?

No, there's no discrimination over the page price. No matter what page type you publish, it will count as one page. 

What happens if I want to downgrade from paid slots to free?

If you want to downgrade, you'll have to unpublish your pages until there's only 1 slots left (which is the amount of slots allowed on the FREE version)

If I subscribe to the unlimited blog pages, will my blog pages be counted in my slots?

No, your blog pages will be counted separately from your published page slots.

If I create 10 pages and only publish 1, will that count as 11 page slots?

No, only published pages will be counted as page slots, which means in this case your page slots is 1.

Can I go back to the old pricing after switching to the new one?

No, once you've switched to the new pricing model, you can't revert back to the old one.

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