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PageFly 3.18.0 and 3.19.0 Releases: Brand-new Pricing Plan, Global Sections, 3D Product Media , And More

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A brand new, exciting PageFly version update is here, with huge changes and improvements. Let’s dive right in to see what has been made available in this version and prepare yourself for the greatness!


I. New Pricing

The soul of this update lies in the New Pricing Model. There will be no Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans; instead, the pricing plan will be calculated based on the number of published slots. You can choose to use your current plan or switch to our new pricing model if you wish, but please keep in mind, once you switch to the new one, you will not be able to go back to the old plans from previous versions.

PageFly New Pricing Switch Now Option

For merchants who install PageFly after the 3.18.0 version was released, you will automatically be using the new pricing plan, calculated based on the published slots.

New PageFly Plans

For more information on our New Pricing Plan, click HERE.

II. New features and updates

01. Number of pages

With our new pricing plan, you will not be limited on the number of pages created. You can build as many pages as you want, as long as you publish less than or equal to the number of slots you have purchased. Only the published pages and sections will be counted towards your plan’s slots.

Number of pages published

02. Sections

With the Global Sections feature for OS 2.0 stores, users can now publish PageFly sections as a page and add them to Shopify theme editor to make the page more elegant and professional. You can also see on what pages the sections are being used in and edit the sections individually. The changes will be applied to all the pages that contain that Global Section, so you won’t have to go to each page that is using the section and make the same changes.

New Global Sections

03. Improve Product Media element to support AR on 3D models

With the advancement of technology, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular and used widely in ecommerce. This new feature update in PageFly’s Product Media element shows the “real-life” products just through the screen of your device, with options to scale their sizes and see how the products would look in your environment.

When viewing 3D products on mobile devices that support AR features, simply click the button that says “View in your space” and watch the magic happen.

3D feature for Product Media

04. Improve List inside Content List element

Have you ever wanted to further customize 1 item in a List element, but the change ended up being applied to all other items in that element? We heard you, and that’s why in this version update 3.18.0, you will be able to make customizations to each item individually.

Improve Content List element

05. Update Page Outline

For OS 1.0 stores, merchants can now change the positions of Default Product Details element and Default Collection Details on the Product Page or Collection Page, instead of them appearing on top of the page by default as before. You can either drag them to new positions on the page canvas itself, or do it in the page outline if you wish.

06. Page Settings modal

Instead of having 4 different tabs of Details, Type, Layout, and Optimization in Page Settings modal, in this version update, there will be only 2 tabs: General and Optimization. And yes, as you can guess, the General tab is the merge of Details, Type, and Layout tabs, so you can access all settings at once, without having to switch between them to find what you need.

New Page Settings modal

07. Social Sharing Image feature

This feature is introduced to let merchants share images to social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, etc. more easily and time saving. Instead of having to go to the desired social media platform to upload an image, you can now skip the hassle by doing it in the Page Settings and the image will be uploaded to your social media from the editor.

Social Sharing Image feature

08. Analytics

In PageFly 3.18.0 and 3.19.0 version, merchants are now able to customize their analytics settings more to fit their desired needs. With previous versions, Session Timeout is set to 30 minutes per session by default, but now you can tweak this number to any value from 1 minute to 4 hours in Settings > Analytics. Tracking Timezone feature is also available for assistance with different time zones.

Analytics for PageFly

Each merchant will start out with 50,000 sessions each month. And if this amount is not enough for your scale of traffic, when you have used most of them and only have 5,000 sessions left, there will be an option for you to purchase more sessions for your analytics. This is a one - time purchase, and your session balance will come back up to 50,000 after purchasing.

Please note that the maximum number of sessions available for each month is 50,000 sessions. In case you decide to purchase more sessions near the end of a month and have not used them up by the last day, you will still have max 50,000 sessions starting out the following month.

09. Referral Programs

The bearie coins will be converted to application credit, and users can use this credit to pay for PageFly plans in the upcoming months, or even use it to pay for other apps. The number of coins available for redemption will be equal to the amount of their current plan. For example, if you are using the 20-slots plan at $29 per month, the maximum credit that you can use to redeem will be $29.

Referral Programs

III. New Third-party Apps Integrations

01. Integrate with Zoorix - Cross Sell & Bundle

Rated at a whopping 5-star with 300+ reviews on Shopify app store, Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundle allows you to boost sales with one-click recommendation to upsell frequently bought together combinations, bundle upsell, volume discounts, and many more.

Zoorix Integration

02. Integrate with PreProduct

PreProduct next-gen pre-order is another highly rated app on Shopify app store with 4.8-star rating. This app helps you catch the pre-orders for upcoming product launches, no matter where you are in the product cycle. This way, you don’t have to wait until the products arrive at your warehouse to start listing and selling.

PreProduct next-gen pre-order integration

03. Integrate with Omega - Email & Order tracking

Another highly rated app that has just integrated with PageFly is Omega - Email & Order tracking. This 4.9-star rated app has more than 100 reviews, and with it, you can answer customers’ most important questions of “where is my order?” by tracking and tracing more than 300 couriers all around the world - all in one single page.

It’s not just about selling the product, it’s about the post-purchase experience too, right?

Omega Integration

04. Integrate with Areviews - Review Importer

Areviews - Reviews Importer helps import photo reviews from AliExpress and other sites quickly and collect reviews from your customers within a few clicks. You can also auto sync your reviews to make your products look active at all times.

Areviews integration

05. Integrate with Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty

Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty is a feature-packed app that has a 4.9-star rating, with more than 400 reviews on Shopify App Store. It helps merchants to set product’s renewal time, give loyalty discounts and gifts, sync SKU codes, and so much more. This app also has a free plan, so it’s a great choice for small businesses that have a tight budget.

Seal Subscription

06. Integrate with Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

This 4.8-star rating Bundle app helps you improve variants’ design and allow the use of discount codes. You can add Wide Bundles to any of your products and have different variants for each of them. You can also let customers choose a bundle offer and apply discount codes while checking out, and this will help increase your conversion rate. Although this app doesn’t have a free plan, its rich features should be worth the investment.

Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

07. Integrate with OnVoard Back In Stock

OnVoard Back In Stock gives merchants a way to notify customers when a product is restocked, so they don’t have to lose revenue due to product stockout anymore. By using this app, merchants not only can allow customers to subscribe for back in stock notifications, but also view the most in-demand products that are currently out of stock, and have a better plan for restocking them.

OnVoard Back In Stock

08. Integrate with LAI AliExpress Product Reviews

Our brand-new integration allows merchants to display product reviews with 18 different beautiful layouts and 12 templates for color swatches. With the advanced settings, you will be able to customize every element to make them look just like how you want it. Start using and increase customers’ engagement.

LAI AliExpress Product Reviews

IV. Wrapping up

We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. If you have any questions about this version update, or anything about PageFly, please feel free to contact us through our Live Chat Support 24/7.

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