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PageFly 3.20.0 Release: New Styling Configurations, Third-party App Integration, And UX/ UI Improvements

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Check out our latest 3.21.0 version updates HERE.

A new PageFly version has just been released, with lots of new improvements and styling configuration options, one of them being the ability to style hover states of more than 20 elements. So check out all of our updates in this new version and make your page popping.


I. State Styling

In PageFly 3.20.0 version, users will be able to set the State Styling for more than 20 elements. With this feature, users will be able to set Normal State, Mouse Over State, and Active/ Selected State styling for:

  • Heading
  • Button
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Tab and Tab Header
  • Accordion
  • Product Title, Media, Add to Cart, View Details, Quantity and Quantity Button
  • Collection Title, Image, View Details
  • Customer Form button and Contact Form button
  • Blog post View Details
  • Product Variant with option values Variant Image, Color, Radio button, Label
State Styling

    II. Content List Element Improvements

    Ever wanted to style individual Content List items? We’ve heard you!

    In this version, you will have the chance to customize the styling of Content List Items. Go to General > Styling Synchronization and choose Sync to master/ Unsync CLI element only/ Unsync CLI and all children.

    Content List Element

    You can check out more details about the Content List element in our manual HERE.

    III. Divider Element Improvements

    Divider element is now separated into sub-elements for even better customization. You can select the icon or text in the middle of the divider, change it to different types, and make changes to them as you want

    Divider Element

    IV. Import Multiple .json Files

    In this version, you will still be able to export PageFly pages as usual, but they will be in the .pagefly format instead of .json to avoid mixing up PageFly pages files with other .json files. This will limit the chance of users exporting a .json file, but then accidentally import a different .json file, causing the page to not run.

    When you import multiple .pagefly files, the modal will display types of content that you are about to import to your store.

    With .json files that users exported before, they will need to be compressed into .zip files, then changed into .pagefly format before being imported to the PageFly app.

    The rest of the exporting and importing mechanism is still staying the same.

    V. Third-party App Integration: Form Builder - Contact Form by Globo

    Form Builder - Contact Form by Globo is now officially integrated with PageFly. This 4.7-star rating app allows you to create various forms that are fully responsive and user-friendly. With Globo, no technical knowledge is required to build powerful forms, and you will save a lot of time and effort to focus on other great things with your store.

    Globo Form Builder Contact Form

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    VI. Wrapping Up

    We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. If you have any questions about this version update, or anything about PageFly, please feel free to contact us through our Live Chat Support 24/7.

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