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Our Favorite Tips To Boost Father's Day Sales For Your Online Store

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Dad’s big day is right around the corner. It is globally celebrated on the third Sunday of June, meaning this year, Father’s Day falls on this very June 19th, 2022.

We can all agree that dads around the world all have certain hobbies that some kids can never understand, which means your online business might cater to that very niche market. So while the clock is ticking, how will you boost your online store’s Father’s Day sales?

With shoppers everywhere searching for the right nice thing to give their pops, let’s walk through a few of our favorite tips to appeal to the right customers. Let’s get started, shall we?


I. Why Should Businesses Pay Attention To Father’s Day?

We have some very exciting statistics from the National Retail Federation about spending on Father’s day that you might want to look at right here.

Historical Father's Day Spending Plans

Source: NRF.

This 2022, total Father’s Day spending is expected to reach $20 billion, going neck to neck with last year’s $20.1 billion. Of course, last year was an anomaly since Covid-19 happened and robbed many families of the opportunity to spend time outdoors or traveling with their fathers. Because of the pandemic, people switched to buying gifts instead, jacking the total spending up by over $3 billion.

Reports show that consumers plan to spend on average $171.79 to show their gratitude to their dads as well as other important father figures in their lives. Moreover, about 76% of US adults are expected to celebrate Father’s Day.

Expected per-person spending by category

Source: NRF.

In addition, shoppers are particularly interested in buying unique gifts or finding those that create a special memory. About 25% of consumers plan to give gifts of experience like tickets to a live show, and another 37% want to gift a subscription service to prolong the significance of their purchases.

As lockdown regulations have been loosened, we can expect people to go outdoors more and more. Thus, consumers plan to spend the most ($32.29) on a special outing with their dads. Clothing, the penultimate gift for just about any occasion, comes close in second at $26.62. Gift cards and electronics are also highly sought after. The statistics show that no matter your niche, you can expect buyers to help you boost your Father’s Day sales.

After seeing the numbers, do you really want to sit out on this wonderful business opportunity? It only comes once a year, so you do not want to miss the profit train.

II. Tips To Boost Online Store Sales For Father’s Day

Before we get to any specific tips, you must prepare in advance for the holiday. Since you probably have a social media campaign or a few promotions in mind, you need to be ready ahead of time. In addition, it is not a bad idea to be one step ahead of your competitors. 

Discover our video series “Boost your sales for Father's Day” and make use of our tips to boost Father’s Day sales for your Shopify store.

So here are a few bullet points you need to cross before this June 19th.

  • Choose the right campaigns to run: Don’t be greedy and go with every solution you come up with. Choose the most suitable ones!
  • Create a timeline for each campaign: Most campaigns last more than a day, so in the next few weeks, you can expect a tight schedule full of content planning. Sketch a timeline so you don’t miss anything.
  • Test run everything, especially website performance: An abnormal amount of visits is bound to appear on your dashboard in the next few days, so you need to make sure your website can handle it.
  • Prepare materials: Not only do you need to stock up on products to sell, but you also need freebies or complimentary gifts ready and in stock as well.

But you cannot prepare for campaigns without first gathering some ideas, can you? So, without further ado, here are XX tips to boost online sales for this Father’s Day!

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1. Provide subtle buying suggestions with “Gift ideas”

A lot of dads have really obscure hobbies and passions that no young people can understand. When you really think about it, it is harder to buy gifts for fathers than for mothers. Not that moms don’t deserve more, but they would be happy with just a bouquet of flowers or chocolate. Dads, on the other hand, don’t seem to show any emotions toward those universal presents.

Abacus Data has carried out a survey asking dads what they would like to receive on Father’s Day. Surprisingly, 40% are happy with just about anything they receive.

Worst father's day gifts

Source: Abacus Data.

Of course, there are still 60% of other dads that are harder to please. These dads are tired of receiving ties and socks on every occasion, so just in case you are not selling those things, stay away from them.

Best Father's day gifts

Source: Abacus Data.

And of course, there are certain gifts that are guaranteed to make a dad happy. If you don’t know what to suggest, these numbers are sure to give you a vague idea. Granted, you need to tailor the Father’s Day gift ideas to your specific niche.

2. Bundles, bundles, bundles

And while we are on the topic of gift suggestions, creating bundles and promoting them heavily will do the trick as well. Bundle a few items together and sell them in a batch.

Of course, you need to convince shoppers to buy the bundles instead of buying just one single product. You can do so by offering a promotion (e.g. Save 10% when buying these two products together). This tactic can kill two birds with one stone - promoting products while also getting rid of surplus inventory.

If you are a Shopify store owner, you might want to check out Frequently Bought Together - an addon with free plans available that lets merchants group items for easy cross-selling and create a sense of FOMO to push sales.

Frequently bought together app

In addition, you can even let customers create their own bundles by giving discounts based on how much they spend or how many products they buy. Be creative with this tactic!

Further reading: Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Product Bundles

3. Host Father’s Day contests and giveaways

We can all agree that most dads are funny, in their own weird ways of course, or else the world would never have talked so much about “dad jokes”. It will do you wonders to utilize this quirk effectively.

Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase engagement levels. Moreover, a contest can generate a huge amount of traffic to your site and drive up your social media presence significantly. Don’t underestimate the power of user-generated content!

Hold a contest with free Father’s Day packages as the prize. Better yet, host multiple giveaways leading up to the big date and build excitement during the whole month.

There are many kinds of contests you can host, such as:

  • Let customers share their funniest dad stories and let them vote amongst each other
  • Have customers share their favorite moments with their dads and decide the winner through votes
  • A dad joke competition
  • A treasure hunt on your site. You can execute this by hiding a secret link somewhere on your online store
Father's day hidden prize

Father’s Day hidden prize - Source: Optinmonster.

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4. Post daily Father’s Day content

This is without a doubt, one of the best ways to remind customers about the holiday. Unfortunately for dads, Father’s Day is less remembered than Mother’s Day for some reason, so they would definitely appreciate a little reminder.

Utilize your social media channels and blogs to post wholesome and interesting posts about Father’s Day. You can also post Father’s Day gift ideas during this period.

For ideas, you need to understand what dads and their kids love. Once you figure out what creates a positive feeling for them, utilize that!

  • A tribute to fathers - you can get personal and create a tribute to your own dad
  • Dad joke compilations
  • Best Father’s Day gifts
  • DIY tutorial/Recipes: Dads love DIY!

5. Don’t forget email marketing!

Just in case there are customers who don’t have time to browse social media, get into their emails.

They would definitely appreciate a reminder of Father’s Day! And of course, this is your chance to promote your discounts, as well as contests you plan to run. You can offer special links with free shipping or discounts in the email, i.e. customers will get that promotion if they click on the link in your email.

Take a look at our video below to learn some tips for Father’s Day Marketing to get the most out of Father’s Day sales.

6. Build a dedicated landing page for Father’s Day

Landing pages are a great tool for increasing conversion rate! Just in case you are completely new to eCommerce, a landing page is essentially a separate page designed specifically for one CTA (call-to-action). A customer “lands” on the page through a link they either found on social media or in their email.

A landing page is designed for you to highlight products or collections that you want to promote during a marketing campaign. The sole CTA on a landing page is usually to: fill out a form, subscribe, make a purchase, etc. You can see that it was made to be a conversion tool.

A good landing page will require you to tick off a few boxes:

  • Start with your unique value proposition
  • Maximize the speed and performance of the page (which can be analyzed with Google Page Speed Insights)
Maximize page speed and performance

  • Check the functionality on mobile devices
  • Include as much positive information as possible to reinforce the benefits and trust
  • Have a strong title and brief, to-the-point paragraphs
  • Invest in product image quality
  • Use videos to showcase products better
  • Use sliders to maximize space
  • Have a strong, visually present CTA button
Have strong CTA button

  • Use a countdown timer to create FOMO

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But the guide cannot be complete without a few examples, can it? So here are a few top converting landing pages.

Volant Aroma

Volant Aroma

The Brick Business Fleet

The Brick Business Fleet

Can you guess what both of the landing pages above have in common? They were all built with PageFly! Do try out our services, even if just to build a simple landing page for the upcoming Father’s Day! We offer a lifetime free plan, so there is no harm at all in trying, is there?

III. Conclusion

And that was 6 of our favorite tips to boost your online store’s sales for Father’s Day. One more thing you should do is to track everything in order to better prepare for next year’s celebration. You cannot do business without proper data and planning!

We hope that these tips have been helpful to you. Lastly, we hope you have the best Father’s Day with your dad, as well as your entire family.

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