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Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Product Bundles

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The e-commerce space is expanding, with both buyer and seller numbers running in billions globally. Last year alone, 74.3% of consumers went online to buy something or the other. By 2025, the figure will reach 80.4%. As the space is getting crowded, e-commerce stores have a pressing need to distinguish themselves from competitors. Stiff competition is just the tip of the iceberg, what’s more, customers today can turn to another store with the click of a button. To weed out excess challenges, online businesses need to come up with innovative selling strategies and one way to achieve this is by selling bundles with exciting offers that consumers simply can’t refuse. Shopify App Bundles can make this process easy by letting you pick and choose bundle product apps according to your requirements. Let's see what Shopify bundling is, and how it can help you serve your customers better.

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Goals to Keep in Mind For Shopify Product Bundles

Here are some questions that can help you find the right product bundle app for your store:

  • Are you looking for an app that supports you with inventory synchronization
  • Or do you want to provide buyers with some incentives to add more things to their carts?
  • Are you trying to enhance customer experience by giving them customized recommendations?

You don’t necessarily have to choose one objective over another but it helps to have a clear sense of what you want before coming up with bundling strategies. The other two things you need to have before bundle customization are:

  • A pre-existing Shopify account
  • A product bundle app available on the Shopify Marketplace

Why Should You Offer Bundle Products In Your Shopify Store?

Bundle Pricing Strategy

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  • It can help boost revenue and increase your sales.
  • You get to enhance customer satisfaction by giving them greater value-for-money offers.
  • You can also reduce inventory and clear up warehouse space by bundling together underselling items with the more popular ones.
  • Bundling products is a great way to cut down on shipping and packaging costs.
  • Bundling can also help you reduce marketing costs- when you bundle products, you can market them as a single item.

Types of Shopify Bundles

These are the main kinds of Shopify product bundles that you can choose from:

Group Bundles

Group Bundling Type

This bundling option shows multiple bundles underneath a product you are planning to buy and then lets you put them together for a discounted price. Group bundles are mostly based on historical sales data and can be set up through automatic or manual product bundling. Just like Amazon’s product recommendation feature, the bundling type reads the history to create better sales choices.

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Combo Products

Group Bundling type

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When you select a product that might be part of a combo offer, Combo Product bundling automatically adds items that are part of the same offer. The bundling type is preferable before checkouts since separate product pages will be containing individual products you need to create a combo. For example, wardrobe essentials can include trousers, shirts, and a choice of shoes for men- three different products and product pages are combined together.

Buy/Get Bundles

This bundling option shows you products you can get either for free or at a discounted price along with selected items. Also known as BOGO, bundling is an immediate attraction for customers since it allows them to pair their favorites together before checkout while paying for one.

Mix and Match Bundles

Mix and Match Bundling

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It enables you to mix a product from one collection with something else from a different collection and then lets you save a certain amount of money on the bundle. Mix and Match is a great way to learn about customer preferences because it lets the buyer choose what items they’d want to buy together.

Frequently Bought Together

With this bundle, products that are frequently bought together can be combined and bought at a lower price.

Frequently Bought Together

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Shopify Product Bundle Strategies

A robust and well-thought-out bundling strategy can go a long way in multiplying sales and increasing your profits. There are two important aspects to building a good strategy when it comes to product bundling:

  • Combining the right products that might appeal to your consumers
  • Strategically placing them in your Shopify store

On a side note, here are some products that work well together in bundle combinations:

  • Combine low-selling products with highly popular ones to easily sell items that would otherwise not get picked.
  • Bundle products that are used together and complement each other. 
  • Bunch underselling products along with other low-performing items and sell them at a discounted price.
  • Offer customer favorites as a bundle.
  • Sell unique items only as a part of a bundle.
  • Create seasonal bundles based around the time of festivals and holidays.
  • Launch new items and test their performance by putting them in a bundle combination having existing products.

Where To Place The Bundles In Your Shopify Store?

Two broad kinds of techniques for placing product bundles are as follows:

Add Valuable Bundles at Checkout

Bundling at Checkout

The idea here is to present the bundle offer to customers during checkout so that they can be encouraged to add more items to their cart for a greater discount.

Bundling as its Own Product

Product Bundling

Bundling as its own product allows you to present the bundle as a product of its own. So in this case, the bundle has a product page, description, and photos. Apart from these two techniques, some other ways in which you can showcase product bundles in your store are:

  • Having a page that’s specially designed for presenting all product bundles.
  • Showcasing bundles in the form of a pop-up window.
  • Listing product bundles under the add to cart option.

Top Product Bundle Plugins of 2022 in Shopify App Store

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

Bundler app is an innovative solution that automates the process of creating product bundles on Shopify. This app is one of the most popular bundling solutions out there, offering a simple and intuitive interface, flexible pricing options, customizable bundle images, and real-time inventory updates.

Plus, with classic bundles, Mix & Match bundles, volume discounts, and Sectioned Mix & Match bundles, the possibilities are endless. Try the free plan of Bundler app today and start increasing your revenue through product bundling !


  • FREE plan
  • Premium plan - $6.99/month

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together App

Key Feature

Frequently Bought Together is a great bundle app for increasing your sales by prompting customers to buy related products at a discounted price. This app runs quite efficiently, can handle numerous orders simultaneously, and has no trouble managing traffic during peak hours of sales. You can also adjust and change the product recommendations for every item, according to your preference or goals. The bundling type creates memory graphs based on old purchases in your database and information collected through data mining. These are then put to use in suggesting which are the most sought-after products that could be bought together.

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  • Standard - $9.99/month
  • Shopify Plus - $19.99/month

Bundles Upsell by PickyStory

PickyStory Shopify Product Bundles

Key Feature

Use PickyStory to create revenue-boosting bundles & upsell offers displayed at key points in your customer’s journey. Create personalized offers designed to convert more visitors into buyers. Either create your own product combinations or use PickyStory’s AI-driven algorithm to sell automated product offers. PickyStory’s complete conversion platform offers BOGO and free gifts, quantity breaks, bundle builders, tiered discounts, frequently bought together, popups, slide cart deals, and more. 

PickyStory’s efficiency can be accounted for by the fact that one of its clientele, NxTSTOP increased its AOV by 150%.


  • Free to Install and generate up to $500
  • Standard - $49.5/month and up
  • Flexible - $189/month and up
  • Premium - Get a quote

    Bundle Bear - Volume Discounts

    Shopify Bundle Bear Volume Discount

    Key Feature

    Bundle bear enables you to build customized product bundles that have a limited-time offer to increase your total order value. Moreover, you can customize the discounts and limited-time deals, and even track customer engagement with discount offers. The app has an easy setup and an intuitive user interface.


    • Shopify Basic - $24.99/month
    • Shopify - $34.99/month
    • Shopify Advanced - $44.99/month
    • Shopify Plus - $64.99/month


    Zoorix Shopify Product Bundles

    Key Feature

    Zoorix can be your go-to app that supports multiple features such as product bundling, cross-selling, and upselling. The appearance is completely customizable so you can align the bundling as per your brand image. Moreover, the app comes with free delivery and offers a discount when you reach the cart drawer. You can integrate it with all the major Shopify themes to enhance user experience. With its multilingual app, businesses can easily go global by contacting customers across languages and cultures.


    • Zoorix Free
    • Pro- $7.99/month
    • VIP- $14.99/month
    • Growth- $29.99/month

    Revy – Unlimited Bundles & Discount

    Revy Shopify Product Bundles

    Key Feature

    This app enables you to create bundles that are product smart and have varied discount offers to increase the conversion rate for your Shopify stores. Revy Bundles has a mobile-friendly interface and works seamlessly on all kinds of devices. It allows you to add and remove products from your shopping cart as many times as you’d like for the same product bundle. Moreover, Revy boasts of five-star compatibility with different currency converters. You can have separate pricing groups and let bundle discounts be applied only at the checkout.


    • Free Plan
    • Basic Plan- $13.99/month
    • Professional Plan- $21.99/month
    • Advanced Plan- $29.99

    Wide Bundles

    Wide Bundles App

    Key Feature

    Wide Bundles app allows you to adjust the appearance of your variants to build unique offers applicable to your product. The app is one way to create quantity breaks and inform customers of the money they saved with each purchase. Moreover, with wide bundles, customers can buy more of the same product through different variants of the same item.


    • Basic Plan - $14.99/month.


    Most eComs today stand with the USP of offering unique product bundles that fetch and retain customers. Online shopping is no longer just about buying and selling things online. E-commerce stores need to offer their customers a holistic experience that leaves them feeling like they got a great deal online. If you can streamline product bundles around this idea of a win-win situation, then you can easily boost sales and improve the average order value.

    Shopify product bundles aren’t just about cost-saving but have become the new upselling norm for merchants. These six apps above aren’t the only ones in the market, but the most sought-after. The right product bundle app for you should be based on your business need: the level of control you desire over bundling, store requirements, store size, and product range offered (a BOGO is an evergreen bundle, but group bundles might not suit small businesses with limited product niche), and storefront customization.

    My favorite bundle is BOGO and Frequently Bought Together. What’s yours? Let me know.

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