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Top Shopify Inventory Management Apps That You Should Use In 2024

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One of the most important aspects of keeping every business in check is tracking your stock levels with accuracy. That’s why Shopify inventory management apps come in handy if you own an ecommerce business with lots of SKUs.

Not only do these apps automate your Shopify stock management. They also help prevent losses. And these kinds of functions are crucial in helping you maximize your profits by the end of each accounting period.

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What Is Inventory Management For Shopify?

Inventory management is the process of ordering, storing, and utilizing the inventory of a company. Management of finished products, raw materials, components as well as processing and warehousing of such products is also included in inventory management.

Inventory management helps keep your supply chain healthy by maintaining the required inventory to speed up sales and run the production process smoothly. Knowing what products you have, what’s in your warehouse, and how your stock levels are being managed is the backbone of your business and this is where Shopify inventory management comes into play.

How Important Are Inventory Management Software?

For people who want to make their businesses better on Shopify, there’s a big need for excellent inventory management software. Obviously all businesses need to be profitable as well as provide a great user experience and for doing so, inventory management is vital.

Yes, you will have to track and manage inventory levels all the time to keep an eye on everything. But manually doing so could cost you precious time which can be used elsewhere.

You might ask,

“Does Shopify have inventory management?”

“Why can’t I just use that instead?”

Well, while you do get a built-in Shopify stock control app within your admin dashboard, that inventory management app only provides you with the basic functions needed to manage and track inventory data. But, there are many restrictions on what you can do with the proprietary Shopify inventory management software.

That’s why you can’t afford to neglect Shopify inventory management apps like the ones we’re about to discuss – especially if you have complex inventory needs.

Inventory management apps play an important role in growing an ecommerce business like Shopify. It’s not all about just providing statistics into what you’re selling but also about saving your money by preventing inventory losses.

Benefits Of Using Apps To Track Inventory Levels

A Shopify business needs good inventory management apps to avoid losses and excessive stocking – both of which take a hit on your liquidity and cash flow.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when using a stock management for Shopify:

  • Enhanced precision and user-friendliness: Shopify inventory management apps digitalizes and automates the tracking of inventory levels thereby increasing precision and minimizing mistakes. This will enable you to maintain records with efficiency to streamline your operations.
  • Seamless integration: A software solution allows you to set up inventory tracking and integrate them with your other systems such as Shopify POS and accounting. This centralized information reduces input errors that affect data accuracy.
  • Increased efficiency: Shopify inventory management apps usually have direct notification of low stock or excessive stocks – which assist in your ordering process to keep stock levels optimal. This approach reduces the risks of overstocking or understocking.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The benefits of accuracy and efficiency all contribute to the cost-effectiveness of Shopify inventory management apps. Although you need to allot some budget for these apps, these, in turn, lets you save money on purchases and storage expenses. Additionally, automated inventory management decreases employee workload and hours spent on manual tasks potentially reducing payroll costs..

What To Look For In An Inventory Management System

There are a multitude of inventory management apps in the Shopify store. But although they aim to improve your inventory tracking, they all have their differences.

Basically, you need to choose one that suits you best. Be that as it may, there are a few, non-negotiable features that need to be present in your inventory management:

  • Integration with current apps: before committing to a Shopify inventory management system, make sure that it can be integrated with your other systems, especially your sales channels, to attain a seamless workflow.
  • Streamline and automate processes: inventory management apps aim to automate stocking processes to eliminate tedious manual management. Make sure that the inventory system that you choose provides your needed automations to help you save time and money in the long run.
  • POS integration: if you are using Shopify POS on your retail stores, you need to ensure that your Shopify inventory management app can be integrated with it so you can accurately reconcile your online and in-store sales.
  • Accurate analysis: among the main functions of Shopify inventory management apps are sales analytics that are more detailed than what you can find in your Shopify admin. This gives you reports as regards your best selling and least selling products, as well as your profit margin for each, and more.
  • Sales prediction: you need to opt for an app with sales prediction capabilities if you want to optimize your inventory levels so your supply chain can run like a well-oiled machine without sacrificing your cash flow. Not all apps have this function though. So choose wisely.

Top Shopify Inventory Management Apps For Your Online Store

Talking about Shopify inventory management apps, they give you suggestions based on sale data, and can also help calculate turnover, analyze stock, run a warehouse fearlessly, and more!

So, let’s begin! Here are some of the best inventory management for Shopify that you might want to consider using on your online store:

01.  QuickBooks Online Global

QuickBooks Online Global

Source: QuickBooks Online Global

QuickBooks Online Global is one of the most popular apps for tracking inventory levels and more. This app is best for enterprise-level Shopify stores as it enables them to connect all their international storefronts into a single app.

Moreover, QuickBooks is an established name in the world of accounting, and thus, it comes with an accounting software to track income and expenses for better tax planning.

As such, QuickBooks is a great inventory and accounting software to align your business finances.

QuickBooks Online Global -- app store page

Source: QuickBooks Online Global

Moreover, QuickBooks allows for automated importation of sales data from your Shopify store to the app so mistakes from manual entry are mitigated.


  • Accounting and inventory software combined in one app
  • All sales channels can be connected in a single app
  • Relatively cheap considering how good the app is


  • This app is not as customizable as other competing services
  • It doesn’t have any kind of POS support for offline sellers


  • 30-day free trial
  • Simple Start: $30 per month (50% off or $15 for the first three months)
  • QBO Essentials: $60 per month (50% off or $30 for the first three months)
  • QBO Plus: $90 per month (50% off or $45 for the first three months)
  • QBO Advanced: $200 per month (50% off or $100 for the first three months)

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    02. Extensive Order Manager

    Extensive Order Manager

    Source: Extensiv Order Manager

    Extensiv Order Manager is another Shopify inventory management system specially designed for Shopify sellers. This app is very famous for its extraordinary analytics features, and a unique characteristic to simplify difficult aspects of Shopify inventory management.

    Extensiv Order Manager  brings everything that is needed to track your company’s performance in a single place. From its dashboard, you can easily analyze all important stats, such as low-stock levels, incoming stock, and fulfillment performance metrics.

    Extensive Order Manager - apps store page

    Source: Extensiv Order Manager

    With just a single click, Extensiv Order Manager enables you to import products from your warehouse environment, reducing the struggle of inventory management. Skubana also develops outstanding reports showcasing gross margins, unit margins, and other useful details.


    • All-in-one app for improving business performance
    • Helpful platform developed by sellers for sellers
    • Very easy for beginners
    • Single-click warehouse importing
    • Excellent analytics characteristics with comprehensive reports
    • Outstanding customer support services
    • Get accurate insights and statistics into your most demanded products


    • It has fewer integrations than some alternatives.
    • It's very expensive.


    • Skubana Software: $1000 per month

    03. Stocky

    Stocky is a top-notch inventory management app that’s built specifically for Shopify POS systems. As such, you can rest assured that it is well-optimized for your POS system if you are using one.

    Stocky app

    Source: Shopify App Store

    Stocky helps you maintain optimized inventory levels in your retail store by receiving product recommendations based on their profitability. It also features in-depth reporting tools to ensure that you are making all the right inventory decisions.


    • Allows you to create and manage purchase orders and communicate the to your suppliers
    • Data-backed product recommendations
    • Powerful analytics


    • Here no extra service is provided such as shipping and order fulfillment.
    • Can only be used for retail stores because it requires a Shopify POS Pro plan


    Stocky comes pre-installed in Shopify POS Pro systems. Check out the prices of Shopify POS subscriptions here.

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    4. Litcommerce

    LitCommerce is a powerful Shopify inventory management app, and it goes straight to multichannel sellers. So, if you are expanding across platforms, get ready to connect and list your inventory on the most dynamic ones, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, TikTok Shop, and 20+ selling channels.


    In particular, LitCommerce helps you manage inventory and orders across sales channels with instant sync (pricing, quantity display, and order). 

    More about this application: With the LitCommerce rule setup, you can take full control of your inventory on all channels. This means you can make your own rules for pricing or product quantity displayed on your preferred channels. No more over- and underselling. 

    Yet, the functionality doesn't stop there. If you manage your inventory with multiple warehouses, LitCommerce will support you in doing warehouse mapping. Also, automated order import is available, which helps you track and manage orders more easily.  


    • Manage inventory and orders on multiple platforms in ONE central place
    • Save a lot of time and effort for bulk listing your inventory on channels
    • Prevent overselling and stocking out with inventory sync 
    • Offer full inventory control with rule setup
    • Conveniently track all orders from all sales platforms on your Shopify dashboard
    • Top-rated customer service through live chats, emails
    • Make detailed reports (sales and store errors)


    • LitCommerce doesn't support order sync for sellers on Walmart or Amazon FBA. 


    Sellers can choose the Free Forever Plan or the LitCommerce pay-as-you-go model, which is tailored to their business demands. In other words, the greater your inventory and the more sales channels you have, the higher you will pay. You'll be the one who calls the final shot.

    Litcommerce pricing

    05. Sellbrite

    Sellbrite shopify inventory management

    Source: Sellbrite

    Sellbrite is another incredible online Shopify inventory management system that you can add to your checkout on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon if you’re employing a multi-channel sales approach. Sellbrite assists people who use Shopify to sell their products worldwide.

    Using this handy application, you can access several key functions to improve the performance of your Shopify store. For example, one can have access to many warehouse locations and also integrate the business with Fulfillment by Amazon.

    Sellbrite - app store page

    Source: Sellbrite

    Sellbrite allows you to easily list brand-new items, no matter where they shop. It can give you a comprehensive overview of your daily sales. Whenever sales occur, Sellbrite will automatically adjust and synchronize inventory information to prevent over-selling of products you no longer use.


    • Fulfillment by Amazon integration
    • Supports multi-channel sales
    • Automatically synchronize your inventory
    • Excellent customer service and support
    • Easy-to-use platform
    • Supports multiple warehouse locations
    • Suitable for a wide range of market options
    • Good option for small business because of its affordable pricing


    • This app doesn’t provide syncing for accounting programs


    • Forever free
    • Pro 100: $19 per month or $190 per year (equivalent to 2 months free)
    • Pro 500: $59 per month or $590 per year (equivalent to 2 months free)
    • Pro 2k: $ 99 per month or $990 per year (equivalent to 2 months free)
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      06. Stock Sync: Inventory Sync

      Stock Sync shopify inventory management

      Source: Stock Sync

      Stock Sync is one of the most popular inventory management apps for Shopify. This application has a strong Google influence and hugely positive feedback. A number of Shopify users believe that Stock Sync is the best tool for automatic inventory updating.

      Stock Sync: Inventory Sync - app store page

      Source: Stock Sync

      This app can help you automatically update inventory data with SKU information. This app allows you to manage the price of your products, export inventory, synchronize detailed information, and so on. This application also supports a large number of scheduled inventory updates.

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      • Email, Rest API, FTP, and many other integrations
      • Easy to change product prices
      • Automatic inventory scheduling
      • Advanced features for Shopify inventory management
      • Great shipping functions


      • It’s very difficult to set up
      • Mapping functions are difficult to use


      • Free plan
      • Basic: $5 per month or $55 per year (equivalent to 1 month free)
      • Pro: $15 per month or $165 per year (equivalent to 1 month free)
      • Business: $25 per month or $275 per year (equivalent to 1 month free)

      07. ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

      ShipHero Inventory & Shipping is an Warehouse Management System designed to help large brands with large amounts of SKUs run their warehouses and shipping using industry-leading and powerful tools.

      ShipHero Inventory & Shipping -- app store page

      Source: Shopify App Store

      It is partnered with large logistics companies such as Amazon, USPS, FedEx, and UPS to deliver optimized shipping for all your customers.

      When synchronizing inventory data, you can access various forms of advanced reporting, purchase order information, batch order processing, and return management. If you need to go beyond direct integration with companies such as USPS, in no time, this app will update your sales process.

      This app allows you to get amazing tools like merged order notifications, kit creation, cycle counting, and several solutions to help manage warehouse inventory. It’s integrated with USPS, eBay, and Amazon.


      • Brilliant packaging, picking, and transportation capabilities
      • Excellent management for multi-warehouse inventory
      • Fewer transportation costs
      • Real-time tracking of inventory and orders
      • Fully cloud-based solution


      • This tool is very expensive
      • It’s difficult to understand for beginners


      • Standard Plan: $1995 per month
      • 3PL Plan: $2145 per month
      • Enterprise Plan: Talk to sales for quote

      08. Inventory Planner Forecasting

      Inventory Planner shopify inventory management

      Source: Inventory Planner Forecasting

      This app can help your Shopify store manage and control inventory as well as report market trends. Inventory Planner comes with numerous amazing features. First of all, it can manage your products. Based on the products sold and your cash flow, here you will get useful tables and graphs that show your sales statistics for a week or a month.

      Inventory Planner Forecasting - app store page

      Source: Inventory Planner Forecasting

      This tool integrates with Ordoro, Google Analytics, Quickbooks Online, Stichlabs, and more.


      • Recommends prioritized products for ordering
      • Merchandising, forecast inventory, purchase orders, etc.
      • Report remaining item quantities
      • Easily create financial plan
      • Provide email alerts for low stocks


      • The interface seems complex as there is so much data displayed.


      • Starts with $249 per month
      • Schedule a call for tailored pricing plan


        09. Simple Inventory

        Simple inventory

        Source: Shopify App Store

        Simple Inventory allows you to easily export the whole product inventory as a CSV file. This app provides many important features for Shopify business owners. Here you can change the price of your products and change inventory data by SKU, and your product information will be easily saved in a CSV file.


        • Change the product price in minimum time
        • Easily save data into a CSV file
        • Export the whole product data to just a CSV file
        • Automate uploading inventories procedure


        • Not a very advanced app and there are some limitations.
        • Usually, this app can't handle multiple uploads at a time.


        • 30-day free trial available
        • Core: $5.99 per month
        • Automated <10k: $14.99 per month
        • Automated <50k: $29.99.99 per month
        • Automated >50k: $49.99 per month

        10. Connected Inventory - InsCoder

        Connect Inventory can work as a great tool for Shopify inventory management. It analyzes and copies the stock quantity. If you sell items in bundles then this app is going to be highly beneficial as you can easily edit a large number of products through this app.

        Connected Inventory - InsCoder app store page

        Source: Shopify App Store

        This app works very well for synchronizing inventory quantity across products, variants, and product bundles.


        • Works smoothly for managing a large number of products
        • Copy and track the inventory quantity
        • Update products anytime
        • Link inventory together for boosting sales


        • Sometimes, it does not sync inventory consistently.


        • 7-day free trial
        • Monthly plan: $9.99 per month

          11. SKULabs

          SKULabs shopify inventory management

          Source: SKULabs

          SKULabs is another excellent solution for Shopify inventory management. Its installation is free of subscription fees and doesn't require any special skills. Just download and experience it immediately!

          SKULabs - app store page

          Source: SKULabs

          SKULabs comes with several beneficial tools allowing its users to manage their inventory in the best possible way. It uses barcodes to verify orders and scan products.


          • Keep warehouse inventory accurate
          • Manage inventory for all sales channels
          • Scan products easily for verifying orders
          • Integrate with Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and Jet


          • The product search is extremely difficult. It is an exact word search.


          • Inventory: Free
          • Starter: $299 per month
          • Premium: $999 per month
          • Enterprise: $1999 per month

          12. Stock&Buy: Inventory Management

          Stock&Buy shopify inventory management

          Source: Stock&Buy: Inventory Management

          Stock&Buy has many prominent features designed to make e-store landing pages work more efficiently. This app allows you to upload inventory for multiple Shopify stores.

          Stock&Buy: Inventory Management - app store page

          Source: Shopify App Store

          Stock&Buy is suitable for managing bundled goods. You can add finished products, sub-assemblies, and many more components to provide customers with more choices. It connects to Xero and synchronizes your inventory valuation, invoices, bills, and cost of goods sold in real-time


          • Offers multi-warehouse location management
          • Sync as many Shopify stores as you like
          • Easily manage inventory and price with kit management
          • Synchronizes inventory valuation, invoices, bills, and cost of goods sold in real-time
          • Report stocks on hand


          • Customer support doesn’t work very well


          • 14-day free trial
          • Base Price: $149 per month (+$10 for each extra 1000 SKUs, $20 for each connection, $20 for each extra 1000 Orders)
          • Scale: $149 per month (+$20 per month per connection, $20 per month per 1000 orders)

          13. EasyScan: SKU & Barcode

          EasyScan is the perfect Shopify app for anyone looking to start taking back control of their inventory. It has everything you need to set up your product barcodes, including assigning barcodes and SKUs to printing barcode labels. Customize your barcode labels to include the information that is important for you.

          EasyScan: SKU & Barcode - app store page

          Source: Shopify App Store

          With EasyScan you can use a barcode scanner or your smartphone camera to create orders by scanning the product barcode, fulfill orders or even update your stock levels quickly. This makes it much more efficient when updating the stock levels of multiple products to your store. Plus if you need to transfer products from one location to another quickly we have it covered.

          The completely hands free order fulfillment process is easily integrated into your current packing flow, just connect any barcode scanner and you are ready to go. Scan the packing slip barcode to find an order, scan the order items to confirm, and fulfill your order - all without touching the keyboard! Their customer service is excellent and the team is always adding more to EasyScan to improve the service.


          • All-in-one app for inventory management
          • Create and Fulfill orders with a barcode scanner
          • Check, Update and Transfer Inventory
          • Print picklists and Packing slips
          • Assign and Print Barcode labels
          • Great customer service
          • Download inventory reports
          • Low cost for the number of features


          • Not currently able to integrate order shipping label printing
          Getting started with easy scan

          Source: EasyScan 


          • 10-day free trial
          • Basic: $9.99 per month
          • Standard: $29.99 per month
          • Advanced: $59.99 per month

          Bonus Tips for Inventory Management

          Whether you’re a new Shopify business owner or building your second store on this platform, always keep the following Shopify inventory management tips in mind:

          Categorize Your Inventory

          Prioritizing products in groups can help you know which products need to be ordered frequently and how slowly they are being removed from your inventory.

          This allows you to focus on profitable products. In order to improve your inventory, consider dividing that into multiple groups based on profitability and turnover. Start with three:

          • First Group: Fast-selling products with a low price tag
          • Second Group: Medium-selling products with a medium price tag
          • Third Group: Slow-selling products with a high price tag

          Keep Updating Inventory Records In Real-time

          Keep product information records of all items in the inventory. Access to the latest and correct inventory data is the key to moving products quickly and efficiently. You need to record information like barcodes, SKUs, suppliers, and so on. In addition, know when the last transaction occurred.

          Audit Inventory Regularly

          Real-time tracking makes it very easy to audit your inventory on a regular basis. Many people audit inventory once a year, while others may conduct random checks on their products monthly or weekly.

          In any case, run audits to ensure the accuracy between financial records and stock quantity. This will assist you to know your inventory flow, profit as well as loss, and keep your inventory working smoothly.

          Prefer Customer Satisfaction

          Your goal should be to avoid useless content in the inventory. However, blindly lowering stock levels from inventory will decrease your focus on the most critical element in the Shopify business: customer satisfaction.

          In case your inventory is not so good and customers don't buy your products, you will obviously lose sales. So, try to make your inventory in such a way your customers want it to be.


          As shown in our list, Shopify inventory management apps come in a wide range of prices. There are inexpensive ones, and there are also those that require more than a thousand-dollar monthly premium.

          Basically, the inexpensive ones can be used by small to growing businesses while those at the higher end of the spectrum are recommended for use by enterprises with complex inventory and logistics needs – especially those with several warehouse locations, and employing an omni-channel sales approach.

          If you are just starting out in your business, the built-in inventory level management system in the Shopify admin works really great and we suggest maximizing it.

          But as soon as your needs grow more complex and demanding, that’s the time that you should consider one of these apps.

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