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PageFly 3.17.0 Release: Exciting New Features, New Third-party Apps Integration, and lots of Improvements

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PageFly has come back with a brand-new version update 3.17.0, which includes exciting new features, new integrations, and a whole lot of improvements to level up your page building experience.

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I. New Features

01. Trash can

Ever regret deleting a page, and now you can’t restore it back to keep using? Good news is that, in the PageFly 3.17.0 version, we have released the Trash can feature, which allows you to keep your deleted pages in a separate folder, so if you decide to bring back a page you thought is useless, it’ll only be a few clicks away.

PageFly's new Trash can feature

After you delete a page, it will go into the Trash tab and be stored there for 30 days. During this time, you can restore and keep using the page. However, after 30 days in Trash, the page will be deleted permanently.

Delete pages in PageFly
PageFly's Trash tab

02. Make sticky section

No more custom coding to make sticky sections, because we have created the option to Enable Sticky Top. Simply choose the section you want to make sticky, go to General > Enable Sticky Top > Yes, then Save and Publish, and there you have the sticky section on top of your live page.

PageFly's sticky section option

The Top Offset value allows you to set the distance between the header and your sticky top, and it gives you more control over how you want your page to look like.

03. Open live chat in spotlight search result

Whenever you are facing troubles while building a page or finding something you need, you can easily find us in the spotlight search result dropdown. This way, our support is everywhere, making it easier for you to find us and get the support you need and deserve right away.

PageFly's live chat in spotlight search result

In this version update, the spotlight search will also show the search results from Help Center to give you more straight-forward access to our materials and find the answers to your questions.

II. New Third-party Apps Integration

These integrations with Back In Stock - Customer Alert and Wishlist Hero can be used on Product pages, and only once on each page.

01. Integrate with Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Rated 4.8-star with more than 500 reviews, Back In Stock: Customer Alerts is the app trusted by merchants to signify customers about product restock. This way, they will stop losing sales when inventory runs out.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts Integration

This element works on the live page when put inside the Product Details element on a Product page. You can change the Button text, as well as customize the Styling for the button inside the PageFly app.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts Integration

02. Integrate with Wishlist Hero

Another 4.8-star rated app that enables merchants to have an Add to Wishlist button for their product. You can simply drag and drop the element into the Product Details element on the Product page and start using it right away. There will be no settings for the element in the PageFly app, as all will be done in the third party app itself.

Wishlist Hero Integration

III. New Improvements

01. Improve product/ collection page preview mode

In previous versions, when using the Product Details element for Product and Collection pages that are assigned to multiple products, the preview will automatically display the first product. However, with this version update, you can now choose the previewed product by going to General > Content > Preview Product.

Keep in mind that this option only works for the preview of product and collection pages that are assigned to multiple products, not on the actual live view.

02. Improve image display settings

This improvement applies to all image elements, including Product Media, Collection Media, Blog Post Image, Collection Image, etc. The full setting options for this type of element, in addition to Image Source, Alt Text and Title Text, will have Enable Full Width, Image Object Fit, Image Ratio, Image Width, Image Height, and Image Position.

When enabling Full Width, the image will expand and cover the entire column that contains it, and you will not be able to change the Image Width and Image Height. If you choose Custom Image Ratio, it will allow you to change the Image Height.

Improve image display settings

03. Improve layout highlight

This subtle but game changing improvement is designed to help you have a better grasp on the layout of your page. Each container (Section, Row, Column) will have different color outlines so that you won’t get confused about where you are going to drop the elements in.

Improve layout highlight

In addition, when you are dropping a new element into a container which already has other elements inside, there will be a tooltip signifying that you are adding a new element into that zone.

Tooltip showing when adding a new element

04. Improve third party element distribution environment

With the 3rd party element distribution environment in previous versions, you might have been confused with the long list of integrations, showing tons of third party apps, even ones that you don’t use and don’t know about yet. So in this version, we have refined the way they are shown, so it’s easier for you to keep track of the apps you are using, as well as finding new apps.

Improve third party element distribution element

The third party apps that you are currently using will be displayed when you first open the Third party element tab. To find new integrations, you can click on the Settings icon, and that will bring you to the full list of our third party elements. From there, you can find the app that matches your want and need, using the filters, and simply turn on the app that you want to use with a single click.

Integrations tab

There’s also a new place that you can go to and control your integrations. Go to Dashboard > Integrations, and you can control them without going to any specific pages. In the Integration Folder, there will be a button for you to Suggest Integrations, and we love to hear what integrations you would want in the future and bring it to you.

Integrations tab

05. Add placeholder for empty container elements

Placeholder text for empty container elements

The last improvement for this version is the placeholder text for empty container elements.

IV. Wrapping Up

We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. If you have any questions about this version update, or anything about PageFly, please feel free to contact us through our Live Chat Support 24/7.

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