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PageFly 3.14.0 Release: New Holiday Campaign, Universal Search and New Third-party App Integrations

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Dashing through the snow, it’s PageFly new version 3.14.0 release with a brand new holiday campaign including Christmas templates, new third-party app integrations and more. We have added new features to the app and improvements to the existing ones. We hope they will help you prepare for a successful and jolly Christmas season. 


1. Universal Search

The PageFly App is features-rich, which means it can be difficult to find a tab or a function you were looking for. With Universal Search, you can search for anything you want on the PageFly App just by typing in your keyword in the top search bar and it will give you all the results on that keyword in the app.

There are three types of results you can have; All, Page and App Content.

For example, when you type SMS, the page result will be the SMSBump page you’ve created, and the App Content will be SMSBump analytics.

Recent searches will show up under the search bar to help users trace their previous search.

universal search pagefly
search result

2. Improve Accessibility for Sidebar Navigation

In this version, the list of pages will now be in the sub menu called “Pages”. Why, you might ask? It’s because PageFly is preparing to add more functionalities in the sidebar and we don’t want to compromise our user experience by having a long list of things to scroll through.

side bar

There will also be a live chat button on the bottom left so it’s more convenient and practical for merchants to contact us if they have any question.

live chat

3. PageFly’s holiday campaign

We know how important the holidays are for our users, especially during the Christmas season. It can require a lot of hard work to dress up your website to improve conversion rates and attract users. Beside subtle changes in the App such as snowy decoration, our Bearie in a Christmas hat has got you covered. 

When you click on this bearie on the main menu, it will open up  suggestions for seasonal templates and relevant contents.

holiday dashboard

When you click on this bearie in a page editor, there will be holiday landing page suggestions, banner for the holiday season and special discounts on our third party apps.

holiday page editor

Read more about Holiday marketing:

4. Integrate with TrustedSite - Trusted Badges

With 4.4 star rating and 600+ reviews on Shopify, TrustedSite is an app that actively monitors websites for any security issues such as malfunctions, phishing, etc. Once the website has passed the security scan, it will receive two certifications: Verified Business and Certified Secure. 

trusted badges

This app will alleviate the visitors' concerns when they go shopping online. You can upgrade your plan to get access to more trustmarks and certifications.

5. Integrate with Unlimited Bundles and Discounts by Revy

A great way to encourage customers to buy more and increase conversion rates is a discounted bundle, where they have the option to buy multiple products in a package with attractive prices. Unlimited Bundles and Discounts offers you scheduled bundles for multiple holidays, quantity bundles, bundle page and much more. Not only is the app mobile friendly, it’s also compatible with any theme and there’s no coding required.


6. Integrate with SMSBump

With major events like Black Friday - Cyber Monday and the holiday season that follows, it’s your opportunity to build a relationship with new customers and strengthen your existing ones. This is why PageFly has partnered up with SMSBump, a great tool for SMS and email marketing that brings in high ROI.

With a whopping 4.8/5 stars rating and over 1800 reviews, SMSBump by Yotpo has earned its reputation as a SMS marketing tool with basically everything you need for your Shopify store. SMSBump lets you customize your checkout page so that users can opt in to receive SMS messages. This includes abandoned carts, shipping information and marketing campaigns. You can segment by timing, price or country.


PageFly now offers over 80+ app integrations (with more to come) to compliment our already existing features and offers. The more the merrier, am I right?

7. UX improvements

7.1 Add message about background video feature limitation

We’ve added a warning to users about how the autoplay function might not work plus a link to a PageFly article with more information about this.


7.2 Auto scroll to the selected element when changing device mode

It can be difficult to navigate between elements when you have a long page, especially if it’s on the mobile version. To fix this, we have improved the page editor so that when you change to Mobile view, the screen will auto scroll to the selected element on your page editor in Desktop view. This facilitates your navigation in the page editor, especially if your page content is long.

mouse cursor

7.3 Make the mouse cursor appear as “hand” when hovering over an item in product media list

To distinguish between clickable and unclickable elements, we have decided to change the look of the mouse cursor in the PageFly Editor. The mouse cursor turns into a “hand” when hovering an item in product media to show that it’s clickable.

7.4 Give link to the message about max 50 products

A warning message about Shopify limiting 50 products + a link to Shopify announcement about the limit.

product limit

Wrapping it up 

Christmas is around the corner, and we hope this version will prepare you for a busy holiday season to come. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you through our Live Chat. 

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