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PageFly 3.15.0 Release: All-new Spacing Features, More Themes And Third-party App Integrations

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For our 3.15.0 new version updates, we have taken into account many of your requests and feedback to give you our most completed and easy-to-use PageFly app. Everything from newly added third-party app integrations like ReferralCandy and Marsello, to improved page outline and the brand new Spacing adjustment on the page editor. There are many more, so without further ado, let’s get started.


1. New Spacing Editing Process

You'll hear the terms "margin" and "padding" a lot when you first start designing a web page and it might be confusing for you because they are basically referring to the same thing. However, there are important differences between them, and with our new Spacing features, you won’t have to worry about mixing the two.

Instead of having to input the values in the Padding and Margin parts like before, you can now adjust the spacing quicker with the drag of your mouse. The “Plus” icon for adding columns will be in the Action ToolBar instead, like this:

pagefly toolbar

The orange border is for margin and the blue border is for padding. The two can be adjusted to any direction, and their values will be automatically imputed in the padding/margin parts on the side. 

spacing process pagefly

2. New Templates Added

We’ve added 5 new templates for you to choose from in the Page Template section, from Homepage, Contact page, to About Us page to other variations. Our templates are created with care, including high conversion elements and we make sure they are optimized too!

There are several benefits to using PageFly themes including:

  • Easily customizable modules to build out website sections, collections, and blog posts
  • Fully responsive and optimized for web and mobile experiences
  • Ability to quickly build a beautiful and professional-looking online store
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3. New Third-party Apps Integrations

3.1 Marsello

Marsello is your all-in-one marketing app with everything you need to collect visitor information in-store and online, incentivize them to shop, and keep them coming back. You can quickly construct an omnichannel customer journey that boosts spending and loyalty and modify designs and messaging.

marsello app

For now, we only support the landing page form option, so you can copy that link and paste it on the dedicated section in our Page Editor.

3.2 ReferralCandy

Referral Candy is a well-known Shopify referral software that specializes in referral services. Thanks to ReferralCandy, you'll have more time to handle your business, and the incentives will be charged directly to your account with no human intervention. Referralcandy can assist you with making referral marketing easier. ReferralCandy allows you to reward your consumers for recommending your store to their friends. Referralcandy can help entrepreneurs streamline their referral programs.

referral candy app

PageFly is compatible with the widget embedding option from ReferralCandy, and all settings can be done through their app.

4. UX/UI improvements

4.1 Enhanced page outline accessibility 

Our support team has had many questions about unhiding a section in All Devices mode, or where to locate the outline for your sections. To make things easier, you can now have the page outline right in front of you when you enter the page editor or reload it. Even better, we added functions which allow you to reorder the smallest elements inside your page and not just sections, rows and columns. You will see an Eye icon on the right of each section where you can click to hide and unhide it.

pagefly outline

4.2 Combine style between Page Editor and Global Styling (GS)

Have you ever been annoyed with not being able to change just a small tweak of an element without losing its Global Styling? We feel you. In fact, we’ve worked hard on figuring out a way to solve this, and here it is! 

You are finally free to do any customization you want with an element that is applied with Global Styling. Yes, that means using both styles from the Page Editor and the GS’s style.

global styling pagefly

If you made a mistake, you can use the undo button for each element here.

The Global styling icon will signal that the value is taken after the Global Styling. That way you can know what has been modified. If you see a yellow exclamation next to each element, that means those ones had been overridden by a customization.

global styling icon

4.3 Page assignment CTA

We have decided to include the Page Assignment option in more places for the Product page and the Collection page. This means when you click in the three dots in your Page Editor, there will be a Page Assignment within the drop down options so you don’t have to go into Page Settings and waste more time. The number next to the Page Assignment will be the number of products the page is assigned to, for you to get a general idea of how many products there are and for better organization.

page assignment in page editor

You can also find the page assignment option outside and in the three dots option. 

page assignment in dashboard

4.4 Remove animation preview on canvas

Whenever you set up an animation for an element in the Page Editor, you can have the animation preview right when you scroll through each option. When you’ve decided on one and choose it, the animation will be disabled on the Page Editor to avoid disrupting your editing process. 

animation for element

4.5 Improve section naming

If you have more than 5 pages, it’s possible that you’ll get lost in those complicated names on your Shopify theme customizing. That’s why decisions have been made to redo these names into easier-to-distinguish page names. The names will be changed like this: 

  • Pagefly Password => PageFly password page 
  • Pagefly Home => PageFly homepage 
  • Pf 9b09a07f => PageFly page (pf-9b09a07f)

See, much better!

4.6 Image option for Pop-up Content

The image option for pop-up content is finally included in our Page Editor. It’s highly requested and perfect for showcasing your products in detail. 

image popup

image pop up 2

4.7 Hide parameters when there’s no variant

If there’s a product with no variant, the Page Editor will hide all parameters relevant to Variant settings. You won’t have to get mixed up having to scroll between the variant’s settings and the actual product’s. This will save you time navigating between the tools.

4.8 Upgraded Click Action

The Click Action option on the side bar is improved (for the better, I promise!). It’s no longer in the form of icons displayed but rather a drop-down bar. This will create more space for future features we are looking forward to adding.

image pop up

Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve enjoyed this version update. Our non-stop improvements wouldn’t have been made possible without you guys’s feedback. If you still have questions regarding our 3.15.0 updates or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live Chat Support available 24/7.

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