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PageFly Year In Review 2021 + Top 3 Shopify Key Highlights

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The last days of 2021 will end soon, and we’ll welcome 2022. The pandemic brought “a new normal” in our daily life and business for the 2nd year. It forced the whole business world with new changes to adapt to new consumer behavior. Shopify is proliferating and releasing new features to serve merchants’ needs. At PageFly, we closely look at merchants’ demand and improve both products with outstanding customer support.

This blog post will cover critical highlights of the PageFly and Shopify ecosystem in 2021. Whether you're a Shopify merchant or partner, we hope you’ll find this recap valuable and insightful. We'll recap the key milestones with the PageFly and how it benefits you as the PageFly customer, whether you are on the Free or Paid plans.


First of all, a key metric, the backbone of any business worldwide, and its customers.

We are proud to serve over 130,000 Active and powered by Shopify businesses from 175+ countries. A new milestone reflects 68% growth from January until the 4th week of December.

What about 2020 year? By December 2020 the PageFly was helping over 77,300 merchants to customize the Shopify storefront. If we compare 2021 and 2020, the growth is slower, but it is still significant. With a growing merchant’s base, we have increased the investment in customer support. So rest assured we won’t sacrifice the increased numbers of merchants with the customer support quality. 

Side Note: watch the video PageFly Yearly Recap to have a quick summary 😉


Keeping the customer-centric approach service flow

+1,795 five stars review on the Shopify App store

+99,928 customer support tickets conversations.

To deliver the top-notch customer experience, we have hired the best experts in the Customer Experience (CX) industry in our country and organized the in-house training sessions. Customer service is our top priority, and we are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience with PageFly.

The “War room” has been established in the PageFly HQ

The problem: a merchant faces an urgent issue and needs an immediate response with an actionable solution involving the front-line and technical support.

The Solution: war room.

“Unlike a traditional office environment, war rooms are spaces where key people get together to solve a difficult problem. Also known as situation rooms, control rooms, or command centers, war rooms should always have the goal of solving a difficult or specific problem via clear communication and improved workflows.”


In 2021 year, we have officially launched the “war room” to provide better customer support, focusing on fast response and reliable solutions. We understand that the problem might be related to people with different specialties, and gathering them all in one place will help our merchants to solve problems quickly.

For example, the Facebook Pixel issue was one of the most frequently asked questions and needed staff with knowledge in Facebook Ads and understanding the PageFly code structure. The synergy between teammates minimizes the time to debug the issue and give the solution to solve a problem.

As a result, PageFly customers get complex issues resolved faster.

The growth of remote crew around the world

To deliver a fantastic customer experience, we’ll need to ensure that the support response is fast. PageFly merchants come from 175+ countries, and the time zone difference might be the issue. To overcome this challenge, we have increased the remote staff from 9 (2020) to 28 (2021). Whether you’re in New York, London or Sydney. The chat customer support response is equally fast with problem-solving direction.

More troubleshoot training in 2021

The PageFly app is the sophisticated solution to customize the Shopify storefront. Sometimes merchants face issues with the compatibility between PageFly and Shopify themes, PageFly, and Shopify apps. We gained great experiences to share during the troubleshooting training for over four years.

New members learn from experienced ones with best practices to figure out the issue and fix them ASAP for merchants. It means whether you, as the PageFly merchant, have usage or tech questions, we’ll make sure that the issue will be resolved promptly.

We have Introduced the Happiness Report

Visit the page 

We closely monitor the customer experience to ensure that customer satisfaction is high. We would like to be transparent with our customers and merchants considering PageFly as their reliable partner.

As a consequence of the changes with the workflow, The PageFly app has reached a 6k reviews milestone, and 5,600 reviews are five stars.

Our positioning on the Shopify App store:

  • #1 in the page builder category
  • TOP5 most relevant apps in the All apps category

Side note: the PageFly app has a free plan, and we cover the same level of support as well.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the behind-the-scenes of customer reviews and find out other reasons why merchants choose PageFly page builder.

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R&D, UX/UI & coding with a great coffee… 

First, the product must fit the market and merchant’s demand. The PageFly R&D Team has been doing continuous research with interviews and insights reviews sessions. The team has accomplished over 20 research reports with 1,500+ insights feedback collected.

With the insights collected, the UX/UI designer team worked further on different prototypes, and the best one was chosen for the product implementation. 

When the wireframe with detailed specs is ready, the PageFly engineers build and implement it into the PageFly app. For the whole 2021 year, the Development team has reached the following key milestones:

  • Released one refactor version
  • Released 19 major versions
  • Released 44 minor versions
  • Completed 1,000+ issues

You can see the changelog of PageFly updates through the in-app dashboard 😉

As the PageFly merchant, you can now easily find what’s new and updated in the past, then use this information for more productive work with the PageFly app. For example, you build the subscription business Shopify store for a client. Does PageFly have an integration with the Bold Subscription? Quickly check-in the changelog, and you’ll find the correct answer.

The new version of PageFly is shipped, whoo hoo… 🥳 🥳 🥳 but what’s next?

The Video Tutorials & Manuals.

It comes to the text and video content production by the Video Tutorial and Documentation Manual team. We are aware of the learning curve of PageFly and worked hard to produce detailed manuals with video tutorials. Nowadays, the manual center serves over 38,000 unique page views, the noticeable and the video tutorial has 30,000+ views every month.

PageFly Tutorial on Youtube

PageFly Help Center

The changes with 2021 also covered the leading site and our content educational hub PageFly Academy. 

A new look of PageFly website

PageFly website: 

Unique monthly page views: 70,000+

The has a new look with an improved UI and UX experience. Whether you visit the new website on desktop or mobile devices, you get the best experience to learn more about the PageFly and latest eCommerce news from our blog.

The initial growth of PageFly Academy eCommerce hub about Ecommerce Conversion

PageFly Academy: 

Unique monthly page views: 12,500+

The TOP5 countries visiting our websites include the US, India, UK, Canada, and Australia. In summary, those countries combined are equivalent to over 50% of visitors coming to the PageFly website properties. The significant growth comes from the Organic channel; merchants’ search for the PageFly brand has an obvious increase compared to 2020.

The TOP 3 most popular guides are: 

  • The 14+ Most Successful Dropshipping Store Examples
  • Best Dropshipping Niches and Products in 2021 (40+ Ideas with Stats)
  • Top 50+ Free Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies (Daily-Update)

The Webinars channel launched.

For over 5+ years in the Shopify ecosystem, we recognized that around the PageFly are so much knowledgeable partners, so we decided to launch the webinar page at the PageFly website. The PageFly partners share their industry expertise to help merchants get more sales and increase the Conversion Rate. The notable event is the Survive & Thrive conference with 1,000 merchants signed up (featuring Shopify, ReCart, EasyShip, ZAGO, The Dropshipping Council)

The webinar recording is available. Learn more at

Partnership: finally, 100 official partners milestones achieved

I still remember my 1st Shopify meetup. So much energy and entrepreneurship spirit are there. We have found the 1st partner from the offline meetup before Covid-19 time. Joining more Shopify meetups worldwide helped us find more tech partners to partner with.

For the whole 2021 year, we have added 19 new Shopify apps integration making the PageFly more flexible solution for Shopify merchants. Thanks to the great effort of the partnership, UX/UI and Dev team at PageFly. We’re continuously looking to increase the number of integrations in 2022, so if you’re the App partner, feel free to drop an email at

New integrations bring opportunities for both sides, and we use this excellent chance with co-marketing campaigns with partners. Our partnership team executed over 50+ co-marketing activities with app providers.

Find our partners at

The last thing with the PageFly before moving to the Shopify key highlights is covered by the PageFly team.

We’re finally reached TOP5 in the Most LIked Authors of Shopify Community forum. We use the knowledge from + PageFly customers insights to share with other merchants at the Shopify official community space. The practical experience is the most valued in the community.

TOP3 Shopify key highlights by PageFly Shopify partner

There is a new record Black Friday / Cyber Monday with $6.3 billion in sales.

It’s 23% increase in sales compared to $5.1 billion in 2020. The sales come from 1,700,000+ independent and direct-to-consumer brands powered by Shopify. The average order value is around $100, taking consumers from Canada, Australia, and the U.S. A notable insight worth mentioning is that 71% of sales were made on mobile devices to 29% on desktop.

0% Partners revenue share for app & themes developers on the 1st million dollars

Shopify supports not only merchants but their partners as well. Whether you are in the Shopify themes or apps business, you are eligible for a Videoopify partner fee. Before August 2021, the Shopify fee was 20%. Now it’s 0% for the 1st million of revenue. Please keep in mind that the processing fee is still available and equal 2.9% plus applicable taxes.

Read more about


Hydrogen is a web development framework optimized for commerce by Shopify. With this framework, developers can build the best-personalized shopping experience. The Hydrogen framework is open-source and can be found at Github, the developer preview has been available since November, and you can give it a try with the product. Shopify promotes this framework actively, and the whole Partner Town Hall in December has been around that framework. Watch the video below to keep in touch about the latest updates.

Learn more at 

Read other updates from Shopify through

Wrapping up

The 2021 year created new challenges. We have adapted to these changes to support independent entrepreneurs building the business powered by Shopify. There are uncertainties in 2022, but we are committed to making to 

We wish you a great holiday season, and let 2022 be a hyper-growth year for your business ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Your Bearie and the PageFly Crew.

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