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Testament Shopify Theme Review: A Perfect Choice for Every Online Store Ever?

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In case you have spent many an hour on the Shopify Theme Store flipping through all the free themes to no avail, maybe it is time you employ a different tactic.

And of course, that would be spending a bit on a premium theme. In this article, we will be focusing on the Testament Shopify theme for it is a well-rounded theme that will offer you a ton of functionalities and an elegant design to facilitate your huge collection.

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After that, we can dive a bit deeper to see if it will suit your own online store. Let’s get started, shall we?


I. An Overview of Testament Shopify Theme 

01. What is Testament?

Testament is a clean-looking, modern, and minimalistic theme that offers a high-end look. It puts the products and collections first and foremost, giving them the spotlight they deserve through an emphasis on the visual aspects of your store.

Testament Shopify theme

The theme was developed and run by We are Underground, a support team that has extensive experience in building premium Shopify themes optimized for OS 2.0 and conversion-focused. 

02. Who is Testament for?

Elegance works best for the fashion industry, which is the most common niche among the 12,000 Shopify stores using Testament.

As mentioned above, Testament places great focus on the visual aspects of the store. So as long as you need to do some visual storytelling, have large collections, or want to display your products’ best angles, Testament is for you. Here are a few more examples of niches that will pair well with this premium theme:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Interior design agencies
  • Art galleries
  • Print-on-demand businesses
  • Original artisan works
  • Green stores
  • Home decor
  • Gardening

03. Pricing

Testament is currently priced at $240.

04. Testament’s styles

The Shopify theme offers up to four styles you can use readily.

  • Genesis: Warm, earth-tone colors with a masonry layout to make your brand’s missions pop!
  • Exodus: A perfect combination of black, white, and pastel pink.
  • Revelation: Pastel purple to complement bright pictures, giving your store a youthful, high-end look.
  • Deliverance: A more minimalist style with black, white, and gray.

Click here for a preview of the 4 variants.

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II. Testament Shopify Theme Features

01. End-to-end support

Testament comes with extensive documents with engaging video tutorials and animations.

Among the essential criteria for choosing a suitable Shopify theme, the developer’s support is one of the most important.

Testament theme support

And this is not limited to the Testament theme alone. As long as you trust We are Underground, you can find a handful of general guides for all themes manufactured by them.

Testament theme support

02. Optimized for showcasing large images and collections

This could be thought of as the essential feature of the Testament theme. Testament nicely showcases high-resolution product imagery throughout your store. You can opt for a full-width banner, as well as put photos side by side for a more dynamic and lively feel.

And since it is optimized for Shopify stores with big collections, you can add padding between images, and customize the image sizes to more compactly display products. Of course, you shouldn’t add too many pictures in the same row, or else it would just look cramped, especially on a mobile view.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

03. Slide-out cart with notes

Increasing conversion rate is the core of a successful business, online and offline alike. And so the checkout process must be your top priority.

Did you know that the cart abandonment rate at the very last stage is up to 69.82%? Among those, 17% abandon ship because the checkout process is just too complicated, 13% do so because of website errors, and up to 24% just wanted to make a purchase without creating an account.

Testament has made it super easy for merchants to create a streamlined, easy checkout process for their Shopify stores. The slide-out cart lets customers view their purchases without leaving the collection page or opening a new tab; they can just check the cart for a second, click to hide it, and continue with their browsing.

Testament slide-out cart

Moreover, customers can leave notes in the cart for you. If you do offer customizations for products, or can be flexible with the shipping, this is a huge plus point in a shopper’s eyes.

04. Quick view

Proper UX (user experience) is crucial to converting a site visitor to a customer. Not everyone has a ton of time on their hands. Sometimes a visitor has already visualized the product they want, so they just need a fast online shopping experience to find one that is most appealing visually.

And “quick view” is a great way to facilitate that browsing habit. When you hover your cursor on a certain product, the Testament theme will display a small “Quick view” button that will lead you to a sidebar that slides out to show the main image of said product, along with a color swatch, quantity customization, and an “add to cart” button. Everything there is to facilitate a purchase is present.

Testament Quickview

Should the quick look at the product capture the shopper’s attention, they can also click to view full details including product descriptions, policies, and other recommendations.

05. Cross-selling and recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to push customers to buy more. As mentioned right above, the theme will show related products when a visitor is checking out an item.

And as you scroll through the store, you can find snippets of promotions with testimonials. Remember, word-of-mouth can do wonders for your business.

Cross-selling and recommendations

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

06. Images, images, images!

Testament offers plenty of designs that let you showcase your high-quality photos everywhere on the Shopify store. On the homepage, you can display a full-width slideshow to highlight your collections.

As you scroll further down, a parallax scrolling effect can create a more fun browsing experience.

You can also feature image galleries to give your store an air of abundance. Should you have a blog to enhance marketing, you can also link those images to your articles, or display your entries right on the homepage for easier access.

Testament images display

And last but not least, there are a ton of effects you can slap on your pictures like rollover and zoom on hover. That will definitely breathe life into your Shopify store design.

Learn more:

III. Pros And Cons Of Testament Shopify Theme

01. Pros

  • Testament is fit for a wide variety of online stores, as mentioned above.
  • Clear and detailed instructions.
  • Reliable customer support team.
  • Tons of theme features and functionalities.

02. Cons

To be honest, we haven’t seen any negative reviews about this theme so far, except for some minor feedback about updating being somewhat complicated, and a double scroll lag can make it seem not mobile optimized. But those reviews were from a long time ago, which means the developers could have easily done away with the errors.

And just in case Testament is not your cup of tea but if you want to find an equally reliable theme, do check out their other themes, all available on the Shopify theme store:

IV. Examples of Stores Using Testament Shopify Theme

There are three stores featured on the Shopify Theme Store that use Testament. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

01. Cooper & Boo

Inspired by Cooper and Boo, two fur babies of the creator Tanya, the brand aims to bring joy to pet lovers with premium, custom made pet portraits. And of course, she makes portraits of people too!

Cooper & Boo example

Cooper & Boo has made excellent use of the layout to showcase its work right on the homepage, giving site visitors a great first impression right off the bat.

And as you look through the collection page, since the store offers services instead of ready-made photos, there are only so many to showcase. But you can definitely see the iconic layout that Testament brings to the collection.

Cooper & Boo example

02. Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty is essentially a fashion brand, with a bit of focus placed on jeans. From the first look, we are already amazed by how lively the storefront is.

This store brings the best out of the Testament theme, and vice versa. You get the great symmetrical layout of photos with a rollover/zoom effect, the slideshow, the animated header, the video banner, and youthful fonts. Is there anything bad to say about this Shopify store’s modern design?

Miss Sixty example

03. Armed with Truth

The brand sells temporary tattoos made from non-toxic soy-based ink, most of which are “creative and practical reminders of God’s word, truth, and promises”. You can find temporary tattoos of scriptures, catchphrases, or graphic designs.

Branded with a light green and bright colors all around, the eCommerce store’s design brings a sense of calm and tranquility. But that doesn’t stop the images from being dynamic as they should. As you scroll through the homepage and the collection page, you can find image rollover being heavily utilized to help customers make purchase decisions way faster.

Armed with Truth example

V. Conclusion

Despite the versatility that the Testament theme offers, it is not for everyone. But even if it’s not for you, let’s not deny the fact that Testament is a wonderful well-rounded theme, and the developers from We are Underground really went above and beyond creating this one as well as many other Shopify themes.

Remember to check out other articles from our blog to find similar analyses of Shopify themes and other eCommerce success tips!

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