[Tutorial] How To Make Your Shopify Themes Responsive With PageFly (2023)

[Tutorial] How To Make Your Shopify Themes Responsive With PageFly (2023)

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1. What are Shopify theme?

A Shopify theme is a customized template that, when in use, will define how your online store appears and impacts user experience.

Each theme is designed to satisfy a specific need for its user. For example, if your store is selling yoga equipment, you will want to pick a theme with simple and elegant design toward a relaxing in-store experience for your customer. Or, if you are selling boxing equipment, you will need a more dynamic theme which leads toward an adrenaline-based aesthetic for your customers.

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Shopify theme example

Purchasing a theme may bring its own costs, but there are also several free themes offered on the Shopify theme store.

Shopify theme store

You can find the main theme store of Shopify by clicking on this link or via Google. Outside of the Shopify theme library, there are many other websites, such as Theme Forest or Template monster, that sell Shopify themes and various platform themes on their online stores.

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2. What is PageFly app on Shopify's apps store

PageFly is an application on the Shopify App Store which specializes in building stunning landing pages with pre-built templates. The best thing about PageFly is that it allows merchants to customise everything from this template base and preview their stores across all devices before publishing their page online.

3. What does Shopify's "responsive theme" mean?

A responsive theme means that it has been optimized to look good and work on all digital devices, such as desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

What is Shopify responsive theme

A theme may look good on one device, but may not be compatible when viewed on other devices. As a result, adjustments need to be made in order to make the theme outlook compatible with all devices. Only then will the theme be considered as a responsive theme.

4. How to make your Shopify them responsive with Shopify

5. Shopify responsive page template:

Other than customizing your theme, you also have the option of purchasing responsive templates for your Shopify stores, just like the one in the video above.

You can check out PageFly responsive templates at: https://pagefly.io/pages/templates

Check out our video about responsiveness here: 


6. Summary:

We hope we’ve answered what is a Shopify responsive theme and how you can create a responsive theme on Shopify.

We hope you’ve gained valuable information in this article and can continue growing your own business. For more option, you can also check this list of top-rated Free Shopify themes right away!

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