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Shopify 2.0 Themes: Top 8 Themes For An Awesome Online Store

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Shopify’s newly overhauled Online Store 2.0 is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there that offers an intuitive interface for any type of online business. Add to that the fact that Shopify 2.0 themes are all redesigned from the ground up to provide more flexibility and customization settings, and you have the recipe for a near-perfect ecommerce platform.

And in this article, we’ll be talking about the best Shopify themes for various business categories.

What is Online Store 2.0

What is Online Store 2.0

Image source: Shopify

Online Store 2.0 is one of Shopify’s biggest updates as an ecommerce platform because of its JSON template and new architecture. Online Store 2.0 is beneficial for both merchants and developers as it is created with both parties in mind.

For merchants, Online Store 2.0 is way easier to use compared to the previous version. With an upgraded theme editor featuring app blocks, even new users will find it easier to understand the website hierarchy. This makes implementing changes and adding designs easier. Hence, making the learning curve less steep.

And for developers (Shopify partners), Online Store 2.0 introduced a new suite of developer tools that seamlessly integrate with Shopify – making the process of development to deployment more systematic.

If you want to read the official Shopify documentation about Online Store 2.0, click here.

Is Online Store 2.0 The New Default?

The Online Store 2.0 was released back in June 2021. This means that if you created your ecommerce store after its release, you’ve been using the updated version.

One way to confirm this is if your default theme when you created your online store was Dawn. Dawn is a Shopify 2.0 Theme, and it's also the new theme reference for Online Store 2.0 as it is designed to have a faster loading speed.

According to Shopify, Dawn loads 35% compared to the vintage theme Debut which was previously used as a default on Shopify 1.0.

Therefore, if you are new to Shopify, you are now using the Online Store 2.0, and you don’t need to perform any action to update your store.

On the other hand, if you have had your store since before Online Store 2.0 and you haven’t updated it, watch this video to learn how to update your store to the latest theme version:

Note: After updating your theme to Online Store 2.0, all your content will be automatically applied to the new version. However, some custom codes may not, thus you have to redo these on your store manually.

Top 8 Best Shopify 2.0 Themes For 2024

Now that you understand what the new Shopify version is all about, let’s now talk about the best 2.0 Shopify themes that you can use for your online store.

We will be providing one Shopify 2.0 theme for every online store category. So if your business falls in any of these categories, we highly recommend checking the Shopify theme store.

Furthermore, we will be subjecting the demo stores of each theme to PageSpeed Insights to see different core web vitals of the website that concern speed.

💡We meticulously evaluate Shopify themes and apps based on our hands-on experience. Read more about our comprehensive review process and methodology.

01. Blum: Best for Beauty and Cosmetics Business

Blum: Best for Beauty and Cosmetics Business

Latest Version: 2.0.1 (Dec. 5, 2023)

Updated by: SalesHunterThemes

Price: $170

Theme Store Rating: 100% positive (20+ reviews)

First one on our list is the Blum theme, primarily because it is the most affordable one considering the tons of features that it has.

It has four theme styles:

  • Celia
  • Solie
  • Mondo
  • Crafts

Each one of these theme styles has a different design approach in order to fit most types of business. Our theme style of choice for beauty and cosmetics products is Celia because of its large sections for images. These are perfect for close-shots that are sure to grab your customers’ attention.

We also like the contrast between the white background and the deep gray sections – making it more interesting to look at.

Key features:

  • For its $170 price tag, Blum could rival the features of other more expensive themes such as Impulse and Prestige, which makes it a practical choice.
  • Blum has conversion features such as sticky cart, quick buy, and product badges that could help you convert sales right at the homepage.
  • Color swatches will help you sell items with various colors at no extra cost.
  • It also has a ton of product discovery features that will make your ecommerce store easy to navigate.

Speed test:

Unlike the other themes in this list, as you’ll find out later, Blum seamlessly passed all core web vitals in its mobile speed test in a spectacular fashion..

Blum mobile speed test

The same is true when it comes to its desktop speed test. All parameters were passed with a very huge wiggle room to spare.

Blum desktop speed test

02. Impulse: Best for Apparel Business

Impulse: Best for Apparel Business

Latest Version: 7.4.1 (Feb. 21, 2024)

Updated by: Archetype Themes

Price: $380

Theme Store Rating: 95% positive reviews (900+ reviews)

Impulse is a well-liked Shopify theme primarily because of its aesthetic appeal and powerful features. Apparel is the top category for Shopify stores, and for that category, we highly recommend this one.

Impulse has three unique theme styles:

  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Bold

All of which are unique from each other but they all carry the same key features that make Impulse a great choice for an online store theme.

Key Features:

  • Great for high-volume stores like apparel brands.
  • Because it has color swatches, image galleries, size charts, product filtering and sorting, and enhanced search, it’ll be easier to make all your products discoverable.
  • The mega menu and in-menu promotions are great additions to boost your sales.

Speed Test:

The mobile version passed FID, CLS, and FCP. While the LCP, INP, and TTFB are a few milliseconds short.

Impulse mobile speed test

On the other hand, the desktop version of the Impulse theme passed the test without any troubles.

Impulse desktop speed test
Effortless Brand Release with Blum
Tired of complex themes? Blum empowers you to design a stunning, mobile-friendly store that reflects your unique brand.

Sample Store: Kappa USA

Kappa Store USA

Kappa is a large clothing brand that uses Impulse for their online store. They have a large collection of products ranging from clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and kids.

Using Impulse has paid off for them as their website offers snappy responses from one page to another. And being a clothing brand, the size chart feature of the theme came in handy for them.

03. Be Yours: Best for Home & Garden Business

Be Yours: Best for Home & Garden Business

Latest Version: 7.1.1 (Jun. 19, 2024)

Updated by: SalesHunterThemes

Price: $320

Theme Store Rating: 98% positive reviews (300+ reviews)

Read more: Be Yours Shopify Theme - An In-depth Review

Be Yours is a vibrant theme that is best not just for Home and Garden businesses but also for cosmetics stores and apparel.

This theme offers a youthful and simplistic look that is perfect for those who are looking for a Shopify 2.0 theme that is easy on the eyes.

It has five theme styles:

  • Beauty
  • Trendy
  • Peace
  • Sweet
  • Dark

All theme styles offer unique user interfaces for various businesses. The Dark sub-theme is the most unique one from the pack as it deviates from the vibrant main colors of Be Yours. Be that as it may, it is well-designed.

Key Features:

  • Great from home and garden businesses because you can highlight your products with its large image blocks and wide sections.
  • It has a sub-theme, Peace, designed specifically for home and garden businesses.
  • The enhanced search would make it easier for your customers to find your products.

Speed Test:

Be Yours passed the FID, CLS, and FCP tests with no problem. On the other hand, it’s a bit wanting for speed on LCP, INP, and TTFB – all of which will be negligible in real-world use.

Be Yours mobile speed test

For the desktop version, Be Yours passed all tests without breaking a sweat and with a lot of space to spare.

Be Yours desktop speed test

Sample Store: House Doctor

House Doctor online store

House Doctor is a Danish home and garden business that specializes in selling modern and minimalistic products. The image-focused design of Be Yours theme worked great for House Doctor as it helped them provide a modern-looking store that capitalizes on great product photography.

04. Alchemy: Best for Fitness

Alchemy: Best for Beauty & Fitness

Latest Version: 4.2.5 (Jul. 15, 2022)

Updated by: Clean Canvas Ltd.

Price: $300

Theme Store Rating: 100% positive reviews (50+ reviews)

Read more: Alchemy Theme Honest Review: Is It Really Worth the $260 Investment?

Alchemy is a very capable Shopify 2.0 theme that is popular for its clean look and well-curated sections. It is a theme that balances out the focus on visual storytelling and sales conversion right on its homepage.

Alchemy has three theme styles:

  • Modern
  • Sharp
  • Clean

These sub-themes are all very similar to one another in terms of structure. The main differences between them are the color palette and typography. This means that you won’t have a hard time choosing which theme style to use in your store because you just have to find the color that suits you best.

However, take note that you can also change the color elements of your theme from your theme store.

Key Features:

  • As most fitness brands also sell apparel, the color swatches, enhanced search, and product filtering are useful features.
  • Since it allows product videos, you’ll be able to add videos that showcase your products in action.
  • The breadcrumbs feature will be very useful in making your website easy to navigate

Speed Test:

Similar to the first two themes on the mobile version, Alchemy passed the FID, CLS, and FCP test while coming a bit short on LCP, INP, and TTFB by a few milliseconds.

Alchemy mobile speed test

On the desktop version, Alchemy passed all tests except for the CLS where it is 0.05 milliseconds short from the set parameter.

Alchemy desktop speed test

Sample Store: Tyson

Tyson Pro Store

Tyson Pro is the fitness brand of the world-renowned boxing champion, Mike Tyson. Being a boxing legend, Tyson Pro focuses on providing boxing apparel such as gloves and boxing mitts. They also have athletic shirts, branded caps, and shorts.

The website made use of product videos in its homepage adding an action-packed feel to the website.

05. Prestige: Best for Food & Drink

Prestige: Best for Food & Drink

👀 🎥 Watch Our Shopify Prestige Theme Video Review 

Latest Version: 9.1.0 (Feb. 15, 2024)

Updated by: Maestrooo

Price: $380

Theme Store Rating: 90% positive reviews (600+ reviews)

Prestige is a spacious theme that is known for its maximization of the entire screen real estate in its design. Aptly named, Prestige has this elegant feel to it but it also has some unique quirks such as marquee tags on clickable text.

Although the demo store shows a handbag business, Prestige is interestingly very appropriate for Shopify stores that are selling food and beverages.

It has three theme styles:

  • Allure
  • Couture
  • Vogue

All of which are fairly similar with some differences in colors.

Key Features:

  • The product options feature will help you add variants to your food and beverages
  • You can add ingredients or nutritional information in well-designed sections or blocks

Speed Test:

The speed test for the mobile version of the Prestige theme returns an interesting result. The theme passed all parameters with flying colors, except for one, the LCP, in which it is 0.6 seconds slower.

Prestige mobile speed test

The desktop version also passes all the parameters with a lot of wiggle room. The most impressive is its FID which means that the website offers a truly snappy response from all user inputs.

Prestige desktop speed test
Effortless Brand Release with Blum
Tired of complex themes? Blum empowers you to design a stunning, mobile-friendly store that reflects your unique brand.

Sample Store: Element Matcha

Element Matcha

Element Matcha is an online store that sells top-grade powdered matcha tea leaves. The website takes advantage of all key features of Prestige as made evident on its homepage. What we liked most is that the online store is quick to respond wherever we click on it. Proving that the Prestige theme is a combination of beauty and speed.

06. Retina : Best for Arts & Crafts

Retina : Best for Arts & Crafts

Latest Version: 7.2.0 (Jan. 18, 2024)

Updated by: Out of the Sandbox

Price: $220

Theme Store Rating: 96% positive reviews (280+reviews)

Retina is a great Shopify theme for online stores looking for an art-oriented design that comes at an affordable price. The theme has an airy yet simple design that truly puts the focus on your products.

Retina has four theme styles:

  • Amsterdam
  • Austin
  • Montreal
  • Melbourne

With Retina, whichever theme style you choose for your online store would be well-structured and easy on the eyes – making it a great template for arts and crafts businesses.

Key Features:

  • As arts and crafts products are mostly handmade, stocks could easily run out. Retina has a back-in-stock alert feature which will automatically notify your customers when your products are available again
  • Size chart is very useful in showing the dimensions of your products
  • You can also add more upsell opportunities using product badges

Speed Test:

Retina passes the parameters on FID, CLS, and FCP; while having a few milliseconds delay in terms of LCP, INP, TTFB. But just like the other themes that fall short on these vitals, the delays would be barely noticeable in real-world application.

Retina mobile speed test

The desktop version of the Retina theme achieves an impressive speed in most of the core web vitals, except for one, the LCP. Scoring a 3.1 s, it means that the theme takes a longer time to load the main content of your online store.

Retina desktop speed test

Sample Store: Mini Mad Things

Mini Mad Things

Mini Mad Things is a great online store example for the arts and crafts category. It has a basic design and layout which makes the website very easy to comprehend. It takes advantage of Retina’s quick buy functionality as it has some checkout section in the homepage that would make the best sellers easier to sell.

07. Warehouse: Best for Toys, Hobbies, and Dropshippers

Warehouse: Best for Toys, Hobbies, and Dropshippers

Latest Version: 5.1.0 (Feb. 15, 2024)

Updated by: Maestrooo

Price: $320

Theme Store Rating: 85% positive reviews (270+ positive reviews)

If you are looking for a Shopify theme that is capable of handling a large amount of inventory without making the website navigation suffer, Warehouse is worth considering.

Since it can handle large amounts of SKUs, Warehouse is perfect for toys & hobbies, and dropshipping stores.

What we like about this theme is that its unassuming design is filled with CRO elements to boost your online sales. But don’t be fooled by Warehouse’s Amazon-ish aesthetic because it is highly customizable, and you can create an online store design that could make your branding stand out.

It has three theme styles:

  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Wood

All of which have exactly the same design and structure albeit showing some minute differences in color combination.

Key Features:

  • Warehouse is best for dropshippers because of its in-built features for large inventories – enhanced search, product filtering, and collection page navigation
  • Color swatches is great for POD or print-on-demand stores
  • Product recommendation and cross-selling are great in maximizing upsell opportunities
  • In-menu promos are great in announcing price markdowns or flash sales

Speed Test:

Warehouse did a good job in our speed test. FID, CLS, and FCP were all passed. However, LCP, INP, and TTFB are a bit slow by a few milliseconds.

Warehouse mobile speed test

The desktop version, on the other hand, displays a different story. All core web vitals were passed with spectacular numbers making it a highly-responsive website despite its large capacity.

Sample Store: Garage Grown Gear

Garage Grown Gear

Garage Grown Gear is an outdoor-oriented brand that sells a wide range of outdoor gear and clothing. It also sells camping foods and snacks, and a bunch of other stuff for those who love the great outdoors.

You can tell by their website design that Garage Grown Gear is all about converting web visitors into paying customers as they have multiple sections of product quick links.

Be that as it may, the theme carries it all too well and shopping is definitely easier with their unique interface.

08. Yuva: Best for Pets & Animals

Yuva: Best for Pets & Animals

Latest Version: 12.1.0 (Feb. 7, 2024)

Updated by: Shine Dezign Infonet

Price: $230

Theme Store Rating: 98% positive reviews (50+ reviews)

Yuva is another Shopify 2.0 theme that packs a serious punch and is tagged with a reasonable price. Similar to the Warehouse theme, Yuva has an industrial aesthetic. And unlike the other modern and minimalist themes in this list, Yuva dares to be bold – and it's impressive!

As such, Yuva is great for fast-moving products, as well as stores with a large number of SKUs. And it’s not just best for pets and animal products, it can also be used for other business categories such as electronics, beauty, and apparel.

It has five theme styles:

  • Amaze
  • Woofy
  • Classic
  • Bold
  • Elegant

These theme styles have different designs from one another in order to be inclusive of other types of categories.

Key Features:

  • Yuva’s Woofy theme style is built and designed specifically for pet business
  • You can add interesting animations to highlight your products
  • Lookbooks will be great to add shoppable images on your homepage
  • If you are selling a wide variety of pet products, enhanced search and product filtering can be utilized
  • Image galleries are great in showcasing enticing product videos

Speed Test:

Very noticeable on the mobile version speed test of the Yuva theme is its 4.5s LCP score – which means that main content takes time to load. INP is also 39 milliseconds slower than expected. But aside from these two, other parameters were passed with a lot of space to spare.

Yuva mobile speed test

The desktop version of the Yuva theme also tells the same story as that of the mobile version in terms of LCP. As you can see below, LCP is .6 seconds slower. The other parameters were rather impressive.

Yuva desktop speed test

Sample Store: Outbound Canine

Outbound Canine

Outbound Canine is an online store that mainly sells leashes, collars, and toys for our loyal furry companion. For their store, they used Yuva’s Woofy theme style and we dare say that it’s a great choice.

The online store is well curated – packed with product reviews to build credibility, and some quick buy sections to boost sales.

09. Maranello: Best for Autos & Vehicles

Maranello: Best for Autos & Vehicles

Latest Version: 1.5.0 (Jan. 22, 2024)

Updated by: Truly Fine Pixels

Price: $300

Theme Store Rating: 100% positive review (6 reviews)

Shopify also has a dedicated theme for entrepreneurs in the Automotive industry. Maranello is a good theme choice for this category as it offers straightforward design with a mix of elegance and utility.

Despite having a small user base in Shopify, the Maranello theme was able to satisfy all of them with its features and styling.

It has two theme styles:

  • Default
  • Records

Both of these theme styles are well-designed. However, the Records theme style has a more utilitarian structure.

Key Features:

  • Maranello’s Default theme style is built specifically for vehicle-related stores
  • It’s enhanced search and product filtering will be a very useful feature if you are selling products with various specifications such as wheels and tyres
  • Color swatches will help you add variations to your products that match your customers’ vehicle colors
  • Product video sections will be great to utilize in showing exciting products or vehicles in action – contributing to a great first impression

Speed Test:

The mobile speed test of Maranello displays a similar result to the majority of the themes in this review. It passes the FID, CLS, and FCP parameters, while it fares a bit slower, albeit negligible, in terms of LCP, INP, and TTFB.

Maranello mobile speed test

The desktop speed test passes all parameters in spectacular fashion.

Maranello desktop speed test

Sample Store: West Coast Euros

West Coast Euros

West Coast Euros is an online store that sells a wide array of accessories for European cars, mainly BMWs and Volkswagens. The website features no animations and special effects but it does the job.

With this design strategy, the website has fewer features to load, thus positively affecting the speed of the website.

Disclaimer: It is worth mentioning that while PageSpeed Insight tests provide a way to quantify the speed of a theme, these are not conclusive tests that conclude that a theme is slow or fast. Instead, these are only baselines regarding the performance of the theme out of the box. Improvements or declines in performance could happen on any theme depending on how you design and populate it with your content.

What Shopify Theme Is That?

Shopify allows merchants to create some of the best online stores in the ecommerce space. And naturally, if you are just starting out your online business, you’d be searching for stores to inspire your startup.

And when you find the stores that inspire you, one of the things that you would want to know firsthand is the theme that they are using, for that, you can use our Google Chrome Extension: Shopify Theme Detector By PageFly

What Shopify Theme Is That?

Why Should You Update To Shopify Themes 2.0?

As mentioned throughout the article, themes for Shopify 2.0 offer great flexibility to merchants, developers, and website designers.

For that reason, if you still haven’t upgraded your theme to the latest version, it’s about time that you do so. That way, you can enjoy all its benefits such as:

  • Easy to understand website hierarchy
  • Quicker and easier website customization
  • Quick navigation
  • Fresher and more modern website look and feel
  • Enhanced ecommerce features and functionalities
  • And more

Get The Most Out Of Shopify Theme 2.0

Shopify themes are highly customizable via the theme editor. However, these themes have their design limits, too. So in case you want more out of your theme but can’t go any further with the Shopify theme editor, you should consider using a page builder like PageFly.

With PageFly, you can design your existing theme to make it your own theme that is unique to your store. You can also use some of our existing templates to make designing easier for you.

Here’s how you can use PageFly - a tutorial for beginners:

More Shopify 2.0 Customization Using PageFly

PageFly is the leading page builder for Shopify. As such, we always make sure that we have the latest updates regarding our Shopify integration.

You already know that Shopify features a very intuitive interface that’s made to be extremely easy to use.

The same is also true with PageFly as we also have a drag-and-drop and no-code system that lets even new users create dazzling and functional ecommerce interfaces.

Most importantly, PageFly is compatible with all Shopify 2.0 themes. Thus, the integration is seamless and bugs are almost non-existent. But if it happens just in case, our 24/7 customer support team is more than willing to assist you.


The Shopify theme store will provide you some of the best looking templates that you can use for your online store. And compared to other platforms, Shopify is built for both experienced and inexperienced.

Thus, wherever you are in your ecommerce journey, this platform is right for you.

If you can’t find the themes that suit your taste from the theme store, there are other sites out there, such as Envato and Theme Forest.


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