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Expanse Shopify Theme Review: Is It Worth the $360 Investment?

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It may be the most difficult purchase for your new online business, but choosing a theme from the Shopify Theme Store can be challenging for merchants. It takes more than simply falling in love with the demo to select the ideal theme. The keys to a customized theme that will help launch your online store and reflect your brand identity can be yours with a wide range of options, careful research, and willpower. We'll guide you in making the best Shopify theme selection.

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Today, we want to give you a thorough explanation of Expanse, the newest theme from Archetype Themes, one of our favorite Shopify theme creators. Archetype Themes' dedication to performance and light page weight is one of the main reasons we rely on and trust them. One of the key elements of any optimization strategy is page weight and performance. Better performance results in better interactions, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and greater financial success. Any online business venture's success is greatly influenced by performance. Sites with higher performance levels engage and keep users longer.

We will examine everything Expanse has to offer in this review, from its distinctive design features to its potent functionality. We will also give you a theme-related guide. Expanse is therefore definitely something to think about whether you're looking for a new theme or simply want to upgrade your current store!

Now, let's dig a bit deeper into the newest theme offering from Archetype Themes, Expanse Shopify theme.

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Expanse Shopify theme

Source: Modern Theme Demo

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Expanse Shopify Theme Overview

The Expanse Shopify theme has a sophisticated, contemporary, and user-friendly design. It comes with a ton of features that will make your life as a shop owner much simpler and has a simple, clean design that is ideal for any online store. The Expanse theme’s speed is also fast where we have checked via Pagespeed Insights Tool. Pages load quickly, and overall off-the-shelf performance is excellent. 

Expanse Shopify theme

What is the Expanse Shopify Theme?

If you're looking for contemporary, adaptable Shopify themes, Expanse is a good option. Its modern, easy-to-update design has all the features you require to launch and manage your Shopify store. Additionally, it has a ton of features and customizable options that give it a personalized feel.

It was created especially for dropshippers high volume stores. Its sleek, contemporary design will look great in any store.

In 2021, the Expanse Shopify theme made its debut. It advertises itself as a clean versatile theme and has three different presets.

expanse shopify theme

Expanse Shopify Theme styles

There are three main styles of Expanse on Shopify: Classic, Modern, and Contemporary.

1. Carbon

Expanse Shopify theme

Classic is the simplest and most traditional style. This style typically has a more classical look in terms of web page design and product placement. A safe way to go.

The layout of the Classic Shopify Expanse theme will make categorizing items easier if you manage a store with a large inventory. Your ability to turn a customer into a devoted brand consumer will be aided by the high-resolution images with promotional pop-ups.

2. Modern

Expanse Shopify theme

Modern design is more complicated and includes a variety of layouts with varying widths to accommodate any page size. It frequently has a high level of visual appeal due to well-crafted design elements, eye-catching visuals, and a wide range of variation.

The Modern Shopify Expanse theme design - The Promo tiles just above the slideshow will encourage your customers to browse your products. Even if the slideshow options do not result in conversions, you can showcase your custom promotion. The tags feature in the blog area will improve your consumers' ability to find information on your blogs.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

Expanse Shopify theme

3. Contemporary

Expanse Shopify theme

Contemporary is the most versatile, with a wide range of designs that can be customized to meet any requirement. It has more features than Classic or Modern themes but lacks some of their refinement. The Contemporary Shopify Expanse theme demo - The picture banner area has been upgraded to support Shopify 2.0 features, so you can use it to draw attention to your store's content. You can run more promotions if you use the search box's most popular product selections. Using the in-menu promotion capability, you can quickly and easily advertise your highlighted product.

Each style has advantages and disadvantages, so it is critical to select the best one for your shop. If you're just getting started, Classic or Modern styles are ideal because they're simple to customize and don't require much setup. Contemporary is a good option if you want to easily improve the appearance of your shop without putting in too much effort. Modern themes are the way to go if you want to create a distinct look that stands out from the crowd.

Expanse Shopify Theme features

Expanse is an excellent choice if you want a modern, sleek, and simple Shopify theme. It has a ton of features and is ideal for anyone just starting out or looking to upgrade their shop. Expanse offers free theme updates, and is also known as a versatile theme for large inventories. Here are TOP 5 of the Expanse Shopify Theme's key features you need to pay attention to:

  • Customizable header and footer with 20 different options
  • Many different customization options for your products and menus
  • Built-in blog module with custom widgets and options
  • Collection sub-listing: Display custom collection tiles within another collection.
  • Quick buy: Allow shoppers to quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page

As you can see, this theme has been available on the market for quite some time which also means that it's bug free and proven on many Shopify stores. And it has released 5.0.0 version with several updates. 

expanse theme update version 5

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User Interface and Navigation of Expanse Shopify Theme

The Expanse Shopify Theme has a well-organized and simple user interface. The main navigation section is at the top of the screen and is divided into six tabs: Home, Products, Categories, Posts, Settings, and About. Each tab contains a set of sub-tabs. The Home tab provides access to the other five tabs.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Source: Modern Theme

The Products tab contains a list of all your products. The Categories tab contains a list of all your categories. The Posts tab contains a list of all your posts. The Settings tab contains settings related to your sites, such as blog settings and server information. The About tab provides information about the theme, such as the author and license agreement.

Overall, the Expanse Shopify Theme is well-organized and easy to navigate. It has comprehensive settings options that allow you to customize your site to match your specific needs.

Start Your Amazing Online Store With Expanse Shopify Theme

Build Home Page

Just on the homepage, there are numerous cutting-edge, useful, and fast-loading content components.

They provide a rotating announcement bar above the header, which is ideal for highlighting various promotions to your customer.

Expanse Shopify Theme

A split slideshow allows you to clearly display text near a full-bleed image while still maintaining legibility. The images load quickly, and there are subtle animations that engage the shoppers without being distracting or disturbing.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Build Product Page

Moving to the product page where you can add more details and display a lot of product images with their beautiful designs.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Icons near the add to cart button allow you to display objection-busting messages such as "secure payments" or "sustainably produced."

Expanse Shopify Theme

There is also a section that displays additional products, a section that displays recently viewed products, and a section that displays product reviews.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Native, mobile-friendly upsell and cross-selling your own products options are an extremely useful feature. There is a section at product pages where you can upload and recommend specific products to shoppers.

Expanse Shopify Theme

We particularly like how product images of varying sizes can be uploaded, and the theme editor function will resize them for you so that they are in line with the other product image.

Expanse Shopify Theme

There is also a convenient drawer cart, which allows customers to continue shopping without leaving the product pages.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Their "Page Sections" are one of our favorite features. This is monumental in our opinion, and it distinguishes their theme from the rest of the offerings. It's beneficial because it allows you to easily create non-commerce pages with content, imagery, and information without having to rely on a developer to custom code these sections for you.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Build Collection page

Incredibly well organized collection templates with amazing filters and sorting options such as price, brand, or way of viewing each item.

Expanse Shopify Theme

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Expanse Theme's Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The design is modern and sleek.
  • Has a lot of features and options.
  • Great support and customer service.
  • Well organized and structured code.


  • Can be a little bit expensive.
  • No live chat available.

Stores Using Expanse Shopify Themes

Shopify merchants using Shopify's expanse theme include:

1. Lucy's Living

A Dutch home furniture store.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Expanse Shopify Theme

2. Chloe + Luis

A jewelry online shop in pink theme.

Expanse Shopify Theme

Expanse Shopify Theme 

3. GS Equestrian

Expanse Shopify Theme

‎GS Equestrian is an online equestrian retail store and brand based in Devon UK which provides specialized high quality equestrian clothing, equipment, nutrition and pet supplies to riders across the UK and internationally.

Expanse Shopify Theme

A review from a merchant using the theme states: 

What do customers think about the theme?

"What a great theme, the design looks so slick and modern! I love the filtering options on the collection pages in the sidebar - if you have a large catalog of products, this is an extremely useful feature. There are so many other great features that come with this theme, like multiple header messages, a customized pop-up, multiple buttons on slideshows. Can't recommend this theme enough!"

“LOVE this new theme! It was super easy to customize. I had my new website up and running in 2 days. I feel like my site tells a better story, and is so much easier to find stuff and entice customers to buy more. I did need a little help from George with some CSS on one part and he was very quick in responding and very detailed in his instructions. Easy to follow. I absolutely recommend this theme.”

“No customer service replied to your information. In the background of the theme editor, the customer service did not reply to your questions. Very poor customer service. Very dissatisfied”


To summarize, it’s definitely worth the $360 of your investment as Expanse is a well-crafted, beautifully functional theme for customers shopping, and if customized and configured correctly, it can lead to increased engagement, repeat visits, and conversion rates for your store. It's ideal for retailers who value good design. We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients the option of a new theme designed specifically for larger inventories, and Expanse was well worth the wait.

Expanse is a Shopify theme that is well worth considering if you want to take your online store to the next level. The theme is well-designed and simple to use, and it includes numerous features that will make your life as a shop owner much easier. Furthermore, the support team is fantastic, so if you have any issues or questions, they will gladly assist you. The Shopify Expanse theme gives Shopify merchants the option to customize every aspect of the eCommerce website design, from the ideal theme setup to customized code functionalities. If you're looking for a new Shopify theme, Expanse should be near the top of your list!

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Despite being a new template, the Shopify Expanse is packed with features and aesthetic options that make it simple to communicate your company's mission to clients.

Are you feeling inspired? Looking for assistance with customizing your Shopify Expanse theme? Let's talk about how we can create a stunning eCommerce website for you. Please contact us at

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