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Debut Shopify Theme Review: Good Starting Theme or Not?

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Are you a NEW merchant who wants to do business on Shopify platform?

Do you want to build an online store with a free theme on Shopify Theme Store that brings a good-looking presence for your store while being simple to use at the same time?

Are you just getting started and not sure whether Shopify fits your needs and want to save money?

If your answer is “Yes” for all questions, you’re in the right place.

Our recommendation is to start with Debut Shopify Theme.

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Shopify provides dozens of free themes for merchants to build their online store. And Debut Shopify Theme is one of the best solutions for newbies.

This blog will give you an overview of Debut Shopify Theme and its features. You may also want to know about Debut Shopify Theme customization and how to customize some specific pages with this theme.

After completing reading this blog, evaluate yourself if Debut Shopify Theme is a good fit for your online store.

PageFly Verdict / Our conclusion

The Debut Shopify Theme is highlighted for its simplicity and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for new Shopify merchants. It offers a neat and customizable experience with basic features to start an online store without needing extensive customizations. Although Debut is designed to be user-friendly and works well across various devices, it's important to consider that with Shopify's introduction of the Online Store 2.0 and the Dawn Theme as the new default, Debut may no longer be available on the Shopify Theme Store. Merchants interested in Debut might also consider looking into the new generation themes and tools provided by Shopify for more advanced features .

✌️ Please keep in mind that the Debut Shopify theme is no longer available on the Shopify Themes store. You can chek other themes from our detailed reviews 👉 Top 30 Best Free Shopify Themes or scroll now to the list of Shopify themes review.



Debut Shopify Theme is one of the free themes that you can find at Shopify Theme Store.

This theme allows you build your profession pages, upload your products and make your store ready to gain conversions.

Debut is a flexible theme that is suitable for all stores, regardless of inventory size. This theme is simple, easy to use ang looks professional.


This is the first time you’re using Shopify, you may be overwhelmed by the number of themes available on the theme store. As the name suggests, Debut Shopify Theme is a great fit for newbies to make their debut in the eCommerce world.

Why the Debut Theme is ideal:

- Start selling on your store right away without making a lot of customization to your theme. You just need a basic website that shows all your products or services to begin with.

- Display well on many devices: desktops, mobiles, tablets. Debut Theme is also completely mobile-optimized.

- Easily rearrange your store layout, and see your changes in real time.

- All the basic features to create a complete store. 

Shopify recently released a new generation of theme and a brand new theme editor: Shopify Online Store 2.0, with Dawn Theme as a default theme. Interested? Take a look at this Demo video

Blum theme vs. The Rest
Struggling to choose the perfect Shopify theme? Blum not only delivers exceptional visual flair but also outpaces competitors with its superior loading speeds, especially on mobile devices.

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Debut Shopify Theme offers 2 different styles: Default and Light layout. Both of them are simple, attractive and suitable for any store.

Default layout

Default layout

Default layout is minimalist and gentle, which helps it catch visitor’s attention easily.

Light layout

Light layout

Light layout is easy and bold, which evokes curiosity and holds visitor’s attention.

Moreover, The Light layout lets you put a small banner on top. You can make use this to announce an offer like free shipping or anything that you want visitors to pay attention.

You can see clearly at here: Debut Theme Preview


To learn more about features for each specific page, please scroll down to second part of this article.

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Debut Shopify Theme is available on Shopify Theme Store. To download and use this theme, you can go to the Shopify Themes website.

Click “Start with this theme”

Start with debut theme

If you have had an online store on Shopify, simply log in. If not, start an online store with free 3-day free trial then Pay $1 / month within first month.

Shopify free trial


Let’s dive into this theme and explore how it works.


Image size

With the Debut Theme, Shopify recommends images of 1200px to 2000px in width, and 400px to 600px in height. Use this to determine your banner image.

Debut shopify theme size image

Sometimes your banner will look great on desktop, but less so on mobile. This is really important as it affects user experience and how professional your store looks, thus reducing conversions.

Multi-level Menu

Debut Theme multi-level menu

With the Multi-level menu feature, you can create sub-menus under the main menu. This helps you to categorize their products, making your store look more professional and helping visitors to quickly find the products they want.

Beside, Debut theme also offers a predictive search feature that helps display live search results and quick links for products and store pages.

Blum theme vs. The Rest
Struggling to choose the perfect Shopify theme? Blum not only delivers exceptional visual flair but also outpaces competitors with its superior loading speeds, especially on mobile devices.


Shopify Debut Theme has a slideshow feature for the home page so you can display multiple products or brand photography.

Debut theme slideshow

The Debut theme also offers a great video section on the homepage, helping you to tell your story through a YouTube or Vimeo video. This can really help make your brand become more engaging. With this feature, visitor can watch video directly on your website without leaving the page to watch video on Youtube or Vimeo.

Debut theme video

Featured Products

Debut theme featured product

To catch visitor’s attention, show the most beautiful and outstanding products from your store on the home page. This is the time that the Featured products section works its magic.

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Customer Testimonials

Visitors tend to trust a previous customer’s opinion over a merchant’s one. They want to know what your customers think about your products before making a purchase.

You can add customer testimonials to your homepage to build trust, although customers prefer reviews as they come across as more genuine.

Debut theme testimonial

In the Debut Theme, you can show reviews from your customers on your homepage or product pages. This is one of the best ways to build trust, and it does wonders for your website’s SEO performance.

Social proof is another powerful tool that you can use to drive sales. 

If you're seeking additional reviews about the Debut theme from actual customers, I would recommend visiting HeyCarson.

Debut theme review by Heycarson

HeyCarson gathers comments and opinions about different themes from store owners who use Shopify all around the world. This can help you understand what people think about the Debut theme. (Heycarson source)


Debut theme newsletter

Have an option to subscribe to a newsletter at the bottom of your homepage. This helps you to keep customer data for your email marketing campaigns.


The footer is at the bottom of the website and it’s a great place to put some links to contact info, social media pages, and FAQ.

Debut theme footer


Some elements above may be not shown in Debut Theme section, so you need to add them.

From Shopify admin, go to the Online Store, then choose Themes. Find Debut Theme and click Customize.

Click the Section tab and choose “Add section

Debut theme editor mode


Debut theme page product

Building product pages is easy with the Debut theme. You can add compared price, product quantity and product variants. You also can show social sharing buttons.


The magnifier allows you to zoom into the product to get a more detailed look. This is great for shops selling clothes, furniture, and so on.

Debut Theme Magnifier

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Your collection page is where you can see all the products in one category. You create these categories in the Shopify Dashboard. You can adjust the number of products per row (two per row above) and the number of rows per page.

Product Filtering

This feature allows customers to filter products by category, price, best selling, and so on. It’s a very basic product filter, though you can always upgrade it with a third-party app later on.

Debut theme filtering

Blum vs Debut: Diverse Shopify Design Approaches

When selecting a Shopify theme for an online store, it's crucial to consider the design, functionality, and customization features that best align with a business's unique requirements. Two notable themes, the Blum theme by SalesHunterThemes and the Debut theme by Shopify, offer distinct approaches to store design, catering to different preferences and needs.

Blum is a modern, minimalist theme with three distinct styles: Solie, Mondo, and Celia. These styles cater to businesses seeking streamlined elegance, bold statements, or timeless sophistication. The theme offers customizable homepage sections, a full-width banner, and a configurable product grid. Its extensive customization capabilities for fonts and colors allow businesses to create a truly personalized online store.

the Blum theme - Solie style

Although primarily aimed at the fashion, health, and beauty sectors, Blum's adaptability makes it suitable for various industries, enabling businesses to showcase products in a stylish and refined manner. Additionally, the outstanding page speed performance of this theme ensures a seamless and efficient browsing experience for customers using various devices.

On the other hand, Debut is a free, classic Shopify theme designed for businesses just starting their online journey. It offers two styles: Default and Light. While the Default style provides a clean, straightforward look suitable for various industries, the Light style presents a more minimalist design that works well for fashion-focused businesses. Debut's primary strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for beginners or small-scale stores. 

Both Blum and Debut offer valuable design and functionality options for businesses looking to create a Shopify store. While Debut is a classic, beginner-friendly choice that covers basic needs, Blum provides a modern, customizable, and versatile solution for businesses aiming to create a more distinctive and engaging online shopping experience.


If you’re new to Shopify and you want something neat and customizable, then the Debut theme is definitely worth a shot. This theme has everything you need to start out with your store. Still, you’ll likely want to throw in some more spruced up pages down the line, and for that, you’ll need a page editor app.

PageFly is an advanced page builder app that works perfectly with the Debut theme. It’s one of the 10 best Shopify apps, voted by Shopify. You can check out the great feedback for PageFly before using it.

PageFly feedback

Now you’re ready. You have a theme and you have all the tools in your kit. It’s time to open your very own online store with the Debut Theme.

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