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Booster Theme Review: A Non-Affiliated, Test-Driven Review (+Tutorial)

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Booster Theme is no longer a stranger to merchants who often seek a Shopify theme with robust customization capacity.

You might’ve heard some people say that: “Why don't you use free themes on the Shopify Theme Store?”. Okay, they are free but short of customization features, and this is when Shopify themes like Booster come into the rescue.

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Booster Theme does have free trial, but it requires a credit card so it can be off-putting to lots of people. This is why we got a free trial and took a deep dive into what Booster theme has to offer, so you don't have to.


I. What is Booster Theme

Created with the most modern and refined design and catered to the most popular niches like CBD, Pet, Home & Garden, etc, Booster Theme is a theme designed for Shopify stores.

But how is it different from free themes?

A paid theme, like Booster theme, comes with a lot more sales-boosting and CRO features compared to what free themes have to offer. Additionally, Booster Theme offers its user, not just 03 theme variations, like most Shopify Free Themes, but a total of 08 themes.

Each theme also comes with a Demo Store, so that interested buyers can just swoop in and take a closer look at Booster Theme's key features and design. Let's dive in.

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01. Kitchen Booster 

Niche: Home Appliances 

Demo: Kitchen Booster

Booster Kitchen theme

02. Booster CBD 

Niche: CBD Products 

Demo: Booster CBD

Booster CBD

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03. Booster Jewelry 

Niche: Jewelry 

Demo: Booster Jewelry

Booster Jewelry

04. Booster Pet Demo 

Niche: Pet Goodies 

Demo: Pet Paradise

Booster Theme Pet Store

05. Booster Home

Niche: Home Improvement, Interior Design 

Demo Store: Booster Home (pass: booster) 

Booster Theme Home Niche

06. Booster Yoga 

Niche: Sportswear 

Demo: Booster Yoga

Yoga Booster Theme

 Yoga Booster Theme

07. Booster Snowboard 

Niche: Sports Equipment 

Demo: SnowBoard

snowboard booster theme

08. Booster Bike

Niche: Bike 

Demo: BikeShop

Booster theme bike shop

II. Booster Theme: Key Features Review

Before diving into detailed review, you can check out this video review: 

2.1. Lookbook

Lookbook is one of Booster Theme's best features.

Basically, Lookbook feature works similarly to Instagram Shopping: It allows you to create shoppable images and your visitors can click on an image to purchase the products that are tagged in the image.

This section helps to increase conversion rates for your e-commerce business by showing off what you have to offer in an attractive way.

Booster Theme offers its user not just one Lookbook variation but two! This means that each theme has different styles for showcasing goods on the platform: "Grid" style and "Listing" Style.

The Grid layout is more popular because it shows many pictures at once while Listings show only one product per row or column - this allows visitors to focus on particular items without getting distracted from everything else around them.

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How To Add Look Book In Booster Theme:

Step 01: Go to Theme -> Customize. 

customize theme

Step 02: When you customize any Booster theme, there are pre-made Content Block Sections for you to customize. Simply select one of them, add Product Pin and Pin Image. 

 set up lookbook

Or, if you want to create a Look Book from scratch, select Add Section -> Products -> Look Book. 

add look book

Effortless Brand Release with Blum
Tired of complex themes? Blum empowers you to design a stunning, mobile-friendly store that reflects your unique brand.

2.2. Sales Notifications

Sales notification is the pop-up at the bottom right corner of your page - letting visitors see that there are people recently bought from your store.

sales notification

How To Add Sales Notifications In Booster Theme?

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customize. 

Step 02: Go to Theme Settings.

theme settings

Recently Bought (APP) -> Enable “Recently Bought” app. Scroll down a little bit you can see settings options for Frequency of the notifications, Assigned Collections and other styling setup. 

set up sales notification

2.3. Countdown Timers

Countdown Timer is a powerful feature that you can use to make products more tempting. Countdown Timer helps set a deadline for your visitors - so they'll be eager to buy the product before its time runs out!

With the Booster theme, you can customize the countdown timer design to fit your style, and move it anywhere you like. 

countdown timer

How To Add Countdown Timer in Booster Theme?

Step 01: Go to Theme -> Customize. 

Step 02: Go to Theme Settings. Select Countdown Timers (APP) -> Enable “Offer Countdown". Scroll down a little bit you can see options for Time Settings. 

set up countdown timer

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2.4. GDPR Cookie bar

GDPR Cookie Bar is  a good way to make your visitors aware of the fact that you are using cookies on your website.

It's a pop-up, which appears when someone leaves the page and it informs them about cookies and how they can disable or delete them in their browser settings.

In this day and age, GDPR Cookie Bar is an absolute must as you need it to avoid legal issues.

If you're using a Booster theme, then GDPR Cookie Bar is automatically installed and will work for all your pages once activated in the Theme Settings > Basic GDPR Notice (App) -> Enable “Basic GDPR Notice". 

set up GDPR


2.5. Currency Converter

Now you don't need a different Shopify app to get this feature on your Shopify store!

This is a must-have for any Shopify store that sells internationally as it can be used to make price comparisons and conversions between currencies, which will lead to more sales.

How To Add Currency Converter In Booster Theme:

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customize. 

Step 02: To set up Currency Converter, you simply go to Theme Settings -> Internationalization. 

Step 03: First, enable “Use geolocation to apply personalized i18n settings”. Basically, this functionality will detect users' native language and currency based on their IP. 

Step 04: Set Up Currency Conversion. On live view, the list of currencies available will show up at the top right of your page, under Settings (Gear icon). 

set up currency converter

2.6. Upsell & Cross-sell With Personalized Recommendation, 

Upsell & Cross-sell can help you to increase Average Order Value (AOV).

But first, what's AOV exactly?

Average Order Value is  the average amount of money spent by customers in each order.

The higher your AOV, the more you can earn from a single customer – and that's something every business wants! and higher AOV can be achieved with smart upsell and cross-sell: 

  • Upselling is a strategy to sell an advanced version of a product the customer already bought, with higher pricing. 
  • Cross-selling is a strategy to sell related products to the one a customer is buying. 

Both Up-sell and Cross-sell and be enabled with Booster Theme’s Personalized Recommendation. 

Now, how does Personalized Recommendation work?

Every time someone purchases an item on your Shopify store, their purchase history is recorded for personalization.

With a Booster theme, you can add sections like Upsell Section (People Also Buy) and Cross-sell Section (Recommended For You), which look like this: 

upsell & cross-sell

First, How To Add “People Often Buy" Section? 

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customization 

Step 02: Go to your Product Page -> you'll find a section called “Inline Upsell". Select “Inline Upsell" -> Add Content - this is where you can customize which products to show up in the Recommendation section based on Product Condition, Collection Condition, Product Tag, Product Price or Product Type. 

Cross-sell in Booster Theme

How To Add “Recommended For You" Section? 

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customize. 

Step 02: Go to your Product Page -> you'll find a section called “Recommend". 

Select “Recommend" section. Scroll down to add Headings, text and add Recommended products. 

Recommendation in Booster Theme

2.7. Cart Page Customization

Cart Page is your customer's last stop in the checkout process.

The page where they can review their purchase, and make final decisions about whether to continue with the purchase. This is why your cart page design is of utmost importance.

With Booster Theme, you can customize your cart page according to your needs making sure  that your customers have access to all the information that they need in order to make a perfect purchase.

How To Customize Cart Page With Booster Theme:

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customize. 

Step 02: Go to your Cart Page -> you'll find a list of elements and sections you can customize. You can add Social media icons, Personalized notes or Info Badge to convince your almost buyers not to abandon carts. 

Cart page customization

2.8. Smart Megamenu

Megamenu is a special type of menu that can be used to display products or images on your menu header and it looks like this. 

This is what your customers are going to need in order for them to be able to navigate through your site easily. And this is exactly what Booster Theme offers - a simple way of creating Mega Menus, without having any coding skills at hand.

How To Add Mega Menu In Booster Theme?

In order to activate the mega menu features, you'll just need to go in Header settings --> Enable Megamenu. 

Mega Menu

2.9. Blog Cards

Blog Cards or Blog List is a list of blog posts and you can display them in a grid format by using Booster Theme.

So if you want to keep your customers updated with the latest news, updates or even topics that are related to your niche then adding this kind of content is something that will help your prospective buyers know that you have authority within the niche and a deep understanding of the product, thus establishing trust and credibility.

Simply go to Theme -> Customize -> Add Section -> Blogs. 

add Blog cards in Booster theme

2.10. Free Plus Shipping

Everybody loves Free shipping. In fact, a research from reported that Free Shipping offers can greatly influence online buying decisions: 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is the top most incentive to shop online more and orders with free shipping average around 30% higher in value. 

Enabling Free Plus Shipping button with Booster theme is easy enough: 

Step 01: Go to Themes -> Customize -> Theme Settings. 

Step 02: Go to your Advanced Buttons (optional) -> Enable “Free Shipping".  You can scroll down to customize the Free Shipping button. 

set up free plus shipping

2.11. Other features

Once you go to Theme Settings, you can explore a lot of other features, including: 

  • Copycat Stopper: Preventing others from copying your content 
  • Messenger Chat: Integrating Facebook Messenger to your online store so that customers can get quick live-chat support. 
  • Floating Contact: Enabling a floating contact icon where prospective buyers can quickly learn more about your brand. 
  • Checkout: Customize Shopify Checkout page and Thank you page

Other settings

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III. Booster Theme: Pros and Cons

3.1. Pros

  • The theme provides multiple options, child themes, and multiple features that can cover large customizability demands.
  • Beautiful and responsive page design and clean layout. 
  • Extensive features and with a strong focus on Sales-boosting and CRO functionalities. 
  • The price is affordable, and because it's feature-rich, merchants can save more money since they don't have to add so many Shopify apps to their stores.

3.2. Cons

  • Since Booster Theme is not a Shopify theme, but a third-party theme, the installation process can be slightly overwhelming and complicated, especially when compared to that of Shopify themes on the official theme store.
  • Live Chat support is not available. Their average reply time is 1-2 business days. 
  • Theme updates can negatively affect your store, there have been complaints from customers that they need to reinstall the theme after its update. 
  • Their efforts spent on building Child themes are not equally distributed, manifested in the way that some of the child themes are not well-built as the others, for example, this Product Page from Booster Home has a lot of unoptimized white space.

Booster cons

  • Booster theme does not support editing custom pages like About Us, FAQ, Sales Landing pages, etc. So for more advanced modification, you need to find a 3rd-party page builder app like PageFly, for example, to flexibly edit and design your pages. 

Did you know? Shopify recently released a new generation of theme and a brand new theme editor: Shopify Online Store 2.0, with Dawn Theme as a default theme. Interested? Take a look at this Demo video

IV. Booster Theme Pricing

Booster Theme comes with 03 pricing plans, including: 

  • Starter: $179/year. Booster Theme's starter plan comes with all perks and features, but you can only get 01 Booster theme license, which means you can only use Booster theme on 01 store
  • Double Vision: $297/year. This plan comes with all perks and features - and you get 02 Booster Theme licenses. 
  • High Five: $497/year. All perks and features and 05 Booster Theme Licenses. 

Booster pricing

V. Does Booster theme affect a store’s loading speed?

Even though Booster Theme is packed with a wealth of features and functionalities, the team at Booster Theme is so confident of its loading speed that they even put up a candid comparison between Booster theme and its competitor - Turbo Theme. 

Testing Booster Theme's Demo store on Google PageSpeed Insight, one can see that their demo store achieves an almost perfect score for mobile speed (94/100)

Booster page speed

In our opinion, the theme feature is a factor that can affect the loading speed of a site, but it's not the only one. Your site can be slowed down because of Shopify apps, Image sizes, the way you edit complex theme code, and many other factors, so with this score, Booster theme is friendly with your site's speed.

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VI. Booster Theme: Frequently Asked Questions

01. How To Install Booster Theme Shopify? 

Step 01: Go to Booster theme website. Click Try Booster Now. 

Step 02: Add your Name, Email and Credit/Debit Card Information. 

Step 03: Once you fill out the form, a Log In link will be sent to your email. 

Booster theme log in link

Step 04: Access to Booster Theme User Panel. Select the License box and add Your Shopify store URL. 

Booster Theme setup

Step 05: Install Booster Central app, then select your child theme to start with. 

Booster app

For a more detailed tutorial, check out: Booster Theme Shopify Installation Process

02. How To Get The Shopify Booster Theme For Free? 

No, you can not get the Booster Theme for free. 

Despite the fact that you can dig up the internet for Booster Theme V.1.0 and install this free version, Booster Theme is now at its V5.0 so its V1 would be way too inferior, let alone the fact that downloading things from the internet when you're not sure never ends well. 

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VII. Example Shopify Stores Built with Booster Theme


Zaqoa has fully utilized every sales-boosting feature from Booster Theme, including Product Swatches, Product reviews, Real-time Visitors (6 people are currently looking at this product) and sales pop-up. 

Booster theme example

02. 914 Apparel

This example shows that even with Booster Theme's basic features, you can get a nice-looking and fully-optimized product page.

Booster Theme example

VIII. Boost Your E-commerce Sales with Blum Theme: An Honest Review

The Blum Theme is another popular theme designed for Shopify stores, providing users with a sleek and modern design that caters to a variety of niches. 

the Blum theme - Mondo style

Just like Booster Theme, Blum Theme also focuses on enhancing sales and conversion rates for e-commerce businesses. However, there are some key differences between the two themes, which can influence a merchant's decision on which one to choose for their online store.

Blum Theme is known for its emphasis on aesthetics and user experience, providing a visually appealing layout for both desktop and mobile devices. It comes with a range of pre-built templates, making it easy for users to customize their online store according to their needs.

Additionally, another unique feature of the Blum Theme is its adaptive design, which automatically adjusts the layout based on the user's device and screen size. This ensures a seamless browsing experience for customers, ultimately contributing to higher conversion rates.

When it comes to page speed, Blum Theme performs well in comparison to other Shopify themes. Although the exact score might vary depending on various factors like image optimization and app usage, Blum Theme is generally optimized for fast loading times, ensuring that users don't have to face long waiting periods while browsing the store. This is particularly important for e-commerce businesses, as slow loading times can lead to cart abandonment and lost sales.

page speed insights of Blum Mondo style

Blum Theme is a Shopify theme that is visually appealing and user-friendly, with pre-built templates, an adaptive design, and fast loading speeds. It is a great alternative for e-commerce businesses that want to improve their sales and conversion rates.

Final Thoughts on Booster Theme

As a Shopify theme, Booster Theme is packed with features that will help you sell more products.

The only downside to this theme is the price tag - so if your budget is tight, it's a good idea to start with a free Shopify theme first until you grow a bit more.

However, if you want an even greater customization capacity and flexibility in your store design and page building options, check out PageFly Advanced Page Builder App for just $0/month.

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